You Sit on a Throne of Lies – Elf (3/5) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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You Sit on a Throne of Lies – Elf (3/5) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

Santa… Hey, hey!
Ho ho ho! ( cheering ) Yeah! Santa, it’s me buddy! It’s me!
Hey, buddy, how you doing? It’s me! Are you
ready to see santa? Who the heck are you? What are you
talking about?
I’m santa claus. No, you’re not. Uh, wh-why,
of course I am! Ho ho ho ho ho! Well, if you’re santa… What song did I sing for you
on your birthday this year? Uh,happy birthday
of course! Ho ho ho ho ho! Uh, so,
how old are you, son? Four. You’re a big boy,
what’s your name? Paul.
And, uh, what can I get
you for christmas? Paul–don’t tell him
what you want. He’s a liar.
Let the kid talk. You disgust me.
How can you
live with yourself? Just cool it, zippy.
Woman: Smile. You sit
on a throne of lies. Look, I’m not kiddin’.
You’re a fake. I’m a fake?
Yes. How’d you like
to be dead, huh? Fake.
No, he’s kidding. You stink. I think you’re gonna have
a good christmas, all right? You smell
like beef and cheese. You don’t
smell like santa. Okay. ( gasps )
( kids screaming ) He’s an imposter!
He’s not santa! He’s a fake! He’s a fake!
Come here. Come here! I saw! He’s a fake! Ha ha!
Where you going now?
Where you going–? ( cheering ) Manager: Ohh! Ohh! No! ( grunting ) He’s not santa claus! He’s not santa!


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