Xtend & Climb: Review of the Best Ladder on Amazon

Updated : Jan 06, 2020 in Articles

Xtend & Climb: Review of the Best Ladder on Amazon

they guys Dimity here with roofing
insights and today on the product review it’s Tuesday we have to product review to be honest with you I’m not ready what I want to do I want to show you my
new studio because I’m super excited to be this building this building is about
140 150 years old and I just want to show off my new studio I have really
cool neighbors look at all of this hey Jeff so there’s always some arts
happening here there’s always some action there’s a lot of creative people
inside Minneapolis Photo Center have been here for 25 years they used to have
this room here called lighting lab and that’s my new space right now look at
this, this is my fire door. I have 2 fire doors. well come in guys unique building we have a little kitchen area here you
know sort of a mess again we’re just setting up literally just got
internet a few days ago and that’s one of the first video we are making
here so this is where a lot of action will be happening will already have some
props here and I can’t be more excited to have my new YouTube channel home. well
guys since it’s Tuesday I already have it on my blood to review product on
Tuesday and I know I already done a comparison with this one but it’s very
special it’s one of the best products I recommend it’s my telescoping ladder again let me
tell you this on this channel and this YouTube channel that I have going here I
only talk about two types of products two types of videos it’s either I hate
it or I love but what I never talked about it never actually reviewed a this ladder.
why I love it so much compares not only to other brands but why a ladder is so
amazing so here’s why. let me show you number one guys telescopic Xtend & Climb 15.5 is a tallest one they make nobody makes taller ladder I believe its tella steps to claims to have 18 foot but 18 feet it’s very misleading in
their advertising actual purchase one it’s much more expensive ladder and that
one is not eighteen feet it’s actually 14 feet it is actually shorter what
they stand for 18 for the 18 feet for is they say its reach well this one will
reach you higher so number one it’s the tallest one they make 15.5 nobody
guys makes taller letter in than that it’s pretty portable it’s only couple
hundred bucks I’m gonna put a link below where you can buy it on Amazon I buy all
my ladders from Amazon I’m Amazon addict if you. I buy so much from them
it’s not even funny anymore but only a couple hundred bucks the link
is below where you can buy it I always gonna keep that link with the best deal
of the day. if you do find a better deal please let me know number three it’s a
rated 250 pounds and I know what you’re gonna say
there is ladders in the market that rated 300 pounds but guess what when I
again has them I put kettlebells on my shoulders to bring me to 300 pounds I
weigh 200 pounds I put two kettlebells on my shoulders I put it to the extreme
it was very dangerous when I was walking on those ladders it was I mean it was
extreme experience I thought I’m gonna break my legs actually and you can’t
watch it without thinking like what he was thinking you know it was extreme
tests but I wanted to do that I wanted to put it to the extreme test why
because we are putting our lives in danger going to this heights and you want
to make sure you’re safe all the time so 250 pounds 250 pounds rated rate
Xtend & Climb as good as any other ladder out there even if it’s rated on
paper higher than that so number four guys Xtend & Climb is amazing ladder
because it’s extends to any length as you can see down here I have an extended
all the way up so I have one two three four five six steps that didn’t go up a
lot of letters out there will not let you do that
the only lock when it’s absolutely like which is pretty dumb to be honest with
you because if you go on it on top of the minivan or something like that
inside you literally have to buy another letter shortened to that with this one I
can go to almost any height and I feel very safe about it so it locks to any
link that you need inside or outside and lastly guys number five reasons why
I recommend Xtend & Climb telescopic ladder to anybody because I feel saving
it I know a lot of guys out there would not buy telescopic ladder because they
feel flimsy to feel like it’s not going to be as good as other heavy-duty
ladders well let me tell you this I’ve used it for five years I’m not a light
guy I’m 200 pounds I have guys work for me much bigger than me
and we never failed I’ve never seen one extended fine fail as a matter of fact
I’ve been smashing with a ten pound sledge hammer on these steps and they
would not come off easily finally I didn’t break them but it was a
lot of force now competitors more costly competitors did break much easier this
one didn’t so I do highly recommend it you’re not gonna feel sorry like if you
experience them and extend to the extreme and you’ve barely touching the
roof and you’re a really heavy guy yes it will be a little bit flimsy but guess
what it’s not gonna break again I put it on an almost vertical incline and I walk
with it with a hundred pounds on me and it still didn’t break so that’s why I
trust it have no reason to doubt this ladder so hope guys you like this hold
hope you like my new studio we’re gonna be doing a lot of really cool stuff here
in the next couple of months very excited what’s what products would
have to review please don’t forget to subscribe the channel like comment I
really appreciate everybody’s feedback and I will see you guys in the next


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