Woman says Ulta Beauty employee in New Jersey told her she’s ‘too dark’


  • She's looking for a pay out, or something for free. That's blacks in a nut shell. Playing the race an professional ingnant victim card. 🤮👎 💩👍🏽

  • She's beautiful, Ulta is the very last place to get makeup done at. Better off going to Sephora, they have foundation in every shades, especially Fenty.

  • Been in this store. Never went back. This a store for people who DO NOT have dark complexions period. No reason to be in a store like this that you can clearly see DOES NOT provide what you need. Stop doing things that don’t serve you and then complaining about the results. Stop. Learn. GROW⬆️ 👌🏾

  • This is crazy she went through this. At the store I worked at we got trained to shade match all skin types so that no one would feel left out. Plus we had several options for darker skintones in both Mass and Prestige makeup. The lady who said that must've just been racist or lazy and did not want to take the time to provide her with the proper foundation. 🙄 Too Faced, Lancome and Urban Decay are just a few that carry several deep foundations.

  • OMG!! She has dark skin. What is the problem? The make up person should say that she is a Snow White? Why black people are so angry all the time and takes everything personally? Give me a break

  • They've told me at MAC I'm too light for most foundations! They have Graphs for this you need something that works for your tone. Can't just show a Picture make that! Lol

  • Expect racist s*** from Americans the rest of your life.Diversity training is a dumb useless saying,to expect anything else from Americans is insanity

  • That person was envious of your sunkissed skin! So Don't EVER let ANYONE make you feel, "unwanted' because your skin is beautiful! Black is Beautiful! Periodt ✊🏽 now SUE! Nevermind that," more diversity training" crap 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Go someplace else Sis!!! Although it wasn't Ulta, I was told the same thing about Bare Minerals. Either the rep wasn't knowledgeable, she was lazy or racist. I scoffed and walked out the door.. they were not getting my hard earned money.

  • I have yellow tone complexion that is hard to work with. However, do I rant and rave about it? NO. I search for what works best for me. Seems like RACE CARD=BANK C$RD

  • We didn’t even hear the employees side. Isn’t it a little much to just assume this woman is telling the truth ? Also it’s all in context. You’re skin is too dark can mean two very different things

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