Woman Believes Husband Has Been Shopping Around With Grocery Clerk (Full Episode) | Couples Court

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Woman Believes Husband Has Been Shopping Around With Grocery Clerk (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Jones v Jones.
You knew each other
in high school, you kind of went
your separate ways, but you reconnected
30 years later. You got married
and you been married
for the last five years. But allegations of cheating are threatening this marriage. (AUDIENCE GROANING) Ms. Jones,
you’ve opened this case today,
tell us why? Well, I, I chose this show because I watch you guys, and I want to make sure I’m not cheated out of
a good chance to have a good relationship. (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND CLAPPING) Real talk, and… And certain incidences
make me feel like either I’m crazy or he’s cheating. So, I want to find out which… You know,
after watching you guys, I want to find out, ’cause I don’t want
to make him feel he’s cheated out of a chance
to have a good relationship. All right, Mr. Cutler.
She quoting you back to you. How does that feel? Yes, don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for a great relationship. She’s, I mean,
she’s adopted that, she’s embraced it,
and she’s here to get answers. I want to know if the situation there has happened
in our relationship, where there incidences
where he might have cheated, or where there incidences where I read too much
into something. JUDGE DANA: Tell me what it is, what your relationship
is like at home. What does it look like? CAROL:
We’re always together. Okay. We, we do everything together. He’s my best friend. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Jones, she said either you’re cheating
or she’s crazy, and she’s trying
to find out which. Well, I don’t like to use
the term crazy. I’d just say “wrong.” (ALL CHUCKLING) JUDGE DANA: Okay. JUDGE KEITH: I like that,
I like that. JUDGE DANA: Right to the point. Yeah. I like that. And I’m here
to prove to her that, uh, she’s wrong. You know, I’ve never cheated, haven’t thought about cheating,
don’t want to cheat. You know, I met her… 30 years ago in high school. Uh, we lost touch, reunitedand we’ve been together
ever since.
You know so…I want to prove to her that,
you know, I’m here for her, and I’m not going nowhere. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) So Ms. Jones,
what does it feel like not trusting your husband? I feel insecure
and it makes me feel crazy. JUDGE DANA:
So it makes you feel crazy. And if a wife ain’t happy, the life ain’t happy at home,
There’s some truth there. JUDGE KEITH:
There’s some truth to that,
and I can trust to that. That is true. JUDGE KEITH:
You talked about happy… CAROL: Mmm-hmm. Tell me about how you met? You met in high school… CAROL: Mmm-hmm. You knew each other
in high school… We… We went… They were closing
high school down and I haven’t been to
an event in years, and someone had
contacted me and said, “Well, this is the… “They’re gonna
tear the school down.” So, they invited me to come. When I got there,
I saw him and… He was always one of my…
Him and his brother, they were really cool with me.
Good friends, so… When I went out in the hall
and we saw each other, it was just…
We connected and he asked me out the next night. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I didn’t have to wait to sleep with him, I had been
know him for years. So I want to test drive
the car and I said… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Did she just say
she test drived the car? And I’ve been there ever since.
I’ve been there, you know. JUDGE KEITH: So after 30 years, when you finally laid
eyes on her, what did it look like?
What did it feel like to you? I got a tingle down my spine. JUDGE DANA: Uh-uh. JUDGE KEITH: All right. JUDGE DANA:
Those spine tingles. And so, you know, and I… Made it my business
to get with her. But then this mistrust raised its ugly head and
it’s affecting your marriage. Right now. Yes. Yes. All right. Tell us
why you believe, Mr. Jones is cheating? Well, the first incident, we, uh… We go to
a neighborhood grocery store, and it was a young lady, she almost hit him
with a cart one time. Then the next night,
she almost hit me. And I’m in there one day and one of the
other cashiers tell me, “Oh, she said
she see your husband.” I said, “She’s seeing
my husband, so…” Wait, wait, wait!
She’s seeing your husband? That she’s seeing my husband.
Like he knows her. JUDGE DANA: Okay. That he sleeping… JUDGE KEITH:
That they’ve seen each other
socially? That we’re sleeping together. CAROL: Yeah, like,
he’s sleeping with the… Which is not true. …the young lady at the store. Okay. All right. So right then,
I get my husband, and we go back to the store… (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And I confront her. How did that look?
How did that pop off? LEONARD: But we went… CAROL: We shut down the store. I stopped the store,
‘Cause I… I felt… JUDGE DANA:
Tell me what happened? I went up to her and told her
I don’t know why you are, you know, what your game is,
but if you mess… I cursed. …messing with my husband,
I’m not the one. I don’t play no games.
Point blank. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) CAROL: And… So Mr. Jones, what were you doing
during this confrontation? ‘Cause I would have been
a little tight, a little scared about this… He said, “Do I know you?” And she’s saying, “No!” I didn’t believe it. The truth is…
The truth is the truth. You know, and there ain’t
nothing I can do
but tell the truth. I just felt she knew him, I felt like
she wouldn’t be telling people that she knew him. So you felt
these things were not accidents they were intentional… CAROL: I think
she was intentionally. …to intimidate you about your husband. Right. Mr. Jones, I mean, it does sound
like a little more
than a coincidence. As far as me and the woman,
I don’t know her. Only thing I knew about her
is she worked at the store. But he worked at a… Can’t even tell you her name. He worked at a car auction, and you have
to have a safety vest. Kinda like this one on. You have to have this on… Can you open that up? …when you at the auction. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Everybody puts them on. This same lady got a vest on
in the store one day the same day the auction on. And she prancing in front of me
where I can see her. And not accusing him, but my husband, I love him, but he has a history
of hood rats. And she is a little hood rat, and she was trying me. It makes me wonder,
am I a hood rat,
’cause he married me. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Ms. Jones, do you think
this woman was wearing the vest in the store
to send you a signal that… Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
To let me now. JUDGE KEITH: So, you think
that was intentional? I think it was intentional. So, in your mind, do you think she went to the auction
to see him? LEONARD: Yes. Oh! Okay. JUDGE DANA:
So she had to be safe
while she was seeing him. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING, CLAPPING) She had to have on
protective gear… I see that. Cutler, while she was there… That’s why I wanted
to come here,
I get a lady’s opinion ’cause my husband,
he feel like, he ain’t got this…
I’m explaining nothing. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH:
I have a question for you. CAROL: Yes. You said you came here for
a lady’s opinion. My opinion doesn’t count? Your opinion really matters ’cause I know a good woman
makes a man even better. So I just wanted to give… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) The realness of it. JUDGE DANA: True. True. But I’m still not getting
any credit for this. LEONARD: But now we got a man
trying to get a woman better. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) You know, so… This is why we’re here for. We’re here to make this…
This work. It’s gonna work. I can always… But, his ex… I love you baby. I love you. I love you too, more. I love my husband. I need your trust. He has a ex… JUDGE DANA: Okay. (SIGHS) We… We sell these outfits
I ordered online from China. And I picked outfits
that you wouldn’t see so they would sell. So, somebody texted me one day, to his ex.
I won’t talk about her. But she got on
one of the outfits. One of these unique outfits that you have bought
from China. Unique outfits
that I had chose, she got it on. I don’t know
how she got that outfit. You believe that that outfit came from your husband
out of your stash? I don’t know how she got it. She didn’t get it from me, so she had to get it from him. She didn’t get it from me. JUDGE KEITH: And again,
this is a unique outfit, something that… JUDGE DANA: Right. I mean,
what this outfit look like? It’s a lace outfit. You know, Mr. Cutler, there’s her side, there’s his side, and then there’s
the ex’s outfit. We got that outfit right here. Ron, would you escort
the outfit in. RON: Yes, Your Honor. (INDISTINCT CHATTER
AND AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: Oh! All right. I wouldn’t even have got mad if she looked like that
in the outfit, but she didn’t even do that. (ALL LAUGHING AND CLAPPING) don’t want to cheat. So this is what you said that, uh, outfit looked like
that the ex was wearing? MS. JONES: Mmm-hmm. All right, ma’am,
would you just turn around so that we could see
the whole thing. JUDGE DANA: Yeah, that’s,
that’s something. That’s a lot right there. (ALL LAUGHING) All right. Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones. This one of a kind outfit, that your wife
specifically ordered… I don’t go through her,
through her merchandise. So, I wouldn’t able
to give the woman nothing. I never have. She accused me
of giving her money. She accused me
of giving her time. Giving her sex. But those aren’t unique things. I don’t, don’t… This is unique. This is unique. JUDGE DANA: Did you ever
see your ex in that outfit? No, I haven’t seen my ex. Okay, would you just come
a little closer to Mr. Jones so he can make sure
he’s never seen that outfit? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) LEONARD: I’m sure. JUDGE DANA: All right, you do
a little spin so he can… I’m sure. JUDGE KEITH: All right. JUDGE KEITH: Ma’am, thank you
But you are convinced Ms. Jones that if the ex had that outfit it somehow
came through Mr. Jones? Because that is
too many dots together. Yes. Coincidence, yes. Too many coinkidinks. Too many. Ms. Jones, do you have
any other reason to believe that your husband is cheating? CAROL: Yes. We have this hood rat… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, one night I’m at the store
and she approaches me and she’s talking
and she’s like, “Oh, your husband
drive a green Jag? “Me and him was chapping it up
in this store,” and all this, you know. I didn’t think nothing of it. So when I get home
and I ask him, he said, “No! “I was talking to her husband
by the car.” So, maybe several weeks later, she’s a perfume salesman. She’s selling stuff, you know
door to door, and I see her, so I ask
my husband about meeting you. She said, “No! “I didn’t meet, I didn’t
talk to him in the store. “He was talking
to my boyfriend. “And I can’t…”
Same exact story. Hmm, that was weird. LEONARD: The truth was that,
wasn’t it? JUDGE KEITH: Why was that
weird, Ms. Jones? JUDGE DANA: So… ‘Cause, but how’d it come
to my house selling the same perfume two weeks before he
had brought me. I left that out,
excuse me, Your Honor. Okay, so wait a minute,
let me make sure ’cause you kinda
got it confused in there. What went down? First of all you told me, “I was chapping it up
in the store.” CAROL: Right. Now you telling me the exact same story as if he would just say, “Hey, hey, hey,
that’s not the story.” The story is ex. That’s exactly what she said. That’s what you think, and then you think it’s curious that he bought you the perfume
that she’s selling. Now you see why I want
to talk to your wife? JUDGE DANA: Okay You see it, you get it. (ALL CLAPPING) That’s why. All right, wait, wait.
That’s my skill set. That’s what I do. That’s your skill set. I connect the dots. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. JUDGE DANA:
All right, so Mr. Jones, I gotta ask you
about these dots. Okay? Yeah. Tell me why this young lady
is selling a perfume that you bought your wife? I found that bottle of cologne months before
she’s talking about.
Not weeks but months. I found it and gave it to her. Mr. Jones, Okay. Are we back
to coincidences again? LEONARD: Yes. You’re telling me that you found a bottle of perfume that just happens to be the same kind of perfume that is sold by the woman she’s accusing you
of sleeping with? That’s what I’m sayin’. You got some bad luck,
brother man. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You’ll see
when you’re test is out. I do not know the woman. My question to you,
Ms. Jones, is if you find out that Mr. Jones is cheating, where do you go from here? I love my husband. But… I’m not going to be… Cheated out of a chance
to have a great relationship. (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND CLAPPING) Truer words were never spoken,
my dear. True words. CAROL: Real talk. So you might be done? I might be done. JUDGE DANA: You might be done,
all right. Because of all
these coincidences, the court has done a full
and complete investigation. At this time, the court will call license
certified polygraph examiner,
Tommy Platt, into the court room
to determine, “is he cheating.” (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Ron,
please escort Mr. Platt in. JUDGE DANA:
How are you, Mr. Platt? PLATT: Good, Your Honor. It’s good to see you. Good to see y’all. Would you please share
with the court and for the litigants,
your credentials. I have 30 years of experience
in the United States Military, and as a police officer. I have been a certified
polygraph examiner for over 10 years, and conducted nearly
3,000 examinations. All right. The first question
Mr. Jones was asked, “Since being married
to Ms. Jones, “have you ever had
physical, sexual contact “with the woman,
your wife confronted “at the grocery store?” What was Mr. Jones’ response? PLATT: He stated, “No!” JUDGE DANA: What did the
lie detector determine? The lie detector determined, that he was telling the truth. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Bam! Bam! LEONARD: Come on! JUDGE DANA: Question
number two. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: During your
five year relationship, have you had
physical sexual contact with your ex? What was Mr. Jones’ response? He stated, “No!” JUDGE DANA: What did the
lie detector determine? with your ex? The lie detector determined, that he was being truthful. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE DANA:
I see a smile. All right. JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Jones? Woo-hoo! JUDGE KEITH: I see a smile. I’m waiting on three. Mr. Jones was asked, “Since 2013,
have you had sexual intercourse “with anyone
other than Ms. Jones?” What was his response? PLATT: He stated, “No!” JUDGE KEITH: What did the
lie detector determine? The lie detector determined, that he was telling the truth. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (JUDGE DANA LAUGHING) All right, Mr. Jones,
give her a little love. Give her some love.
Give her some love. (LAUGHING) All right, Mr. Jones. I am so glad that you got me a therapist. ‘Cause I have issues, I see. No. You don’t have issues,
you got… Love. That’s what you have. Yeah. Ms. Jones,
I see the tears in your eyes. Tell me what those tears
represent? CAROL: Well… I love him so much. And, I grew up where
I didn’t embrace myself or feel good about myself. And maybe I feel like,
nobody ever will love me, and just to know he’s been
faithful and committed makes my heart feel light. ‘Cause he’s there
through everything to just kind of seal the deal.
Like, he really is there. He loves me. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE DANA:
Ms. Jones, can I talk to you
woman to woman? Let him love you
the way he wants to love you. And you need to trust
that he loves you. And if you trust that,
this whole “I think he’s looking,
he’s looking,” goes away. ‘Cause it sounds like y’all have
a wonderful thing going. JUDGE KEITH: One last question, Ms. Jones, uh, how can I order one of those outfits
for Judge Cutler? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE KEITH: We’ll talk…
We’ll talk about it afterwards. We have counseling
available for you. Talk to our counselor
so you all can make sure you’re moving forward
on the right foot together. We got to do it together ’cause she just
quoted it to us. Yes, she has quoted to us
so many times. All right. Here we go. BOTH: And as we say
in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself
out of an opportunity for a happy, healthy,
relationship. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Court is adjourned.


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