WITL VLOG: Shoe Shopping with my Husband & finding the PERFECT Shades | VOL. 6

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WITL VLOG: Shoe Shopping with my Husband & finding the PERFECT Shades | VOL. 6

Hey guys! [laughter] how do I look? Shurland says these shades
do not fit me. I need to get some new ones but anyway tell me though in the
comments how I look? Anyway, let me take this off so just in case it
looks terrible you guys doing like hate on me. Anyway welcome back to my channel, Nezzle. “Like” the video if you enjoy it if you love my videos, if you like
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guys I am here outside Patel’s home where I buy my roti so I figured I
would show you guys so that you see where I get it and of course it is hot
and I would put on AC but it’s so loud so anyway I’m just gonna show you guys
quickly and get some breeze. All right, so that’s the house where I
get it and I’m just gonna go in and get some my roti now. Roti guys! Roti! Big bag of roti! Afternoon, welcome, buy one item, get the second one of equal or lesser value, 50% off. Thank you. You’re welcome. So I’m in Payless and thankfully it’s quiet so I can actually
kind of vlog in here. I need to get a shoe for work but it actually needs to be
a sandals because like when I wear closed-toe shoes and so, my feet sweat
and it’s just not a pretty thing so I need something that is cute but also
with no cloth in it. It’s a lot of requirements because if it has cloth then
my foot will sweat into the cloth and it will be like a problem still. Anyway
I’m trying to see what options they have in my size. And Shurland is here being a
grouch. He’s in a bad mood. That’s why I zoomed up on your nose. My face is pure
perfection! I don’t know about yours. Anyway, help.. help me find a shoe na. No. Get your own shoe. See how mean he is. Mean. Mean. [Laughter] You’re ridiculous. Where’d I get this? Okay guys, so I need a sandals. I have something like this right now, but a black. And yes, I know it’s not a
work shoe but this is like the best I can get at this moment but I want a black
because this is not going to match with my clothes. Eeew! That’s ugly! I don’t like that. Shurland… Gosh, guys he’s not listening. This is.. this is.. Cloth. It’ll be stanky by no time… in no time. This kind of granny shoe. It looks kind of grannirific. What do you guys think? Yeah, we’re going with that one. I find it to be very granny-ish though. You have a granny face. Hmmm? You have a granny face. [laughter} Y’all see how he is mean… y’all see how he’s mean to me when he’s in a mood? It’s actually kind of comfortable though. I like it. You do? Mmmhmm. You like this shoe? You don’t like it? You see, she finds it looks granny-ish ent? Yeah, it ain fit she foot. See! You sure? Granny-ish. No that’s a woman. It ain fit she foot. Hmmm, I find I like it. Well if you like it, buy it. He want me look like a granny. Yeah. There’s silver, there’s.. whatever this color is.. bronze. Eh? Bronze. Bronze. There’s
white. But I can’t find any black. What do you think guys? The guys is checking to see if they have black so I’m hoping, fingers crossed,
that they do. If not, I’ll probably take the silver. Shurland’s trying to pick a shoe.. a sandals I should say. A slipper. A slipper. Right. What’s wrong with me man? It’s a little small. This is the one I picked guys. The
American Eagle so we’re both on American Eagle This one? Yes. Went all the way in there guys and I
forgot my money. Luckily I’m not parked far. Got it! [music] Yeah I like that one. You like this one? More than this one? [music] You like it? Thumbs it up if you do. And my cute little baggy. So, hopefully now when I’m driving my eyes won’t burn as much. And I’ll look cute! Guys this is the dog food that we get for Cashew. It has real chicken in it and he loves it. So we have to buy him one of these a month. They didn’t have the last time I came, so we’re just getting it for him now. D & M Bakery. And I’m just
going to get a bread and maybe two currant rolls because like it’s Friday! So, this is the bread from the Woburn in…
hear me the Woburn in [laughter] This is from the bakery in Woburn that I was talking about in my last vlog so just figured I’d show it you. And I also got my favorite thing! Currant roll! Currant roll! I’m going to devour this very soon. Mr. Cashew, come and show the folks what you did.
Show them So everyone, we came home to meet this.
Cashew took the box of baking soda from on top the counter. I have no… I really
have no idea how he got it because it’s usually on top here, right? Now clearly,
Cashew cannot climb all that way but look. Look at what he did to toilet paper. Look
at what he did to the baking soda. Look at what he did to the floor. Cashew. Cashew. What do you have to say for yourself? Are
you proud? You clear… you clearly don’t care? You did nothing wrong,
did you? Did nothing wrong. Guys, anytime we leave him home alone, we come home to some kind of mess, like at least there was no actual mess today
it was just baking soda mess just clean up Just cleaned up the kitchen. I did some laundry and now I’m getting ready to prepare lunch. It’s really cloudy outside. Like it’s gonna rain. So I’m gonna try out a few things. I actually wanna make banana bread as well as some
more of those cookies that I showed you guys a few videos back. I’m also thinking
of doing up some granola. I’ll definitely show you what it looks like at the end.
And, well the granola I have showed you guys already so there’s a video on my
channel with me making the granola so I’ll link that in case you’re interested
but it’s pretty simple. I am making a few alterations to it. For instance, today I’m
going to use honey instead of sugar and I’m also adding in some crushed walnuts
as well as some sliced almonds. And I usually just kind of throw whatever in that I
feel like and it tastes good. So here we have the completed granola, two completed banana
bread and my cookies which I actually did differently this time. Added in some
carrots and some walnuts. I’m just out here with Cashew so that he can go potty.
Shurland has gone to play basketball with just friends so it’s just me
the boys aka, me and the dogs. The other two are chilling over there and Cashew is here trying to pull me. He already had his bath and everything. Oh
no, he got away. He’ll go do his business. I don’t like when he does it with the
leash I’d prefer to take it off because then sometimes he gets the poo on the leash and that’s not fun. Good boy! Ooh you did well. Who’s a good boy? I feel like lately he’s been
having trouble controlling his pee and I’m not sure why because he was doing such a
good job but it’s like the last few times he keeps starting to pee and we
have to like rush to bring him outside so if you have any suggestions as to
what we can do to fix that, I would greatly appreciate it. It is pouring rain like it’s raining cats and dogs
here today and I am trying to go into the bank just a little quick deposit but
I can’t get out of the car. I mean I could if I want to get out my umbrella and all
of that but ain’t nobody got time for that. First, let me
just address the elephant in the room. I put on the wrong lipstick this morning.
So I honestly thought that I put on like a.. what do you call this… um.. maroon and
then like after lunch when I was like reapplying I’m like wait why do I have
this kind of purple pink thing on my lip? So that was just like I don’t know
what was going on with me this morning when I picked up the wrong lipstick but
either way, I’m actually wearing um ravin’ raisin by wet n’ wild. So it’s a
beautiful color and I hardly wear it so maybe that’s why like the
lipstick was just like “hey pick me up, pick me up!” And on that note guys, like I have so many lipsticks
it’s shameful. If you want to see my collection, let me know in the comment
section. And I also want you guys to like let me know what u what kind of videos
you’d like to see and what you want to see me do on the channel because I
really do like doing the week in the life videos and all that but like I want to
bring other things too so like this kit that I did the other day and I want to
do like some more sit down chats and all of that so leave it in the comment
section. I-I love hearing from you. I know some people are kind of shy and they’re like “uh, I don’t really want to comment” but comment. I love talking to you guys and like it doesn’t take
that long. I mean, come on, it doesn’t take that long. So comment and let me know like what you like, what you have liked
so far, what you want to see me do, even if it’s something I’ve never done and
once I’m able to, I will do it for you. Look at the rain guys. Look at the rain. I
cannot get out. I’m stuck in here. Okay. Over-exaggeration but yeah I’m just
chilling you know, chilling like a villain. Do people say that still? Anyway, yeah so I’m waiting for the rain to calm back a bit, I’m gonna go do my deposit quickly and then I’m gonna go home to my fuzzy and my poop… what? My poop? [laughter] Okay.. Anyway.. I’m just gonna sit here and then I’m gonna go home and relax
because you know rainy evenings are relaxing evenings.
By the way I know I didn’t vlog for the last two days and it’s just because
there has been a lot of rain in the last two days and I just prefer to vlog on
sunny days. I find like it’s brighter and nicer and I feel more like picking up
the camera, if that make sense. But, well I picked it up today so yay me! Anyway I’m gonna stop talking. It’s so easy to just talk and talk and talk when you’re
sitting in a coffee yourself waiting for rain to stop falling but I know you guys
ain’t wanna hear me talk so catch you guys soon. What’s up Cashew? What’s up Cashew? Come … Hello Cashew, hello Cashew. You want to play? You wanna play? Hmmm, what you got there? Remember when you were so small and I was introducing you. Look at you now. He’s the monkey dog. [laughter] He’s so busy just licking me. Aaah no! So, anyway, I just wanted to come on here quickly and you say thank you so much
for watching this week’s vlog. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, click the thumbs up button so I’ll know, leave a comment. There are tons of things that I asked
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and more people can join the Nezzle Fam. So thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you in the next video. Say bye Cashew. Oh my God, no. Say bye. [laughter] Bye guys.


  • Loved it as always!! Shurland always crack me up😅. Cashew is still young so for bladder training still needs to go outside more often. In a couple of months he will be able to hold longer and will most likely let you know when he's ready to out , my fur baby Armani will literally come and scratch me when hes ready to go.

  • I love the vlog videos. I like when you travel around and show us. I'd like to see the banana bread recipe because it looked delicious.

  • Short and Sweet. Sure enjoyed. CahsewwwWwwwww!🐶🐶 He is tooo adorable and girl the shoe Shurland picked was perfect! Perfect for work in a professional way. The one you picked was more to go out. I love those in the summer but with the back part.

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