Who has access to your doorbell cam? Amazon’s Ring under fire for abusing data


  • Anyone using these devices or the assistants such as Google home, echo etc obviously doesn't care at all about their personal privacy



  • … Don't forget, Jeff Bezos has an investment with the C.I.A 👀 a 300+ MILLION dollar investment…

    … Let that sink in.

  • Put up your own camera. Only an idiot would use the bell. There are sound sensors that ring & set off camera if someone is near your house. The bell will be used against you sooner or later.

  • I may not be the smartest guy walking the planet. But I'm smart enough to know never to install ring or Alexa or any other b***** device that is capable of spying on me or my family. Except maybe my cell phone. and I can't even stand that. I can turn on my own lights. I can open up my own garage door. I don't need to live my life like The Jetsons to be happy. Personally I love the old school way. Of doing things yourself. with your own hands…. don't get me wrong I know technology can be used for good. But sometimes too much technology can be a very BAD THING.

  • Uh hu those pedophiles finally broke the code to get at your kids this is sick and huge international business you foolish useful idiots 😑

  • How come YouTube is showing people s land and home and let Avery one know were these people are recording that is trust passing and bracking the laws and are right s and law is not doing anything about this matter these people are recordings and comein on are land s with out a invite we the people want these people in jail and in prison for trustpassing on land that dose not belong to them or do the land Owens have to bring justice its Vigilante time people take down these people that is coming on are land when were not there i will find were you all live and let Avery one know were you live you will pay for comein on are land s with out a invite from the Owens we have had enough of people comein on are land and in are home s law do your job or the land Owens will do it for you.

  • Lol we live in a day and age where even our door bells spy on us yet Democrats want socialism and no one blinks an eye.

  • My boor bell is a mussel of a Colt .45. Ring at your own perrial. If your still twitching i'll put one between your eyes.

  • All of these giant tech companies have gotten so greedy so careless including the service providers it’s a joke. People will soon find out that depending 100% upon technology and “a.i.” (the goofiest overused word in the world) is a big mistake. Something will happen at some point I feel.. like an emp.. and then all the tech dependent douchbags wouldn’t know how survive 48 hrs.

  • They should be sued because I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't selling your information. Google is out of control and them and a few other companies think they are beyond having oversight done to them.

  • The door bells pressed with poking fingers? Door bell has become public since it's launch into Social media platform and when it's public the doors bells are exploited by the traffickers, administrator's, IT Giant companies data management system.

  • Don't put that crap anywhere it requires an internet connection or a third party server to operate unless you just don't care about privacy!
    I just bought a new LCD TV with build in internet access.. Read the fine print! I did NOT allow my tv to be connected directly to the internet! I only cast to my TV with a DIY device!

  • Ring. Is the BIGGEST Piece of JUNK. It is a gateway for people to get in to your home and steal your information from the device that you’re viewing it on. Do not purchase ring security products !!!!

  • I wouldn't want one. Just like I don't want that Alexia thing, or talking TV remote or that face chat live stream in your home thing you know with the Muppets.

  • Soooooo predictable!!!!! What kind of MORON signs up to be monitored by these companies? Alexa, Siri, Simply Safe, Ring Doorbell…anything that is connected to the internet can be used to hurt you. Our phones are bad enough…now you give them cameras to see around your house? Idiots. Get a dog and a gun.

  • Funny and yet creepy story. My daughter was having gyn health issues (pre-cancer positive test – she is fine).

    She called me (upset) and we talked about it over the phone. My new Android tv box had the google assistant activated.

    You wouldn’t believe the sexually inappropriate YouTube stuff that showed up in my feed within the hour!

    The system is disabled now. 😂

  • As a rule, if it says it is smart or will make your life easier, you are the product they are marketing and your privacy is the price you pay. It's going to take a whole bunch of people agreeing that technology isn't always in our best interest to subdue these tech monopolies preying on the public.

  • When are people going to stop trusting these Mega Cooperations? They don't care about you except for how much they can exploit you.

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