What? You went to Vietnam but didn’t go to massage shop? [Battle Trip/2019.11.03]

Updated : Nov 10, 2019 in Articles

What? You went to Vietnam but didn’t go to massage shop? [Battle Trip/2019.11.03]

To relieve our fatigue for the day, we’re going to a super luxurious massage shop! Well done, son. You made some good plans. – Right? / – This is great. Let’s go inside. Oh, it looks very nice. It’s so clean. (Massage shop) I thought it was a salon at first. They’ll massage you from head to toe for 90 minutes here. (90-minute massage, $20) When you go to a barbershop… They have the same chairs. The same chairs from Korean barbershops? They wash your feet, shave you, mani-pedi, cucumber facial, ear cleaning… – They clean your ears too? / – Massage, shampoo. Shampoo too? They even do threading for guys to get rid of fine hair. Really? (The first course is a foot massage) What do I do? Put my feet up? But my legs are too short. (Raises the massage chair) That’s better. You get to lie down and get a foot massage. Wow! I’ve never gotten a massage like this. I love getting foot massages. – Really? / – Yeah. I love having my feet touched. It makes the fatigue just melt away. (A shave after the foot massage?) Oh, a shave? I usually shave my head. What are you talking about? (Shaving ASMR) – I haven’t seen this in a while. / – That’s the old way. – Totally. / – Yes. (He’s asleep?) I feel sleepy. Can I sleep here? Can I sleep here? It’s still a shoot. You shouldn’t sleep. (Deep sleep during the shoot…) But you slept. Geez, Don… (Something is being put on his mom’s face) I smell cucumber. – Did they put it on your face? / – Yeah. Cucumber. Long slices. – Cucumber facial. / – Cucumber facial. They even put slices on my head. Oh his head… There’s no hair to stop her. (Glances) (A treat for my mom) (She is not asleep) Find the nail clippers… (What comes next?) What is this? Cleaning the ears. (Ear cleaning with the cucumber facial on) I’ve never had my ears cleaned. – Really? / – Yeah. I feel so stiff. It was really refreshing. I really want to have that done. I was really nervous at first. But it felt so nice afterward. When I was in my 20s, I was always uncomfortable around you, mom. But now that I’m in my 40s… We’re both getting old. It’s meaningful to do something with you, mom. Because… I’m experiencing old age too. – That made me sad to hear. / – Why? My son is old already. – It makes you sad? / – That’s why you’re saying this. – It’s kind of sad. / – “This must be how mom feels.” Right. We should get massages more often. That’s what comes to mind. (They relieve their fatigue with a massage)


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