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so we’ve been together for five years my
husband and I and when we first got together again everything was clicking
like the personality the values what direction in life where we wanted to go
like everything that checks the box for marriage material but then we take
pictures together like god I feel like a giant walrus next to this man hi guys
this is destiny with the baby giraffe welcome back to my channel in today’s
video I’m going to be talking to you about the challenge my husband gave me
when we first started dating and how I overcame it the challenge that he
proposed to me was a mental challenge now he didn’t really do this me on
purpose he wasn’t trying to like you know make me overcome something it was
just a question he presented to me and it really made me think hard about my
height and the mentality that I had around my height and being the height of
a baby giraffe thank you so much for watching this is destiny with the baby
giraffe I make videos about height and everything to do with embracing your
Amazonian as’ so let’s get into this video now my husband is very very fit
very very into training and you know he’s in shape he’s a personal trainer
for a living like that’s what he does and I just felt so huge next to him so
how did I overcome feeling like I was a giant walrus next to my husband next to
my boyfriend at the time so how did I overcome it my whole life I always felt
like the odd man out have you ever been to like a pool party or a dance party or
something with ASUS big social gathering and there are people couple people that
there are couples or people pair off or whatever and you always see the guys
going after the 5 foot 2 to 5 foot 5 size 2 to size double zero petite frame
you know that kind of you know basic pageant queen Barbie doll esque
looking kind of woman and you look at yourself and you’re like what’s wrong
with me because this is what men are attracted to this is what men want they
want the little Barbie doll queen that decides to and
tiny and you just feel huge especially when you take pictures next to other
people you are just this this giant like Jolly Green Giant up against these these
cute little couples or whatever and I remember feeling slightly jealous of the
five-foot fun okay don’t take this wrong I’ve always appreciated being tall I
like being tall because it does make you stand out more it it it is what
everybody wants they’re jealous of it so I never really had a huge major
self-esteem problem with my height overall however I would get slightly
jealous of the women that could snatch up a guy because they were the perfect
size for it and not only were they able to snatch up a guy in generally I mean I
was picky with them you know I was picky too it wasn’t just oh I can’t get a guy
I was picky too but the very fact that they could be cradle carried very easily
where a man to sweep swept her off her feet and be cradle carried and thrown
over her shoulder and you know just just like he could easily carry her and pick
her up and all that and I would look at the guys that would do that to the girls
I’m like yeah I would squash that guy in a heartbeat if we tried to do that or
like if you go to a dance like I’ve been ballroom dancing and oh just the
jealousy that went through my veins about some things because again you can
pick up a tinier girl and you know do these all these dance moves and spin her
around and you know do all these fun swing dance moves with with a tinier
woman and then there’s me and so when I started taking pictures with my
boyfriend who’s now my husband I was like huh oh you jerk stood this guy so
how did I overcome this and again I’ve always wanted a quote unquote taller guy
than me so that I could feel small and again my husband didn’t do this to
challenge me on purpose he just asked me the question and he was like why do you
want to feel small you are a powerful Amazon and it got me thinking and I’ve
been with him for five years he didn’t push exercise on me
he didn’t he did make me you know you have to go work out
look this way for me you know it wasn’t in like that it’s just this is his
lifestyle and I’ve always eaten healthy and that was a big thing on my list I
wanted a guy who ate healthy that workout exercise thing it wasn’t really
on my radar but over time because I’ve been with him I started training and
exercising as well my point being is that he asked me this and he’s like why
do you want to feel small and I thought about it I want to feel small because I
want to feel feminine I want to feel like a dainty little
flower I want to feel like what I see other women able to do to get a guy to
sweep them off their feet and then it really started making me think why do I
have to feel small to feel all these other things because my husband makes me
feel very feminine my husband desires me my husband wants me my husband is like
so into Who I am as a person he always exonerates Who I am now I
understand that not everybody has another significant other that does that
for them but until you find that right person because the right person will be
that for you until you find that right person you got to do it for yourself and
it started to make me think why do I want to feel small why do I want to feel
tinier than what I am is it because I you know feel like a klutz is it because
I feel like I’m just this giant thing that walks into the room and so instead
of trying to diminish myself I started to think about how can I embrace Who I
am how can I embrace and maximize the fact that I have these genetics that
make me taller than the average woman and the average guy so what I started
doing was I started personal training and I don’t train with my husband we’ve
learned that that that personal training and husband role don’t mesh very well so
I have my other I have another trainer but I trained now I trained five days a
week and I lift weights and all of that I go to dubs barbell gym Dubbs barbell
gym is a strength and conditioning gym so what you’re going to see there is
you’re not going to see just treadmills either there are some cardio machines
there but you’re not going to see just treadmills you’re
a lot of weight training and let me tell you this ladies I again I’m not a I’m
not a personal trainer myself I’m married to one so I’m just telling you
what he has told me if you want more information about it we could talk to my
husband about it if you only do cardio where you’re just on the treadmill and
that’s it with no really in extent goal just okay jump on the treadmill you’re
not gonna get the results you’re looking for if you wait train you build more
muscle and you get stronger and I know a lot of women they’re so focused on how I
got to lose weight I got to lose weight I got to lose weight it’s not about
losing weight it’s about getting strong because if you focus on getting strong
the weight kind of adjusts the the fat excuse me the fat kind of adjusts
because you’re so focused on getting strong this is what I decided to do I’m
six feet and this is my personal goal I want to get bigger I want to have more
muscle that is that is my own personal goal some of you ladies out there don’t
want that you don’t want to get bulky promised you if you touch weight if you
if you pick up a 10 pound 20 pound dumbbell you are not gonna get look like
a man in 24 hours that’s not gonna happen there are some women out there
that do that where they get jacked and muscular but they’ve been training at it
for years my husband is all for me giving jacked and muscular he’s like
you’re still feminine and you just got muscles he supports women that want to
be muscular he supports women they want to be strong like he is very much Pro
women getting strong and getting jacked like that is just that he’s all for that
you still can go to the gym you still can go lift weights get strong and still
look very very feminine and so if you are an Amazonian woman and you’re
struggling with maybe you don’t like your weight or whatever focus on getting
strong the weight will kind of adjust itself and then point to is if you are
an Amazon woman maximize it and that’s what I started doing in the last year
I’ve been training five days a week I’m going you know what I am no longer
gonna try to diminish myself just because I’m with a five-eighth husband
I’m gonna wear heels he doesn’t care he’s very strong and very secure in his
manhood but I’m also going to maximize the genetics the
I have been given it really doesn’t bother me that I have a bigger size than
other women and that I’m taller than most men I actually have embraced it
more being with a 5/8 man I embraced it beforehand like I was I was cool with
being tall but there was always that slight jealousy of oh gosh I want to
feel small and petite and feminine and my husband is like you are very feminine
you’re just taller as you work out more you’re just gonna get more muscles and I
love embracing Who I am as a woman with the height with the muscles feeling like
I am a powerhouse and so for all of my Amazonian women out there all of my
fellow Amazonian Queens I don’t want you to feel like you are less of a woman
because you’re taller what I suggest is that you embrace this gift that you make
such a big deal about how you have been made this channel is not gonna turn into
a workout channel I’m just telling you one of the ways that I have done to
embrace Who I am as a person and to maximize Who I am with the body that I
have been given and run along with that I also wear heels from time to time so
this is destiny with the baby giraffe thank you for watching this channel if
you like my content please like share and subscribe and I will see you in
another video let me know in the comments below what you think tell me
what you have done to maximize your height and if you’re not the height of a
baby giraffe tell me what you have done to fully embrace your body and be
confident in who in your own skin and who you are thank you I will see you in
another video


  • I'm an outlier being 510 who likes short girls just fine but much prefer girls my height or taller with or without heels, muscles or fat. Since to me besides practical perks, tall girls do have exclusive physical & characteristic qualities that make them feminine:
    -Very resilient to put up with tall struggles thus more empathetic for others in the same position.
    -Naturally independent and self-sufficient to reach high & deep for things without assistance.

    -Got a memorable presence that commands attention; never looked down upon, taken more seriously.

    -Rock most fashion trends, can wear anything even unfitting clothes and still look like a superstar

    -Benefit from the fresh air, the clear aerial view and never get lost or feel congested in a big crowd.

    -A statuesque amazon size is seen as attractively tall, well-toned, shapely & strikingly imposing.

    -Forever enjoy the enviable high metabolism to eat more and have less noticeable extra weight.

    -Even a tall plus size figure can pull off curves more appealingly with weight spread to broad areas.

    -Walk faster, kick harder, look sexier with phenomenal long legs that could inspire a million poems

    -look especially more elegant & bold wearing heels, it shows confidence & comfort to dress stylish.

    -Long arms give the best hugs(so I've heard) and offensive advantage against shorter haters(optional)

  • Thank you, I really enjoyed watching this video and learned something. For me and most of my fellow average-sized guys, my experience has always been men are rather attracted to tall women, and even a little intimidated by them. So maybe that is part of your story too that young men (boys) felt you were out of their league.

  • Great video! I myself am 190cm tall and I am about to marry a wonderful man – who is the greatest in so many ways, but is shorter than me. At first when we dated I felt just as insecure about it as you did! Still at times I wished to blend in more as a couple. But we share so much love and happiness that I am absolutely fine the way it is!

    Most of the time I love being the tallest woman I know. I feel like oftentimes tall people are taken more seriously, are well remembered and listened to. But of course I also know the struggles of short-girl-jealousy, belt loops getting caught on door knobs and limbo dancing under too low shower heads 🙂

    Over the years I have learned to appreciate being a strong woman, an Amazon. I love trail running, mountaineering and rock climbing. Isn't it wonderful to feel your own power and skills? I can reach high, run fast, be courageous, pull myself up and so much more! And how much better does it feel to have a fit and strong body, especially as it gives you a good posture – which I think makes you look so much better!

    Anyway, enough rambling 🙂 I am looking forward to your next videos!

  • This video is about being an amazon woman. Can you also make a video about being a woman independence from size?

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