Vem hade trott detta? & lite shopping

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Vem hade trott detta? & lite shopping

You rarely fall asleep before 3 o’clock at night Even though you get up to
work early every morning And don’t get more than 3
to 4 hours of sleep per night Are you dead tired all day But go until midnight and be at your peak
and wake up right when you really are would need to sleep to
wake up the next morning Then you might have
DSPS Delayed sleep
Phase syndrome Shifted daily rhythm DSPS is a relatively new
diagnosis described by a doctor Wiseman 1981 And there are calculations that
say about 0.17% of the population Has Dsps That means upward Up to 15,000 people can have DPS DSPS
in Sweden Unfortunately, the diagnosis is still basically
unknown among doctors and people in general Most people with DSPS get
misunderstood are assumed to be lazy Do not want to go to bed
or go up in normal time You get well-meaning advice to
go to bed earlier in the evening Because then Waking up earlier in the
morning is no problem Not to drink that much coffee Do not sit in front of the computer in the evening and so on and so on All this helps if you have common
sleep problems but if you have Dsps So the problem is a little deeper than that omg There is a diagnosis for this If you didn’t watch my last video, you will
understand what I am talking about right now So I put on my research hat as Gordon dewoon would have said
haven’t you checked out Gordon Dewoon here on
Youtube do that, he is very cute guy. Okay But at least I’ve read
a little bit about this now And it fits very well but
it does not match 100% So I continued
reading in this article And then Come a little further down that way I read like this There is also a syndrome called
Non 24 hours day and night Syndrome. This means that you have
a day that is longer than 24 hours For example, you have
24 and a half hours In this way, you shift your
sleep by half an hour every day After a few weeks you have turned around the clock
and after a few more weeks you normally sleep Times a few days And then all the time later
in the day and so it goes on And here I thought I was sitting alone
on this in the whole world So there is an answer to this There is not much you can do about it But it still feels good to know that Oh my God They are researching about this Yes And it’s like a genetic
ailment that You have to learn to live with. After all, it’s not easy If you have a job School too Be on time in general like that It then becomes difficult for me as well that is At home though It is made more difficult by the fact
that I live with pain and pain etc. Lots of weird Stuff in the body like that Yes this was So I feel so happy
anyway that I found this And it was just by coincidence I think,
yes, I should dig a little in Google There can be something And it did Holy moly I can do that so I link this article here
in the description so if you are interested Can you read a little more about yourself Check out these great ones The other day I bought
them one of these eternals I would need a new vase to have them in, because I have
like nothing to have them in Here at home I would have to go out and buy a vase And then I have a friend who’s turning fifty I also need a gift Yes I think we should be heading
out. Check out who we found on Avion Hey, Okay I didn’t get that vase,
I got another vase. Thanks so much, Bye So you have played this it is so fun This is what my friend
Anna was telling me about What is Primetime search
for it on the App store It is great fun you can and
so you can win money. Even if this was a sport question,
It’s not that fun But there are lots of
different quizzes here. Very good photo tips there by Bingo Say what you want
Wait I have to turn down. Say what you want about
Bingo Rimer then he is one Amazing photographer really I met him for
a few years ago then Cyberphoto Cyberphoto is a Umeå
company and they are very talented at Lectures seminar workshops Yes And so I participated in one Where Bingo was, or he was
the one who gave the lecture or it was a workshop God what I waffle, it’s tomorrow
Good morning by the way At least so He vas very good I think Incredibly nice attitude
to this with photo han It was so liberating to hear that such a
good photographer was not focused at all on equipment or He does it on feeling really, and
of course he appreciates that All photographers You become a bit of one Nerd when doing photography But but It was not as central to his
part of the central was created and have fun That you start doing it as well Yes Fun memory to have met Bingo Have you eaten a
Japanese pear before? My son says these are really good so I bought one
yesterday and thought I had to test They are called
Nashipear, expensive But very juicy and very crunchy This pear I don’t know if I should eat
them like this just like they do But I know they are used
In cooking in Japan as yes a little sweetener too Yes it will be like a little umami Taste in Sauces and
marinades and such Exciting at least to test I also bought this one,
check out this mozzarella Buffalo mozzarella It was a news Can not resist It will be a very good salad
for the weekend I think Here’s the shopping we did
yesterday. This is the vase I think it can be really
nice with the flowers And then we bought a gift and I also retrieved a package So we check what’s in This we got a lot of value for
money with these eternals So I got some over then
maybe I can use them Another place in the house I have found the best shampoo in
the world, I have shown this before I used upp all my shampoo and conditioner.
so I looked online what I thought this hairdresser
brand that’s this Hairdressing brands should exist
in larger packages and
it did what I found it But it will be very expensive
to buy them like this I This I think would
go on 1600kr Shampoo and conditioner, one more
at Bangerhead I found it for 799 this shampoo and
conditioner, can you imagine its so cheap They are so big with that
They will be enough Forever In other words Run and buy
I only say if you like this the brand, only if you like
this brand is so very Moisturizing and Yes
really really Superb I varying between But god, now I lost the name Ola Plex is called it but Ola
Plex is not moisturizing In this way so this is incredible good probably uses this More than Ola plex now Tip Really Here I thought these flowers would stand There was a bowl there earlier
but I did not think it fit properly It has been moved I have two dogs in heat here
it’s so hurry so hurry all the time Yes I think it will be
good with the flowers And I can’t show the gift Not now but maybe
in my next video It was so fun yesterday that my
brother was shopping with us. He is going to the
more at this party Yes but Now I’m going out
and search for my dogs in heat So
Talk to you later BYE


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