Unusual Plants From Logee’s Greenhouse + Buying Plants Online

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Unusual Plants From Logee’s Greenhouse + Buying Plants Online

hello hello hello you guys and welcome
back to my channel in today’s video we are going to do an unboxing from a
nursery that I have never purchased from before it’s called logees greenhouse or
logee’s greenhouse logee’s greenhouse im not entirelly .. what?
logees officially that’s what I’m saying
logee’s greenhouse so I’m very excited the box looks like this it’s very long and
very narrow I have not received a plant box like this before however I also
don’t I’m pretty new to the online plant
ordering game but the box is in excellent condition so hopefully the
plants inside are in excellent condition as well but without further ado let’s
get into it cuz I am so curious I am so excited because I got I think it was
three plants I found either two or three I think
three because that’s my favorite number so I usually order in threes unless it’s
really expensive then I’ll order one but one of them I was well all of them I was
extremely excited about one in particular I’m so excited to show you
guys very secure but I mean that’s fantastic because it’s like that would
be such a shame if your box came up all like busted and opened up and stuff
sometimes that happens to my order dog food online which is totally random but
true now we have packing instructions that’s very handy 10% off
the next order within 15 days I don’t know if all order plants that soon but
that’s very friendly of them to supply unpacking instructions transitioning
watering that’s so good they give you like a nice little instruction sheet a
general timeline oh my gosh they even give you like a general timeline for
like when you should start to transition your plant I suppose into a Oh until it
goes to brighter light like it’s a permanent location as well as
repotting the plant that’s really really helpful I’ll definitely check that out
more later right did you want to read it sure
Ryan’s sitting off-camera invoice fantastic that’s always good I love it
when companies provides invoice just because it makes it a little easier if
Indy was here I would be giving him this extra filler paper but he’s taken a
nap right now he had a long morning but I promise you he will get these papers
so this actually look huge and I look I mean like they’re wrapped in paper like
this so I can’t actually see the plant but I love that it’s wrapped in paper um
but these are mega I thought these would be tiny but this does not look tiny Oh a
little bit of muddy fallout which is to be expected I mean it’s like a oh sorry
it’s out of focus there we go to be expected yeah
which one is this? YES! look at how beautiful RYAN!get off your tablet and look at this
this is real life man this is the philodendron lickety-split do you see
this yeah this is extremely fun oh my gosh look at how fun it’s waiting to you
guys like hey what’s up man I believe this is the four inch pot yeah the four
inch oh my gosh this is huge and this is beautiful oh my gosh what is this is it
a party in here do you guys see that they gave me some like party confetti
stuff so too bad New Year’s is over because that would have been very
helpful to have but I think they do that to protect the soil it’s trying to peek
inside under it that’s good it doesn’t look like a plug plant sometimes like
you get like the plug plants you know like the ones that are like wrapped in
that I don’t know what you describe it as actually I have no idea
definitely rooted which is nice that is so beautiful I love that one so much
okay guys one last look is that and that’s huge oh my gosh I’m so happy with
that I can’t wait to see what that looks like once it’s even bigger or deeper
cool Oh rude on to the next this one is a little bit tinier and looking I don’t
recall what this one is why don’t I recall what this is oh my gosh this is
the ficus the ficus variegated one Oh what is the name mmm
ficus ma Leon day I don’t know but I love ficus oh this is a little baby
let’s open it up a little bit more just I can show you what I mean when I’m
squealing at the fact that it’s a baby I just mean like the wow they really it is
a party in that green house look at this just a little a little weed
whippersnapper just starting out as little plenty life what drew me to this
ficus in particular where the long Spears shaped leaves because I don’t
know it’s just it’s not too common to see I feel like because I mean most
ficus kind of look similar to like this one right here
or the rubber plant that is out of frame and you can’t see but rubber plant is
like leaves are like that and kind of like succulent ish this one is beautiful
and it has some variation it is really new still so you can’t really see its
full detail unfortunately but hopefully you can see kind of like that darker
green striping on it on the leaf that’s the variation of it so it’s this
beautiful kind of like limey green color with some darker green coloration on it
as well this is beautiful it looks really
really good really healthy oh I’m so excited about this this is beautiful all
right and the last one what the heck this has like a still this is like a
circus act plant this is very tall this plant might be taller than I am
oh no I see a hole in the leaf oh I bet you is for that stick the heck I’m very
confused because this was supposed to be black that is why I got this one perhaps
because it’s so young it’s not black yet I don’t know but in any case this is a
collocation variety this is the Diamondhead one it’s supposed to be
black and glossy it has the glassy factor down like for sure uh but to me
and my little eyeballs this looks a little more green than it is black I
don’t know that’s green that’s green can we pretend it’s black what if we get
some sharpies huh Oh take this paper on the leaf yeah well I don’t know about
that but my guess is that for this particular plant that perhaps the leaves
start out kind of like this little green color and then as it develops in ages
perhaps it gets to be a darker color because the edging on this one for
example and this is not the best example because unfortunately it looks like this
little guy got damaged in transit which I think honestly was just because of the
spam boo stick just based off like the punctures but if you look at like the
edging of it how it is kind of like that blackish color I have a feeling that it
will mature to that but I’m not a hundred percent sure I want to love this
very much I feel like I can have the love potential for the plant but I am
very confused because this doesn’t look like the plant I ordered I think I know
it is the plant that I ordered because it has the label but it doesn’t look
like it yes right from my angle looking at the baby leaves closest
you yeah that looks like a very light green yeah with no block around the
edges very true and if you look at one of the more mature leaves yes they look
a darker shade of green with black brown edges I think you are correct but it
matures to like a glossy black color probably because the thing about this
colocasia is it supposed to be huge like you know like the elephant ear plant
which I was skip to actually for Christmas and is directly in front of my
face right now I mean those some of those leaves like if you look at the
base of em which I’ll insert a picture cuz you’re probably like what is she
talking about but some of the leaves like when you start out with them
they’re quite small and they develop into something huge so if somebody
ordered like a baby kale okay sure like in that sense the color might be the
same but the size they would be like this is not the size of the plant I was
looking for you know so maybe this one just simply develops into that oh and
there’s a new leaf coming in actually right there so that’s a good sign so I
am very hopeful for this I’ll do some more research into this one just to
confirm but I’m fairly confident that this is just kind of like a little would
you call it like a grade-school plant you know and like what it’s not gonna be
like ready until like maybe high school or college you know what I mean he’s
just blinking at me are you serious he’s right his over here
off camera ripping up the paper I think in honor of Indy you have to do like the
honorary paper shred no what are ya you’re like Toby I totally missed in any
case I hope you enjoyed this unboxing from Loki’s I think these plans were
beautiful they all look super super healthy and I am so happy with them they
came packaged amazingly well they had some really great instructions and they
had a little party I mean what more do you want when you unbox plants either
than plants and a party to play a party so if you liked this video feel free and
give it a good old thumbs up make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss out
on any future videos that I make otherwise I’ll see you guys in my next
video wait


  • More lovely addition to your collection. I have a really big one of the ficus you got. It will look really nice one it has grown tall. I love your philodendron too and the calocasia. I'm sure they'll grow well in your care. Thanks for sharing. You can plant the calocasia in your garden too.

  • Hi Erika. I love all your videos, you bring a smile to my face. You also have great taste in plants. Speaking of which, the last time I watched one of your videos your husband and you were talking about your favorite plants. I have to tell you, once I saw you talking about your fabian aralia stump I had to go out and purchase one. I went to my local nursery, but the one they had was very tall, and very expensive, so I ended up ordering a smaller one online. I'm anxiously awaiting. In the meantime, can you spare care tips? Thank you so much. I am not kidding when I say I instantly went out to find that plant…haha.

  • Amazing haul. Where did you get your Ciccus discolor Begonia. I've looked all over and they are not to be found. Really disappointing. Nice video

  • Hahaha you're hilarious! Your reaction whenever you get excited about plants reminds me of Jenna Marbles. I love your plants!

  • Awesome haul!!
    I was looking for that philodendron name for ages, so thank you!!
    I am looking for a (black) colocasia plant too and ficus alii is on my wishlist too!!
    Enjoy your new babies!!!!!

  • Awesome unboxing! They all look so healthy. I’ve ordered from logee’s once they had a hoya I wanted smaller than I expected but in great condition. Love your videos ☺️🌱👍🏼

  • Great video
    I live about 2 hrs from them, they’re really cool
    They have a greenhouse that’s over 100 years old😀
    Like your philodendron, I have one also
    Keep the videos coming🌱😉

  • Logee's can seem somewhat expensive sometimes but they definitely always ship out really nice sized plants! So I'd say it's worth it. Those plants are giant and beautiful!

  • I just received a HUGE box today, nine plants! I got a string of pearls, a burro's tail, a Syngonium 'White Butterfly', Chlorophytum orchidastrum 'Green Orange', Aglaonema 'King Of Siam', a Codiaeum variegatum 'Sunny Star', an Alocasia 'Red Secret', a Philodendron scandens 'Brasil' and a Maranta leuconeura 'Fascinator Tricolor'. I get so excited every time I open a plant box! But I really think I'm actually done with buying plants. Strangely, I feel like I have all the plants I want. Except for the variegated monstera and a pink syngonium that I have already ordered and will get maybe next week! 😄 Oh and a cast iron plant, a dumb cane and a bird of paradise that I ordered from another nursery and will be delivered in like two months.🤣

  • you are correct, with time the Colocasia will develop a darker black colour, that is no excuse to send you out a very leggy weakened plant.. also I sent you dm you on Insta a while back about where you can get some of your wish list plants if you have not seen it yet.

  • Lol! I always get a giggle out of your videos, thank you for brightening my day. I get emails from Logee's, and I will be ordering from them soon, I just want to wait for the weather to get a little warmer first. I have ordered plants online a few times, and the last ones came packaged very nice, so it;s good to see how they package their plants. Looking forward to your next video, have a great day.

  • I visited Logees in CT. It was suppose to be a 2 hour drive but turned out to be 4 with traffic. When we arrived it was beautiful. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bad visit. They had lots of merchandise but the customer service was horrible. We felt rushed out at closing and there was no one in green house to go through products with us. I even helped other customer make purchases. Customers need to feel welcomed. I usually shop near me in the Bergen County NJ area. We always received the best service in our local shop. To drive so far and expect the best service based on reviews and to get what we got was a huge disappointment.

  • Nice choices! I really like ficus too…I just don't think they like me very much lol I got a ficus lyrata and a ficus tineke to try them out. The fiddle leaf crisped up right away and the rubber tree lost a lot of the bottom leaves, but the new growth is still looking good so I have hope for that one! I think the air might be too dry for them. That lickety split is gorgeous 🙂

  • You have lovely plants.
    My cats 🐈🐈1 loves shredding paper the other loves boxes.
    Your dog 🐕 has to be there to take his share.😀😀
    I’ve been thinking about getting plans on line but I’ not sure on the
    delivery condition. Aloe Vera, snake plants ferns are my favourite.
    This is in the UK 🇬🇧

  • I just recently bought a plant from Logee's and it was my first plant ever and they were the sweetest people. I called them and asked a whole lot of questions and they answered them so sweetly. Just a great company over all.

  • New sub here! I've been thinking about ordering from them next so nice to see a video on how they package the plants. 🙂 – Sheri

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