Under $5 Thrift With me 2020 ,HAUL And Freebies

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Under $5 Thrift With me 2020 ,HAUL And Freebies

buddy and welcome to homestead Tessy I
hope you enjoy the video I think everyone and welcome to my world welcome
to what I woke up to this morning here in eastern Pennsylvania we have a
major snow we had over six inches of snow overnight and it is beautiful this
is the kind of snow that I love the snow that makes everything into a winter
wonderland so what are we working on today well today is thrifty Thursday
hope you guys enjoyed all this snow that we got overnight oh it’s such a
beautiful winter wonderland and I love it when it snows so this is thrifty
Thursday and last week I did go to the thrift store I only got two items but I
have a table full of things and I thought I would show with you what I got
so the first thing I got with 50 Thursday was all of their books were
half off and I got two books didn’t want to pay full price for it but I waited
long enough and I got it for one dollar so I thought it was had some unique
recipes in it some of the recipes I won’t use but there’s a lot that I will
so we’ll work on that then that I am really excited for this one for a dollar
25 this is the Old Farmer’s on an AK and this is their cookbook I don’t know if a
lot of you get the Old Farmer’s automatic but it always has cooking it’s
very old school old world so I love this it’s $4 25 can you imagine 1995 was the
original price that I did really well miss what now I have a whole table full
of stuff and I got it free and I got it free because one of you was getting rid
of some items and I think this is really unique because everyone’s throughout
somebody will send me things because they’re going through their house and
they want to donate some things and they think hey maybe I can use it so I’m
going to share with you what I got in a box and when I started to do is whatever
I can’t use I give it to my daughters they go through it my granddaughter’s go
through it and we have so much fun so it’s like Christmas
are you useful I so this all came in a box for me and she
was going through it and she was going to donate it and thought she thought I
would enjoy it well let me show you what it’s all kinds of stuff so we got a
cookbook the meal plan or cookbook so candleholders which my one daughter
thinks she’s gonna spray-paint she even got me these rubber gloves I bet a lot
of you thinking well what would I need these for well this is going to be great
when I’m working with my lye soap because I don’t have any gloves so that
would go out in my canning garage she got some kids cards that she had just
all kinds of stuff and then over here this is very vintage but I’m gonna see
if it works and it is a battery charger well you all know I was talking about
battery chargers and a thing that to make tea in a cookbook look at this
cookbook how cool is that once a month cooking family favorites and then this I
thought was so unique look at this Precious Moments but they’re iron-on
transfers well you know what I’m gonna be doing with this I’m learning to sew
this month but I’m gonna use this to make all kinds of tea towels and bull
covers I’m gonna use this on some really old vintage material I just thought that
was adorable and I could put this out on my deck this summer it’s peace and hope
wow this looks like a lot of stuff I’m going to take what I want and I’m gonna
pass it on to my daughters I know this is beautiful so this is my color so I’ll
be using this as well and look at these so these are things she had in her home
and this was amazing I opened it up this was truffle sea salt I mean it smells
amazing and then this I was like what in the
world is this well it is so unique their little dropper bottles take a look at
that little dropper bottles well you know I’ll make some kind of
with that my granddaughter’s are gonna love the cards Wow so thank you so much
and what I don’t use and my daughter’s don’t use I think that’s pretty much
we’ll use everything but I always donate it a couple people asked me on my
Christmas one my son was saying about throwing stuff away he didn’t mean it
literally throwing it away we donate it to the same thrift store where I like to
shop so I hope you enjoy all these things and now I gotta get outside
because I got to work on a project and I want you to come along with me it’s just
another way of using something that would be throw it away so right now I’ve
got to go through this I’m gonna take about 75% of it put the others in a box
and let my daughters go through it I think here precious how precious is that
so let’s get working on today’s chores as you see behind me some upcoming
videos on pressure canning today I’m dehydrating I have a lot of work to do
but I want to get it all done today I’m gonna do is I’m going to use a box
to insulate insulate the chicken house so this was my idea now you see surprised how warm cardboard
boxes are that’s why a lot of the homeless they find cardboard boxes to
dip in it does help keep the heat in and I got this box for free yesterday so we
are going to see what I can do with this box to help insulate the chicken house it does not get wet under here at all that now I need to get some tape and
tape it so it’s really good and solid so I have a layer of insulation behind it and we’re just gonna do this this is one
way of using something that you would throw away and this really will help a
lot of people ask me about my chickens now my chickens are bred to be in the
cold they love it cold so they don’t get cold like some other animals would but
we always put straw in their chicken house so we give good layer straw and
they really do keep warm all winter long and so but we like to do things little
things to help to make things a little better for them but they don’t mind the
cold now every once in a while we’ll get down to the minus ten and 20 degrees
every once in a while we’ve only had that happen one year since I have
chickens if it gets that low then we will put a heat lamp in for them if it
gets to that point but really in general it’s great so this works out perfect so
this is great I’m gonna get some duct tape some
a stick and we’re going to make sure that we have it all set very good and
sturdy all right project everyone is done you videos like these hey check out the
videos below I think you’re going to enjoy them as you know I have a video
every single day of the year so here’s ones from this week


  • Hi Tessie, the snowfall is beautiful. Trees look like white lace. As pretty as it is please don't send it up here in Mass. we are having cold temps tonight but this weekend it's rain and temps. maybe in the sixties! Imagine in January! To me snow belongs in winter paintings and on the mountains, that's it!!!!

  • I love seeing the snow! We don't see very much here in South Carolina. Thank you for sharing more about raising chickens. When we move into a more rural area I'm looking forward to having chickens of my own. See you tomorrow Tessie!

  • There is still a big hole where the cold can get in. Maybe close up that entire hole to protect them from the elements. 🙁

  • Oh how I wish I could love as frugal as you! I would rather can food and make homemade things for my family rather than what I do now. I have too much and live glutinously. I live paycheck to paycheck and never feel I am getting anywhere. The more money I make the more I spend.
    Thank you for reminding me of this. We all need these videos to ground us.
    I am not much younger than you and work myself to death to never get anywhere.
    ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Tessie!!😘😘😘

  • Someday I hope you have longer video's. As soon as you said snow I checked the weather website. No snow for us this week at least up until Wednesday. It's a good thing but the weather has changed over the years. Power went out the other night for a little while and I have my flashlight always handy and candle. Need to buy some more batteries for my big Coleman lantern.

  • We too woke to that beautiful wonderland. The snow was clinging to every branch and vine. Took our grandaughter sledding out our back door. 🙂

  • Good evening friends! ❤😊🙏 I so much look forward to watching your channel. It makes me happy. Thank you for sharing!

  • I'm so glad we gifted you the handmade items. We no longer donate to Salvation Army after seeing them bulldoze a mountain of donations into two dumpsters.

  • Wow Tessie thank you so much for showing the snow. I live near Galveston, Texas and it was about 71 degrees today so I really enjoyed seeing the snow. So very beautiful. Loved the sweet items shared with you by a friend from Tessie’s growing family group. Love y’all. This is a little haven for me!!!

  • It looks beautiful with all that snow there! Those little dropper bottles are perfect for making tinctures and extracts. That was nice of that lady to send them to you. Stay warm!

  • Oh Tessie, I love your winter wonderland. I love, love your thrift hauls. That is so thoughtful of the lady who gifted you all those things. How fun.

  • The snow looks so pretty. We will be getting rain tomorrow and very mild temperatures. Not normal for this time of the year. We should be having snow like you. You got some nice gifts from your friend. Have a great evening and take care of those chickens.

  • Duct tape and bailing twine, two things a farm should never be without! My husband is not a horse person and wanted to throw away the bailing twine off the hay…. i was like NOOOOOOOO

  • My chickens live here in Finland pretty sama conditions, except mine have a heatlamp, because in the winter it van get -30celsius (about -22fahrenheit). I also further insulate with show around the henhouse. My chicken stay inside the whole winter, because the finnish winter is hard for them.
    Also funny how your chicken love cabbage, mine won’t touch it 😂 otherwise they eat every foodscrap.

  • Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) TGIF HAPPY FRIDAY:) Wish you all a wonderful blessed day filled with Gods joy and happiness:) Later today I am headed to a radio club meeting so I won't be on at my usual time:) I will catch up with you all when I get home later in the evening:) God Bless you:) Love you all 🙂

  • Beautiful winter wonderland. We are having such a strange winter in my neck of the woods. Thunderstorms tonight & tomorrow.

  • Just because the chickens are bred for cold doesn't mean you should freeze them out like polar bears. I know people who leave cats and dogs out in 7 degree weather saying they have fur. Doesn't mean they can tolerate that. I'm so glad you're thinking of your chickens and I know you take good care of them. Sorry didn't mean to get on my soap box. Fur and feathers doesn't mean an animal can exist like a polar bear. Wish I could have chickens but unfortunately city regulations and my CAT say no. LOL

  • Everything looks so pretty in the snow! I used to give my chickens a bit of warm porridge in the winter – they loved it! I saw on another video the other day that you do the same Tessie! When you get snow in the US, we usually get it in the UK a week or so later! I will stock up the pantry! 😉xx

  • Hi Tessie hope your well ? You have got some lovely things it was so kind of her to give you them items the snow looks beautiful haven’t seen snow since last March we got a really cold blast then but no snow yet this year xx

  • Speaking of dehydrating, after watching a bunch of your videos I bought a Nesco 5 tray dehydrator and 2 additional trays from amazon last night. Hoping to save some money on snacks and preserve a lot of food for the colder months.

    Stay warm over there. I’m sitting next to my radiator heater in my camper. We also got some snow too. 16°F out but colder with the wind. It’s 55° in the camper so I sleep with socks, sweater, sweatpants, and 8-10 blankets to keep warm. It’s not the easiest way to live but it’s still fun and cheap/frugal

  • Oh the snow ❄️ soo beautiful! I miss those days ! I was born in Ohio so we got lots of it ! Great video. Hope chickens nice n warm. Take care Tessie n also wonderful things set to you. How sweet ! God bless you ! ❤️🤗🙏🐓

  • Miss Tess, you received some nice gifts…living off grid gives me many reasons to wear disposable gloves😁😁I don’t know what I’d do without them… I use cardboard to shelter our meat rabbits from the wind…Yes, the bunnies chew them, and they get weather worn, but they work🎉🎉🎉Blessings sweet woman…the snow is beautiful, but you keep it…we have enough here in Wyoming 🥰❤️😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇❤️🥰

  • Beautiful snow, but after the blizzard we had I can do without it. We haven't had hardly any this winter so far and that's alright with me. I worry about my husband driving in that type of weather, cause we live in a very rural and mountainous are that's dangerous. If it could just snow everywhere except on the road. I don't know when you're birthday is this month but happy birthday! 🎉🎈📦🎂🍨😄
    Mine was the 8th of January I turned 53. 🙏🙋

  • So pretty and I don't just mean you Tessie, the snow covering looks like something out of a Christmas card. The Chickens will appreciate the extra warmth, I certainly wouldn't want to sleep out in the extreme cold they are tough. Lovely items you received so lucky:) We have Sunshine here today, you can have your snow:)

  • Looks nippy! Great weather for hot cocoa and soup! I miss the snow since moving to Florida…. great finds Tessie❤️

  • Love the way you care for your feathered babies! Oh, yes, the snow is beautiful! It's Friday and the snow is melting here in NY. However two days ago we had a winter wonderland too.😊

  • Good morning, 🌞 girl. You really did wake up to a beautiful winter ❄️ wonderland. Cannot believe you are a grandma you look so young. Anyhow have a very blessed day and keep on keeping on sweet lady … 🌺💕🙏

  • you finally got snow! Yes, it is beautiful when you first get the snow…it really show His Majesty, doesn't it? We love you out here in MN: 🙂 where we get LOTS OF SNOW! 🙂 Blessings from Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂

  • Morning Tessie. I’m only about 3 hours from you in NY over the Pa border and we’ve had so much snow already, I’ve had enough! lol Have a great day hon 🌺

  • Hey there. I sent you a gift to your PO box. USPS sent me an email saying that it has arrived there. Let me know when you receive it. I meant to send it in Dec. Sorry for the delay. Happy New Year 2020! Keep up the great videos!❤❤❤❤

  • Cardboard is so versatile I use it for many things. I use it in my raised beds it help keeps the weeds down and it’s not harmful to your plants. Tessie those were some nice items you received.

  • You have snow and we had a thunder storms with rain. That I do too. I have a lot of friends that share with their things too. And we donate too what we don't use.

  • We rarely get snow in southern Tennessee. When we do it usually is only 3-4 inches and gone before noon the next day. Been here 25 yrs and can count on one hand how many snows I've seen here ! But I like that. Be blessed Tessie. Good evening to all the rest !

  • I’m a couple house south of Pittsburgh. We didn’t get any of that beautiful snow, just flurries. Not it’s almost 60 today!

  • With all that beautiful snow, do you ever make Snow Ice Cream?
    10-12 cups fresh show
    1 14oz can condensed milk, or heavy cream
    Splash of vanilla

    My kids always look forward to the first snow, so we can make ice cream!

  • Still no sign of winter in the Netherlands. When I moved over here the roof of the barn was filled with Cardboard. Oh and l love those cookbooks. I haven't buy one the last couplet of weeks. But when everything over here is back to normal, I hope to find something.

  • It is beautiful! I live in Texas, and it hardly ever snows here, and when it does, it's like a mushy mess lol. Great thrift items you found btw!

  • One more comment… I dropped off a bunch of stuff to the thrift shop today and tomorrow I’m going to another one to look for treasures to buy!

  • How do you keep your chickens water from freezing in the winter? I posted a reply to one of your videos a few days back talking about the styrofoam trays meat is packaged on. They make great insulators for anything. Just tack them to the wall, or the crawl space, to the inside walls of your chicken house, or anything. They are great for insulating plugs and switches inside your home. Just take the cover off, cut the styrofoam to fit around the plugs, then add the covers back. I am ever wondering if they could be painted black.and used to insulate a solar panel.

  • Love the winter scene, it is like a Christmas movie, my local hardware store leave out wood and insulation board offcuts, where people can take what they want and leave a donation, whatever they can afford and that money goes back to charity and the store has less waste. I also donate a good bit but i noticed some stores have recently become very picky here and refuse lots of good donations, they only want new in package, designer items or antiques, which i think is a real shame because it seems very profit based. Am thinking of starting a local swap box where people can put in items not needed and take what they may need.

  • How do you keep predators out of your hen house? It seems to me that any predator could have gotten in through the opening that you covered with cardboard. Hawks, owls etc

  • Once you have a few cook books you really don't need any more. I own three cook books, cause as far as stews go I never make them the same as I used what's in the pantry and freezer. If you have the basics you have a meal

  • It’s gorgeous, wow what a beautiful day, awesome cookbooks,what a huge blessing fun stuff.Blessings

  • Tessie, it looks like Narnia on your homestead – love it! Great thrifting video. And how nice for that lady to send those thoughtful gifts 😃

  • What a good idea to send each other our no longer needed/wanted items. I bet we could get all kinds of "traveling boxes" going. Kind of like that one video you and Chevy man did a couple of years ago.

  • Wow the snow is beautiful we have not got nothing that looks like that yet. It was 50° here raining windy a lot of people in our area lost their power due to the wind. Still binge watching on a lot of your videos in loving them. Sending Tons of love from a Kentucky granny.

  • The Heritage Cookbook is fabulous. I have one and bought one for my son who loves to cook. It has many old recipes in it that are ethnic. Check out the baklava recipe, that one is my sons specialty. Love all the videos you put out. My late husband was also from Pa. He was from the Scranton area. I think Pa is beautiful. Stay warm ad sending much love.

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