Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Updated : Oct 11, 2019 in Articles

Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions

What’s up welcome to MyTechMethods and in
this video, we’re going to go over my top 9 best Google Chrome extensions, I couldn’t
quite decide on 10 so I’m going to go with 9, so I’m assuming you already have google
Chrome, if not, you can go to and get the free web browser so you can get
these awesome extensions. So let’s dive into right into this list in
no particular order starting off with Streamus, if you’re a music lover this is like a dream,
this allows you to stream music in the background in Chrome on demand music, it’s like having
Spotify for free while you’re browsing the web with Chrome so let me show you how it
works. Once you install it, you’re going to see this
Streamus icon over here it’s an ‘S’ icon in the top right of Google Chrome, so click on
it. So let’s say I want to add a song, let’s say
I want to listen to a song right now on demand, I’m going to click this search icon button
right here and then I’m just going to search for my song that I want to listen to, so we’re
going to search for some Danny Brown, so right here it gives you the search results and this
is actually using YouTube to play the music, so these are all the results from YouTube
and right here it’s usually the first result, if you search the song name and the artist
name you usually find in the first couple results. so this is the song I want and let’s just
say I want to play it right now, I’m just going to hit the play button and now it’s
playing in the background on Chrome, so it’s playing now if I want to shut it off, sorry
Danny, when I click this ‘S’ icon I’m going to pause it, it shows you here if it’s in
blue it’s playing. So you can add it to our list here. So I can just go in here and just create playlist,
I can add different songs to it, add it to my list, I can click this ‘Add’ button and
bam and now when this song is going to be over playing, it’s going to automatically
be playing this song and I can shuffle it, I can add as many songs as I want to and another
cool thing about this is you can actually search for it in the address bar, so right
up here if you just type in Streamus and space, hit the ‘Space’ bar its going to go into Streamus
search mode, now I can search for songs right from my address bar, so if I want to add Danny
Brown Dip, I can just search that and bam it shows up, if I click on it, it automatically
starts playing it in the background, awesome, awesome extension, that is called Streamus,
so definitely get that, by the way all the links to these extensions will be on a blog
post on my website, that link is right in the description below, so check that out. Now moving along, this next extension is called
‘Magic Actions for YouTube’. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, this
is going to be your best friend, it adds a plethora of features to your YouTube Watching
experience, so here we can go down, that’s got some key features, got ‘Auto HD’, so you
can make videos autoplay in 1080p or whatever you set it at, it’s got instant control over
volume by scrolling, so let’s check this out, I’ll show you some of the features. So if I’m on a YouTube page, if I click anywhere
outside this video, it’s going to put the video in this nice little area here that’s
surrounded by blackness, so it darkens out the exterior environment and all you have
in focus is the YouTube video and when you want to exit out of there, you just click
on it again. Also another feature it has is the scrolling
option, so if you hover your mouse over the video, you can lower the volume and increasing
the volume by scrolling your mouse. So these are the buttons Magic Action has
under the YouTube Video Watch page, when you have it installed and you can like take snapshots
of YouTube videos on that current frame, you can change the filters, you can put it on
repeat to loop the video and if you click on the ‘Settings’ button, it will open up
all your settings when you go in here and you can customize everything, you can enable
‘Autowide’, enable ‘Cinemas’, ‘Speed Booster’, ‘Stop Autoplay’, it’s got all kind of customization
options for YouTube, so if you like watching YouTube videos, definitely pick that up, that’s
Magic Actions for YouTube. This next extension is called Pocket and Pocket
is a free web app that lets you save anything across the web, so if you stumble upon a blog
article that you want to save for later, it lets you put that all in the pocket app, all
you have to do is click the Pocket button, is what it looks like, when ever you’re on
the web page and it’s going to save that web page to you Pocket, so if I open Pocket, it’s
going to show you everything that I’ve saved across the web and there is that web page
that I just saved. so Pocket is definitely a handy app, it also
has a mobile app along with it, so you can save something from within Chrome and access
it on the Pocket app on your Phone later and read that blog post and look at that video,
whatever you’ve saved. Google Dictionary is also on my list because
I like to find out meanings to long words that I don’t know. So if you ever find yourself looking up definitions
on Google, this extension will help you save time, so here’s how to use it; say if you’re
on a web page and you find a word that you want to look up the definition off, so what
if I want to look up the definition of ‘Antivirus’, so I’ll just double click on that and boom
it will automatically pop-up a box and give me the definition right there on the web page,
I don’t have to search it, I don’t have to right click and look it up in the dictionary,
it just gives you that pop-up box right there on the word, that is a definite time saver. Definitely get the Google dictionary extension
for Chrome. This next extension is called ‘Evernote Web
Clipper’, and Evernote is a free web app that’s sort of like Pocket but Evernote let’s you
store your notes on the cloud. The Evernote Web Clipper let’s you save stuff
from web pages, so let’s say you’re on a web page and you want to save this for some reason
in your Evernote, if you use both Evernote and Pocket like me, you want somethings in
Evernote, somethings in pocket. So I want this in Evernote, I want to save
this to Evernote, I’m going to go up here to the Evernote Web Clipper button and then
I’ll click ‘Clip To Evernote’ and it will give me options for saving this web page to
my Evernote account. So if I want to save the article, I just click
on ‘Article’ and its going to save it like that, I can do a simplified article, it’s
going to simplify it down, the full page, this can actually save an entire web page
with text included because that’s what I mainly use it for because that is a useful feature,
so let’s say I want to save this full page, I’m going to click ‘Full Page’, click ‘Save’,
it’s going to clip it it and save it automatically to my Evernote account and when I go to my
Evernote account on my computer or on my mobile device, it’s going to be in there. So let’s go over to Evernote and there is
that full web page that I just saved right there and the links and everything still works
right from the app, I’ve got all the text, I can copy and paste, bam, that is awesome,
Evernote Web Clipper is definitely something you should have. This next one I use all the time is call ‘Feedly’,
it’s not an extension, but it’s a Chrome app, so if you click on the ‘Apps’ button in Chrome,
the Feedly one will show up if you have it installed. So if I click on Feedly, Feedly is like an
RSS reader, any of your favorite blogs across any topics, so if you have your favorite music
blog, or your favorite tech blog, you can subscribe to them within Feedly and it will
give you this aggregated list of all your favorite blog posts, the popular blog posts
from that day in each category and you can categorize this, see I got over here on my
left, I’ve got Apple stuff, I’ve got blogging stuff, I’ve got online business blogs that
I follow, I’ve got fitness, I’ve got funny, I’ve got Iphone, music, so if I want to see
all the Apple news and blog post that are popular from today, I just click on ‘Apple’
and i gives me this magazine type layout for the blog post and I can just go in here and
I can just scroll through and just checkout the different ones and it’s great for if I
want to share interesting articles on Twitter. So if you don’t have a Feedly account, definitely
sign up for free and install this Chrome app. This next extension is called ‘Honey’ and
it’s for people who want to save money. So if you’re ever shopping online and you’re
about to check out or you’re on a specific website and you want to see if they have any
deals or coupon codes that you want to apply to your checkout, you can click on the ‘Honey’
icon up in Chrome and it’s going to show you all the coupon codes and sales and deals for
that particular site. Here we go, we’ve got this coupon and found
a coupon code for J Crew, so if I copy this, it may give me that discount code, sometimes
it doesn’t work, sometimes it does, just try and plus when you’re on Amazon, it automatically
goes through coupon codes for you and tries them automatically for you and gets you the
best deals, so it’s always nice to have anytime you’re shopping online because it doesn’t
hurt to try, you can always try it, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work but if it does
work, then you just saved a ‘buttload’ of money. The next extension I’m talking about is called
Buffer, it’s for social media purposes, if you’re active on Twitter or Facebook, or Google
Plus and you share a lot of content and links, then this is going to be great for you, it’s
going to save you a lot of time. So how this works is you sign up for a free
Buffer account, when you’re on a web page that you want to share across your social
media platforms, you click the ‘Buffer’ icon, it lets you share across multiple platforms
at once, so if I want to share this to Facebook and Twitter, they’re both selected here, I
can just type in my post and then I can click the arrow and I can ‘Share Now’ or I can schedule
for a specific time or I can add it to my queue and ‘Add It To Queue’, is what Buffer
really shines at because you can create this queue,you can say hey I want to share 10 things
a day on Twitter and every time you find something that you want to share, you just hit ‘Add
to Queue’ and it’s going to add it to that queue and share it out on those specific time
frames you set up on Buffer, it’s going to Tweet it for you automatically, you don’t
have to Tweet it yourself, just add it to your queue and build it up and you’ll be tweeting
in the future without even doing anything yourself because you’ve got that whole queue
build up, Buffer is the one that you want to do that. And last but certainly not least if you’re
a Google account user, if you use all of Google services on a daily basis, this is going to
be for you, so it’s called ‘Black Menu for Google’ and it just gives you quick access
to all the different Google applications right from the toolbar. This is the icon right here and if you click
on that, it’s going to give you a list of all the services. So it’s got Google Search,so I can quickly
just hover over ‘Search’, go over here to the Google search bar, do my search and it’s
going to do a Google search right in this preview pane right here. If I want to go to bam I
click on that and it’s going to open a new tab. So let’s go back to the Black Menu, let’s
go to Google Plus, the ‘Google Plus’ tab, so you can go in here and browse your Google
Plus feed, you can go to ‘Translate’, it’s got Google Maps so you can search for Google
Maps right in this pane, Google Play, it’s got YouTube, you can go in here and search
for YouTube videos, say if I want to watch this video bam, I can click on it and watch
this YouTube video from right in that Black Menu bar, freaking sweet, It’s got Google
News, Gmail, Drive. I mean everything Google offers is in that
Black Menu bar, it will save you so much time. So Black Menu for Google wraps up my top nine
for best Google Chrome extensions, let me know what your favorite Chrome extension is,
if it wasn’t listed in this video. Make sure you give this video a like and subscribe
to this channel because I do tech videos all the time that’ll definitely help you out and
make your life easier and more fun. My name is Andy with, if
you haven’t figured that out already, check out the blog post, the link is in the description
below, where you’ll find the link to all these extensions and I’ll definitely see you guys
in the next video, bye.


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