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Shopping Good morning, so it’s my second day in New York. Just getting it ready right now today. We’re probably gonna do the most shopping I’ve ever done in my life Maddie has a whole route for us to take and I think we’re going to like 10 thrift stores and then we’re doing Broadway and Soho and all that. I’ve never been thrift shopping before Madi and Sophie they do all the time. So I’m really excited I’m wearing this black tank top of Maddy’s with like little flowers on it because I didn’t bring any tank tops I did not think it’d be this hot but it’s gonna go up to I think they said 85 Fahrenheit Which is like 31 Celsius not done my makeup. I’m just gonna show my outfits I’m wearing the necklaces the one that we got yesterday when I got for my birthday and then Maddie’s blue Maddy’s tank top and then these are my shorts day two So Maddie just brought me to this spot that she knows that where there’s like these really cool colorful elevators just lights like this and we’re literally just coming here to look at them done to stores so far once their store and brandy melville and I got things about story I’ll do a haul when we get back to the apartment and show you what I actually bought as opposed to just trying on cuz Definitely some things to anything So we stopped for lunch I got just a cheese pizza and a Snapple drink Maddie got pizza to New York and unlike anything else That’s really good. Really good in just one piece It’s ten o’clock right now, I’m super tired but I’m super hungry. Well, those are like my two. Oh my god say I Got chocolate peanut butter. And then this one’s vanilla chocolate raspberry truffle. That’s so big Outside Baskin Robbins he met I mean Baskin Robbins haagen-dazs is doggy named nacho 10:30. We’re probably gonna leave any moment now, I’m gonna get breakfast at Starbucks And then we’re gonna head to Manhattan Oh show you my outfit actually I’m wearing this black tank top from Sophie and then my jean skirt We just got off the subway we’re in Chelsea now, it’s really pretty here I’m feeling a bit cold in my tank top and skirt. Definitely should have worn jeans or something But like look at these buildings like that’s just so pretty. It’s such a nice day again Currently we’re gonna try and figure out how to get up onto the high line right there and walk it here up on the High Line low-key high key got scared because I’m afraid of heights but whatever I didn’t realize when I you told me High Line that you would be up high. I don’t know why I love me or And terrified in this moment Why does every street in New York City just not perfect I love the High Line that’s the Empire State Building You can see the Statue of Liberty really far off in the distance we saw everything sitting area I guess too high of a car all singing Old Town Road, they’re like takes years old Nosa update last night add emotion don’t know if I don’t know my texture there were five Buddy Those are really cute Oh Mary Warren counter-coup lunch, I got chicken tenders with fried and oranges at this place in Chelsea Market I find it hilarious rapid hot sauce tasting guard Maddie is just tasting hot sauce plane and I literally cannot eat anything spicy and she’s out here drinking hot sauce pretty impressive I’d love to see you try I could not that place is called Zack and Zoey and that’s why my neighbors wanted my parents made my brother Ryan when he was Born because I’m gonna be like I said, that’s her sword So at Washington Square Park we met up with Maddie’s friend Maddie They’re a bunch of like NYU Grads all here celebrating and we found this ask me for a poem guy and he’s making them homes on the spot about anything They want for a little donation Thanks matic new this isn’t working he open I’m hilarious Something like that These I promised here’s the haul of everything. I got in New York City I’m not gonna be trying it on because I did in the store But I just wanted to show you guys what I actually bought I’m gonna start with sunglasses So first I got these black like cat eye ones. I really like them. That’s why I got them I’m not gonna be saying that and I got these Reflective one these small red ones and these ones that are like not circular they’re kind of like hexagon or octagon I don’t know. I can’t count then from Topshop I got the white skirt and I got the same tank top in white and black because these are just like perfect basic for any Outfit in the summer. So I thought these were like essentials I needed then from Bershka I got this like tube top But it has two strings on either shoulder and they like tie into bows and it’s super cute and I also got these High-waisted jeans shorts from brandy. Melville. I got this green top that I have on right now And I also got this white one that like buttons up and this pink long-sleeve sweater But it’s like kind of cropped and has like a quarters that the sunglasses were all from their stores And then this is also from a thrift store It’s a really cute white summer dress with like floral detailing all over and buttons down and that is everything I got in New York City I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you haven’t seen already go watch my day’s one four and five video again I had such an amazing time in New York City, and I’m so thankful to Maddy and her family for taking me in Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe Down below and I will see you in my next video


  • I just found your channel on Thursday and I love it! You are so beautiful! I just graduated from eighth grade yesterday so you know what that means- more watching YouTube! ( specifically your channel 😉 ) I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you are probably exhausted after reading my boring comment lol! <3

  • I really want to go thrift shopping now too!! Btw u are gorgeous and I would love to support each other. New subbie ❤️

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