The Toll Black Friday Takes On Workers | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  • Its Trump's fault. He and Rudy got with some Russians and Ukrainians to force workers to work for Amazon. We must have hearings and investigate.

  • So you all decide Black Friday is 'bad'. Think about the people who wait year for Black Friday just to buy their favorite hoodies. People complain they can't do their job properly, get a new one.

  • Black Friday isn't even going strong yet and the news media is sniveling for the poor entitled working people already. What happened to working for a living? Cudos to those of you who tough it out ,sleep good and don't complain.

  • Please respect the workers while Black Friday shopping! Don’t be rude or chaotic. I’m Workers would rather be at home with their families and they are generously going out of their way to work today.

  • My darling hubby surprised me with a new top-of-the-line GE dishwasher and a vente 'Creme Brulee' from Starbucks…he's amazing! 💯❤💯

  • I've cancelled Christmas. The powers that be will not take U serious when U continue to give them your wealth. Not to mention what "Black Friday" was founded on.

  • I've witnessed the corporate behaviour of Amazon first hand. They run the company like a Natzi regime. I would never work for them or even under contract of a company they hire ever again. Just my personal opinion based on observation.

  • it's only just occurred to me but I feel now that workers that work on Black Friday should be able to partake in some of the company's profits from that big day, does anybody else agree.

  • Just grant temporary work visas to
    Us Mexicans and layoff those American workers from September-January who complain. We will hold it down no complaints.
    Viva Mexico

  • This is the problem with this participation trophy generation. You think just because you show up you deserve the gold. That’s not how real life works

  • Are these temp workers for the holiday getting injured compared to trained plant workers in other factories/warehouses? Is an injury tendinitis that newbees may get? It’s just a warehouse not a manufacturing facility; it’s not like limbs are lost in some press. We’re mot getting all the facts here

  • Where I live there are two Amazon fulfillment warehouses. With two merging interstates the amount of 18 wheelers on the highway is crazy, although it's not all Amazon.They have been advertising for temp workers over the holidays. The average forklift operator makes about 25K per year.

  • You mean they're forced to work there? They can't quit? I thought they had a choice to work there. I don't like my job, I go find another one. So you're saying all those people hate working there? What a hit piece.

  • I worked retail for 18 years and in that period I was not able to enjoy holidays at all!
    On Xmas day when it was over I literally couldn’t get up from my bed!

  • I can't believe anyone has any money to spend. No one's having kids anymore because of the cost, people are working 3 jobs to make ends meet. Who has the money for all this plastic electronic crap from China?

  • You know how to tell when theyre lying? Yeah you do!
    Whatever will you do when the truth lites up YOU!

  • She claimed people were dieing but provide no numbers or any evidence ???? She sounds more like an activist propagandist than a Journalist.

  • America – work until you die at minimum wage to be replaced by another disposable worker just to make the super rich just a little more money. But sorry, there's no money for bathroom breaks or healthcare because then the super rich would be slightly less super rich. F this country and the thieves who run it.

  • Black Friday: The reason why your management gets a 4 day weekend to spend Thanksgiving with their whole family, and you don't now.
    Because what used to be traditional family holidays are now just another excuse for a sale.

    Thanks, corporate overlords. You really make America great again.

  • I stay out of the marketplace all together during holidays. I only buy things that I need and spend a whole lot of my dollars at dollar stores! And not on junk either!

  • It's all Made in China na. All our holidays are just about stuff Made in China–with the corresponding environmental damage

  • Notice that most of the workers on the floor are BLACK and women. Companies like AMZ don't screen employees, take the lower educated employees, and very likely wouldn't do what they do to white (and educated) workers the way they do POC and women.

  • Wrong. Amazon's rigorous reporting rather raises the question of how many unreported injuries there are in other companies.

  • And stop buying stuff from Amazon. This is self evident. If you dont understand this, think of it in terms of endangered species who cant be coaxed into doing the very thing that would ensure their own survival.

    Stop being stupid. There is nothing you need at Amazon.

  • How are people so desperate for 'stuff', because this is what most of them are buying, that they would do this? So sad. Having once worked in retail can I say how sorry I feel for the ones forced to endure this.

  • DEMOCRATIC TALKING POINTS We need more democratic cities. We can’t have the blacks getting richer. They might start to think independently. We’ve been good at keeping them down for over 50 years. Let’s keep it that way. Oh and double down on their abortions. The numbers are dropping. Not good for business

  • People are such sheep they usually raise prices on most items black Friday and sell some crap at huge discount and people get tricked by this scam every year

  • I use to work there i left last week… workn for the post office… slave workers its fast pace and it do wear you out

  • these minimum wage jobs you can't even afford health insurance premiums so when you get injured you cant go to the hospital

  • also look at all the contract companies Amazon uses to deliver its goods and their safety records. Amazon uses contractors to carry out an increasingly large share of its deliveries and that the system has led to worker abuses and jeopardized public safety. When problems arise, Amazon denies responsibility, saying it can’t be held to account for the actions of independent contractors, though the company keeps a tight grip on how the drivers do their jobs. At least 10 people have died in crashes involving Amazon delivery providers, ProPublica found.

  • People gotta stop complain I work at amazon fulfillment and worked 12 hours on Black Friday. This job is physically demanding which is good, over half of the workers here lost weight since they started.

  • Corporate advertisers advertising their propaganda on msnbc, cnn, cbs, abc, and Fox News are their main sources of “revenue streaming”. Commercialize, market, advertising, and selling is the name of the game in the cable news corporate media industry

  • Ivacy's Black Friday deal with a staggering 90% discount won't take a toll on you. Check it out if you care about your privacy!

  • 1st we learned that Amazon refused to release the numbers. The only reason we know is because Amazon has to give the numbers to any employees that ask. All of those injury reports came from individual workers that demanded the numbers from their own shops.

  • I was the top performer in my position in the entire warehouse. I'm currently on my second medical leave for the same shoulder. First time was surgery, now it's because we didn't rehab it long enough and the muscles didn't strengthen correctly. And right now they are constantly doing "power hours" at Amazon so the fastest people in the different positions get lame rewards. My medical leave paychecks are impossible to live off of, but Amazon is paying a LOT of money for this shoulder so I guess I'm coming out on top in the long run…

  • I worked a 17 hour straight shift for this, had enough time to go to the bathroom occasionally and scarf down a snack.

  • They need to stop this BS practice of Black Friday. It’s stupid and pointless. People just go nuts buying stuff and overspending all at the expense of warehouse and in-store employees.

    For business owners they’re stuck with opening their store for extended hours; some during Thanksgiving.

    It’s not worth taking such a heavy physical and mental toll.

  • … and Amazon doubled sales to 11.2 billion in 2018, yet America subsidized them in tax return of GIVING THEM 129 million.
    But god forbid the government even try to reduce healthcare with efficiencies or America subsidize that.

  • Ruhle is literally in bed with all these jerks like Bezos. Bezos like Zuck like Schmidt are not "genius", they are sell out traitors getting hundreds of millions in govt payments and tax breaks AND foreign bribes to SPY on Americans, that's it.

  • I'm not someone who normally screams "The mainstream media is biased!" because I think that 99.9% of the time, they get it right, but this piece was unbelievably one-sided; to the point where the guest "journalist" was saying "I think Amazon should do this or face this consequence." That's not journalism, that's editorialism.

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