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Which one to pick ? Took this pink one for her Do so we buy all What’s up Guys My name is Awais Chughtai Welcome back to my channel Today we come in the Dubai Mall A friend of mine also with me he is from Pakistan meet him Kamran Ashfaq Today we come in the Dubai Mall Let’s show You the Dubai Mall Kamran How did you find Dubai? Lahore’s Emporium Mall has no matched Lahore is our Lahore But this is Dubai Mall Dubai mall…What’s the comparison emporium is emporium What’s about Burj khalifa What do you think about this? Visit our Minar Pakistan you’re crazy to see the Burj Khalifa Not Coming Slow…. Let’s show You the Dubai Mall This time we are the Dubai Aquarium You can look behind me Want to see the Dubai Fountain Dance Show up? Will see There is no money to waste All the money is worth it There it is Let’s show you Exit of Burj Khalifa is there… I think We have to go down from here there is Escalator Finally…
We found a way out Let’s go… I think
We need to go left I’m right you’re absolutely right Left… So.. this is the exit They are not going to get us out again same like…new year’s night We kicked out from Dubai mall So…here we go…. The Burj Khalifa entrance All the money is worth of this audience Kamran wants to say something to you Listen to him Scene is that Fountain show is going to be start This is a lot of fun weather is quite pleasant But.. i would suggest you If you have much money then don’t come to Dubai Go to Fairy Meadow Go to Fairy Hunza Go to Turkey Go to Turkey…but you can go later but first you should visit Nagar Valley Watch these places first What is kept here Only Bulidings… Burj Khalifa…
This pole has been erected so long What do we get from this? Noo…….say no to Burj Khalifa Visit Pakistan First and visit northern areas You will have fun you feel like you’re in paradise When is your return ticket? After 3 to 4 days I am also going back Pakistan Finally Guys we reached at Burj Khalifa Show is just going to be start now Let’s Show you Are you ready? Yes..we are ready… So how do you feel about fountain dance? Now you get an interesting fact This is the place we came here at new year’s night Unfortunately…We were not allowed to enter here Why were not allowed? This dude will tell you this story Yes Kamran… here’s also a same situation like Lahore Emporiam Family Day…. we almost walked almost 4 to 6 km and reached Dubai Mall and when we are last point of Burj Khalifa Security tropes filtered us through Because we don’t have the girl… If you want to come here to enjoy fire work at new year night you must have a girl with you.. otherwise you will be filtered out by Dubai’s troops this time we have very low light and we’re using mobile torch in the end I would like to tell you this Kamran will have 3 days in Dubai he’s is back on !st Feb.. yes… Kamran will leave… and we will miss him so..that’s my last night in Dubai with Awais soon i’m going back on 1st Feb my visit visa is going to be end soon fun days are over insha Allah Newt meet up will be in April…most probably so.. we will go to Fairy Meadow in April..insh Allah Until then…good bye Okay guys…good bye guys if you like this video Please do like and subscribe to my channel for upcoming video


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