The Best Jewelry Shopping App!

Updated : Sep 01, 2019 in Articles

The Best Jewelry Shopping App!

Hey Everyone, with the holidays just around
the corner I wanted to share with you this great new app that i found. It is an online
shopping app called Jewelry Shopping. The developer of this app has chosen about 10
retailers and it is for the iPad and iPhone. It has a huge assortment of unique and beautiful
jewelry and i will show you how it works. You can download the app in the iTunes store,
here is the icon for the Jewelry Shopping App. We will open it up. The app has divided
the jewelry into four categories, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. What is cool is that
the jewelry is divided into price ranges so you can search for items under $100, between
$100 to $500, between $500 and $1,000 or over $1,000. I love the pink glass charm bracelet. We will
click on it and this will bring us to the Body Candy online store. The great thing about the retailers chosen
is that along with major credit cards they also accept pay pal and google checkout. So
it makes shopping easy. Now let’s take a look at rings for $100 to
$500. Again lots of selection. I love this diamond engagement ring at my jewelry box. Like all the stores, this store has lots of
payment options like paypal and amazon payment. Shipping is usually free or very reasonable
and all of the stores are guaranteeing Christmas delivery. As you browse, the app tracks your history
and you can see the items you have looked at. If you want to go directly to one of the
retailers, touch on the stores section and you can click directly into them. I will search for feather earrings. And there
we go. By touching the icon on the top right corner you can sort items by price or keyword.
There are some really great deals now at these online stores and all offer beautiful and
unique jewelry. So if you want to save some time and shop from home which is pretty much
how i do most of my shopping these days, this app is for you. And why not download it on
your husband’s or boyfriend’s phone or ipad because we all know they could use some help
and ideas. It is a free app and again you can check out
this link. Happy holiday shopping everyone!


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