The BEST hamster cages available!

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The BEST hamster cages available!

hey guys I know there are a ton of
videos on what cages are not suitable for hamsters but there isn’t a ton on
which cages are suitable so I went on a little search to find as many great
hamster cages as I could all of the cages shown in this video are above the
bare minimum of 450 square inches of floor space I’ve also tried to include
as many links to the cages as possible keep in mind some cages are only
available in certain countries so the first cage I have to show you guys is
the Maximus modular habitat which has around 527 square inches of floor space
the only downside I can see to this cage is that the doors are a little small so
it might be a bit hard if you want to spot clean or take your hamster out the
next cage is the meadow small animal modular cage and it has around 900
square inches of floor space this cage is super similar to the previous one so
it also has those doors that are quite small so that can be a downside then we
have the Mamble rat/hamster cage and this cage has 819 square inches of
floor space and looks exactly the same as the previous two cages I promise the
next cage will be different then we have the Prevue 528 this cage has around 608
square inches of floor space this wire cage has a much larger door than the
previous three so spot cleaning and accessing your hamster can be a little
bit easier next is the Savic hamster heaven metro
cage which has around 620 square inches of floor space this is a very colorful
cage that also has tubes which can be good if that’s something your hamster
enjoys one thing to note is that if you do purchase this for a Syrian the wheel
will need to be switched out since the one it comes with is not large enough
then there is the Barney pet cage this cage has around 819 square inches of
floor space like the previous cage the wheel included is too small for a Syrian
hamster so it will need to be switched out as
then we have the Alexander small pet cage which has around 720 square inches
of floor space this is another great cage and I really like the wooden levels
and hides it comes with next is the Alaska hamster cage this cage has around
594 square inches of floor space this wire cage has two nice large doors which
can make spot cleaning easier then we have the living world eco green habitat
and this cage comes in three sizes small which is 660 square inches of floor
space medium which is 836 square inches of floor space and large which is 1380
square inches of floor space this cage is very similar to an aquarium but it
does have wheels and it is a lot lighter next is the skyline small pet terrarium
Marrakesh which has around 666 square inches of floor space this is also
similar to an aquarium but it does look a bit more appealing then we have the
mid-west deluxe critter nation with around 900 square inches of floor space
more commonly used for chinchillas and rats this also can be a great cage for
hamsters just keep in mind you will need to make some sort of base so it’s able
to hold a proper amount of bedding coroplast can make a great base for this
then we have the Savic Ruffy 2 with around 589 square inches of floor space
and then there is the Savic mickey 2 which has around 620 square inches of
floor space do keep in mind that this cage does have a second level made from
mesh so it will need to be covered with something like cardboard to prevent
bumblefoot then we have the Ferplast hamster cage criceti 100 with around 814
square inches of floor space this is a very beautiful cage but do keep in mind
if purchased for a syrian the wheel will need to be switched out since the
one it comes with is too small next we have the Kaytee CritterTrail super habitat
with 540 square inches of floor space which is the one of the only suitable
critter trails out there that is sold Next is the paw hut fir wood hamster cage
which has around 1035 square inches of floor space this cage is great because
of how much room it has the only exception is that it does have this
little tray that pulls out for removing the bedding and this tray isn’t very
tall so not a ton of bedding can fit then we have the three tier wooden
hamster cage with around 943 square inches of floor space this is another
beautiful hamster cage which has a couple of different levels and wooden
hides and then there is the New Age eco flex Avenue rabbit hutch with 817 square
inches of floor space this very obviously should never be used for a
rabbit but this is perfect for a hamster it also does have a pull out tray so you
may not be able to put as much bedding as you want next we have bin cages of
course if you’re unsure how to make a bin cage I have a tutorial on how to
easily make one some suitable bins would be the 50 gallon from Target with 819
square inches the twenty seven point five gallon bin from Target with 612
square inches of floor space the sterilite Clearview 104L bin
with 665 square inches of floor space as well as the IKEA samla bin
with 660 square inches of floor space and the iris holiday storage bin with
1040 square inches of floor space be sure to look for this bin around
Christmas time since this is when its most available then we have 40 gallon or
larger aquariums the floor space will depend on what size you purchase please
make sure nothing smaller than 40 gallons is used though and lastly we
have the IKEA Detolf cabinet which can be turned onto its back and converted into
a hamster cage with around 950 square inches of floor space do keep in mind
you will need to make your own custom lid if you choose to purchase a detolf
and those are all of the suitable cages I could possibly find I hope this video
can help any hamster owners who are looking for a large suitable cage for
their hamster thank you guys for watching


  • Hamster cage size is SO important and I've done multiple videos explaining why here!
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  • I have tried many wheels for my hamster but it doesn’t USE it (Syrian hamster) im a little bit scared for him he has never used it unless the first week i got him♡ but he is very nice and have never bit anyone he is around 3/4 years he has the savic hamster heaven metro cage and i have taken out the wheel it comes with and switched it with a bigger but he will not USE it. before he only sat in there but not now..☹ Please do you have any tips?✞

  • So I’ve been watching a lot of videos to try and provide my girl with the best home I can and I’m curious because it seems like most (if not all) of the cages don’t have enough height to allow for burrowing… maybe I’m wrong?? If you or someone who knows more could give some insight that would be awesome.

  • I got my hamster the preview hamster cage and even though I got enough bedding,water,food, space, and toys all my hamster seems to do is climb the bars looking for escape I don’t know if I should be mad or sad I just want my pet to be happy

  • I used to have the 3 Tier Wooden cage before I got the detolf and well, for Oreo it was quite unfit. She isn’t much of a climber so she usually just burrows. But the biggest issue was that she chewed HOLES in the cage. Every toy the cage came with ( even the houses ) had holes in the bottom. Another issue is also the wood. It’s pretty thin and fluid drops through it, be it water or urine and looked terrible. ( I had bedding on it ) The water like… I don’t know how to explain it, climbed up the walls? Does that make sense? Everything was stained. Which was the reason why I couldn’t even sell it.

    Oops. The video is 10 months old.

  • I used to have a critter trail cage for my hamster but by watching your videos it has inspired me to get a bigger cage for my hamster. she now lives in a 51-gallon aquarium which has 720 square inches of floor space and she is a lot happier. Thank You for inspiring change for my hamster's cage.

    ahh Victoria responded to my comment

  • Are these for Syrian hamsters my hamster is a mix of a long hair Syrian and short hair Syrian so she is quite big

  • Yes I just changed my hamster cage! Into th ikea bin! And it is pretty big I need some more toys and stuff tho and an sandbath but YYAASSS

  • Thank you so much when I got my first hamster I didn’t know what cage was good for him so I watched this video and this helped me so much thank you

  • My hamster has the savic hamster heaven metro cage and he loves it but why in the picture does it have no bedding and 2 syrian hamsters and if you like the colours on the cage they could not be the same cos the tubes in mine are just plain and clear oh and if u wanna see my hamster called Gingey I have videos of him on my channel!🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹

  • Wow your hamster looks a lot like mine!

    Edit:My Hamster (honey) her cage it very wide and she has a See-saw tunnel thing, and long tunnel, a wheel (the wheel it cane with is small but we are still looking for a right size wheel) she obviously has food and water 😂 (refilled everyday) and she will be getting more toys soon I’m excited for that!, she has a little house bed thing with a removable lid. But she knows she has a bed but she likes to sleep in the corners and I’m not sure why? Should I be worried? x

  • Which one do you think is the best? And which one is the cheapest? I would love to take better care of my hamster, so I’m watching a whole lot of videos, but I don’t want to spend 100s of dollars on my hamster, I’ve already spent over $100 on my previous hamster, and I want to reuse stuff, but I need a bigger cage.

  • In our country they decided that no one will buy such large cages for their hamsters, so they do not import them.
    I just talked with several importers and they all admitted that they do not and will not import large cages.
    The biggest one i was able to find was about 50cm wide which is not sufficient enough.

    Yesterday i tried meshing a larger cavia cage, but it turned out too dangerous to place anything inside – too many spiky things.

    Frustrated and not sure what else to do…

  • I dont think that the grid cages are good bcs ur hammie could try to climb up or chewing on it cousing damage on the teeth and falling onto their back.

  • Hey, I was wondering is the Alaska hamster cage ok to have for Roborovskis? Can they escape it, because I am gonna get a robo, the tank I have isnt suitable and I want to upgrade from it. And amazing and helpful vid!❤️

  • There is a cage I would like to buy I dont know if it's long enough its 51.5cm long and 28cm wide i dont know if it's big enough for a sirian hamster can anyone help me??

  • I told my mom that for an aquarium, it needs to be 40 gallons and she said its huge and we are not doing it. She also says pet store cages are big enough.

  • Hi Ik this vid was awhile ago but I’m getting a hamster in about 4 days and I want to get the 528 universal cage but peaple are telling me it’s not good for a dwarf hamster. And I’m getting a dwarf so I would just like u or if u can tell me if it is or isn’t please and thank you!!

  • Would just like to add that even appropriately sized wire cages are still dangerous. My hamster just lost a finger because I wasn't paying attention to her hand when I opened the latch on her cage and snagged it. Glass and plastic is better than wire.

  • I'm getting a hamster soon and we have an old rabbit cage that we have cleaned out and it has 480 square inches. We are putting mesh around the bars on the outside also so that we can put 6+ inches of bedding in. I'm getting a roborovski hamster but I don't know what to name her yet 🙁

  • Tori you are so amazing! Thx for all of the tips, I'm planning to get my second hamster around Christmas time (r.i.p
    Sunny my last syrian)and all of your videos are rlly helpful! I'm eyeing the B barney cage, I really like it and will show it to my mom. I was really struggling to find the perfect cage hence my room being pretty small, but since I'm planning to get 1 robo hamster, the Barney cage would be perfect. My last hamster,sunny, had a critters trailer ik ik its way too small but now that I've watched all of you videos, I'm well educated and believe that I'll be a great pet owner (i'm 13 btw)PS. Tysm for all of the videos! Keep it up!! And if you've read this far, YOU'RE AWESOME 😁

  • Don’t put your chins or rats in the one story Midwest critter trail!! They need two! Please put this in the description or say something in the comments! I would hate for someone to think it’s okay.

  • Hey! I have the living world green eco habitat, i have the size large for my roborovski. And she loves it! I like to watch you channel for tips:) Thanks!

  • Hey y’all, just a quick question but, I recently got the Kaytee multi-level exotics cage and was wondering if it’s ok or not. It wasn’t mentioned on this list but it has around ~550 square inches of floorspace. The only issue I can really see with is that the tray is only 5 inches deep. We haven’t gotten the hamster just yet but I would really like to double check with some experienced hamster owners. Thank you!

  • My parent thinks our is fine but it’s not you see we have a Syrian and it’s growing up super fast I’m trying to persuade them but they think it’s to much money 😔

  • I'm watching these videos because for Christmas I might be getting a hamster!! If anyone has any tips for me you can comment it for me!!! Ty if you do!!

  • This was very helpful.Thank you so much for all the info you gathered and shared.And my future hamster thanks you as well. 🙂

  • the kaytee critter home deluxe habitat for guinea pigs and rabbits is a really good cage too. Despite the fact that the bars need to be meshed.

  • I kept my hamster heaven wheel in bc it’s acc to big for my Syrian but she’s still a baby so I will switch it when she’s older and bigger but she is quite big rn

  • after watching your vids after owning a hamster for a few weeks i realised i was a terrible owner giving her only 306 sq inches of floor space so i made it my mission to give her the best cage by doing a bin cage where she now has 813 sq inches! a big peace of mond all thanks to you that i now have a happy pet!! I will continue to watch your vids for more tips! <3

  • Im getting a hamster for christmas and I need to get a cage but I would prefer like glass ones but I can't find any that are in my price range and that are 450 square feet. I don't want to use a bin because its not that clear and I want it to look good in my room and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions of what kinds I can get that are cheap??…

  • I don’t know what kind of hamster mine is but it’s a dwarf hamster so if I buy these cages can I keep the wheel it comes with? If not I have one

  • THANK YOU soooo much for this video!! I’ve been wanting a small critter of my own to spoil since my dog passed away a year ago, and I almost gave in to getting a bad cage because it’s so hard to find good ones. I can’t wait to get my hammy!!

  • I was thinking about getting a hamster not sure which species to get yet I found a cage on amazon but don’t know if it will be big enough for him or her what do you think??

    Savic Hamster Sky Navy Blue Hamster Cage 80 X 50 X 50 Cm

  • I feel like people who watch YouTube videos and do not see a bin cage or a ikea cage,they immediately think there cage is to small.

  • Me and my sister saved up to buy hamster stuff and we have critter tail cages my hamster constantly bites and goes on top of its wheel I am not allowed to make a homemade hamster area with a bin do you recommend doing anything? I want my hamster to be okay

  • Dear Victoria,
    I have a fancy male hamster and a female syrian who are currently living in kaytee critter trails. I know that this is much to small for them, so we tried making a bin cage, back when we only had one, it was connected by a tube and our hamster chewed out of it. We made a second bin cage and it smelled horrible, our hamster still found a way to slip between the lid. Now we are past bin cages, but know we need to move them from these very small critter trails. We already have two hideouts, wheels, food bowls, and chew toys what are the two best and least expensive cages we should move them too ?
    Thanks so much

  • My hamster is dummy thicc

    She's a Russian hamster that's legit almost as big as a Syrian

    I swear right only give her <4 seeds a day!

  • Thank you sooooo much! I found a 27.5 gallon for only 10$ and I got a critter trail because that’s what they said to get but now I’ll make sure that I get that bin

  • I know they ain't for height but I wish these were also cheap budgie cages though that would have to be in the thousands of square inches.

  • Hello, I literally just got a hamster like, 5 days ago. And I bought him a cage that I thought would be fun for him, but it's hard to get him out since he's so fast. He's a dwarf hamster too. So he's a little small.. lol. I'm looking for a better cage for him.

  • Hey what should I do my parents bought me a pet store cage for my birthday but then I convinced them to let me get the barney hamster cage because "the ikea thing isn't a hamster cage" and my syrian is constantly bar biting and I don't know what to do?

  • THE PREVUE 528 IS ON SALE ON AMAZON!!!!!! Please order that and spend the 70 dollars on a big roomy cage instead of spending 70 on a small one.

  • I have the Savic hamster cage which my Syrian hamster ginger loves But I have been thinking of updating the cage as she seems to be hitting the bars. I have taken out the tubes and the levels as she has escaped once but we found her very quickly but apart from that I love the cage

  • I am turning a guinea pig cage into a hamster cage it’s just your normal 1 guinea pig cage from pets at home 😉 which is pretty big and very cheap compared to some of these cages 😁

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