Thanksgiving Makeup Look

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Thanksgiving Makeup Look

I’ll come back to my channel and thank
you so much for coming back to watch this week’s tutorial Tuesday so for this
tutorial I’ll be creating this Thanksgiving themed make up a look and
it’s using all affordable and drugstore products yeah nothing high-end at all so
just so you know everything will be linked down below like it always is just
wanted to let you know but I will be showing what I’m using on camera as well
so if you’d like to see how to create this look and what I used then please
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recipes taste test review stuff like that but let’s go ahead and get started
with this really beautiful and warm Thanksgiving makeup tutorial okay so
we’re gonna go ahead and get started with this Thanksgiving makeup tutorial
so that eyebrows on just my regular Maybelline expert wear to an iron brow
pencil in dark brown just gonna use my Oprah I gel primer to my eyeballs
eyelids whatever um I hope everyone’s got some fun stuff player for
Thanksgiving I’m not really sure what we’re gonna be doing quite yet but I
know for sure I’m not gonna be making a turkey which I’m okay with
we’re not huge turkey fans there’s just two of us we prefer chicken and when I’ve cooked
Thanksgiving dinner for us I’m ended up making fried chicken so
it’s what we like to do but people are gonna be doing some awesome fun stuff
okay so I wanted to do something really warm surprise surprise
I’m so something very warm in fall like I’m gonna be using the bad habit
solstice palette I don’t know where you can buy a bad habit now that I can
remember the website but they went out of business but this is what the palette
looks like it’s really really beautiful and warm picked up I’ve got some other
palettes just to show that you could do a very similar look using a different
palette so the Rimmel magnified eyes spice Edition and also even the Wet n
Wild Rose a in the air little eyeshadow palette both very affordable at like
Walmart whatever you can do a very warm kind of sultry look with those pallets
okay so I think I am going to start with this really pretty like warm brown shade
it’s called Equinox and these shadows are a little bit a
little powdery but they’re very very pigmented so I’m just gonna go ahead and
get started with that in the crease and just blended up a little bit so your
crease is where your eyelid naturally folds if you have hooded eyes meaning
that you don’t have very much eyelid showing when your eyes open you can go a
little bit above your natural crease and you can kind of create a more open eye
look okay next I’m gonna go in with fall which is this really pretty kind of
peachy shade I’m just gonna use that just kind of as my transition and to get
this other shade kind of nice and blown out okay it’s not harsh so you don’t
have to do your makeup in any particular order I personally do like to go in with
my kind of crease shade first and then go in with my transition I just feel
like it gives a better blend okay so I’m gonna go in and dip into dust which is a
very dark and it’s a little bit of a cooler Brown and that’s just gonna go
my outer corner a little bit into that crease area so I’m going to go ahead and go in with
some Mexican litter glue I’m going to be applying a shimmer to my today my area
that doesn’t have any shadow so I think I’m gonna go in with Helios
it’s this really pretty kind of copper orgy copper shade just gonna apply that
right to the right to that glitter glue oh so pretty and fiery and so pretty okay so eyes are done for
right now so I’m gonna go to move on to the skin and I’m going to be starting
with the NYX got you covered waterproof concealer and this is in
light and just go ahead and put a few just a little bit this stuff is very
concentrated and I’m just gonna go ahead and blend to
this and I won’t with a flat top kabuki foundation brush once again if you
prefer to put your concealer on after foundation that is awesome
it’s just how I’ve been enjoying doing my makeup just gives me a little bit of
a cleaner more seamless blend with my foundation and it’s really gonna help to
clean up this eye area okay it’s kind of big coverage but it’s
not like out of control or anything so I want a little bit of dewy skin not like
super dewy or anything but I’m gonna be going in with the Maybelline this is the
dream satin liquid foundation okay so I’m gonna go ahead and just go
in with my regular Cody airspun translucent extra– beverage and just
tell you everything okay I think I’m just gonna go ahead and finish off the
under-eye because I think I’m just gonna kind of go in with some of those same
shades I think i’ma start with Equinox which is that first appreciates that
kind of nice really warm orangey brown shade I’m just gonna get that smoked out
really really easy I look it’s not anything super difficult it’s pretty
simple actually which is always nice there during the fall and winter so I
still use it the Physicians Formula powder bronzer and sunkissed it’s a
little bit darker than the original but it’s beautiful this does have a little
bit of luminosity to it which is nice okay I think I’m gonna go ahead and what
my best pal there is okay pretty vulgar making them blush and hush blush it’s a
really beautiful pink and just going with that tap off the excess I’ve been
liking my blush a little bit further back just kind of helps to lift the face
next I’m gonna be going in with the Maybelline master chrome highlighter and
this is that Nicki tutorial sheet it’s in 250 it’s a really really beautiful
highlight so I’m gonna go crazy with it but I say that and watch I probably will
it’s really beautiful shade for paler skin tones and I still have been liking it just
bringing it onto the cheek a little bit just really kind of adds a really pretty
natural kind of look less so for mascara I’m gonna be going in with the this is
L’Oreal yeah L’Oreal voluminous feline mascara
I’ve been trying this for a little while now it was on self at like 250 at my
local grocery store and really really liked it the mascara it’s a really beautiful
mascara really adds a lot of length and volume so I do like it okay so next I’m
gonna be finishing off with lips and this is I actually haven’t tried this
yet this is the flower pop ultra matte lip in little star I guess this is a
kathleenlights and old kathleenlights collab with that but and go ahead and
try it oh that’s beautiful here is the finished look I really do
like it everything was affordable drugstore I really liked the lip shade
with the eyes it’s they’re both kind of bold but I think it’s beautiful are they
like the skin it’s warm and I don’t do super warm looks very often but I think
this is perfect for Thanksgiving matte lip so you can eat in peace no lashes so
that way you’d be comfortable for the entire day so yeah I really really like
it I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I hope you and your family have a very
lovely very happy Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating it hope you did enjoy this
video if you did please go ahead and give it a thumbs up and share it leave a
comment down below are you going to be wearing like a full face of makeup or
are you going to be edited Thanksgiving in a pair of comfy pants and a messy bun
because that’s probably what I’m gonna be doing but anyway um don’t forget
you’re always welcome to follow me on my other social media twitter facebook
Instagram it’s all a budget glam babe don’t go anywhere quite yet another
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of the ones I’ll be popping up around the screen so yeah I’ll see you here in
just a sec you


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