Testing Workout Clothes from 3 Different Stores! – Lululemon, Aerie, & Gym Shark

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Testing Workout Clothes from 3 Different Stores! – Lululemon, Aerie, & Gym Shark

– I don’t think I put on
deodorant this morning. – You could get so many
things for $120 dollars! – Can you see my butt hole? – Just don’t get a hemorrhoid. – Why would she? – What’s up you guys, welcome
back to Clevver Style. Listen, so today’s episode
is unlike any other episode. We’re doing a little hybrid situation, a little try on haul slash product testing, slash
get jacked workout gear. – Yeah! – I gotta catch my breath. – Erin needs a minute. – So today we’re gonna
be trying on three entire workout outfits from
three different locations. I would have the number
3 up, but I have this on and I can’t show you, but
trust me the three is there. – Three.
– What are they Erin? – The first place is gonna be Aerie, the second place is gonna be Gymshark, and the third place is gonna be, one of my favorites. – Lulu! – Maybe not one of Loryn’s
favorites, Lululemon. – I hope, I would like to
be pleasantly surprised, but we’ll get to that. We’re trying on a range
of impacts, a range of like things that
we’re looking at stretch, we’re looking at support, and we’re looking at waist stay-upness. – All those things.
– Among other things, yeah. – Okay so I think we
should start with Aerie, since it’s the most
affordable price point. – Yup. – And I’m starting to sweat a lot, so I need to get changed. – Oh good, that will
be good for testing the moisture wick ness. – I don’t think I put on
deodorant this morning. (record scratches) Is that sanitary? – You stink! – Some things are gonna change today, I can feel it in my bones but first,
– I can feel it in my butt. – We have to turn this place into a gym. – We do?
– Yup. – We have to workout. – Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – Does this look like a home gym yet? (upbeat music) – Is this a swim cap? (upbeat music) – Is this a little too,
not safe for the internet? I’m just trying not to get this flagged. The studio is built, and I think it’s time for the instructors to join us. – Oh, we’re– – We get instructors?
– We’re getting instructors? – I think it’s just us.
– I thought we’re the instructors. – I don’t know what I was talking about. – What do you think as a viewer we are? (laughs) (upbeat music) – Okay so you guys first things
up we’re in Aerie outfits and they’re the most cost effective. And honestly, I’m not
mad at it, it feels as if it was expensive. – First thoughts.
– A little sporty. – Love, love, love, love, love everything. – Same.
– That I’m wearing. – Really?
– Yeah. – What I like about yours, Drew, is these look like seatbelt straps there’s like a small detail
that I feel like makes it look really expensive. – It looks–
– I doesn’t look inexpensive. – It looks fashionable doesn’t it, it looks like a crop top not a sports bra. Lemme see the back.
– What kind of feature was back there? – What does it look like? – Wow!
– So cute! – What does it look like? – It’s crossed.
– It’s criss-cross. – Oh, cute!
– It looks like a sexy dress, where they just forgot
to do the rest of it. – It feels like very supportive
like bondage, you know. – It looks like bondage on the back. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Huh, that’s Aerie? – Aerie.
– Aerie has the best. – It’s Aerie girl.
– That’s very chic for Aerie. – They have the best stuff,
I will say this sports bra to me is just a little like average. But it’s only around
like $17 dollars on sale around like 25 regular price. It’s fine, it will work pretty well, but I do feel like this is not like– – Oh. – You, you know? Should we blur that out? – I do like the, I like when the straps on a sports bra are adjustable. – Same.
– Me too. – ‘Cause it’s like no, were not, not everyone has the same needs. – Yeah. – So that’s nice.
– Yeah. – You could make it, it’s
actually really loose right now. You could make it tighter
and maybe then bounce again and see if you know what I mean, no? – I think I’ve done enough bouncing
– You’re good, okay. – When that last moment that we just had. – This is a very,
– It’s what it’s supposed to look like?
– Cleavage-y sports bra, it’s just low cut. It like goes down for cleavage, it’s a style choice. – I kinda wish mine had
cleavage to be honest. – Yeah.
– Maybe we should trade. – It’s fine, it’s a work, I mean if you do like hard core workout, this is what you want. I wanna look cute though when I workout. (laughs) – [Loryn] But I wanna look cute. I’m really impressed with this sports bra, it’s really cute. – I wanna touch it.
– It looks like a top. – It’s really comfortable. – It feels really cool. – I just looks like a top,
doesn’t even look like a bra. – [Congregation] Yeah. – You know, wear those with anything. – I think I prefer the tops, the sports bras that look more like tops than,
– Than this. – ‘Cause it comes down,
like the band sits lower. So I don’t have the support
issue, it’s just real cute. – I love the color.
– Yeah. I can say the other Aerie pants we have that are so soft and very
much more like lounge-y yoga. This is medium impact, so that’s already I feel like a step up from the other ones. Just from putting it on, it is covering, it’s really hard to go
cover my belly button. I feel like the fabric just get stretched out on my butt so much, there’s not left to go
over the belly button. So it’s there, it’s doing
that I just feel like it’s already so loose right here. – No. – I really, I feel like I just
need to do an Orange Theory workout in these pants
before I definitively say no. ’cause I feel really good about them. – Yeah. – But I’ve been, I’ve been burned. (melancholy piano) – I will say this particular cut of pant is really flattering. – What is this?
– That’s cute! – What is this called?
– I want mine to be like that, mine don’t look like that.
– Look how high up it goes, you’d love this. – Hell yeah I can’t even
see your belly button. – (squeals) Don’t touch
it, you know where it is. – Any pants that are like a “v”, are always super flattering. What gives, how come mine
don’t look like that? – Rachel, why didn’t we get those? – I know. – Why’d we get this one? – Feel this, feel how soft. – They feel very spandex-y. – They’re kind of like, they feel like pantyhose like tights. – In a good way? – I want the “v” ones.
– Not in a way I’d wanna work out in it, – Because I feel like
I’m literally in tights and they’re really thin. – But they look good they’re like,– – Can you see my butt hole? – No and you also can’t
see your underwear. – Great that’s the true test, right? – Thank God, Thank God I
can’t see her butt hole. – I really like these, I
love how colorful they are. I won’t get hit by anything. – On your hike, you just– – I wonder if you– – Watch out for cars. – They’re so fun and bendy. – I’m shocked that this is like, all Aerie these are great colors. – And combined, I don’t
think any of these outfits are more than what like 50 bucks? – Yeah which is really good for workout wear.
– Just around 50. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – 50, 60 not bad. – You wanna test them? – This is the thing, you guys, my workout of choice, there
she goes, there she goes. (orchestral music) – Where’s my belly button? (dings) – [Both] There it is. – Okay, but–
– See? – No until you got back here. – Now it does, this feels, – You’re trying to be so
positive, I appreciate it. – It wasn’t till she got back here, I didn’t see it over there.
– But I did see it. – I will say, just that
little bit of running I feel like they stayed up more than the other Aerie leggings that I do have that I can’t
wear to Orange Theory anymore. – Should I run? – It’s fun! (orchestral music) – It’s covered. – How do you feel? – Covered. – I pulled my back out
but other than that, I feel fine. – [Drew] I want those. – This feels like a higher rise too. – Yeah, it is, it really
comes up really high. – I like that. – Drew, you need to do a lap.
– I feel like I gotta run now. – Do a lap. (orchestral music) – L-E-T-S G-O, let’s go. – Drew, L-E-G-S– – I did not make the
cheerleading, I get that. – I messed, spelled it wrong. – Belly button check, a little bit. – Half-way. – What do you think? – My boobs kinda hurt,
but this is the thing I don’t usually run
unless I’m being chased or like if I see other
people running I’m like, “oh, there’s something
we all need to run from.” – We’re running away from something bad. – But the pants felt good, I feel like they didn’t go anywhere. – What about support for the bra? – That it, it hurt. – Do you like, are there
any sports bras that don’t hurt when you run? – I don’t run, I’m a hiker, I’m a hiker. I stay at a good five miles per hour. – That’s a good point
Drew, I think we each do different types of workouts. This one does some hardcore working out. – [Loryn] I do Orange
Theory, and it’s just you spend a lot of time on the treadmill. I always start on the treadmill,
and my pants fall down. ♪ Pants on the ground ♪ ♪ Lookin’ like a fool with
your pants on the ground. ♪ – Wait, Erin, what kind
of workouts do you do? – As few as possible,
but when I do workout I have a Peloton bike. – Cycling, okay.
– Mostly because, I don’t like to leave my house and you know I like kinda
being in one position. – You don’t feel like
your pants fall down? – No ’cause I’m usually kinda bent over, – Sorry, that’s just really very sexy. – Can you see my butt hole? I’m usually bent over and I feel like I don’t
do a lot of up and down moving to stretch it. It kinda just stays in
one position for me. – Yeah. – But I think these will
work amazingly as spin pants. – I want those. – I want these. – I feel like they’re
really cute and flattering. – I lucked out. – So, I know I said that they felt like they were staying
in place, but I keep finding myself going like
this, so it is kinda falling. I think it’s also just preference, I like it to be– – I think everyone. Every woman alive and I am going on a limb speaking for all of us, we
like our pants to stay up. – We do. – I don’t think that’s that crazy. – We do.
– Yeah. – Concerned about my armpits. – I think we should change outfits before it gets a little
too stinky in here, you know what I mean. – It’s a good start though. – So far so good. – Yeah.
– Let’s go. (upbeat music) – We are all wearing
Gymshark, which is a brand that I have been very curious about. This is a higher impact than the Aerie, so everything is more snug. The sports bras are more heavy duty, and these are little more
expensive than the Aerie stuff, but not by much. So what do you guys think? – I really like the color, I
like the aesthetic of it all. I like that these have pockets, I’ve never seen leggings with pockets, but I think this is just, I’m
not a legging connoisseur. Never seen it.
– Oh my gosh. It’s gonna change your life. – It’s a game changer. I can put my keys in here, my phone like you said Loryn.
– Yeah. – Yeah, that I like,
again, I have a torso issue so they just.
– It’s too short. – They’re gonna be where they’re gonna be. (Drew laughs) – But it looks good. – Yeah, it looks good on you. – Yeah, yeah, I do like
them and I like the color. The bra, now it feels weird
’cause I’m wearing a shirt under and so I have to flash
you, but I really like the bra. And it’s like supportive. – [Loryn] You struggled
to get into it but, you’re okay with it now? – It was so hard to get into, I don’t know if it’s because of the back ’cause the back is like
really criss-crossey. – [Both] Oh. – That’s really hard when you’re sweaty to get in and out of so. – Well the bra hooks will make it easier. – Yeah, I just didn’t realize. It was a fast change, you know? But it’s super supportive, I love that, and the top you can wear as
like a cute little crop top but look at it. – I love that,
– Drawstring, I like it. But how do you feel Erin, this is cool I didn’t see that. – This looks so cool, I will say I’m not comfortable in it at all. I usually wear a small in sports bras, but this around my neck
is already kind of like rubbing me a little bit. I don’t know if I’m red at all, but it feels like it’s rubbing me raw. – Do you feel like maybe,
high cut sports bra trend is just not for you? – I don’t know, I feel
like it fit’s me here. It’s just this piece that makes me feel like something’s wrong. Like it’s too tight in here. – They tried to get
crafty, and it looks cool but like it’s not functional. – Yes, like this is cute
for like a photo op, but it’s not cute for functionality. I’m like literally, I’m
very claustrophobic. So I’m like kinda mildly
freaking out right now. – Aw. – But I’m gonna move on to the pants, which I feel like are pretty comfortable. – They look, we gotta show her (bleep). – Is the butt good? – Start with the (bleep), Erin, don’t even start with the front. – Oh, why’d Erin get all the cute pants? – Well let me say, – I want these. – That these were really
hard for me to get into, kinda like your bra, it was like, I thought I was like, “I’m not gonna be able to wear these” but they’re really tight which means they probably won’t come down. But something that I do
not love about these pants, – Look at the.
– Which I should. I know.
– Look at that part. – [Loryn] Apple emoji. – Oh my God Becky look at her butt. – The reason why it looks so good is one because it’s so tight, but
also they have these seams right here that like cup it
in this like attractive way, which aesthetically I appreciate
but from comfortability– – It hurts.
– It’s not comfortable. – It’s rough, like I can
feel the seam on my butt, and like feel it, feel how rough that is? – It’s like that on the
inside, it’s like hard. – Just don’t get a hemorrhoid. – Why would she? (laughs) – Loryn, what do you
think about your outfit? – Okay, here’s what I think. – No? – Yes, I’m gonna keep ’em. – Okay. – She’s really processed this deeply – It literally was like
putting on pantyhose, which I was concerned
about until they got here. So just the leg part is
really tight like a pantyhose which is fine, that’s great, you know my calves need support too. My complaints are I
can feel all the seams. They’re really, really
sharp, here touch that. – Same. – Touch right here. – Yes, it’s like itchy and like. – Oh that’s not good at all.
– Sharp. – No, don’t like that. – It’s like teeth.
– Yeah. – Gymshark. (crumbling) – Oh. – You know? – It’s terrible, change your,
you should be called gym gums. (giggles) – Second complaint is this
waistband is really short for a high waistband. Usually they’re like this thick and so the beauty of these high waistbands is they double up the fabric around your pooch, your little belly. So this, it’s only one
piece of fabric, and here from here to here is two,
so that’s really flattering. And I’m only getting the
double waistband fabric from here to here, and
so it’s not smoothing out the way I would prefer
things to be smoothed out, which just means that I
feel very exposed here, and it feels very thin here. – I mean but also, great date pants. – (laughs) I love our priorities. – Like the workout ones
because he would eat that up, the look of it not the both, but you know what I mean (laughs). – Okay, I’m gonna flash
too ’cause this sports bra is really cute. – Woo!
– This is so cute. – Really cute. This is a like clearly
a high impact sports bra which is not something
I am concerned about, but if you are, it’s a good one. – So cute.
– So good. – It has one billion straps
that all are adjustable. – So freaking cute. – And then the little clippy thing, which I actually thought was
annoying but now I’m like yeah it would be so easy
to get out of this bra when you’re sweaty,
’cause you just unhook it. – Yeah.
– And it comes off. – I will say overall
Gymshark has been the most interesting to look at. The interesting colors,
the interesting designs like I appreciate the
effort in making it look fun and original because I have
seen one too many sports bras like I was just wearing before, but I do think there’s some elements of it that need to be worked out still. The seams shouldn’t feel like they feel. – Yeah. – But maybe wear down? I guess I’m so much like
man, if these pants stay up, then I will deal with the uncomfort because it’s more important to
me that my pants stay up so. – Should we? – Let’s do the squat test, which I guess is more, the squat test is y’all have to look
through my butt crack, that’s the squat test. – Oh, okay. – We’ll see. – [Congregation] Nope, no. – Go under me, I’m just kidding. (laughs) – Have we tried throwing
water at ourselves to see if we can. – Oh! – That’s what I’m gonna do. You’re gonna like working out. – Water bottles.
– For sweat? – [Erin] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Color shows sweat, I am not
wearing it ’cause I sweat like these would be black by the time I’m done if they show sweat. – Wait which way are you gonna? – Okay! Okay! – No! – Wow, that’s bad! – Yeah. – I mean no, no. – What if that’s her coochy? – That’s bad! Lemme do it to you. – Okay. – Okay I’m gonna get out of– – All is fair in love and war. – Get out of harms way – Good thing we’re not
wearing microphones. – Okay. – It like bounced off hers. – No, I don’t feel any wetness. – I’m not going next. – Drew! – I’m good, I don’t sweat that much, I’m just gonna keep on stretchin’. (laughs) – If that was just in your this. – Y’all, guess what this is called. – What? – Dry moisture management. – What does that mean?
– Lies. – It means bull (bleep). – It means they’re a bunch of liars. – But I mean what did
you expect to happen? – Wicks moisture off your
skin to help keep you dry. – Are you guys like
expecting it to like repel? – Yes, are my expectations unrealistic? – I think a little, it’s fabric, you know. Like it’s gonna get wet. – But then don’t be called dry, I guess, don’t call yourself dry pants. – Drew, how you doing over there? – Do you feel like they’re falling down? – I feel like they’re not going anywhere. – They were already down. – I mean they feel the same. – Do you feel these seams on your butt? – No, are there seams? – Yeah there’s like a seam right in here, that goes down like right here. – I don’t feel that. – You don’t have any discomfort on the inside of your pants like we do? – it’s not discomfort on the inside, no, my seams aren’t like that sharp stuff but it’s just that this
part is just so not high. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That’s the only part
that’s uncomfortable. – The pants are great, I need some work. – Yeah don’t blame Gymshark for that. – Exactly. – We can blame them for other things. – Exactly, I need a lot of help, but the pants I think as
far as staying up, they do. – Should we change? – We should change into the next round. – Let’s get dry. (snaps) (electronic music) – Loryn, she snapped and she went away – At the wrong time. Loryn! – We can’t do this without you! (snaps) Whoa!
– There you are. What happened, you got lost? – It took me a while
to put these pants on. (laughs) – How do you guys feel? – Yeah, I feel good. – Yeah Erin this is your,
like you love Lululemon, what are you thinking? – I do love Lululemon, I’m
actually not super excited about my choice which is shocking because I do love Lululemon’s pants. I know they’re a little
overpriced, I usually only have like one pair of them but I
was excited about this pair, but they’re not quite high waisted enough. I think they’re comfortable,
I like the color, I like the design, there are pockets. I mean it’s like everything is right. – I like the pocket down there. – Except this and I want to like scream. But everything else about
it, I think it’s thick enough I don’t think you can see my butt crack. Can you see my butt? – I can read the tag, ‘do not wash’ I can see through your
pants is what I’m saying. – [Erin] You can see through the pants? – You can see, you can
read that whole tag. Am I wrong?
– Can you really? – Drew take a look. – Everyone take a look,
everyone everyone come around. Overall, I feel comfortable
but it’s not my, it was not my go to outfit. – How much were your pants? – My pants were $128 dollars. (gurgles) – Are you okay? – I’m fine I just, threw up
in my mouth a little bit. – You could get so many things for a $128 dollars. – I know. – I can get three pairs of
other pants for that much. – Or 128 things at the dollar store. – Don’t get mad at me, I
didn’t start the company or set the prices, I’m
just saying I like it. – I’m not mad at you, I’m sorry I directed that at you, I’m
directing it at Mr. Lemon. – Drew we have to go to you because I know you’re very
excited about your outfit. – (sigh) This is the thing, like I said before like I don’t care what leggings are when I
buy then I’m like cool, they’ll work when I’m walking. But I must say, these are like dope AF. Like they live up to the hype. – What makes you love then so much? – Look at ’em! – First of all, – You look great in all the leggings. – She looks like a fitness Storm Trooper. – They, yeah, I just feel like so, – Oh yeah! – Like Katniss Everdeen. – Yes! – Like I’m ’bout to fence. And it’s just, I think the
logo is in gold, is it not? – Yeah!
– Oh that’s, cute! – And they fit so well,
like they feel like nothing is going anywhere,
they’re the perfect amount of high waisted, they’re flattering. – Yeah. – Like they’re expensive,
but these I get it. This is the one thing, like I get. This, what, why? What is it for? Other than like cosmetic, cute, you know? – Or when you go to the Vatican. – When you’re praying. (angelic singing) – [Drew] Workin’ out with the Pope. But the bra is also, I think cute. I will say for me, – It’s so cute! – If you have a larger chest size, this I feel so secure in. Like nothing is going. – It looks seamless.
– Yeah, it does. – Turn around. – Anywhere. – It looks like you
were born with that on. – Look at that back.
– It’s good. – [Loryn] Again, that looks like a dress. – It’s good.
– This is good. – This is good, so apparently this bra is a 32E which is really hard to find. And technically that’s my bra size, like 32 triple D, you know.
– That’s great. – Yup, I was there.
– You were there. – We have to go take our
measurements into the wild and find the perfect bra. – We’ll do it. Captain Underpants. – Like you literally could
look good at anything. – Even though it was
really hard to put on, like for a second I
thought it was too small, but like I feel like a warrior, you know? – You look freaking hot. – Might wanna note,
that although it’s a 32E which I am appreciative of,
it’s ninety-eight dollars. Which is like, a lot. – Loryn, you seem very reserved. – I look, this is definitely
a different fabric than all the fabrics of
Lululemon’s that I’ve tried and not liked, because
they fall down so quickly. It already feels like 10 times better than the waist bands on
the other ones I’ve worn. – Yeah. – It oddly feels a little too
big, and this is a size down than the other Lululemon’s
so that feels weird. The problem is these are fleece lined, they are for cold weather working out. – Oh! – I’m very, very hot, sweaty human and it worries me if I were
to workout in these inside, not in Denver. These also come with a drawstring. – [Drew] Oh, Oh! – That’s kinda cool, oh! – [Drew] So that kinda solves
the falling down problem. – It’s not too big anymore. And then I just wanna
complain about one more thing. – Oh this is fair though. – Okay, so, first of all
this bra, $108 dollars. I don’t even spend that on bras that I don’t have to wash
every time I wear them. Second of all, it was
really hard to put on. I couldn’t unzip it and
then redo it and this is my true bra size, bra size, you know? – I’m following. – Okay, I don’t really
know how to explain that there’s molding in here and
it’s in the wrong place. it’s very centered. – I thought she was gonna
say, “there’s mold in here” I was like, well Loryn it is time for you to take a shower. (laughs) – It’s not Lulu’s fault. – You sure need to take a shower. – This is just too
tight, and then the boobs are in the wrong spot. – Yeah, it’s all too central. – And it’s $108 dollars! Okay, the back is really sexy. – The back is good, damn. – I’m sorry, for this much money I don’t know you should
be like massaging my leg or producing cookies. It just is like so expensive! – Yes. – Not all is lost, don’t feel so sad. Why are you so sad? – ‘Cause I’m poor. (laughs) – Do you ever just go in the
ball to do an ab workout, and then you just sit. – That’s sad, they stay up. – Are you just supposed
to be able to do this? – You or you? You or humans? – That’s how it works. – I don’t think the pants
are gonna help me at all. – Well they’re not magic pants, Erin. – I feel like mine are staying up. – They’re staying up, and I’m mad. – These feel, these are great. – Okay, now that we have
assembled all of these outfits, I think were gonna go
back and pick and choose our favorite pieces from
each workout and show you which ones are our favorite things. ♪ These are a few of our favorite things ♪ (beatboxing) – I love this turned into the remix. (mellow music) – Favorites? – These are our favorites. – Okay.
– I like. – Those are my favorites of yours. – Yeah I actually took this from Loryn’s ’cause this was actually my favorite top. – It’s cute, you can have it. – Thanks girl, you
already told me that but. – But they didn’t see it. – Okay, it’s on record now so
I absolutely can have it now. – Wait so what do you have paired? The Gymshark shirt, – Loryn’s Gymshark shirt, which I love, and then I have the Lululemon
bra, which is boring but it’s comfortable, so I’ll take it. And then I have the Aerie pants. – The pants I want the pants. – Me too! – Those are good.
– Amazing, what about you guys? – I have Lulu pants, ’cause they’re great, I have the Lulu sports
bra because I feel nice and supported and then I have the Gymshark optional drawstring, vest top. – It’s cute. – I like it, I like it a lot. – Loryn.
– Loryn, why are you so sad? – My pants stretched out, already. So I put these on ’cause
the just they just, they didn’t show water, they
weren’t lined with fleece. I still, I love this bra,
whatever, I’m going straight to Orange Theory in
this, and I will decide. (guitar music) – I think you’re gonna wear this a lot – I think you know what
actually just makes me feel good is that Aerie is totally my price point, so I feel like okay,
maybe I’ll go get these, which I know won’t break my bank. I do love the sports bra, so
I have high hopes for Aerie. – Yeah, and I’m going to
Lululemon and buying those. – Yeah, these are, yeah, yeah. I want those though so, I’m
gonna go to Aerie and buy those. – Yeah, you can mix and
match and find something that works for your wallet. You can’t look at us and tell one is worth $128 versus $40 dollars,
like you can’t tell. So buy something that
makes you fell comfortable, invest in things that
makes you feel confident, and do you! – Also maybe subscribe, not maybe do it, ’cause then we get to keep
doing stuff like this, and tell us what other
things you want us to try. – Yeah, are there other workout places, that we didn’t try this round that you would like to see us try for another video, let us know. – Ivy Park ’cause I want
the whole collection. – And maybe lingerie by Rihanna. – (gasps) Ooh yeah.
– Fenty. – Yeah, that would be cute. – I might be sick that day. – Hit the bell. Do the things. – We love you guys, we will see you back here, next time.


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