Terrible Mall Commercial

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Terrible Mall Commercial

This is a commercial for a mall, and it’s not very good to say the least *girl sings* East Hills for back to school We get it not everybody has quality production budgets, but the background be is literally a recording of a guy beatboxing They couldn’t even get a royalty free audio track like what about something like this let’s find one right now Royalty free commercial music let’s see what does it sound like? Okay And then they could’ve filmed some people shopping at the mall Let’s see another one what about this one? This is not bad they can still use this if you guys didn’t hear that Let’s hear that one more time from the top here. We go everybody in what two one two three four You know the sad thing about this this is gonna Get stuck in your head, and you’re all gonna be thanking me for it, so you’re welcome simply They just wanted to let people know there’s back-to-school sales at this small so the guy in charge of them all Decided to come up with this commercial and it’s a terrible terrible commercial literally I feel like they made it by themselves like we need to cut on some budgets here. Let’s keep going Boots and pants boots and pants boots and pants boots and pants boots and pants and boots and pants but zipping but Back to school putting being bam bam bam God dang it. It’s already stuck in my head one more time This girl is very pretty could be a big crazy could be nothing she is like who is not excited about selling backpacks backpacks backpacks I’ll get your backpacks. That’s a little weird That lasts like little head twists, that’s how you get them. You know backpacks backpacks come get your back Thank you for letting me know they’re new shoes because I don’t think I’d go to a mall to buy youth shoes some glad It’s easy And not old you Gave yourself an outfit. Okay, okay? What’s your? self an outfit This is not one person You know in the friend group like everybody starts singing and now one person who knows they can’t sing But they still have to participate so they just talk you talk through the song And this is that example yourself it out And then you just kind of give it a little ring it then get yourself an outfit Once you give that fits like y’all singing get yourself an outfit And I see is your little head, nod, let’s look close Then um Sam panting hey Haircut then it knows haircuts they have to let them know at the end They really want you to get a haircut look master cuts right here You have to get the haircut because that’s not they wouldn’t put out that Don’t forget Haircuts don’t forget that part. Please out of everybody I like the girl the most because I feel like she was told she’s gonna be in a big commercial and she was like so Excited she was like oh my god Because I’ve always wanted to be a singer and now I could finally be in a commercial until it’s not the right road to fame Like the text is literally covering her face Couldn’t they put the text up here look look at all this dead space right here put the text here put everything Back to school down here make sure you see you see your face like I’m just giving advice. It’s not like my content something good Alright from the top and a one two one two three four By your backpacks no one wants to buy freaking Jets or backpacks anymore Backpacks boots and pants Get yourself an outfit She’s probably one of my favorite ones. It’s because she just comes in like weights You got yourself an outfit Guys terrible mall commercial, what did you guys think was it really that bad, or was I being a little too harsh? I think it was really funny, and I mean it happens like honestly. I see myself doing something like this by accident I got chocolate not anymore. Maybe if I was younger I’ll see myself trying to do this. Hey guys Thank you for watching if you have any more hilarious video Suggestions like these please send them to reaction time videos at gmail.com. I take all video requests. That’s how I found this video It’s absolutely hilarious But that’s gonna wrap it up for the video make sure to subscribe to the channel check out some more videos subscribe the second Channel And don’t forget about the haircut Sam Hands there you go. There. You go there. She is there. She is haircuts get your hair cut so I need a haircut Peace out!


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