Tea Towel Tote Bag – How to – Easy DIY Project, sewing tutorial

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

Tea Towel Tote Bag – How to – Easy DIY Project, sewing tutorial

My girlfriend got those teatowels from the
Netherlands. She said, that’s a nice fabric. Can you not make a bag out of it? So I said, yeah, that’s an easy project. Let’s make a bag out of this towel. For this project of course we need a tea towel,
a large one. scissors, a sewing machine, and some needles. I start by folding the towel, to see the shape
of my bag. I will trim the sides, because I will use
the sides to make the handles later. And also I like the bag to be a bit more square. So this will be the size of my bag. You can use the excess trim to make the handles. Or you can use another piece of fabric. Ok very easy. Reverse it, make sure it’s very well aligned. And then we will sew this part, and this part. And that’s it. Then the bag is almost done. This is what I just made. Now we will turn it back it back the right
way around. The last part is making and attaching the
handles to the bag. I will fold it like this and then stitch it
together. When that’s done I pin them to the bag to
set their positions, so I can sew it later on on. First I sew this side and later on I sew the
other side. Well that’s it. The result is looking good and it’s very easy
to make. Just find a nice tea towel.


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