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How Do Men Store Their D**ks? – Off Air w/ Nikki & Andrew

- I would love to see the last 100 pictures that Andrew Collin has liked of women on Instagram to see... - You think he's…

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Edmonton Walking Tour

- Hi there. My name's Don Pilon and I offer Edmonton's first walking tour that happens entirely within the comfort of your own sweaty computer…

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Trump Keeps Lying About the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Closer Look

-The president went on Fox News and lied to millions of people about the coronavirus outbreak as his administration bungles its response to the crisis.…

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Let's go ahead and see if these top-rated Amazon leggings are actually worth my money Hi guys, welcome back to another video. I don't know…

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amazon go

What would shopping look like... If you could walk into a store... Grab what you want... And just go.

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“Shopping For Women’s Lingerie & Body Wash” – Jim Gaffigan (Obsessed)

You ever accidentally pour out the conditioner first? You're like oh crap! it's like three bucks! you ever try and put it back in? You're…

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Transforming Gadgets?! – Top 5 Weird Items & Products on Amazon Put to the Test (Unboxing Review)

guys today we have a ton of transforming toys check these all out all kinds of fun stuff what's catching my eye is this rocket…

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Official Trailer – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 | Rachel Brosnahan | Amazon Prime Video

This is the first of a million tours. This is the big leagues, kid. Gotta start acting like professionals. Susie Meyerson, remember the face. -…

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Steve Coogan Schools Jimmy on How to Do a Spot-On Michael Caine Impression

-Thank you for coming back. You know I'm a giant fan of yours. Last time you were here, we were talking about this movie you…