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Survive in Korean Underground shopping mall

Irie man saves the earth Batman saves Gotham see and I save foreign tourists hey everyone welcome to the solo Survival Guide I’m Paul and I’m here to teach you the words and expressions that real Koreans use every day if you can remember these words your travelling experience in Korea would be more fun today on the Soul Survival Guide we’re gonna learn some tricks for chopping on the chief chopping is a must when traveling and Korea’s tons of great shopping areas such as Hongik University and yellow dome but did you know that there are also some undergrad shopping malls you could be surprised how huge some of them are some of them feel like the size of a town most of these malls are accessible from the subway and they sell a large variety of products on top of it pricing is flexible so if you’re charming you may even get a discount all right let me give you a few tips when shopping nearby stores sometimes sell the same products but for cheaper thus it’s always worth your time to take a look and compare prices between stores once you find something you like you could try to get a discount by saying please I’ll attach your sale which means it’s expensive now I get a discount please [Music] well my design [Music] however saying it that way won’t easily give you a discount Koreans have a cuter way to ask for one let me show you ah sang you know sunbae Dokic ajusshi and I think I’ll wear linen and then I sure can’t you say Oh Oh Jung ah you need a ticket when at the restaurant in Korea saying the mole or on is a cute way dressed for service similarly saying older brother or pillow to the male staff if you’re a guy is pleasant to careen ears or you could just say sad Jiangnan which means bowels if you’re a girl you could also say the word old your brother you all know the word if it’s a girl try saying onion if you could combine these honorific titles with the previous discount worse then you’ll have a much higher chance of getting that discount all right let’s review our underground shopping mall tips first try comparing prices at nearby stores second try asking for a discount casaya a catchy sale third try using the honorific titles we learned they’re fun and they’re cute to use these techniques won’t work everywhere but hey you just might get a better deal have fun shopping everybody if you enjoyed today’s video please like and subscribe next week on the soul Survival Guide we’ll be learning some more Korean language and culture tips tears

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