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Surprise Toys Giant Balloon Pop Challenge Spiderman vs Hulk Toys

hey guys and today Giant Balloon Pop Challenge Surprise toys think because it’s your channel Blake I
think you should go fears so what blooms you one what’s this color Blake our range sorry should we pop it right cold up then when
do that boy right that he’s going I’m going to be picking the pitbull 1 always
know where is a toy and it might be entirely surprised 12 I was hard to pop
you gotta drop she oh my pic 1 then we see if there’s a
surprise in here you sure you want this boy right so that
his friends one till you and Blake he’s famous 12 so we thank time right get
ready Chicago puppet 1200 that I don’t know if I . one I might have this where
i got the yellow one right now that he’s gonna pop it 12 welcome everyone let’s bring some more
fun when she is surprising that quick is you’re gonna pop it pop it for ya right
to my i right daddy’s go so dance twice I’m just went over there as well write
that story in a is my god no so that means it’s my time to go oh we got the Oh captain america yay right who’s goes it now don’t go my
way oh right he’s gonna pop it see this is a
surprise inside you know this is all you might be 120 I you were right you’re shaking your cheating you’re
cheating right so we got these Go Daddy’s go right so I’m gonna pop this
one if I probably this is probably inside the one to go I got to find it like to go on then Paul
surprise inside pop oh we got yes when the dinosaurs
spider-man yeah daddy daddy gonna pick 19 get all these I might have an orange
one and this one and yeah right that’s going Michael Knight 12 no surprise you
want this one I’ll break your you’re in the lead made by five you got way more
place and that be right I’m gonna pop this one field back out it’s a t-rex Wow right that he’s gonna
go for the like come by here that he’s gonna go for the blue ones that topic ready 1 2 that he lost again that the
one you want find which one you want that one another one going right that is
gonna probably go you 12 stuck inside we have hey do you like my damn what I’m not
sure to like it don’t show up as well when a koala is already most mixed-up ok no that that you’ve got one I got to
tell you bro 1230 think he’s in the lead you want one right surprise inside it
looks like they’re a you know can see inside ready 1 so that we don’t feel like right
so is it yellow go right that you’re fucking pull you you want this one you sho right why we can get one yeah I’m like like pop
this one thing is when right should we get the last one got another life green
one is not the last one yo mind and you get the last night 12 wow did you enjoy that play wow you
see right guys that’s all we have time for today i hope you enjoyed it don’t
forget to Like comment and subscribe and Blake will be with you next time did you enjoy that

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