Summer Mall Shopping, Casual Outfits, Summer Dresses, Fashion & Style, Mature Women, Awesome over 50

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Summer Mall Shopping, Casual Outfits, Summer Dresses, Fashion & Style, Mature Women, Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones, how would you like to
go shopping with me? Well at least window shopping with me. We’re at the
mall and let’s look for some summery clothes. It all starts in just a few
seconds. So the one thing that I noticed when I
was in Paris was a lot of the women we’re wearing dresses. And I thought to
myself you know I don’t wear enough dresses. So I’m kind of on the lookout
today for a nice summery flowy dress or maybe it’s a kind of fun dress. I’m not
too sure but I also want to look at shoes and accessories and oh by the way
if you haven’t seen the video I did on Paris and London fashion, I’m gonna put
the link up there for you because oh that was a lot of fun. And I also had an
idea when I was there and it was…”would I wear that?”…and what I was doing is I was
going past the boutique and I would say yeah I would wear that or no comment. Now
that doesn’t mean that I’m right or wrong, it’s just me and I think I’m gonna
do the same thing for the summery warm weather fashion video that I’m doing
right now. So let me in the comments… Let me know in the comments if you would wear
that So enough chitchat. Let’s go
window-shopping. Alright let’s do a little official window-shopping here and
I love…I gotta try some orange dresses on. That neckline is a little too low for
me so I would probably wear maybe an orange cami underneath, so you know I’m
protecting those girls a little bit. This is a beautiful beautiful summer
dress, now sorry for any window glare but this is kind of a nice look with a dress
and that’s just throwing your jean jacket on top of it. And if I wanted to be the lady in red. I
like this dress. Oh sorry about the lighting but oh there we go,
it’s really pretty and summery and I can be the lady in red. I don’t even mind
that hat that she’s holding. And it’s summer let’s not just go for a black
purse these are beautiful lovely summery colors and the one thing I like is the
chain. The purse I have on me today has a chain and it’s a great crossbody
look. So yeah I like these. I do love this store and I did buy some…I don’t know if
you can see them…tassel earrings last time when I was here for my spring mall
jaunt and I’ll put the link up there so that you can take a look at that video.
But I don’t know, these colors are kind of not exciting me very much but look
inside here oh yeah this is more my style we need some color in the
summertime. Kind of digging that watermelon one. And
don’t forget about your undergarments You know what? You’ve got to freshen up
those too. Hey I’ll put a link above this clip here when I did a video on
undergarments. Swimsuits and lingerie have fun in the Sun maybe a one-piece.
Now Paisley done the right way actually works and this store is Wilfred and I
usually can find something in Wilfred or Ritzia. Yes I’d wear that and women over 50
yes you can wear your jeans. What a pretty camisole. I don’t know if
you can see but yeah that’s a nice look maybe more for the evening
because it might be a bit warm. How perfect is this!
Hey all you guys. You’re on team awesome! Now one of my favorite stores believe it
or not is Free People. I find that they have such different kinds of styles and
I don’t know some of it almost looks vintage too. And I just love going through
the store and taking a look. They’re always so almost boho style.
Let’s just see if we can see a few more things here. Yeah very very kind of
70s and were you guys…anybody a flower child because I was. See what I’m talking
about they actually have a t-shirt of Woodstock. Oh my gosh and a lot of
cotton beautiful. Pink Floyd tour 1973. It’s a Queen t-shirt. Did I tell you guys I actually
saw Queen and Freddie Mercury singing. I still am not feeling that totally
distressed ripped jeans. What about you? Would you be wearing these? Let me know
in the comments. And no I don’t think the over 50s are too old to wear a hoodie. So
what’s your take on the clunky running shoes. Certainly I don’t think
you can run in these. Yeah I’m gonna do a no comment on these really clunky
high-heeled running shoes. My mom had a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. She died when I was
in my 20s and I still have this shirt… memories. And again jean jackets over
dresses and I just don’t understand the big rip, but anywho and this is a very
pretty dress in orange and I’m liking, I’m liking. And even if you look in a
window and you say yeah I don’t think so sometimes is worth going into. This is the
store honey and
the store that I found my fringe jacket. You know the kind of suede looking
fringe jacket. So there’s lots of fun things in this store. You know sometimes
there’s just too much skin showing, especially there in the tummy and
sometimes it’s just too short for me. So how low could you go? I’m definitely
wearing a camisole with this dress and these with my coloring and my shape I’m
gonna do no comment. Again I’m looking for summer and I’m not
gonna go with a black dress even though this says the dress edit. Loving the
yellow but I’m really kind of feeling the red. You know sometimes I think what
you should be doing is shopping the rainbow at this time of year. Look at
these colors. So pretty and a few more from the window of Ted Baker and
there’s that red again. I just feel so great when I’m in one of
these department stores and there’s little places to have a cold drink or
maybe a cold cocktail. They really make me feel special here
and we’ve got to buy something too. Oh gotta go…. And don’t forget to look at the sale
racks because there might be something kind of cute there. And don’t be shy to
be a lady in red. Hey summer isn’t really for the little black dress. Let’s have a
little color. Now I know I said I’d say no comment
but if you’re hiding underneath all your clothes even if you’re curvy this kind
of look to me it just says I don’t know it’s just
dowdy to me. My own opinion but this would not be a choice. No comment. Even
though I made a comment. And I love the way that these stores have a place for Bill
to sit and relax while I’m in the change room. So thank you department
stores. I had my chance to rest and I think Heather looks really good here
resting in an art artsy way. You know I gotta say a love a store that has
its own mini bar or pub where you can grab a drink sit down and relax. You know when I see designs like this
these Jimmy Choos I mean he is an amazing designer these shoes kind of
remind me of the ones that I saw in Paris. So beautiful, so classic with a
little bit of bling. Would you wear these orange or blue
pumps? I would. They’re gorgeous maybe a little high on the heel for me though.
I’m more like a kitten heel which is a little lower. And here are those kitten
heels that I’m always talking about. You know they’re just perfect and just in
case you’re wondering I did find my animal print shoes with a little lower
heel I’ll show them to you in another video. I gotta admit I’m not wearing, you
know your standard flip-flops anymore. They have to have a little bit of an
arch support and this one has a slight arch support but not enough to keep me
going all day. So you might want to look into that if you want to buy some
flip-flops. Look for the arch support. And you know I usually like to get a little
chocolate snack and this is Lindor’s. What better place than Lindor’s. Love it when you find an actual kind of
dress store. I found it here at Le Chateau. So I’m really sorry that little
Hurricane can’t be with us today but most of these stores and including the
restaurant Bill and I are going to go to in a couple of minutes…right Bill, but
anyway no dogs allowed. So which dress do you think I bought? Well I’m going to be
the lady in red. And there you go. Now this dress only cost me a hundred and
fifty dollars and I’m going to get more than one hundred and fifty dollars worth
out of this dress. I’m going to wear it… Bill we’ve got an anniversary coming up so
I’m going to be a lady in red for that. And also any weddings. I I don’t know
what do you think, is red okay to wear to a wedding? I know white isn’t but is red
okay? And what I’m going to do is I’m going to have I’m going to try to find
similar or exactly the same clothing and a lot of the ones that we featured here
in the video today and we’ll put the links below. They’ll also be in my blog
at So check that out and don’t forget to check out our
new YouTube second channel. It’s and that’s where you’re going to find Paris and London and fun
and food and Bill you’re you’re gonna get on the barbecue this weekend because
we’re going to do a charcoal barbecuing one for you and we’re gonna give you
shiskebobs. So that’s coming up for some Sunday fun for you. And you know the one
thing about the changing of the seasons is sometimes you just need to change
your attitude a little bit and I really think that a dress helps you to do that.
And as far as future videos are going I think I’m going to do my five favorite
dresses and show them to you very shortly. I’m still working on jazzing up
some of my older clothes and revamping them so I want to do a
video on that but in the meantime you know feel pretty still youthful and keep
it awesome.


  • Of course you can wear red to a wedding 😃 I actually really love that dress you are wearing in the video😍 my style of dress that xx

  • Red is perfect on you anytime Heather!! And, noooo holey jeans. I think these "styles" are best left to the youngsters. Something classic and classy is so much nicer at this stage of the game!! Have a nice weekend Heather, Bill and Hurricane~🌹

  • Hi Heather! Thank you for the shopping trip! 😀 You look gorgeous in your red dress! I enjoyed almost all of the fashions. The only “no go” for me would be the high heeled sneakers! Anything that appeared too low cut I would wear a cami or a bralette! I enjoy how you and Bill have such a good time everywhere! Thanks for sharing! 😊

  • NEVER the torn jeans or jean jacket-—–They look like the wearer is trying too hard to look as if they don't care—-
    Seems you two had a good afternoon at the mall!! 🙂

  • Heather, the dress looks lovely. Excellent choice. You'll have to do a post of different ways you will style it. 🙂 Mary Lou

  • I loved wearing 3 inch heels with a pretty dress or suit. But,I hurt my knee and can not wear them anymore…Boo hoo!!! That was 5 years ago. Yes,I was rocking it at 64!!!!
    Loved shopping with you. Thanks for taking me along.

  • YES to the red dress at a wedding ! Absolutely NO to the ripped jeans ! Those are for teens and twenty somethings only ! That red is gorgeous on you Heather ! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary !

  • Hi Everyone, Heather here… If you want to find similar items to the one's I found in this video go to my blog and scroll down for the links while you're on the page

  • Fun shopping outing. The dresses you tried on looked lovely on you, especially the red one you bought. I’m still with you about the “distressed” jeans. My husband doesn’t like them either. I wore a dress today. It was 94*F/35*C today, so my dress was much cooler. Give Hurricane a hug and kiss for me.

  • Love your red dress, Heather! The Bordeaux was just fun and beautiful on you too. My eye is always drawn toward sheath style dresses that hit below the knee. I'm pearish shape without the typical tiny waist. Also, I think it may have been a jumpsuit that I thought was oh so lovely except for the sienna/squash (Not sure IRL, monitor color is off) shade of it only because oranges are still a trigger for me. Ack! LOL

  • The red dress looked great on you, Heather! I just have to ask, "What is in the 'Scotch and Soda' strore?"

  • I definitely do not get ripped/distressed clothing. Your red dress is gorgeous, Heather. It's definitely okay to wear red to a wedding here, but every country has different traditions. You'll get so much wear out of that dress! Loved the red and blue high heels. The clumpy running shoes just look so heavy that I can't warm to them. Great video, Heather and Bill. Thanks for bringing us along. Hugs to Hurricane. XOXO

  • I have a pair of slightly distressed jeans which just add a bit of funk to my style. Dresses are much cooler to wear during the summer. You look stunning in jewel tones. Thanks for showing Bill in his comfy chair. All he needed was a cuppa Java! Which mall is this. I would love to go to Free People. Had fun with you cuz I LOVE shopping!

  • Enjoyed your window shopping video. Thanks! I love jeans and denim in general, but I really do not like distressed jeans. I was a flower child too. Graduated from high school in June, 1967, the Summer of LOVE. Remember that?

  • Love the red sheath dress on you! You can wear the dress to a wedding. Doesn't hurt to steal a bit of attention from the bride.

  • Old Ex Hippie Chick here 😊 Would love to see you try on a few styles Heather . I wear rrrripped jeans . Not jackets . Cheers

  • NO clunky "running shoes", no ripped jeans, no necklines half-way to the waist.
    YES! to the color red, and other summery and colorful garments! Yes to denim
    jackets all year! I hope you find something, Heather!

  • The hat reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I wear the holy/ distressed jeans. I'm a no go on the thick sole tennis shoes. Nordstrom will be having their sale soon!!! I love all the shoes, but like you prefer kitten heels

  • I loved the wine colored dress with the ruffles on you! However, you can’t go wrong with a red dress.

  • I have nothing against the distressed, ripped jeans but, they're not for me. To me, logically it makes no sense to pay for such an item. Just me.

  • Hello Heather. I like your video. I wear what I like : ripped jeans, baskets, short dress and it’s not ridiculous. I am 60.

  • I'm still a flower child 62 yo hippie. Love Free People and Thrifting for the good old days 💜 this theme and video

  • I enjoyed following along on your “shop with me” and seeing all the pretty dresses. However, something to keep in mind, many of us 60 somethings are on fixed incomes and cannot afford to shop in the high end stores. Although we love fashion we have to look for much more affordable sources. I would love to see you do a “shop with me” on putting together a wardrobe on a budget. Thanks Heather and Bill for all you do to keep us inspired. ❤️

  • Pretty dresses! You look so pretty in them all! Don't ask me why but I like bright colors & prints on other people but not myself!!? So I don't choose them for myself. I would wear the lower cut dresses or tops if I had the complimenting body type-And I love distressed jeans & jackets !! The clunky man athletic shoe trend?? Yes on some of them , but they have to be just the right degree of clunky or they tend to feel orthopedic looking to me 💕💕 Thanks for taking me shopping ! I am on a " Save my planet " tour now & I only buy second hand 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Hmm! I think I'm a little too curvy to be the lady in red. Maybe the lady in burgundy. Those Jimmy Choo flats caught my eye, especially the lacey looking ones. Was I a flower child? Yep! And who doesn't love Mickey Mouse? Have fun Heather! I'll be dragging my hubby to the mall soon.😀

  • What happened to getting a fun summer dress in orange? I like the red dress but it looks like the kind you’d wear to a cocktail party in the winter. I loved the white dress in the window of Free People & white, lacy dresses are all in vogue. Yes, a light weight jean jacket is always a good staple and so cute with spaghetti strap long dresses for the summer. On shoes, I agree, no heels other than a decent wedge or kitten heel. Since you too love Nordstrom’s, check out a brand of sandals called “FitFlops”. They have support and are nicer& thick soled. I will say you do pay way more for a dress in Canada than we do down here in Arizona, but at Nordstrom’s I generally stick to the sale racks. I love consignment stores though the most & have beautiful clothes from those plus thrift stores. You just have to be a smart shopper!

  • Heather, you are darling! I am spot on with your "yes" and "no comment" fashion choices. I love that you shop all the stores and bring us over 50s and 60s smart options. I'm with the other responders, that torn jeans are for a younger crowd. In my 20s. those were the jeans that became cut-offs or candidates for the donate pile. Most of all, I love your low-key attitude. You are a practical gal, with great fashion sense, operating within an affordable budget, who doesn't mind being upstaged by an adorable Hurricane. I wish I had a shopping buddy just like you.

  • Hi Heather: Not sure if I'm "hiding" under my clothes, but, I know I'm not trying to show much skin these days. I miss my tanks and cute tops in summer; batwings are almost inevitable. I miss my 3" heels, but…bad back. It's hard to find clothes and shoes that aren't frumpy, yet are still attractive, affordable and comfortable. I still feel like a twenty-something, but, only in my head, lol! Thanks for a fun video; happy weekend to all three of you. 🙂
    Rosemarie xo

  • Hey Heather! I was such a flower child! In my mid 60's and still love boho chic! Peasant blouses are part of my wardrobe as are fringes. I wouldn't wear distressed cut up anything! Not my thing! I wear skinny jeans though! Loved your red dress! Wear it in good health! Love crossbody bags and wedges but can't rock a heel anymore! Sad that those days are over! I'm typically not a dress girl but I bought 6 so far this summer. So comfortable! I even found a few on Amazon but I mainly wear them in the house or for walks around the neighborhood. Enjoyed going shopping with you! Xo

  • I wore a red dress to a summer wedding. It had a low back with tiny spaghetti straps criss-crossed across the back and it was slinky and long with a kerchief hemline. It was the early 80's. In the church I wore a floppy hat encircled with red and turquoise pretty flowers. I also accessorised with turquoise ankle strap stilettos and a belt. Back then we were all matchy matchy. I was young and thin then so I could really pull off that look. I still love rich colours and I think that red dress would be a stunning choice for you to wear to a wedding. Isn't the only rule that only the bride can wear white?

  • Hi Heather,. I really like the blue dress you're wearing in the video. It's so cute and I love the bird print! ♥️ Can you share the brand and if it's still available?

  • The red dress was gorgeous! You look amazing in it and most perfect for a wedding or anything! The shopping trip was a lot of fun. I still enjoy the "hippie" look…modified LOL…Free People and Lucky Brand have so many cute things. I need to make myself wear more dresses and less jeans…not ripped, either!

  • Thanks for taking me shopping with you Heather! What fun 🙂 I just discovered this channel and am truly enjoying it. No ripped jeans for me… I am just starting to walk that fine line between too young and age appropriate. Great choice in the red dress! I love wearing dresses although I do wear more skirts than dresses because of their versatility. Look forward to perusing you video library and visiting your blog. Cheers

  • I adore your red dress. I love wearing red dresses also. As a Canadian I don't feel that red is a good choice to attend a wedding. You don't want to up-show the bride. If the bridesmaids are not wearing pink that colour would look fabulous on you and can be your tribute to red. I once read a book, I think by Anne Barone. She's speaking about Paris fashion. She said that Parisians spend a lot of money on good quality classic clothing which lasts forever. Then they spend the rest of their money on skin care. Then hair. But skin care is all of their skin not just the face. They spend a lot of time and attention on their legs and like to show them off especially the knee down. Gotta keep some mystery, ha ha. Perhaps that's the reason for all those dresses in Paris??? I'm sure Bill is going to enjoy you in your red dress – "the lady in red" . Enjoy!!!

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