Stitch Fix Unboxing over 40

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Stitch Fix Unboxing over 40

I’ve got a Stitch Fix. I’m over 40 and
I’m a size 14. Stay tuned if you want to see what I got. Thank you for joining me today. I’m Michelle from Mascara to Midnight. If you
haven’t subscribed yet it’s time to do that right now.
Subscribe! Be sure to click the little bell icon. YouTube will remind you when I
upload because you don’t want to miss all this.
Youtube doesnt always show you everything. You don’t want to miss it. if you are new to the world of
clothing subscription boxes maybe you’ve never heard of them. Maybe you’ve never
tried one. This is stitch fix. Stitch fix is a way to get clothes without having
to go shopping. This is a great service for people who don’t like to shop, people
who don’t know what to buy, people who don’t have time to shop. And all of those
are me. This is like having a personal shopper comb the stores and then mail me
what they think I’ll like. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. You pay a
little fee to get your stylist to do these things for you and then whatever
you buy, that fee comes off the total. So if you pay twenty dollars for the box…
which I do believe this is twenty dollars… and you buy a hundred dollars
for clothes, it comes out to eighty. Which essentially is just a hundred
dollars. You get what I’m saying. Are we there. I will link this in the
description. Sometimes I get coupons for like $50 off, twenty-five dollars off. It
just depends on what time of year, kind of a deal, they’re doing. I will link that
for you below. Be sure and check that so you can see what the special is. This
month you get something. I get something. Win-win. And you know what you don’t have
to keep doing it. You don’t have to buy anything. Your first box is always going
to be free, so it’s literally nothing out of your pocket, except for just a little
bit of fun And it is fun. I also want to give a shout out here to my daughter,
Ashlea, who has a store called Thrift ology. You can find her all across social
media. She will do similar boxes for you. You give her… I’m saying… yes… she may not
want to do it. She has in the past done these boxes for me, and she can certainly
help you, if you’re not good at clothing. But if you also don’t want to buy new for
any multitude of reasons, she can help you. And they’re great prices. She has a
vintage clothing store so check her out. I’m gonna leave her just below for you
to see you can contact her (in description box). You’re gonna get a return envelope. This
isn’t gonna cost you anything to return. You just stick everything in there. It’s
paid for. That’s why it’s fun to try because it’s all completely free, if it’s
your first box. Gonna get a receipt telling you the
prices and you’re gonna get a little styling guide with a little personal
note. So let’s see what she said. Although my stylist is been a guy the last few times.
And he’s been knocking it out of the park. “Hey, Michelle, welcome to your
32nd Fix. I had such a great time styling this one for you today. And I’m
so happy to see you found some items to hang on to from your last fix. I would
show you put it on where those things are some cute shoes for this fix.
I sent along some classier classic items, that will hopefully match perfectly with
your sparkly tank. A simple black pant option. Try these skinny pants from
Liverpool. I wanted to send something simple since I didn’t want the pant to
distract from the tank. For something to toss over, try this notched collar blazer
from Kenzie. I also sent along this Chinnel boyfriend blazer in size extra
large. Let me know which size works better for you. You can wear either
blazer over this lush collared blouse for another dressy look that’s perfect
for the office or going out. Finally for another simple top try this one
from fun2fun. Cheer, Adam. Well, I like that Adam ends it with Cheers. Let me
explain a few things on there. I got a really cute tank around my birthday time
and I thought I would wear that out to eat with my husband for my birthday meal.
And didn’t for multitude of reasons but also I don’t like my arms to show. I
don’t feel comfortable with my arms showing so I need something to go over
it. So I’ve got this beautiful sparkly tank with nothing to wear it with and
that’s the great thing about Stitch Fix. You can tell them what you need to add to
your wardrobe and they can help you. So he’s added some things that he thought
would go good with the tank. He also took in to consideration that my
arms are large. Even though I’m a 14, I have very large arms. So a large that a
blazer or even long-sleeves, some non stretchy long-sleeve shirts, they won’t
go over my arms arms, I’m not going to show you my arms. So I need to be able to accommodate that I want to be comfortable if I’m wearing a blazer. And
then he included some cards on the different ways I could wear this. If
you’ll watch the bottom of the screen I will tell you the name of the clothing
item. And I will also tell you the price, in case you want to tell your stylist to
get this particular thing. Because it does work that way.
You can send them specific things that you want to try. All dark. So not me. This is extra comfort, extra support, extra nice.
And it is a tank I wanted to try. I won’t be trying that on for you because never
would I ever try a tank like this and show it to my audience. So far I love everything about this. On the inside it appears to be some kind of polyester.
Very silky feeling inside, which comfort is everything for me. Yeah, the whole
thing is lined with that. Isn’t that so cute. And then the outside is kind of a
velour which I asked for velvet. And this is pretty close to velvet. Fake pockets!
Fake pockets! We don’t do fake pockets. Everything about this though I really
think is cute. I think I’m gonna like this a lot.
Another blazer. This is pretty nice too. Oh, yeah,
Fully lined and I like this. It’s another kind of a polyester blend. This one’s a
little silkier. This is just a black black blazer. Nice sleeves. Let’s see.
What’s up with fake pockets? Seriously? What is up with fake pockets?
You probably can’t see that because of the tags. Fake pockets.
Down with fake pockets. Oh, pretty. I really really really like
this. This is exactly like this shirt I’m wearing, only in blue flowers. I’m not
even kidding you when I say this is the exact same style. But as you can see, it’s
cut the same way, and yep three-quarter sleeves. This one is more of a nylon
polyester blend. This one is cotton. Oh, this is the exact same
material as this. So let’s see…what’s the, what’s the blend on this? It’s polyester.
I love it. Let’s have a look at this. This is pretty cute. I have a blue
polka dot one so I would be surprised if I love this enough to keep it, when I
have an almost exactly the same blue polka dot. I do like the color. That’s
very funny. Okay, then, he mentioned some pants to go
with my tank which I thought was really nice of him. Oh, these are leggings and I
don’t do leggings. But I do love Liverpool. But I don’t do leggings. I hate
leggings. I feel naked in leggings. Hmm. We’ll try
them try them. I like everything about it except for that they’re gonna be super
tight. What did you think? I tried it on with
the tank for you so you could see why I’m getting it. I need you to tell me
ASAP! Which of the Blazers look better? I definitely wouldn’t get them both
because I would never wear both of them. I don’t need two blazers so tell me which
one you like better. And if I should get those pants. Tell me. You gotta tell me! I
needs your help. Be kind and rewind.


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