“Stairway to Heaven” hike could move to Kualoa

Updated : Mar 06, 2020 in Articles

“Stairway to Heaven” hike could move to Kualoa


  • You put it there and you will have to pay the Morgan family to hike up that stairs. Don't trust this guy, he stole my Grandma's land and house in Hakipuu that his Father gave to my Grandma.

  • Save the stairs where they are. The board of water supply should never have been in charge of the stairs.

  • They must also control the trash and litter upon trail most important a banned on smoking cigarettes on trails being very easily discarded littered on trails ruining ecosystems most of all shows a disrespectfulness to our island and land even ruining the sights of our forests and ecosystems… so I must consider a ban on smoking on trails due to i/ being litter on our scared mountain which is the very life of our watersheds

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