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it needs some love it doesn’t look like one that I can we all made love especially me in the comments [Music] that’s crazy that’s crazy is the trunk ever stuck ready like is it empty the bed of the truck is we only have like an hour before Luke gets out but we’re gonna head to I think Lowe’s and just look for like a live tree or the guest room upstairs you started putting it together and why sort of looking for like a big tree cuz I think we just need to really tell what in that space and everything is like 150 dollars I can find right now and so I’m just to see if we can find like a good deal on my live tree there’s not too much maintenance [Music] there’s Noah’s late lunch on the go did not eat it why I know you always don’t need it you’re going through like a not eating phase right now all right let’s go on in you’re not gonna wear a jacket yeah I see how you’re not cold okay oh man [Music] [Music] this is where butterflies are haha did you see one yeah you just know you never saw one I feel like it’s gonna be too short so we were doing the guest bedroom we pulled in the faux for the leaf tree from my office and then we also pulled in the plant maybe it’s kind of similar to this from Kyle’s office and we love like basically the bigger than planted better in that room we wanted it to be like kind of wide but like around as tall as Kyle which is like six-six mass so this one is definitely shorter but we could put it on like a little plant stem for now and it will grow if the fit of these trees are pretty easy to keep alive because I definitely need that if it’s live so I’m looking up right now if it’s easy to keep alive and it’s looking like it’s actually pretty easy this might be the one will get it’ll be a little bit small for now but I love the look I think it’ll be really nice in that bedroom and if it ends up growing too much I can always move it to another spot in the house but I just love these plants it’s pretty easy to keep alive then that’ll be good Leanne will one full plan is your favorite that you see oh yeah I like that one too there’s Noah if we see others I’m really into getting more plants just make sure they’re really Hardy and hard to kill it’s cool we’re good yeah I’ve no idea what it is I don’t know it’s really bright it looks like it needs some love it doesn’t look like one that I can we all need love especially me in the comments ridiculous okay let’s get this one and then I’m kinda interested in looking at other ones too they have a ton of really nice ones I like like I don’t know what these are like these little palms or whatever this is isn’t this kind of like what’s in your office there’s no maybe not I don’t know what I’m oh no I’m talking about like the the big one that’s not lives of the big fake one yeah I don’t know but I kind of like this day there’s only $25 my mom always had those Majesty’s palm I heard that lush tropical yeah need to get this for Kyle it’s a money tree what is it a money tree yeah it’s a money tree people actually said that it’s easy to keep alive let’s get a money tree that we can put it in your office but actually like the roots are pretty neat-looking yeah those are some cool roots yeah elaborate well I don’t mean roots I mean I think trunk whatever do you want that for your office let Myka like on your desk yeah or it’ll die people recommended this one to me in money tree they said money tree and all that and snake plants you guys told me that the snake plants would get huge and I’m seeing like what you’re talking about really tall I think me and this guy could be friends yeah this one’s so cute and it looked like it belongs in an office like with the rocks on one side I think we could be buddies let me think put it on my desk and like yeah killing a money tree oh my gosh I like I think it’s cool we could be buddies yeah they have like similarly sad looking plants but they’re on clearance for a dollar what this is like how bad I am with plans these they’re like not looking good but they’re on clearance for a dollar we wonder if we try to bring it back to life give it a chance they don’t look good they look pretty sad [Music] [Music] [Music] this is completely making me want to decorate our deck just get everything looking nice out there so you like a nice outdoor space this block is super cool I feel like Lowe’s and Home Depot both have a lot of just really like unique decor pieces that you don’t think to come here for [Music] you like it what’s that little buddy huh you want to go home with us okay I have a connection with this plant look at us we’re like best friends it’s gonna go on my desk and then I’ll forget to water him and he’ll die in a couple weeks but until then you’ll mourn him best friends I will mark it good luck go into our house I’m just I need you guys to remind me at least once a week in the comments to go water and then this can be a team effort and hopefully we can keep these it’s not a bad idea right one of you guys could do that you know what else we need I need a name for this guy you didn’t name him my best my best friend here know what’s a good plan well with some of the names from the from like the routier it show we could name them like Mortimer from places what was their Butler’s polycon thing is like to use their Jeeves [Music] but isn’t there like some like oh my gosh okay so his dog’s name I think was Cash Money science painted on diddy it’s a place you guys have some better names than Cadbury or 30 but buddy’s what the beacons leave him below his child I guess is like serious my heroes so I told Kyle that there was like a white pot that would match his the coroner’s office better and I traded it out and then he came back and said this one spoke to him with the brown pot it was like the same tree it’s my new best friend but Cadbury is growing on me a little bit bury the money play and you can’t say a Cadbury up say like fancy like Cadbury Maria I just hope you stays alive me too you really have to work on it they just said don’t water him too much and Kyle is like that will not be a problem what are you talking about what would you be in Liam – whoa blocks yours is roblox – and what else is here is no now you can just like I don’t think this is possible mom it’s like I see a flaw in your logic alright so we aren’t Walmart really quick we’re just basically looking for a pot for the big plant and then we have to rush home because we have like 30 minutes before we have to be back for Luke hopefully we can go quick with the little boys oh this one’s cute we really like this one that one’s really nice huh guys it’s not big enough but it makes me wanna get another past plan to put that one in some mortises every time we wash copy and support us in it alright we didn’t find anything you guys ready okay let’s go bless you [Music] we got a money tree that’s not a money tree it is it’s called a money tree I don’t see any dog did you have a good day at school okay it’s okay all right we’re going to take the plants in and then we’re going to go out together real quick and see if we can find a pot for the big one this is where Kyle put the tree just right on the island so we’re gonna go see if we can find a pot maybe I like home goods or Marshalls or Ross or something just something a little bit more affordable and hopefully we can find a pot that will fit this and like a riser for it even though my desk is a mess right now check it out me and Cadbury just hanging out I’m so excited yeah so silly with this plant maybe like laughing and a little bit sad for you in it days I want to get a little nameplate this is Cadbury I can put he deserves it yes Oh crazy he deserves it whoever spots the plant stand and pick a treat at the end and then we’ll all share it but whoever gets whoever finds it gets to pick it I’m gonna go to Ross in HomeGoods and Marshalls Luke I’m happier here we missed you and we went to hellos when you were at school Luke AIDS go hey doubt his least favorite thing oh my gosh look how cute this is that is adorable and it’s $13 that would be so cute like by the front door this is Ross Oh [Music] I’m diving in the people are you looking for you tonight I’m diving in the deep blue are you looking for you my love I don’t like it when we’re fighting cause you always make me cry yeah are you looking for you cuz you’re I found some cups one for me one for Kyle you guys guess who would be who okay we all know I’m the good egg obviously I do my that is not even true or nice since good egg look you see the right answer like who’s the Nadia daddy always sneaks things into the into the basket of the grocery store I know that’s naughty I’m a hundred percent a good egg in this house I think 300 per side if anyone was just about it I can just get this just for child I don’t even need a compass is getting charity now jealous and what’s just not that do you know what jealousy is the mark of a bad egg whatever all right so we’re gonna get that one then I also found this little bike so I got some live aloe vera from Amazon that’s on its way let’s go [Music] Noah do you like red Mustangs or green Mustangs both candy like purple Mustangs or both all three fingers all Mustangs you like okay you were falling asleep for a minute we are back home and the boys are downstairs they’re getting some tablet time and Kyle and I are gonna go maybe like try to watch a show or something actually I have some editing today but I think I might just kinda chill out and relax have been doing some work today and just errands and stuff earlier but I wanted to show you guys how the tree looks in the plant the only thing is I don’t really feel like this pot is one that I can actually elevate so I think it’ll just be this height but I think it’ll end up being good and it’ll end up growing because it’s like so I really really love how it looks when we turn around I’ll show you okay so here is a good look at the fitta leaf tree and then there’s the pot and it’s just white with this really pretty design on it you guys all have to let me know is it better to actually transplant it into this pot or just leave leave it in this like plant or grower pot for a while let me know if there’s like a preference either way or benefit either way I guess that’s how it looks and I really love it it’s gonna get up going up in the guest room up there so after we just have a little bit of like downtime I’ll probably making dinner and I’m not entirely sure we’re having tonight I think we are doing like some fajitas but I will have them on tortillas I think I’m just probably gonna make that I can talk I think I’m probably just gonna make some rice with them for me and then whoever else wants rice can have rice – but I’m just knocking the tortillas because of the gluten but yeah I think we’re gonna do that and that should be pretty easy I’ll actually went to this store the other day I got some beef fajitas and so it’s just like I already chopped up everything so like there’s really nothing to do with it and I think I’ll be really good and that’s what we’ll do for dinner be it’s just a super easy laid-back dinner a little bit later on [Music] my makeup is falling off what begin the you guys have a really good fund is even called it’s just based like where it helps your makeup stay on let me know because I feel like at the end of the day just I make it looks like it’s all falling off but uh I just got so tired I was like in the middle of starting to cook and I’m like I just have to go lay down for a second like I feel like I haven’t been tired like that in a little while but I’ve been having like really really bad insomnia which I feel I felt like I just had it for a long time not really sure why and then it turns out that it’s just a symptom of Hashimoto’s and so I have just been having really bad insomnia when I need to wake up for the boys in the morning I’m like dead tired I don’t know I hate I had never really dealt with insomnia before Hashimoto’s my cats came up to Hawaii with me hey Bailey this is Bailey and there’s my good but it’s so dark I feel like you can’t even see like who is hello Bailey is still so shy and I want her to love me so much sometimes she’ll come and rub on me rarely and then sometimes she’ll let me pet her but she like is obsessive pale Bailey baby come here why do you turn your back to me it drives me nuts because I always like joke with the cat’s but I’m like I’m the reason that we got you guys because I was the one who really wanted cats and I’m like I was the reason that you guys are even here and y’all don’t even like me mica does mica likes me but I think Mike I might even like how better to and Bailey just like wants nothing to do with me I’m like I feed you they give you water I try to give you snuggles and she just won’t have it so I’m so sad like when I’m having like a bad day and I’m just like like the cat’s walked by and like come York here and I try to get him and they walk away and I’m just like just love me not but anyway it’s really I got off track but yeah I’ve just I’ve been having like terrible insomnia and it’s been just making me like so much more tired throughout the day I feel like I’ve still been doing feeling better overall um just since like eating healthier and starting to work out now again and just kind of like getting things like my stress is way down I feel and all that stuff but the insomnia has been I kick you my butt so I do have to go finish dinner right now but if you guys have any tips on that aside from apples that I always share let me know startled our eyes we like orb disguise something in the air and a sparkly showers [Music] see


  • Hey family!! I don’t know why Kyle is such a goofball, but I hope he makes y’all laugh as much as he make me!! 🤪😂 Comment below if you love CADBURY or have a different name suggestion?! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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  • In our house we celebrate “watering day” every Sunday to remember to water all our plants! Usually sometime during the day someone will shout “it’s watering day!!” They’re all still alive! And definitely keep your tall plant in its nursery pot, the white one is definitely meant only for decoration.

  • Kyle, YOU have that lush tropical look. Oh hey, how is the window seat coming along.?! 🤣🌴 Cadbury is chocolate. I like Cash.

  • You guys are the cutest family! You always make me laugh and smile! I always look forward to your videos on both channels.

  • I actually liked the plant name that Kyle picked 😁 and my cat likes my boyfriend more than me too 🙄😂

  • You little has a lot of energy love the planet you bought kale has a new friend mr cash the plants name lol thanks for sharing have a wonderful blessed day.

  • 15:38 the way he leaned in and the way you smiled at him when he made his joke. THAT IS LOVE!
    And Noah is 90 mph!! I love it!

  • Hey, I totally understand that tiredness that just comes over you. I have Hashimoto's too. It is a different sort of tied. Us mums just have to keep going and do all the nightly chores. I find cooking dinner the worst some days. I love your vlogs and style. Looking forward to the kid's rooms downstairs. :))

  • Cadbury is a popular brand of chocolate in Australia! If you call your plant Cadbury you could nick name it chocolate!

  • Love your vlogs ❤️ your family is awesome! If you don’t mind me asking where did you buy your popcorn popper ? My best friend has been looking for one. 😊

  • Take Magnesium at bedtime…it is an essential nutrient, but few people take it! It may help you sleep.
    Love the name 'Cadbury'. Kyle is too funny!

  • Such a fun video. Your husband is too funny. I really like how casual and open you are when talking about your health just like talking to a good friend. I have an Imperial Shih Tzu and sometimes she totally ignores me. I just want to love her and I joke she’s just like a cat, glad your doing better. Hopefully the sleep will get turned around. Hugs ~Samantha

  • So, I love cats! I also have two! I watch a guy on YouTube called Jackson galaxy and he’s like the Cesar Millan of cats lol, anyway when you make eye contact with Bailey close you’re eyes for a couple seconds and then open them, keep doing it as long as she keeps eye contact and slow blinks back at you. Jackson calls this the “cat I love you” that’s how cats communicate trust to one another. It has helped a ton with my shy cat! Hope it helps you!

  • Hahaha don’t feel bad about forgetting to water plants, I have dear friend that texts me once a week to remind me to water my plants. I keep them alive because of her. 😂

  • Hi Amanda you and Kyle are such a sweet and beautiful couple thank you for sharing your day with us I don’t do well with plants either ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the boys are getting so big ! ❤️🥰

  • Hey everytime I watch you I see Kimmie face in she's in an apron y'all look so much alike lol much love be blessed.

  • IKEA, Ross, Marshall’s, th Max and thrift stores have the best plant pots. Also biglots, and the at home store

  • You both have a very cute relationship and the ability to make you laugh is a big deal. Stay happy! Sending Kyle some love. Kyle, talk to the cats and tell them they need to show Amanda some love lol!!

  • Omg I cannot handle the cuteness in that family 😄 you guys are just adorable together and have fun together and it's so good to see that! Thanks so much for sharing!
    The plants look great and do make sure to water them once a week lol, well remind you 🙂 actually I feel like there's an app for that…
    Hugs to the boys and thanks again for sharing!

  • Oh my gosh ,you guys crack me up, You and Kyle are the cutest. I love these Vlogs, you are Both superstars!!

  • I think you need to keep the grower pot there cuz it can drain. You don't want the plant getting root rot.

  • Amanda and Kyle go to the following you tube channels: Garden Answers: excellent for garden planning-indoor plants etc. Planterina-she is an excellent source for house plants -a fun gal to watch. Good luck with your new family members!!😳love your sweet family -and your you tube channels.

  • Hey guys I had to laugh it made my day lol and I think Cadbury is a good name for the plant lol and I love ur guys day in the life videos they are always so entertaining! Keep up the good work you guys!! 😊

  • Do you guys still have Emma? I feel like I haven’t seen her in a while. She seems like she would be good at cuddling

  • I used to keep live plants when I had the room for them, but I can't do that anymore since I live in a tiny apartment with no room for a lot of decorative things. Do your cats bother the live plants?

  • Hi Amanda,
    Oh how I get it! The cat thing, love my cats, but they love me, when ever. Enjoyed this video. I'm sitting in my classroom waiting for parents to come in and talk about thier child's process. No one has come so far, so this is the perfect time to watch. Love it! Warm thoughts I send your way Raquel🙋‍♀️🙊🙉🙈💕💕💝

  • Sending Kyle love. 😘😘. He is so funny. This video was so much fun. I’m adding plants to my home too and hope I keep them alive. I like Kyle’s money tree. That would be a good one for my husband’s office.

  • sending kyle love with this comment and you too amanda!

    you should just name the plant benjamin lol or benji lol

    you guys are to cute and funny to watch.

    oh yeah dont forget to water your plants! lol

  • I use Isagenix Sleep Support and Renewal spray when I can’t sleep, it works really well and I’m not groggy when I wake up🙂

  • Aww! I just love your sweet family! Thank you for sharing some of your day with us!! I love the pot for the tree… I’d give you advice on care of your plants, but I have the blackest thumbs- my husband won’t let me near the garden (for the garden’s safety)!

  • Keep the receipt and tag on pot for the plants. If they die Lowe’s will refund your money if dies within one year of purchase. You will need to take receipt tag that describes plant and a piece of the dead plant

  • His dogs name was Dollar, haha. Ferguson was a character but I think he was a bad guy. There was also Reginald, Ellsworth and Herbert

  • I look forward to your videos. Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do next. Kyle is the best. One sweet couple, lots of humor. Take it out of the original pot. Looks awesome, I have insomnia sometimes but I had to get help. Take some time off for yourself and just rest after boys are gone to school. Go to the spa.

  • I loved your plant video! I need to get a few for my house..it's hard to find ones that are not toxic to cats. I have 2 fur babies! Sometimes, my cats prefer my husband over me and I think the same thing! I think I might get a spider plant! I recently got an orchid. I would love to get a palm, but my cats would eat the leaves!

  • I look at my plants once a week on the same day to see how they are for water. Easy way to remember that way.

  • My cats are the same girl! I always tell them like you about my husband not wanting cats and they have the best life just cause of ME! But alas, they always choose my husband no matter what! 😉 I love them so much though so.. oh well!

  • Kyle cracks me up. Such a goofball. Please video him much more . Lol! He ❤️’s you so so much, he is definitely the bad egg.

  • I love live plants in my house. I love to get plants from Lowes and I always get the $1 plants and try to bring them back to life. Don't forget to water your plants. Oh my I want a popcorn cooker my boys love popcorn.

  • I haven't seen your channel lately. But, what's up with Kyle?? He's so talkative and joking around. He used to be so solemn. He is a fun guy. Enjoyed the video a lot. Don't forget to water Cadberry!!

  • I water my plants every saturaday as part of my saturday cleaning routine – so I won´t forget to care for them. Kyle and his buddy =) Kyle you can´t kill your best friend *lol Love from Germany ♥

  • You could also look for a peace lily. They are super easy to care for. If you forget to water they get super droopy and the pop right up when you water them!

  • Hi Amanda sorry for not commenting before now but you both really made my day I was in a Lot of pain that day thank you for talking my mind of it your both lovely xxxx❤️

  • I love your motivational videos and all the others as well. I have debilitating arthritis and pain in my back and neck and have been so depressed because I can't keep the house clean like I used to. After watching your videos I have been cleaning every day. My kitchen was a wreck but I've done one small area a day organizing and cleaning and it looks so much better!! It's hard to do but I can do it in small amounts each day. This has made such a difference in my life. Thank you so much! ❤❤💕

  • Lol Kyle, such a ham .🤣 I know you have cats and a dog. Keep an eye on the cats… hehe, my cat use to pee in the plants. And I've read some plants can be poisonous to animals.

  • Hi, Amanda, new here….been watching you for about two weeks…lol i have never had such a clean RV… you have had me cleaning dusting, and cleaning out under sinks and pantry…just love the motivation you create for us….i am a 60 year old lady , retired hair dresser…and mother of two grown boys…two grands, and 5 grand fur babies….lol…thanks for inviting me to join you and your sweet loving family….and love to Kyle…just loved that…

  • 1:02 OH, MOUNTAINS! It's my dream to see a snow covered mountain one day. I don't want to climb it. I just want to see it with my own eyes, not a photo or video. Hard to find any mountains in Chicago. Sigh.

  • Kyle sending You love from Poland! 🙂 I love flowers at home but I don't have a hand for them, so my mother-in-law can save every flower! 😀 I love this vlog so much! <3

  • I laughed when your son picked you as the bad egg. I have 3 boys also and we’ve asked our boys similar questions when joking around and they always pick me for the “bad egg”. Mine will still do it at 20, 18 and 11, occasionally my youngest will side with me if he wants time on video games lol!

  • Name the plant Johnny “Cash”. Although Kyle seems pretty set on Cadbury! 😄 Which is also great lol.
    And you guys are seriously too cute. 😊

  • I just love this channel so much. Seeing your beautiful family interact warms my heart. Cadbury is appropriate for Easter coming up.😅 I only wish I had had a goofy silly loving husband like you Amanda. You are so blessed💕❤💕

  • I’m sure it’s been said already but you could set a timer on your phone for once a week to water the plants.

  • That one with the giant white bloom…I don't know is technical name but around here they're called funeral or mourning plants (cause there's usually at least one at every funeral)…they are so easy to care for. I have one from my grandmother's funeral that I've had alive for 8 years and all I've ever done is water it every couple of weeks (once a week if it's blooming). It would probably like to be replanted but I keep forgetting to look at pots. I have an ivy that I couldn't get to grow for years. I put it on top of my fridge and quit fussing with it and it's now touching the floor…I don't know what to do with it now lol. I also have a collection of poinsettia that ppl just want to throw away after Christmas…yes they lose their bright red color but they're beautiful just green too.

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