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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be sharing with you some amazing, free ways to surprise your kids.
In the past on this channel, I’ve shared surprising our boys with family holidays and things like
that. But the truth is, you don’t need to spend any money to make your child’s day and
to give them a great surprise. So I really hope you like these ideas and you try these
out at home. And if you have any other suggestions on ways that you surprise your kids, I’d love
for you to put them in the comments down below. And if you’re new around here, please consider
subscribing. If you like this kind of thing, I post loads of content about family, lifestyle,
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So my first idea couldn’t be simpler, all you’re going to need for this as a banana
and a black marker. And what we do is, if we ever put a banana in for the boys’ snack
at school, we just write a little message on it. It takes like five seconds to do this,
and it might be something as simple as have a great day with a smiley face, or you could
also go onto Google and Google banana jokes, and there are so many on there, so sometimes
we’ll write that on there as well. There’s things like, why did the banana goes
to the doctor? Because he wasn’t peeling very well. Or, what do you call two banana skins,
a pair of slippers. Things like that. I just know the boys will read at school and really
enjoy. My next idea is to surprise your kids, but
their luxury bath. I have three boys, and they love this whenever I do it, so all I
do is add a little bit more bubble bath into the bath, maybe let the water be a tiny bit
higher, dim the lights. You can add a bath bomb if you have one. You can add glow sticks,
maybe some different toys, or maybe you could even put those a little electric tea lights
in the bathroom as well. And honestly, they will be so excited when they see the surprise.
My next idea is to arrange a surprise play date for your children. Why not invite one
of their friends over to play, or maybe a family member, a cousin, something like that,
but not tell them. And then when there’s a knock at the door they can answer it, and
they’ll be so excited to see their friend. The next idea is such a fun one, and that
is to play restaurant in your house. So basically, sit your kids down at a table. You can be
the waiter and the chef, or if you have an older child, they could be the waiter as well.
You can give your customers choices of what they can order. So it’s just going to be things
that you have in the fridge anyway. So it might be chicken nuggets, fish fingers, whatever
you got to hand. But they can place their order, and then while you’re making it, you
can give them some coloring to do, just like they’re in a restaurant. And then you can
serve them, they can order drinks, they might need milk, water, or squash, other choices.
And yeah, it’s just a bit more exciting at meal times, and they will have so much fun.
Obviously you only want to do this one once in a while or when they only have friends
around, because you don’t want them to start asking for a menu every night.
A cute idea is to have a scavenger hunt when it’s snack time. If your child is old enough
read, you can write some clues down on a post it note, and then get them to find where their
snack is. Or if you have a toddler, or they can’t read quite yet, you could just hide
their snack and then you have to find it together. We also love to have game nights with our
kids. You might just play the board games that you already have, mine love to play Double
and UNO and Monopoly, or you can download some great ones on your phone as well.
There’s this one called Heads Up, that you can just download the app as a kiddie version
as well, and you just place it on your forehead and then everyone else has to act out what
this is. I can actually see what it is, so it’s a seal. So they have to act it out or
give you clues, and then once you get it you just go like that, and then you’ll get another
one. And you have a minute to see how many right that you can guess. And this is so much
fun when you have friends over, or it’s also great at Christmas as well.
Or, why not let the kids help out in the kitchen? My love for do this, especially if it’s something
sweet like a cake or cupcakes. You can use ingredients that you already have, or you
can get really cheap cupcake sets that just add an egg and water, and can be Peppa Pig
themed and stuff like that. And they’ll have so much fun, and be really proud when they
can also eat it at the end. Another tradition that we do in this house,
that the boys really look forward to, is our Friday movie nights. All we do is sit on the
couch with comfy blankets, and popcorn, and then we’ll all watch a film. We’ll just watch
one that we already have anyway, so it’s completely free, but it’s something that we all really
look forward to and it’s really lovely family time.
And my last fun idea to surprise your kids is to let them have a sleep over, either with
you or with their siblings. Our eldest actually has a double bed, so we’ll
sometimes let the younger brothers get in with him and they get so excited that they’re
allowed to have a sleep over. Or you could let them arrange of sleep over on the floor
with loads of pillows and blankets. You would not believe how excited they get about this,
and it’s just so much fun. But anyway, I hope you like all of these ideas. Let me know what
you think in the comments below. And thank you so much for watching, I’ll see you in
my next one. Bye guys!


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