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SHOPPING IN SPANISH pt1 – Learn Spanish – Travel Phrases #4

Mi nombre es Alán and it’s an honor to
be your Spanish teacher. I’m sure you already know how important it is for travelers to know how to buy stuff in the local language. So today I will teach you the essential words
and phrases for shopping in Spanish. We’ll divide this lesson into two parts. In this video I will teach you the key words
and the most useful questions and phrases for shopping in Spanish, and next week we’ll
go into town and visit some local souvenir shops for a 100% hands-on approach. If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbsup and share it with your friends, challenge them to learn with you. And let us know if you have any questions
regarding the topic and what you would like to learn next. Next week, Camille and I will go into town
to show you some beautiful local souvenir shops. We’ll also teach you the common phrases
that people will say to you when you enter a store
and we’ll give you some tips to get the best deals on your next trip to México or
Latin América. Don’t forget that we have a gift for you,
to help you get started in Spanish the right way and interact with the locals during your
next trip abroad. To download it for free just click the link
in the description below. Our gift for you for being here! Subscribe for weekly Spanish lessons, travel
videos & tips, cultural information, and more!

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