Shopping in Malaysia | buy Electronics in Kuala Lumpur. Petronas Twin Towers [ENG SUB]

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Shopping in Malaysia | buy Electronics in Kuala Lumpur. Petronas Twin Towers [ENG SUB]

Guys, hello again! We went to an electronics store. At the mall Petronas Twin Towers. And we decided that it’s time to renew our old laptops We decided to take him on MacBook Air 13 inches. We are already in another electronics store.
In the past the shop we could not buy a laptop Because they run out Only stayed for more memory.
We went to another
store and found there two MacBook at a very attractive price. Which
is 3,299 ringgit It is more profitable than buying in Thailand. There is no tax refund
But still, even if we bought in Thailand and then makes a return of 7% tax, laptops would cost more. Therefore, we take two Macbook
Renew our old Can normally be installed video.
Because my computer can not handle He immediately begins to slow down when I have something heavy load. And we will seek GoPro. The lens on this camera does not allow normal shoot video, only static shots Portrait shots. We want to shoot in the water, on the bike. For this purpose, we need a GoPro. We watched it in Thailand But there it is expensive. Now we are looking at. Prices are different. You can buy for 1300 ringgit can for 1400. We are paying by credit card, they remove the tax of 3%. This is not very convenient. Therefore we are looking for other options. Maybe we’ll find something. And then we will have a GoPro. Video will become more fun and dynamic Hello everyone.
Hello. We purchased GoPro. Now we will shoot video more often. Video will be better The picture will be more stable.
We will be with round faces. Yes, because the wide angle shooting Now we are on an unknown street. We are looking for a place to eat We are looking for the Indians, because I want something Indian. I want cake. Everywhere in the Malaysian language menu It seems that this is the English words. Do You
read them and think, “What an interesting word” Written in Latin script and is similar to the English language But it is not so
Much easier when there are pictures We GoPro on a stick, so if we can fight back camera Yes I Do?
Fight back. Oh, what a thing such oooo?
Local guys watching. Not seen even once. Go some dudes, stick waving,
talk. Talk to stick. – We purchased GoPro expensive.
– Well, quite a good price, You can find cheaper, but we did not look for it. Just took. We bought a camera monopod and a memory card. All of this came at the price that we were offered on Phuket There were strange shops, where they took the cash only There was no set. Was only the camera GoPro. There were no accessories, no nothing. – Yes, only GoPro
– And then we went to the store photographic equipment They sell the camera. Found a GoPro. And there was a stand GoPro There were accessories. We took a monopod. Now use it when shooting All together worth as much cost one camera in Phuket The memory card was expensive. And she GoPro too. We found 1300 ringgit. It was possible to find a cheaper. We took for 1400. We did not want to run around town and look for where you can save. We decided to take. Do you want to eat here?
I do not see the menu. I want to go where there is a menu Ok, let’s go I do not know the Malaysian language. Looking for pictures? Some Malaysians who work as waiters do not speak English When I try to have them
find out: “What is this meal? Vegetables, meat? “They can not answer.
All interested GoPro What is this such a thing on a stick?
Yes I Am. Europeans probably. We in Russia. Come on, take off, and all
think, “Oh, what are they doing?” People here look like something was wrong.
After Thailand, so it seems No you is not smiling. We were approached by people during the day They asked whether we are married.
I do not know how it sincerely About the shop. What is it? Here cosmetics. We do not need cosmetics In Asia, it is possible not to use cosmetics. Because everything flows from the face Kuala Lumpur at night is different. There are trays with clothing, fruit Prices are much higher than during the day Compared with Thailand prices are much higher As if we were back in Russia Even more expensive.
If you are going to break the budget in Malaysia Take along an extra $ 200 Better to take cash There are problems with the ATM.
They may not work. They may not have the money There is a cat. They look different And yet somehow strange to us when we pass by
some … In general, when we go to Thailand by
trays where, what type kafeshechek small, we are constantly beckon,
smiling. Hello, hello first, all
say: Hello! And start to say something. And then somehow you’re going, look at the people, and they … “I do not cook, I’m not selling anything”
Here are just a GoPro attracts all. You can be naked, but go with GoPro Everyone will look only at the GoPro
Jura me today rebuked I did not take a nothing covering his feet. Muslim country Yet no one said anything If I had someone say something, I still do not understand.
So I think I’m safe. And we’re going to get up tomorrow
early in the morning, we always plan. We still do not have the program. But we have big plans We want to see the Petronas Towers at night. Not today. We are tired. Visit the TV tower. Another visit Batu Caves We want to take a ride on the monorail In Kuala Lumpur, there is a large bird park. He fenced around, but the birds do not sit in the cells Top park is covered with fine mesh Yet there is a butterfly park. But all this is quite expensive. If you visit all the places Will not less than $ 300 We’re already how much time? We are here one day and we have already spent about $ 150
Part spent on visas The rest of the money spent is not clear on that. We just walked and drank water. Disadvantageous here to drink water 🙂 After the Thai prices seem high. It is not clear why. Kuala Lumpur City Centre is very beautiful Petronas Twin Towers There are beautiful. But here in the doorways … I was not in India but I think there are also some Here the problem is the problem. Do you have a map and you think “Now I will go, I will go now …” Here obscure road junctions. You can walk in circles Yesterday we went around and returned to its original location It is best to have a bike in Asia Foot here, few walks. And the bike
much more pleasant to move around. Your impressions will be bright by country The roads are not designed for walking. There are sidewalks. In some places, they simply do not.
In some places, just some puddles. Dirty. Day is very hot It’s better if you come to the Petronas Twin Towers by taxi or subway and take a walk there We have close to home monorail
Tomorrow I think that’s a ride.


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