Shopping at a Japanese Supermarket in Tokyo

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Shopping at a Japanese Supermarket in Tokyo

hello everybody thanks for joining me again today I’m going to be taking you guys on a trip to the local supermarket today that’s right I know a lot of you guys have been requesting me to do this for the longest time but we just never got around to it so today is a day we’re going to do that for you guys now instead of taking our user camera I’m going to be using my iPhone to film because supermarkets in Japan are sort of anal about picture taking they really don’t want you to and every time I take out my camera and I start filming they go like this which basically means stop you’re not allowed to do that so I’m going to go undercover with my iPhone and take as much footage as I can so that you guys can see what a typical Japanese supermarket looks like okay check out those sweet potatoes I love sweet potatoes those are subtly more there are some more sweet potatoes from local farmers you guys you like sweet potatoes I love them this is gobo which is Berta another root vegetable even in hot on then these are more vegetables grown by local farmers these are the pictures of the local farmers pumpkin very cheap – they’re pre-cut doing about a dollar persimmons you guys know how much I love persimmons really cheap really inexpensive that is so sweet apples love apples okay and here are some other fresh produce as well as seafood these are prepackaged seafood let’s see what’s on sale today there’s some tofu some pickled vegetables lots of goodies here let me show you two blocks of tofu here are only 49 yen that’s five fifty cents between 40 cents or 50 cents the candy section I always come here to buy candy for my nephew when I go back to Hawaii he loves Japanese candies and I sometimes by the giveaway prizes here yeah yeah they really have a big selection here so we’re going up to the second floor because we need to buy a new frying pan our frying pan is terrible everything sticks on the frying pan so let’s see if we can find a good one at a reasonable price so the second floor is where we come for shampoo detergent pet food stuff like that anyway Satoshi is on a mission this man’s on the mission where you going where you going we’re looking at this is a Nabi for Japanese hotpot what you want one don’t you so though she loves to look at a cookware it’s good to write your the fry pans oh they have colorful ones so Satoshi right now he’s being very very meticulous with his frypan choosing we need to clarifying and 28 centimetres but that would work with our lid that we have at home little bit what it’s too big really hmm now rice is not very cheap here in Japan we eat a lot of it but it’s not cheap okay here is the ready-made section there’s a big section here and the prices are extremely reasonable a whole bunch of different mentals sushi sets like this sushi set is like 400 yen the bentos are about 298 yen that’s about three dollars I know unbelievable so I really hope you guys enjoyed that video that’s the best that I could do I had a few warnings from the staff members but I was ok they didn’t kick me out fortunately if you’re ever in Tokyo or in Japan I do recommend that you visit a local supermarket it’s a very interesting experience you get to learn a lot about the culture through you know what we eat here in Japan and the bento and the ready-made section is really interesting and you know you can get really cheap eats and you know pick up a couple of bentos eat it in your hotel room and you can buy a lot of gifts for our friends back home at a fraction of the cost of what you can buy at the souvenir shops so definitely visit a supermarket next time you are in town please give this video a thumbs up share a comment subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already done so and thank you for watching hope to see you guys again very soon your entire ease thank you bye you


  • And I thought just walking through Asian supermarkets here in the States was fun–I can't wait to see Japanese supermarkets in person!

  • +Sakura Spring We actually ended up buying one that was on the video. You'll probably see it on an upcoming video. hehe. We also got a new saucepan too! It was used for the Matcha White Chocolate Latte.

    We were looking for a frying pan that would work with the lid we have back home, which is why we took the tape measure. Lids are usually sold separately and didn't want to invest in another lid since we already had one. We also wanted to make sure that it looks attractive as it has to appear on video.

    The one we were using was supposed to be a non-stick ceramic coating and it was good for video because it was white. But everything sticks to it so easily that cooking was actually stressful! lol. You won't know by watching our videos, but we had to work around that problem with so many of our recipes. Something as simple as cooking an omelette was complicated. gaaaaaa!!!!!

  • +Sakura Spring Yes actually prices in Japan are quite cheap compared to America. Everytime my family from Hawaii visit here, they keep shaking their head at the low prices. Then when we visit Hawaii, we can't get over how expensive something as simple as lettuce can be!

  • Thank you for taking the risk and showing us inside your supermarket! I love videos like this, I don't know why! Lol. I am jealous at your tofu prices, in the U.S. you can get one block of tofu for about $1.99, sometimes it's on sale for $1.49. I have never actually had burdock, what does it taste like and how do you use it?

  • very surprised about the rice prices. It looks loads like my supermarket here, the signs seem the same. Are they owned by Wal*Mart?

  • Great job getting all that footage! It's always so awkward having to secretly film like that, but you did it! Many people think that everything in Japan is expensive, but I don't think food is generally. It's much cheaper than Australia (except for the fruit).

  • Thanks for taking us shopping! I have some satsumaimo at home, what can I do with them? I also have some murasaki imo (Okinawa sweet potato). Thanks for the ideas in advance! 🙏🙏

  • seeing the ready-made food section with the bentos and boxes of karaage chicken makes me so happy. we have a couple japanese markets here in L.A. but nothing compared to that of course. love it!

  • Nice video! I found the supermarket in Japan strange comparing to what I have here in the states.. But really cute and catches my attention. Definitely spend more time in the supermarket and buy more fresh fruit next time I'm there 🙂

  • WOW, everything is so neat looking…nice clean store! WOW!!!!…. two floors….amazing. Thanks for showing us around,I enjoyed this video!

  • funny, your "T-fal" pans are called "tefal" pans here 🙂 they just replaced the e with a hyphen in the brand name logo

  • do you know if there is a way to buy things from japanese supermarkets or convenience stores that would ship to the US?

  • In my home country of Venezuela, they don't allow you to film inside a supermarket not because of nuisance, but because of fear to let the world know the scarcity of products due to asinine economic measures by the government :

  • Rice is Japan is expensive because the government wants to protect its farmers. There is a high tariff on imported rice, such as those from California. Grocery stores in Hawaii are expensive compared to those in the mainland because everything has to be imported. Japanese tourists to San Francisco's supermarkets are amazed at the prices for meat compared to the Japanese supermarkets in Tokyo. California oranges and fruits are expensive in Japan because of the tariff imposed on agricultural products from California. The United States grows its own rice in states such as California (short-grained rice0 and Texas (long-grained rice.)


  • Can't wait to go food shopping in Tokyo. Have you ever done a segment on Tokyuu Hands? A few people that I've spoken to about Japan love that store.

  • Those prices are amazing! The pre-made bento/sushi/teriyaki boxes run about $9.00 in my area, and are not as big as those.

  • I don't travel much, but when I do, I always try to include a supermarket visit. There are always such interesting things there.

  • You guys just got a sub from me. Wonderful channel. I was in Japan on vacation a month ago and now I miss it terribly, hope you're happy 🙂

  • Ugh , Wish we had a Japanese supermarket in the US, I know we have a few Asain supermarkets in the US
     but nowhere near me 🙁

  • japan .. on my bucket list for sure… i love that you guys bring something new to the jvlog community! thank you for awesome vids .. i must be nearly half way through the list now lol

  • you should look into getting yourself a spy camera hat or a pair of glasses with a built in camera that way they would never know you are filming in the store.

    my apologies if this statement is a repeat of someone else's suggestion.

  • I want to try Japanese food so bad I've never had it I've never even eatten romian noodles for that matter…and u guys are so cute I love it

  • Was wondering why their channel is under rated..but never the less..we're here to support you..keep up the great videos coming 😄

  • Thank you for the video! In Germany, when the food isn't too fresh anymore or when it has to be consumed soon, often there are cut prices. Does this also happen in japan? I like it, because I am tempted to buy it way more when the price is low and they don't have to throw it away!

  • I usually love living in Milan, and thought the prices were high yet not unbearably so… but looking at those prices makes me wanna cry! Haha. 350 Yen for a bento box, you're super lucky! ^__^

  • The cheaper and better produce in Japan makes me so upset, as to why our food is more expensive in CA and we don't have healthcare and more poor people. I have some ideas as to why that is, but it's upsetting that it's that way.

  • Thanks for sharing ! I work in a grocery store in the U.S. , so i appreciate seeing Japan's grocery stores !

  • hope you can mention names of grocery stores in Asakusa or Ueno, will be going there in the next couple of months 😊

  • I am curious – why is rice expensive in a country that basically uses it in almost everything? I would expect some rice, the really premium stuff, to be more, but I am surprised when you said the rice was dear. Can you expand on that a bit?

  • you took the risk, thanks muvcho! its interesting how we think its expensive to buy in japan but actually it depends on what you're buying..

  • Are the supermarkets in Tokyo more expensive than the convenience stores?
    Which supermarkets chains are the most recommended in Tokyo?
    Thanks 🙂

  • I really like how there's local produce and even photos of the farmers, and surprised that's in a supermarket owned by Wal-Mart. We have ASDA in the UK owned by Wal-Mart and often the produce isn't even from this country.

  • If you guys ever come to the Seattle area, I would like to recommend the Japanese super grocery store called, Uwajimaya….they've been in business since 1928.

    Then let us know how it compares to the ones in Japan.

  • thats probably the cheapest ive ever heard of tofu being —my gosh out here its $3.00-$4.00 us–just for one block

  • Woah I would get fat if I lived over there. The bento boxes look good! It's $15 or more in California! It's also cool how ya'll have a grocery stores that have a second floor! I'll definitely check out the grocery store if I ever go to Japan!

  • Are you family, friends, or what.. Just curious 🤔🤔🤔 anyway you're funny guys 😉😘hello 👋 👋 from Chicago.

  • Japanese sweet potatoes taste like vanilla cake to me! I love them and there's only one place to get them. I pay $1.79 for one of those two block tofu. It seems cheaper to buy the sets instead of buying a lot of food to cook. Your prices are still a lot less than mine but you know that because you have friends here.

  • Thank you so much for taking us shopping with the two of you! That was interesting! Again, thank you Shinichi and Satoshi! 🏳️‍🌈

  • funniest thing that japanese people are known for taking pictures as tourist in other countrys but dont want people to take pictures in their country… weird !

  • Love that trip to the supermarket. Would love to learn japanese cuisine one day. I would like to see the variety of meats, mostly steaks. See you guys soon on the next video. Bye shinichi. Bye zatochi.

  • Is filming okay at convienent stores? Im travelling to Japan and want to film around and convienent stores is one place I want to film just to remember how different it is compared to canada

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