Shoe Collection | My Best & Worst Purchase | Try On Review

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Shoe Collection | My Best & Worst Purchase | Try On Review

Hi guys, welcome back! Today I’m gonna do a video
that is always requested by you guys and that is my shoe collection!! I always tell people that I’m not a shoe person,
I’m not into buying shoes But once I opened my shoe cabinet, I’m shocked to know that I have a lot of shoes that my cabinet is full Even though most of it were endorsed So in this video, I’m going to show you
all the shoes that I have and also a review whether the shoes are worth it DISCLAIMER: This video is not a show-off video but more of me, as your friend, giving some reviews on which are the comfortable shoes and vice versa Okay let’s get started!
So this is my shoe collection Okay so this is my shoe collection! So I will start from sandals, then sneakers,
low heels, high heels and lastly, boots. I’m also going to try it on for you guys
while also doing the review Before we get started, if you have not subscribed, welcome guys to this family! You just need to subscribe below and it’s free! And help me to reach 1 million subscribers by this year! For the first sandal, I have this one This one is from My Feet And this is more of a therapy sandal because the sole has a certain mold/shape So when we use it, the sole will gradually
mold the shape of our feet Therefore, our feet will feel more comfortable and
this also help to serve as a therapy too, they said. This is pretty comfortable too Especially if you’re a sandal person and you walk far distance, this sandal is very comfortable Since it has a mold, so when we first using it.. ..your feet feels like being massaged Especially if you have high arch feet,
the one has a high arch/curve like mine This sandal is very comfortable So far, I pretty like this one and will also recommend it
but I have not felt the health benefit yet Next up is this one from Ittaherl and it was a birthday gift from my friend I like the pink lace design because it looks feminine The middle part of this, the inner sole is very pillowy If you guys can see this.. So this will be very comfortable
on our feet, but unfortunately… she bought the wrong size.. I normally use size 38 and this is 37 and my friend said that Ittaherl sizing runs small So I should be wearing size 38 or 39 It’s unfortunate with the sizing, but I love the design Next sandal is from Charles and Keith In yellow mustard colour This is pretty comfortable. Even though it’s strappy
but it doesn’t hurt my feet And it’s pretty durable considering that
I totally wet it last time and it’s still okay This is very comfortable for casual days, daily use, to match your summer dresses, for Bali. This is the right sandal for it Okay so I only have 3 pairs of sandal The last one is flat shoes I just realized that I only have 1 pair of flat shoes This is from Tory Burch in black colour I use this pretty often that the inner soles are pretty dirty This has been more than a year but the leather is very durable because I’m pretty wasteful on shoes I won’t say this is very comfortable because the back part of my feet often get hurt when using this The back part of the shoes are not rubber but leather This one is a little small on me too,
so sometimes it hurts my feet It’s still okay to wear it to church or going out for a while.
But definitely a big NO to wear it all day. Okay so I just realized my sneakers are not here yet Be right back! Okay so the first one is this.. It looks like Converse but it isn’t. This was a fashion brand (no certain brand) and it was endorsed to me But surprisingly, this is very comfortable.
As you can see the inside… It has some fluff here and it’s also very soft so it won’t hurt your feet But I forgot from which online shop I got this, therefore I’m unable to share it to you guys, I’m so sorry So yeah, this is the first one. Next up, this pair of running shoes from Nike. Actually I got this for my mom,
but it turned out that the size doesn’t fit her It’s too small for her So I’m using it but actually it’s also a little tight on me because the front part is pretty slim, so it’s pretty tight on the front and it’s not too comfortable I like the design because it’s very classic.
Black and white Next, I have this pair from Keds. It’s in blue colour with flower brocade It’s brand new and I haven’t used it at all You must have already known this one.
This is my Keds Triple Decker Leather in white colour It’s the same as the previous one but in leather
and the leather is very durable You can also wash this I often wash this and the leather is still in good shape This one is very durable indeed. Next, I have my Adidas Superstar! The triple line is in rose gold I bought this in Japan. This one is pretty hard and sturdy,
not the soft comfortable type of shoes The comfortable level is so-so, but still okay I often use this to dance,
because of the edgy and swag style Last one from Adidas too, I also bought this in Japan but this one is made in Indonesia~ This one is pretty comfortable,
not as sturdy as the Superstar. So sometimes I use this for travelling, running, etc. Last one! This one is from Fila. I got it as a gift from one of my Singapore follower I got it a few days ago. She bought this but she found it unsuitable for her so she gave it to me and if I don’t like it, I can give it
to whoever I want to At first, I hesitated because I have never met her before,
and I don’t know her well enough too but she kept on saying it’s okay
and insisting on delivering it to me So thank you so much! It looks very good when it’s worn That’s all for the sneakers
and I will move on to low heels I have lots of low heels because ever since I gave birth to my son,
I seldom wear high heels I’m no longer able to wear it,
I wear a little while and it’s hurting so that explains the reason why The first one, from Charles and Keith again The colour is taupe/beige I bought this because it easily matches any outfits Especially when wearing dress and want to pair it with a neutral heels that aren’t too high, I always go for this Honestly, this is not the very comfortable type The back part of this, the rubber part here
is pretty hard and rough The back part of my feet were all blisters because of it, so perhaps I should stick an adhesive bandage on it While the front part is a bit loose on my feet so the fitting isn’t the best but still acceptable Next, I have a strappy wide low heels from Pedro This one is very dirty because I use it pretty often This one here is pretty comfortable This is also very easy to match with summer dresses, casual clothes, or even jeans. The height is also just nice! Next, I have this pair from D&C It’s also a low heel in white colour,
pretty similar to the previous pair but the back design is different You can wear this in 2 ways This is pretty comfortable, but it will also hurt
when worn for too long So I won’t recommend this for shopping
or travelling out of the country I often wear this too because
it can easily match any outfit It is also cheaper by half from Pedro If you’re looking for a pretty and affordable shoes,
you can definitely try Design Comfort (D&C) I also have another pair from Design Comfort.
A strappy heels too in black colour The heels for this one is higher than the white one,
but it’s still pretty comfortable too It also matches any outfit easily
and very suitable for daily The design is also cute and simple My last pair of low heel is from Pazzion I bought it from Singapore Pazzion shoes are generally soft and comfortable But unfortunately, I chose the colour that is not very easy to match to my outfit The colour is grey with a hint of purple (taro purple) So it’s pretty hard to match my outfit But comfort wise, this is very comfortable Designs like this is also suitable for daily work
or even formal look The very last one for low heel category! Actually this can be categorized as
low but also high heels This one is from Starkela The colour is brick orange and the heels are transparent This is also very pretty when worn but somehow
I felt that Starkela sizing runs big Because this one is pretty loose on my feet Even though my feet is pretty wide So perhaps next time for Starkela, I should downsize around half or one size Next low heels are from D&C again It’s in black and the front part is transparent Honestly, I think that most shoes that are made of plastics like this are less comfortable Especially if worn for a long duration,
it suffocates our feet How should i put it?
In short, it will hurt our feet So this is comfortable for wearing in a short period If worn for a longer period, the front part will hurt
but the back part won’t. So if you’re not the heels kind of person,
I won’t recommend transparent kind like this. Okay, let’s move on to high heels! First one, from Staccato. This one is extremely feminine The material is soft pink cloth There are some glitter/crystal too This is the feminine and glamorous kind of heels Very suitable for wedding party It is not too high, so it’s comfortable
to be worn for hours But I haven’t got the chance to wear this Next, from Steve Madden. It’s pretty tall but the heels are thick
so it’s still comfortable But I bought the wrong size. This one is 37.5 But it’s rather narrow, so my feet are suffocated I plan to sell it because it doesn’t
really fit me so I gotta let it goo! Next, I have this pair from Mango I always love minimalist heels like this because I think that it looks elegant and classy. I love this pair because the height is just nice for me
and the colour is very pretty and unique and it’s also very comfortable. Next, from Steve Madden again. It is a pair of wedges and the reason I bought this (honestly) because it was on sale There is the price tag here. From S$129 to S$69 so it’s about IDR 700k It was a good bargain, almost 50% off! But…. The size is too small, looks like I must wear size 38.
*My feet are getting bigger, everything in size 37.5
are getting too small* Steve Madden’s size 37.5 is too small for me So I seldom wear this one too Such a pity..I will also let go this pair. It was only worn once, but it’s too small for me. Good bye, my friend.. Next, a pair of transparent heels from Missguided. This kind of design was a hit last time.
The front part and also the heels are transparent. But… This was one of the worst heels that I ever had,
causing blisters everywhere I wore this and my feet were literally bleeding.. ..because of the transparent plastic like this. That’s why I told you guys not to buy transparent heels like this Very uncomfortable,i really bled my feet while wearing it Next, this pair of heels from Summit.
It was a Malaysian brand. The heels are pretty high and I bought this quite some time ago, perhaps around 4-5 years ago? It’s still in a good shape, and I seldom wear this. because it’s pretty high, so yeah.. It’s very comfortable. I wore this for hours when I taught a make up class and my feet weren’t hurt at all So yeah, this pair is okay Next, this pair is from Aldo It has straps going overlapping each other like this So after I bought this, I just realized that it’s pretty difficult to match my outfit for this pair It’s really hard to match the style of this pair of heels,
so I really seldom wear this one. I wore this once, if I’m not mistaken So I will also let this go.. For comfort level, this one is in the middle.
Not super comfortable because the heels are high. This is very suitable for events. Actually this is very pretty, but unfortunately
it doesn’t match my wardrobe style Next, I have this pair of heels from Sappun Basic. Sappun is a Korean brand that is a hit This was given from a friend of mine
who runs an online shop But unfortunately, the size is too small for me too So it’s too tight for me and therefore,
I do not get the chance to wear it since it’s too small for me. I’m so sad because this was a gift from my friend and the shoes that I got as gifts
from my friends rarely fit me well They thought that I have Cinderella’s feet but in fact, I have elephant’s feet Okay so here’s the Sappun Next pair is from Mango too It looks like this.. The colour is very unique, it’s yellow This is pretty cute, very pretty for photoshoot Its comfort level is so-so Because of the strap’s awkward position, So it often slips off the feet Next, this pair from Charles and Keith There was a time when I really love wearing this because I often wore it so
it’s very comfortable on my feet I can wear this for hours and I often wear it to events too because this design can match almost all of my outfit And someone even said to me “Sis, do you only have one pair of shoes? Why did you always wear that?” I love it so much! That’s why! The rest of it are designer brand ones First one, Ferragamo. I bought this on sale! Because it’s very expensive when it’s not on sale.
I bought this in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. So yeah, I bought this It’s black in colour and it’s pointy heels There is a big bow on the front, pretty classic You can wear this to formal events If you’re looking for branded working shoes,
this one is suitable for you What I like from Ferragamo,
their heels are very comfortable so I’d say this totally worth the price It doesn’t hurt your feet and the sole is very soft too The leather is very good and soft too Next, this one is from Ferragamo too I bought this not long after I bought that
because this was on sale too I bought this in Japan. so the price is very cheap when
compared to Singapore’s store It’s cheaper by 40-50% and this is also very comfortable This is very classy. My feet look fairer than it is
because the colour pops out I love this so much Next, a pair of heels from Christian Louboutin I bought the 10cm heels and this crazily hurts my feetttt!! When I tested it in store, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not very comfortable to walk around in this because the heels are too high. I ended up walking like a robot But honestly, the heels are very sexy because it’s tall and slim so
it makes our legs looking sexy But it’s very suffering wearing this because it’s… …very much like this. So we’re like tip toeing while standing up If you’re looking to buy this, I recommend
the 7cm instead of the 10cm Christian Louboutin is known for its simple design Its distinctive difference is its red back sole. So my last heels are from Manolo Blahnik. I just bought this a few days ago,
that’s why it’s still in the box because most of my shoes can’t fit my anymore So Manolo has been on my wish list If it’s uncomfortable, I won’t buy it.
I learnt the lesson by the hard way. A few days ago, I went to.. ..its store in Ngee Ann City, Singapore. Let me open this first They have the classic design in satin material and I tried on their lace design like this And turns out!!! Love at first sight! It looks so pretty on me I never get the wow sensation whenever I tried on shoes So pretty, it makes my giant feet look slimmer Look like a lady Looking petite and smooth It’s also very comfortable because it’s not too tall It looks expensive, royal and glamorous I am totally in love in thissss And this can be considered pretty pricey,
or very pricey indeed but this is so so pretty so I thought to myself,
it’s okay since it’s end of the year I’ll take it as a reward for myself Okay, done with the heels so let’s move on to… ..the last category which is boots! Okay, my first pair of boots is from Aldo. I bought this in 2017 around 2 years ago. And this is super comfortable! Looks like it’s made of genuine leather so it’s super duper comfy I wore this for all day long and my feet did not So it’s super comfortable and worth the price Next, the boots with the chunky heels Like a rocker design I bought this in Pull & Bear This is not as comfortable as Aldo one But this one is suitable for edgy style or boyish style too. This one is good buy, I like it and I bought this quite some time ago
it’s still in good shape. Last one, a pair of combat boots. I bought this in Zalora. The brand is Public Desire. It’s also comfortable but quite heavy,
since all boots are generally quite heavy It’s pretty sturdy Can you hear it? The last one, it looks like a sock heel I bought this in London. but I seldom wear it because of…I don’t know why but I just seldom wear it I also have a pair of red boots from Stradivarius I bought this because of its pop colour So when I’m wearing fall outfits and I want
pops of colour, I will wear this This is pretty comfortable, it’s also a sock heel but we cannot spill water over it,
or else it will get damp. Okay another one from Pomelo in white colour It has a pointy design but the heels are very colourful here Actually I don’t really like the heels because of it That’s why I never used it yet If my outfit is in monochrome and suddenly the heels of my boots are rainbow in colours, then it’s rather unmatched. Then the last one, my boots from Mango. I bought it in Zalora. Since I have a lot of black boots,
that’s why I bought a beige one Honestly, the quality is just so-so Can you see the leather is wrinkled
and it’s like that since I received it. And looks like this is not made of genuine leather It’s made of synthetic leather so it’s not really comfortable.
I still prefer the Aldo one. But yeah, still okay hehe So guys, that’s the wrap of my shoe collection I hope this video is useful and you guys enjoy! So that’s all. Thank you so much for watching,
hope you guys like it. And see you next time! Byeeeeeee!!


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