Sewing for Beginners! (Machine Review, Shopping Tips, Basic Supplies, and How to Start!) | WITHWENDY

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Sewing for Beginners! (Machine Review, Shopping Tips, Basic Supplies, and How to Start!) | WITHWENDY


  • I'm so peeved at myself. I had an older Kenmore; maybe like 15 years old, that worked well on principal, but it eventually drove me crazy because the tentions were all out of whack. We took it in to get it cleaned and fixed up, but I was so frustrated with it at that point, I said screw it, and took the new cheap Brother we bought for my Grandmother (that she soon wouldn't have space for in assisted living), and gave the Kenmore to my Aunt.
    The problem is, the Brother does not have nearly the amount of stiches, and adjusting width/leignth is damn near impossible- all of which I didn't know until AFTER giving the other machine to my aunt. Don't get me wrong, the basic Brother is great for beginners, but I'm more intermediate, so the lack of options is driving me crazy. Plus I knew the quirks of the Kenmore, I knew how to take it apart when something went terribly wrong- now I'm just left starring at the damn thing in frustration.

  • Hi, I am about to start learning use a sewing machine. However, I am really not a good hand sewer and have never even tried hand sewing should I learn about hand sewing first? Any advice from you or your followers is greatly appreciated

  • Hello it has been a year of sewing. I want to make close but I have a very large breath and uneasy shape to dress. How CAN i make a shape for me? (Sorry my english is not realy fluant)

  • Thanks for the video! It really helped me to sew although I don't have a sewing machine! Yeah, I'm one of those people who watch these videos yet don't the materials needed to do the objectives in this video. I also always wanted to have my own sewing machine and create a bunch of my own items! So thank you for this tutorial, I really appreciate them, again, thank you! I've subscribed, liked, and put my notifications on!

  • here i am feeling i really need to go for a training on sewing when my Youtube sewing momma has offered to teach me. thanks mommy Wendy.

  • Lol. Thanks for being my Sewing mama! 😍 My mom actually did make clothes but she passed when I was young and didn't get a chance to learn from her! So I'll enjoy learning from you, beautiful! 💁🏼 Thanks so much!

  • I think I'm going to get a new machine.My grandma had a blue Kenmore Machine and she told me I could have it.Sometimes it randomly messes up and the thread builds up all in one spot.Sometime it's my fault but sometimes it's not me so I'm thinking of getting a new machine.The problem is,I'm not old enough to have a job so I rely on allowance money(I do chores)but I have pets I have to pay for…

  • I'm learning how to sew right now, and one of the books I have reccomends that I get a seam guide and a seam gauge. I didn't see these items in your guide, so I'm wondering if these are necessary. Are there any other items that are helpful for beginner sewers?

  • Hey withwendy
    Could you make a video on making leotards and ballet tights.
    What would be the best material and so on, please?

  • I like your videos and this one is full of great tips! However, I have to share my experience with a lightweight machine. I have the Brother cs6000i that is around the $150 mark (mine was about $130 on sale on Amazon). Yes, it's very lightweight, but I've sewn through denim and layers of thick canvas and stiff interfacing (made a carryall), and it didn't even complain! It comes with a quilting table, walking foot, self threader, 60 stitches, a half dozen other feet, variable speed control and the LCD screen allows for easy stitch width and length changes, as well as showing you which presser foot to use for the selected stitch. The manual it comes with is very helpful and if you read the reviews, you'll notice a pattern of comments talking about how it's user friendly and perfect for beginners. Something to keep in mind for beginners that a lightweight machine doesn't mean poor quality!

  • Hi Wendy! I usually don't comment but your energy and inspiration to me being a beginner in this area is appreciated. I will keep watching your videos and hoping for more of your help. ty

  • Thank you for the list of supplies! Also, what do you think about the Brother 5Q9185? Do you think it's heavy/sturdy enough for sewing cloths and possibly making quilts? It doesn't say on the box. But it has a ton of other great features. I just want to make sure to get a high-quality machine. I live on Galveston Island and that machine seems like the best one here (it's at our Walmart). I did look at some reviews online but there weren't a lot so I'd love to get your opinion. Thank you for your videos. I love them! I love your pink background too! Subscribed!

  • My word of advice for someone just beginning and looking to buy a machine would be to go to your local sewing machine seller and/or sewing machine repair person and ask them what machine they repair the most – which one(s) they recommend and if they have any used ones for sale. For $200 you can get a nice machine and if you purchase it from a repair shop it's been serviced and should be ready to go. To buy a cheap machine new for that price point I think would be wasting your money. Thanks for another fun video to watch Wendy. You are always so quick and to the point – great advice and glad you're inspiring so many to join the make-your-own-clothes club 🙂

  • The funny thing is that i've had a sewing machine for forever and even some fabrics for years and i just never really got around to making things. I also never THOUGHT to watch youtube videos to help me figure things out. Now that i've started sewing again and have made some (poorly constructed) clothes i'm so glad i remember that i was following you. You inspire me! Anyway, didn't mean for that to be so long! Thanks Wendy for the videos! they help me a lot!

  • I've just discovered your channel and you are god sent❤ thank you for such a great informative content. I've just hand sewn things here and there over the years and really want to pick up sewing as a hobby. I am torn between buying a machine and learning via YouTube or doing an actual class (which is bit hard with schedules and limited availability) what would you recommend?

  • oh my Gosh !! im just in awe listening to you ! very eloquent and you look seem really nice !! 😉 thanks for being so kind in sharing your knowledge !!

  • I plan to buy a sewing machine and I am completely lost right now. I did some research on Google and I found Brother XM2701. But I wonder if it's good or not (for beginners like me). If it's not then what other sewing machine would you recommend? (Under $100)
    (Sorry for my bad English)

  • i have a question– how do you know when to use a specific stitch? for example, how do you know when to use a straight stitch vs. a zig zag stitch?

  • Happy New Year! I just received a sewing machine and I'm so happy that I came across you here on Youtube! NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE! Now I'm confident to start sewing alongside your videos! Very helpful and easy to follow!

  • My recommendation is to buy a machine where you drop the bobbin in the top beneath a clear plastic flap. Bobbin case machines are a pain and you can’t see how much is left on your bobbin without removing it. Nothing worse than thinking you’re finished a seam and then realise your bobbin ran out halfway along 😳 even worse if you’re topstitching something and the fabric retains the row of holes from where the bobbin ran out.😔

  • i’m just starting out and the sewing machine that i have is the Brother GS1500. it has automatic needle threading, comes with so many feet, tools and extensions! (also it comes with a cover) it was very simple to figure out how to use when i read the manuals! i got it for $100 (AUD) secondhand (usually around $300 AUD brand new). it has 25 stitches i believe.

  • Hello Wendy…THANK YOU for your wonderful videos. Got a sewing machine for Christmas (never used a sewing machine) and your videos have been extremely helpful.

  • Hi Wendy! Just recently subscribed, looking to get into sewing… so I watched your video but no one seems to carry the Sewing Machine Brother CP7500 any more… I want something that’s fully equipped like so, to not have to buy a new one later on… any other machine you’d recommend within the same caliber ? TIA♥️

  • my biggest problem seeing is knowing where to set my machine at and matching the right for and needle to the fabric I'm using

  • I got a Pfaff…it is AMAZING…but i started with a brother that cost 79$…then up to a beother that cost about 150$…then i saved & got my Pfaff Ambition 1.0….there r tons of great machines…but i LOVE this one. It was a bit pricey but i did save up for it. It is a heavy duty & has a metal frame inside instead of a plastic frame. U give VERY good info to help people. Love the vids. 😘

  • Please please pleaseeee let me knowww! I got a new sewing machine by Singer and its the 1507 one, is that one good for beginners?😅❤

  • Oh my goodness oh my god. You are providing exactly what I need to encourage me to move ahead. I used to teach, perform and dance tango. Sometimes (often) I'd dance with people who were trying to do things that they didn't have the skill to do. It was never good. I just realized that I was that person with sewing. My mother was a great sewer. So was my father's mother. So is my much older sister. By the time I came along, sewing wasn't part of what the family did, and I didn't learn. I've tried on and off for many years. I'm determined now, and I also understand that I need to learn in little steps. Your videos are very helpful. I will work out a plan for me to just get a few things done in the first few weeks. I own my grandmother's sewing machine, my mother's, and a more recent one. I have a pile of "feet" that are incomprehensible to me. I'll learn. You make it seem accessible. But…. step by step. I'll do the pillowcase project and then a matching duvet. Then I'll copy a dress that I altered thanks to a free monthly sewing workshop that I attended this month. I'll get this. I'll be amazing, eventually. Thanks to you for being there to help people like me. I really appreciate it.

  • Oh my god bless this channel. I just started sewing and have been insanely frustrated just trying to work with my machine and have the patience for these projects. You’ve made things so much easier now.

  • I’m so tired of relying on clothing stores for everything I wear. I’m a bit larger, and I can hardly find anything that I like, and thrift stores are again, filled with clothes that typically don’t fit me and aren’t what I’m looking for. I can hand sew okay, but I really want to get to a point where I’m only shopping for something specific that I don’t think I could make as well— or I can have the benefit of only buying from companies I like and agree with.
    Super great tutorial! I’m excited to get started~

  • I'm watching because I want to start wearing clothes only I made. Idk why I just like that satisfaction and I'm cheap. Idk I want to.

  • I love the shirt at the end. I really would like to learn to make that. Btw you are wonderful and thank you for the help…I'm starting from scratch lol

  • Another good machine that’s very cost effective is the Brothers project runway version (forgot the number ) but Rita the one with the parsley print on the side it was $64 at Walmart !! 🤗

  • My mom died last year I went through depression and she loved fashion and sewing and just making clothes in general I've recently since school has ended for me been trying to learn how to sew and your really helpful every other video I've watched their making over complicated

  • hi wendy do i just ordered my very first own sewing machine and i was going to buy the singer 4423 but ended up buying the singer 2277 tradition essential sewing machine is that also okay for a beginner ? because i was so close to getting the 4423 wasn't sure till after i seen ur video

  • Hi, Wendy. You're funny and smart. Thank you. I'm, Jalika, Rasul's wife. I will be receiving my new sewing machine in two months. Yeahhh. So, thank for this video and all this great information on beginners into learning the sewing world. Thank you again. I will definitely be watching to learn more from you.

  • If you're looking for a more budget friendly beginners sewing guide check out Annika Victoria! She talks about finding a good machine at the thrift store, and budget friendly fabrics!

  • Hi!! This video is about two years old!! Is there anything you would add or update in regards to what kind of machine to invest in? I’m a super beginning but I don’t want to get a machine that will only help for the basics. I want to get something that I might not use fully now (being a beginner) but will come in handy years down the road when I’m no longer a beginner!!

  • I have been sewing for a long time and what really frustrates me are the needles that are needed. Everyone talks about techniques but no one talks about what needle is needed for a particular project. The wrong needle can screw up a project.

  • Thank you Wendy ! Just subscribed. My goal is to make a 1970s inspired dress and of course mending n hem pants for my short legs 😀

  • I sewed for 40 years without a self threader, but let me tell you, it is the easiest thing to get spoiled to! If you have poor eyesight, it is super great!

  • I Love your videos! Funny, brief, and Very informative! It’s been years since I’ve been sewing, so I feel like a beginner. But thanks to you, I’m pumped to get started again!🤗

  • I went on different online stores including Amazon, and Home Depot but the Singer 4423 had TERRIBLE reviews. And I don’t want to waste my coin on it. So are there other machines that you have personally tried that work? Especially for Demin fabric. Thank you.

  • Just found your channel, and now "binge watching" all your videos 😉 Super helpful/ informative, well shot/ edited, professional lighting/ production etc. The only thing I have done differently then you suggested was to buy (several!!) older/ vintage machines to learn (and work) on.. A separate hobby, and maybe not the best approach for everyone but I really enjoy bringing these old machines back to a useful life 🙂 And when the machine you have only does F/R and MAYBE a zig-zag, it keeps things simple…

  • I’m new and would love to recommend an equivalent machine to your Brother CP7500. The Brother site states that it is a discontinued product. :/ Thanks.

  • Hi Wendy! I know this video is a few years old but still relevant in 2019. Thank you very much for this video 🙂

  • Soy la única a la que el titulo le aparece en español pero el vídeo es en inglés y no tiene ni subtítulos ? 😂😂

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