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Secrets Of Shipping Products From China To Amazon FBA /w CEO of UnreaL China Aleksandr Khudiakov

Hey, in this video you’ll discover the
secrets of shipping products from China to Amazon FBA, and today I’m accompanied
by a very special person, this is Aleksandr Khudiakov. He is the CEO of UnreaL
China, which is a multi logistics company and a shipping company that I use to
ship my products from China to Amazon. So, man, nice to meet. Nice to meet you after 3 years of
working together, I think. Yeah, it’s the first time. Yeah, and we are in Phuket today, here in Thailand.
Aleksandr is on a vacation here with his family and we’re here to uncover some awesome
secrets about shipping from China to you so, man, Aleksandr, please introduce
yourself to us. Let us know about yourself, about your company, man. I’m pretty
excited to have you here, so, yeah man, shoot! Hi, guys, my name is Alex. I’m from a small
country in Central Asia. It’s Kyrgyzstan. I have been living in
China for more than eight years, I have graduated Chinese courses in China and I
have been working for UnreaL China for three years and we do logistics and we
do inspection services and let’s start the questions man. Yeah, man, so it’s pretty
nice, actually I also know that you relocated, as you’ve mentioned to China from Kyrgyzstan a few years ago. Yeah. Of course, we’ll get to the questions, but what kinda fascinates me, is that you took yourself and you moved to a new country, man, and
that’s like pretty fascinating you know I think once you kinda become an immigrant to
a country, it gives you like a lot of possibilities, it drives you to do that (referring to develop yourself in the new country), so
what made you do that, like, how come you…? For example, in the 90s, my parents started moving goods
from China to my country (Kyrgyzstan) because China is next to my country, we have a border
between our countries, and from this time I already knew I will go to China
because my mother has been to China a lot of times, and one day she took me to
China and I said to her; I would like to move here,
I would like to study there and that’s why I moved to China, and also, that time I knew the opportunity of China and it’s growing, growing fast country and economy
is growing fast, and it’ll be good for me to try to move to China. First time I was going to China, it was vacation for one week, and after that
vacation I moved to China for studying. When I came to China for studying, I just
knew how to say “hi”, in Chinese it’s “Nihao”. That’s all man. Now you speak fluent Chinese. Yeah, of course. Guys, for you, English is not my native language, sorry for my poor English (it’s pretty good man!) and my native language is Russian and
Chinese. That’s pretty awesome. That’s cool man, I mean, my native language is Russian as well. but I think your English is pretty cool man. So, it’s pretty fascinating, so you moved to China because you saw some opportunities, obviously, you know,
you came there with pretty much nothing you knew maybe initially only one word. Yeah, yeah.
And fast forward 8 years from now you have a shipping company, that’s a multi
logistics company, that… That’s pretty fascinating to me, man, and hence I have
some questions to you, man, about this… I have a lot of questions from subscribers that
have asked, you know, me to ask you stuff which I’m pretty excited for because…
Yeah, that’s a way for us to learn from somebody very experienced with working
with China, with shipping, and all this stuff. So let me ask you a few questions man… And a very common question, that maybe it kind of touches, new sellers, mainly, is which
problems can occur once you’re shipping products from China to Amazon FBA? That’s
a pretty big question, so people are concerned, like, which problems can occur once
you ship products from China to Amazon? In my experience, about, like, logistics
about shipping… The most important problem is like, delay. All right… It’s a
huge problem. Why it’s a huge (problem)? Because sometimes there are some troubles with the time. It’s a lot of small, like, chain links… Yes… In a
shipping chain. Yes. For example, you ship product from your supplier to FBA. It’s
like, first link, its warehouse in China. The second link, it’s like, warehouse in
the airport, in China. China airport. Next link, it’s an airport in the United States
or Europe, or wherever your ship, yeah? After that its customs, customs in China, customs in
the United States. Customs can delay because they do like random
inspection for your goods, and the next thing is, like, local shipping in, like,
Amazon country. The United States, Canada or Europe, something like that. Delay,
it is most, like, huge problem for shipping. For example, we never ship problematic
products. If customers contact us, we just tell them; your product needs this
certificate, this certificate, and it will not be a problem for us to ship. If it’s
a problem for us, we just tell straight to the customers; guys there will be a problem,
and we cannot ship. But most of the situations, we try to ship it. Alright, I see. That’s all, that’s the main problem for shipping with delay, but,
that’s all, I think so. So yeah, to wrap it up that means, mainly the question of the
problems. The main problem occurs in the shipping chain, so once you ship
something from your warehouse to Amazon FBA, something in the link can be delayed. So,
for example, if you need to get in stock in two weeks from now, and the shipment
got stuck in customs, or somewhere in the airport in China, for example. Something
occurred… Then these things will affect your lead time, obviously, and these are the
main problems. Obviously the logistics companies like UnreaL China with Aleksandr, they have their own built-in trail that they already know how to
follow. Yeah, of course. To obviously make it clear for the customer, and yeah, that’s the main
problem. Man, another question that I had, I had this question by my friend Omar
and also by my stepdad, Leonid. They both asked
the same question, about the coronavirus and because currently, we’re shooting it,
what is it like in number 12 of February, right? For this time, coronavirus stopped
everything in China till the 17th (of February). Yeah, at this point of time. But maybe when we’re watching this in a week from now… It will move… Of course… But the question is; how will it affect the shipping chains? How will it affect the production of
products? What do you think? Can you maybe predict, or what do you think? What should
we do right now in order to go through this weird time of the virus that’s spreading around China. I knew, I knew you would ask me this question… First of all, if your stock is going low, just increase the price. The price, really? Yes, yes. In order not to go out of stock. Because now everything is up to the Chinese government. How the Chinese government will tell to the people, people will do this. Alright. For example, for us, the Chinese government
told us; working time is like the 10th of February. Alright. When it came, the Chinese government said; we prolong this time till 17th (of February) and customers began to contact us on the 10th (of February), and we said; guys, sorry, we can’t do anything with that. And some manufacturers began to
work, but they work not on their best Yeah, yeah. Just for example, few, like workers
came back to the factory, for example 20-30 person came back. Another 70
persons they’re on the, like, they’re in their home town (or province). Yeah, province, locked at their apartments, like… And… They can’t deal with this… Everything… And a lot of, like, trains, planes and some busses, roads… were canceled, and some roads closed, and Chinese government controls everything because it’s a huge
problem for China, for the world… And for effect for shipping,
yeah, back to a question. Yeah. When shipping starts, I’m sure,
I’m pretty sure price for sipping will be increased. All right, yeah, because many
people would want to ship. Of course, man, of course. The second, it will be delayed because not so many ships, planes, and kind of this. Everybody wants to ship, ship, ship.
Warehouses will be full. We already prepared for this. Really? Yes, yes… We knew… Now we understand, we should work hard when it starts because we should work overtime, like, it… Just, guys, do how it does. Yeah, yeah… Go with the flow… Go with the flow, yeah. So essentially, yeah, let me wrap this part up, yeah the coronavirus, as for today, number 12th of February… On number 17th (of February) that’s the official date, for now, for some companies to go back. Some factories have gotten back to work already, but not on full capacity… One, one… Yeah… Different province, different time. Yeah.
Whoever is closer to Wuhan, to Hubei, to the virus, they will start later.
Yeah. Whoever is further, will start later they will start earlier.
Yeah, so yeah essentially that’s pretty much it, the virus is affecting the times
right now. The ones that are closer to Wuhan, that is, right? Yeah, Wuhan. Right, they’re gonna be delayed more. Hopefully, everybody, you know, stays healthy and this thing passes away as fast as, you
know, it’s possibly possible because yeah, people are unfortunately passing away.
But yeah, it does affect the shipping and the lead times because the
workers cannot go back, and the, obviously, there are no… Well, at least from my… Oh, I have a question, are there any parts of China that will be able to ship products, for
example, so… How to explain… Because there are, as far as I understand, there are
different airports, right? Yes. So, for example, if you manufacture products
and your forwarder is far from Hubei. Then they will go back to work earlier and
you can ship faster, right? It depends on the
customs. On the customs… Yes because customs is under control of the government. When
customs begin to work, we can start shipping, right? I understand.
Because the virus is not moving with the goods the virus is moving with humans. Yeah, yeah, I understand. So yeah, the coronavirus is affecting us and we’ll just need to go with the flow. Hopefully, it passes away fast and then the companies will do their best to ship it faster. Of course. But guys as Aleksandr mentioned
previously, the prices might go up because huge amounts of products will be sent. and that’s gonna affect prices, obviously, and your shipping times, but we’re hoping for the best! Which leads me to my next question, man. Which shipping methods are available today? Nowadays, none. That’s all πŸ™‚ Well, that answers the question. That’s why I’m here in Thailand, chilling. Because I had to move to China Like, one week ago. And my flight was canceled, that’s all. You live in Shenzhen, right? Yeah, I live in Shenzhen, I have an apartment, I already paid for my apartment. I already paid for a warehouse, but staying here. Well, it’s nice here, you see the sun is out, and… Yeah, of course! But we have the, like, the same weather in Shenzhen, kind of. Yeah, as you’ve mentioned, which kinda surprised me cuz I didn’t know that Shenzhen is subtropical, right? Yes, subtropical, yeah. But for example, once we get
back to work I mean you get back, we, everybody. What are the
shipping methods that will be available? What I’m asking essentially is… Because recently I discovered through your
company, yeah, the fast sea shipping where essentially is, pretty much a way to, like,
for faster sea shipping, can you give us an input on different shipping methods? For example, fast sea method ships from Shanghai. Shanghai. Shanghai is
really close to Wuhan, to Hubei, it’s closer. I’m not sure, because our partners in Hengyang province already told us they will start on the 20th (February). Yeah.
and I think for the fast shipping it will be later, and for the express,
air cargo, sea shipping method from Shenzhen, it will start earlier. I understand, but can you give us some input in terms of, like, I mean, for example, for those who are of course for those who are shipping to
Amazon, for you know, for years, so to say… They know, but I mean for those who are
kind of maybe starting out, like which kind of like, for example, you have the
fast shipping, fast plane shipping, right? Express shipping… Yeah, yeah, yeah. So can you explain which methods are the most popular, which are available, of course now, it’s obviously, yeah,
now the situation is different. But hopefully when everything comes back to normal… Yeah, yeah, I get it. The most popular method is air cargo method the second one is fast sea method because it takes like, less than one month. Yes. And air cargo usually it takes 10 to two weeks (10-14 days), and if you want to ship fast use an express method like DHL, UPS, FedEx, usually, it takes like 2-3 days (to reach Amazon warehouses). The fastest shipment, in my experience, was
like one day. One Day, man… Yeah. From my warehouse to Amazon because we are located next to the airport. Yeah, I see… Our warehouse is next to the airport, it’s like, we move to the airport,
at that day there’s a plane and the plane flies straight to the Amazon warehouse city.
Yeah man, I understand so there is essentially a few methods, there’s fast plane which you can use when you really need your product fast. You’re going out of stock now, then you speak with Aleksandr and you have the fastest shipping method.
Then you have slower air shipping, which usually takes about two weeks, right? That’s the normal one, these are usually used… Again, as Amazon sellers, we mainly do that when we test a product, you know we can send like… 300 pieces, we just give it like, for
example, this two weeks shipment by air in order not to wait for the long sea shipment, that’s one other option. Then we have the fast sea shipping, which
is essentially sea shipping… He likes to ship fast sea. Yeah, yeah, yeah… That’s… It’s good… Because that means the sales are catching up, but it’s bad because it is in a way more expensive than the normal (sea) shipping method. But, I would say that the fast sea shipping is actually affordable and it’s… For me was a
surprise because I used to, in the past I used to either have the normal air shipping or the slow sea and I would sit like; man this is a big
difference in price but with the fast sea shipping that’s kind of released that problem for me. And the last one is the normal sea shipping, which is just, you know, the regular, like, 30 (days), depends really… Regular, if there’s no some like, random exemption on customs, regular (sea shipping) takes like 25 days. The fast sea shipping method the fastest was 80, 80 days… 18 days! Yeah man, that’s… 18 days, the fastest from our warehouse to Amazon because you know, like, fast sea shipping method ships by Matson. Matson boat, Matson boat, it’s time in the sea is 10-11 days. 10-11 days. Every time. It’s like… It’s really really, like, occasionally delayed. Alright, I see… So, again… Just to wrap it all up, we have a few options for shippings, and for me it recently became very
favorite to use the fast sea shipping because it allows you to quickly get the
products in an affordable price but obviously you have to plan it out
yourself. The next question I have, which leads me the next question, the insurance, like, okay
so we can order these different methods from you, but is there any insurance on these… Yeah, we have another guest here… So, is there any… Is there any… Insurance on these… I’m sorry XD This is your kid, Abraham, right? Yeah, Abraham. How about we stop for a few seconds, I will send him to the mother πŸ™‚ So Abraham, Aleksandr’s son just went back
to mom… And… Which leads us to the next question, it’s pretty funny man…
So you have all these awesome ways to ship, then, for example, our product is, you know… sailing in the sea and we’re waiting for
it to come to Amazon, you know, wanna get the sales on… But… Is there any insurance? So we wanna sleep well, you know, when it’s going… Yeah… Is there something like insurance, how does it work? Is there something like insurance, how… If you have any… Yes, there is always insurance, we have standard insurance it’s already included in the price, for standard insurance, you’ll like… For example, you shipped by air and your products were lost, and insurance standard is like you get about six dollars per kg (lost)… Alright…
it’s a standard. What does it mean six dollars per kilogram, so if you lose
a kilogram of weight… Yeah, you lost for example one box, box weight is 10 kilo (~22lbs)=60 dollars. It’s standard. But, if you want to, like, 100% insurance, you should pay, like, for example, kind of, 0.2%… Of (the whole sum of goods)… Yeah… But we use, like, 3rd company, insurance company Yeah, for buying insurance… It’s, but a lot of things depend on the insurance company investigation… All right… We
provide all information for the insurance company for investigation and then it depends on them What would you recommend to sellers? To insure the shipments or not insure, to go with the standard? What’s your input on that, kind of? On my experience. On your experience. On my experience, I recommend always to buy insurance. Yeah. But only one person bought insurance. Like, I bought insurance aside from the regular one, I think also, like…
Once from… For one of the products, at some point… Because there’s the standard
one… Yes. Which technically, if you lose your products, if you know…
If you have a high price product always buy insurance. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. For example, one box weights 10 kg (22lbs). Yeah. And the product’s price is like about 1000-2000$… Yeah, guys, buy insurance. That makes sense, obviously. For those cheaper products, then you can consider
but still I mean you know the recommendation and that makes sense to
insure. But there’s the standard insurance as well so that then leads me to the next question is…
Do you have any tips for us to save money on shipping from China to Amazon, some
input, some hack that you might have something to… You know, help our viewers, you
know, with their next shipment maybe packing of the products, maybe I
don’t know, something that you can come up with, in order to save money on shipping, something like that… Just, if you pack product, less… Dimensional weight? Yes, less value… You mean, like, volume, you mean? Volume… How to say like; “Menshe vozduha” (means less air in Russian). Like, less air? Like less “Svobodnogo Mesta” (means empty space). Less empty space. Less empty space in the box. So for example, if you have this glass, yes, we’re drinking some nice water here… And we were to pack it in this box… It’s still the same glass… But price will (go up)… Yeah, exactly, because we’re gonna count it for
the, obviously, for the box. So what you can do,
it’s pretty nice tip, man, so once you pack your products, then obviously make
sure you make the most out of your packing I’ll give a little tip from myself, you gotta look at the Amazon fees as well. so for example, if you can… In order to save
money it’s not exactly with the shipping but
with the product itself on Amazon with the fees, you can make sure that you
check out the fees priorly. Yeah, right, right. And then you need to input it in a specific
category, and so I was able to do that with one of my products, we had to cut a little bit of the
product, in order for it to fit the size and to fit the weight on Amazon and it
saved like… I would say like one point 1.52$ per unit sold on Amazon. It was like three thousand units back in the
day of this product so total it saved like 4.5k$ (4500$). Yeah. Which I would say is pretty, pretty cool! And man… Yeah… Second tip… Plan. Make a plan for your shipments and try to ship by sea. Yeah, yeah. It’s the cheapest way, yeah. So you gotta be strong with your logistics So, you have any tips on that? I mean… For example, you have 50 boxes Yeah. And you would like to ship it to Amazon, and you can, like, separate. Alright. 5-10 boxes shipped by air. 40 boxes shipped by, like, sea. You do the same way. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Sometimes… I mean, of course I’d rather send everything by the longest (in time) sea shipment because eventually, you wanna get your supply chain to ship by sea, in order to save the most on shipping. Of course sometimes, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, maybe, which is in a few days, or today? Yeah. It’s also for some people gonna be you know, they have a huge spike and then you gotta get more products obviously to Amazon by fast sea shipping (or fast air etc). Which kinda leads me to the next question, man, so… That’s one way, to kind of, to, so to say to save money. But is there another way, in terms of negotiating with, with freight forwarders, with companies
of logistics, or with suppliers even because you live in China for a while, you have a lot of input on that… So how would you recommend us to save money? Because, yeah… Just remember, Chinese people are still people. Yeah. They do it like people, yes, human beings. First of all, be polite. And if Chinese people do like wrong things, try to tell him like
not straight… Alright… Yeah because they have a word “Diolem”, it’s in Chinese, “Diolem”. It means, like, loose face. Alright… Yeah. They don’t like people, like, to lose their face. Alright, so you mean like, a person, for example, you’re speaking to your manufacturer and you are, yourself, and then… and you straight tell him like, you are wrong man, this is not correct, you are bad, you are kinda like… And just try to explain him, like, more politely, try to, like, be Asian. Asians always do, like, polite things, not pushing… And… Yeah, sometimes, also me, I’m getting mad at them. Yeah.
Because they do, like, bad things but I try to, like, control myself, say; okay, what would
you like to tell me about this problem? Ask them about this problem, but Chinese
people always, like, they don’t like responsibility. Yeah, I understand. Yeah, not all Chinese people, kind of, kind of, yeah… They just… Not Chinese, all people just want money, money, just like to click and take money… This, like, polite, more polite… More like, diplomatic, yeah. They like it, they like it. And also a small tip, for example, for Chinese New Year send them, like, celebration letter, like… So essentially, if we wanna eventually create good relationships, eventually creates also good business
contacts, eventually creates less money that you use spend, so to say, that leads to that. I would say that it begins with a relationship, as mentioned. So you gotta stay polite, you gotta stay a human. Remember, that whoever is in front of you
there, on the other side of the computer maybe you’re typing in Alibaba or in Skype, there is a person sitting, just like you, he has feelings like you, he has feelings, he has fun, he’s sad, be a human being and it will also work well in your business and you
will get better prices, trust me, because you’re just, that’s how it works, I guess, in business. Yeah, yeah. Eventually, we all want to have fun, want to enjoy want to create better communities,
improve the lives of our families, I would say, and for this, stay a human being, and you’ll get better prices, obviously eventually, as well. And try to explain him, try to make them understand, you do your part, I do my part, do it together and do it well. We will make a, like a, long way of relai… Of like… Long term cooperation. So yeah, win-win, long term cooperation. Pretty awesome. One more question that was asked by my friend Andri, Andri asked about your input on shipping oversized items. Yes To Amazon What’s your input on that? Like, big items, oversized in terms of, I guess Amazon fees oversize. Yeah, pretty big items. Yeah. Could like some of these vases that are here… Yeah, yeah. Always ship by sea. It’s like few options, to ship by sea, for example, you already shipped goods by sea to the United States, so, for example, LA port and from LA, we use, like, sometimes we use FedEx sometimes we use UPS and sometimes we use United States local logistics companies for shipping from the port to the FBA warehouse. Alright. Yeah. And you will save money by shipping from, using, like, local logistic companies, yeah. But it will be delayed. It’s slower. Yes, it’s slower, it’s slower, it’s slower than UPS & FedEx because when you’re shipping by FedEx, by
UPS, they have, like, some contracts with Amazon. For example, they can ship
products to Amazon anytime they want anytime, anytime Amazon will receive
their shipments, yeah. But for local logistics companies, local logistic
companies, they have like Amazon, like Seller Central, but for logistics. They
connect to the Amazon asking them; I have a shipment, like, 200
boxes, 500 boxes, I would like to ship from my warehouse to your warehouse and
what time can I ship to you, what time you will allow to receive it. And Amazon, they
arrange the time, that’s why it gets delayed, man. For example, sometimes Amazon can, like… Your products on our partner’s warehouse in the United States,
yeah. It came today, and Amazon tells you; you can ship to us in two weeks, you
should wait, there’s no choice. I see… But, it’s cheaper. So, essentially, just
wrap it up, the shipping. The cheapest way is to ship with, I guess it’s Amazon partnered carrier, it’s called? If I’m not mistaken… Or just… No, that’s probably not Amazon partnered carrier… It’s like, local partnered carrier… Some… Local companies, also partners. Alright. But, for example, if you work with a United States warehouse, they have their own trucks or companies they work with. Ok. And… It does not depend on on the seller, it depends on the logistics
company that you work with. So for example, if I wanna… Just to clear it up, I wanna ship with you,
like 500 glasses to Amazon, right? Yeah, right. And I wanna… No, not glasses, like, oversized items, for example, yes… And I wanna use you in the logistics chain, but I
want to get to the point where I get to those companies, so where do you get the
product to them, to essentially this company that will take it… No, we contact… Oh, you contact… You just contact me, you don’t need to do anything else, yeah… We will do all the chain, you pay money, you receive goods. And you will explain to me, for example, which options I have, one of them is gonna be the slower option… Yes. With these specific local companies… Sometimes, sometimes I recommend finding a good warehouse, like, prep center. Yeah. Preparation center. So, to leave, for example, one part of the goods, most of the part of the goods on the prep
center and the second part sent to Amazon but before this, you should compare
storage fees. Storage fees, yeah, yeah. Ok, I understand. So, yeah, essentially as
mentioned before, you contact Aleksandr he will take care of this for you, but there
are different options to save money on oversized items, one of them would be obviously
shipping with sea option, yes, because that’s cheaper, and also inside the United States there’s an option to use slower way of transportation because UPS and FedEx they have, like, quicker ways of getting the product to Amazon there’s still an option to save there with the slower option, so if you’re not superbly in a rush, you can save extra
money there. Man, I guess these are all my questions about shipping… If you have any more… It depends on the product, sometimes, sometimes UPS is cheaper. Every time you ship you should compare, compare, compare… Get quotes and see what you’re getting… This is a good point man. All these questions, and all the things that we’ve mentioned, it all depends on the product as well. So, essentially you should always
aim to get quotes and see what you’re getting, like, because it can vary, sometimes your volume weight can be bigger than your a normal weight, it will
also impact, obviously, your shipping rates and your product itself, the fees,
so many things, it all depends on the product as well. Awesome man, these were questions about shipping, now I have more questions about, like, logistics and
this next question was also asked by my friend Andri, he asked about inspection,
for example, obviously, you have an inspection service as well, which I used as well, I’m happy, by the way, with the service. So the question of Andri was; how does it work?
How does the inspection work? Do you any have any tips on inspections, in order for us to
make better inspections, what we should look into once to making our inspections?
It works this way, for example, everyone starts from the beginning, they just find
some suppliers. Yeah. And they have to understand; does this supplier have a
factory, or like, they just have warehouse, they collect products from another factory and just resell it (speaks about trading companies). Is it a direct supplier or just a reseller? And before making an order in the factory, I advise to the customers to make a factory inspection. You contact us We would like to inspect this factory,
these are the factory contacts (you hand Aleksandr the factory contacts), we contact the factory, ask them what time can we come
for this inspection and contact manager and we go, for example, we already
arranged time for inspection and our inspector is going to a factory on the
way. Our inspector contacts you by Skype, by WeChat, calling you or typing; I’m on the way, I’m coming. And when inspector comes to the factory, he begins making photos,
shooting video or making you a direct call, like, video call. Yeah. Yeah. And inspector is showing you what is around him what does he see, the inspector is doing
your eyes way, yeah, yeah. We do something like, we ask them to show you, like, where’s the
factory, where is the factorie’s warehouse asking the manager; where is your working place? And my, my, man, it’s my question… I like to use to test supplier. Really, which one? Yeah… Where is the toilet? Restrooms… For example I just came to a factory… I saw it in one of your videos! Yes, yes, for example, I come to a factory, I already came, and I see the manager from the factory, I don’t know if he belongs to the factory or if he’s just a reseller who comes to the factory just to show me, it’s mine, like then I ask, for example, I see few a
people, and I ask my manager whom I contacted and I ask him; excuse me, man, where are the restrooms? and look at him, what he begins doing… Does he know where the restrooms are? And, if he, like… Hesitates. Hesitates… Doesn’t know how to answer me, he sometimes, people begin; oh I forgot, I was last time… We have repairings… something like that, you totally
understand that he is, like, cheating you. Man, that’s pretty smart. Of course, man. I did a video, in Russian, about inspection, maybe next time I will make it in English. It’s
about a factory inspection, about goods inspection, we do the same way. Online
inspection by Skype by WeChat, we go to a factory and we start inspecting
products. We take, like, a few products from different boxes, different places of the
box and, like, making a random inspection. After we take a few products, we inspect
the first one with you. Showing you what we see. On the phone? Yeah, on the phone. Before
the inspection you, like, fill a checklist what we need to check in the inspection. Yeah. We make it… *Cough*… Coronavirus, sorry. Yeah, you know, we’re slowly getting there as well… So maybe you’re not gonna see this… Stop, stop… XD Making inspection of one product, showing you what is the product, each side each
side of the product… Size… Like, measurements, weight, and after that you and me and our inspector, we, like, oh it’s a good one it’s a good sample, it’s correct and
according to that sample, we begin to inspect another amount of goods. Yeah. And for example, we try to make a full inspection 100% inspection, but when you have
a lot of amount of goods for inspection sometimes, one working day is not enough.
We’re just, in a working day with try to inspect the maximum we can inspect. Yeah.
Yeah, but some people do two days, three days… Once we did a two-week inspection. Wow. It’s a big customer, a lot of different products, and it’s a really
high-quality product Yeah, yeah. The customer, she wanted to know if
everything is good. Perfect. Yes. our inspectors, they inspect goods from
the beginning, before packing like, products inspection. Yeah.
Every small thing, he (the inspector) inspects products. And why did she send us to do this? Because she also had a lot of variations. All right. Chinese always, like, mix variations… Yeah, yeah… She got a lot of problems with variations, and that’s why our inspectors worked for, like, 1 week, two weeks… And to make sure variations are packed well. Yeah. And the second, to make sure goods are manufactured well. So to wrap the first part about the inspections, we have… In the beginning, you are going to inspect the factory itself, so we wanna know if this is a trading company or a real
factory, and your guys are doing that they are showing you, I remember this, they show you the factory, they show you everything around, they explain you, obviously, because they speak to the manager. There’s a little tip Aleksandr mentioned before, about the toilet, which is pretty awesome. It does make sense, you can use it in many things in life, you know, when you need to understand if a person “belongs” here,
you just ask for like where’s the toilet here, like, and if the person is local,
he’s gonna say, like; yeah, it’s there and if he’s, like, not local, he’s gonna be like; you know… I
haven’t… You know I’ve been drinking yesterday… Come on, man… That means
something is fishy here, right? Next thing is inspecting the products, right, so what happens is, the guys go and inspect, first they inspect… They take one product to see all the parts, so they can understand what’s there, they want to understand, what exactly is there, you are in contact with the
guys, that’s what I did, I was in contact with them through Skype, with video, so, you
know, showing, like, yeah this is the insert, here we have the product, here we
have the other part of the product, etc… And then the guys will inspect all the
other products accordingly, and it depends on the client, some people, as Aleksandr
mentioned, have very special products very pricy, or whatever the reason is, they’ll have to check everything. Some people like, including me, I have more generic products, so, you know, it wouldn’t take two weeks, like with the other customer, like, it
usually takes, like, so say, a working day or whatever to do that. I have
another question, man, about the chain of logistics and about the inspection, so
essentially, if you have a good relationship with your factory, you’ve
been doing business for two years for three years… Do you still have to inspect? Every time. Every time. Like, no exceptions, right? No. No exceptions. In my experience, we have customers who already shipped like 5-6 times, a product, with doing an inspection, but everything, every time, was going well, but
one day the printing machine broke. Oh, really? Yes, and the print was not clear,
and the inspector came to the factory and we decided to, like… The manufacturer will re-create the product, again, to change all the… All products, change all products. And it was after 7 times ordering this product, and manufacturer he changed all the products, and we came
again, and it was good, everything was good. But we found out the problem with the printing, and the printing guy, I don’t know why did he tell… And after that, after that… We asked the manufacturer; why you didn’t do
inspection by yourself? Right. He told us; because you will come… I see… And we told him; we always come for good products, we’re not doing your part of the job. Yeah. It’s your job to do your own inspection and after your own inspection, we should
do an inspection. Well, that’s all. It works this way every time. So you got
out inspect every time. Every time. For example, the manufacturer’s chain… One chain link broke, and it will, like, affect the product. Yeah, I understand. Hey man, so, because I’m thinking now… So, one of my products, right? They have an internal
inspection report that they send, so essentially they do their own inspection
and they send me a detailed report, the factory, yes, I’m
in relationship with this factory for like, three years now. Do you think I
should still do an inspection, like, they send me an internal inspection report, I
do trust them, it’s been good so far, but I also do inspections with… I’m not sure if I did… I think I did with your company for another product, but what do you think
about this situation? Like, you have good relationship, they do you an internal
inspection, they do you a detailed inspection, you think you should still
use an external 3rd party inspection? I think so. Yeah, still?
Do you trust him? I do, man, yeah, I do. I mean, but again, you know, things happen, yes, I do trust…
I actually met this friend (from the factory)… People are still people… People do mistakes… Yeah, that’s what I’m saying…
You have to control the game, you have to make sure, because he’s not showing you the
inspection process… Yeah, I see what you are saying… Just the report. Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. But, doing online inspection, you see, like, the
inspection process… Yeah… And you see everything from the beginning to the end,
and you see, like, already packed boxes you know, when we finish the inspection, we
pack products, we use our own tape to stick, yeah, yes, that’s right, yes. To stick the box with “UnreaL China” inspected. When somebody wants to open your box, they
should cut the tape. We stick from the downside, upside, left,
right side. We stick it all around. We are sure that this product was packed by us. Yeah. Checked and packed by UnreaL China. And when the products come to our warehouse we check the tape again. I see, I see what you’re saying… That’s the idea. So this way you make sure that it was not replaced or like, kinda like… Makes sense, man. That’s awesome, these were my questions about the inspections part. Now, I have a few more questions about bundling and I would say… It’s also logistics part, so first question I would say is; do you have any tips on, when we create bundles, for example, we have this product
manufactured in this factory, this here what would you suggest us on this… On
bundling, so to say, what are your suggestions on bundling? For example, you have two factories,
you would like to make a bundle, first of all, my advice is to make sure if one factory can make two products by themselves. Yeah. Because two factories,
two responsibilities. Yeah. Two expenses. For example, try to ask them what is the
price for making a bundle on your company, yeah, on your factory. If their
price is good and they make a good bundle for you, just do it with one
factory. If they cannot do, sometimes they just say; we just do our own products and we can’t do anything else. Like, you try to contact this factory, to ask them; can
they do this? (Bundling) And if they cannot do and this factory cannot do, ask us. Yeah. But before
sending products to us you have to make sure the product was inspected. Alright. The product is good. When suppliers send products to us they have to get money from you, means you’ve already paid them. That’s right. It’s difficult to get a refund from them, when your product is defective. First recommendation; ask one factory to do most of the work because the responsibility will be on this factory. Second, if they cannot
do that, contact us, but before sending to us make an inspection, every step, every step
should be inspected because online business works this way; less mistakes,
more reviews, more money. So essentially to wrap this part up, if you want a
bundle, if you want to create a bundle of products, you need to maximize the things
that each factory can give you you need to ask them; like, what is the most
you can do for us? Can you actually bundle it in your factory, so we don’t have to
create this shipping chain. That will help us, and obviously also inspect parts of
the bundle before they’re sent for example, to Aleksandr to assemble them.
You have to inspect the part of the bundle, for example, if it’s a… I don’t
know, whatever that is… A glass, packed in… One minute, please… Yeah, shoot man, shoot. One customer, they sent goods to our warehouse
and we did an inspection in our warehouse, but he has a good relationship
with the factory and, like, defective products, we sent to the factory, straight.
The factory received these products and issued a refund without problems.
Yeah. But you have to make some relations… Yeah, exactly, exactly. How you call it; Guanxi? Guanxi… That’s in Chinese means; relationships with your supplier. So yeah, essentially, again, for bundling we would like to minimize the amount of, so to say of steps we have in order
to get the bundle together, this will simply save you problems, headache, time, money, probably as well… and you’ll have great bundles. One more question man, you have this service called
“sample consolidation”. Yeah. Can you tell us about this? If it’s still… You still have it? Yeah, we still have it, we don’t make more money on this service but we still do it because customers want to use this service.
Yeah. For example, you have, like, few samples, for example, 10 samples from
different factories and you would like to send these samples to your country, so
to make sure the samples are good, to make an order from a factory and to send every
sample, it’s like, logistics piece, every sample only ships by express shipping
services, UPS, DHL, they have like, a starting fee, for
example, the starting fee is like 20$ and every kilo, more $20. Yeah. And for example you
have 10 samples and you have 20$ in fees. It’s already 200$. And if you ship those 10 samples to our factory, it will cost you, like, for shipping in China
like 2-3$ per sample, and 5$ for our services, per box from our company, not only one sample. And we pack it together and ship it to you in one box, and the starting fee is for
one box, and one-kilo fees, more weight less fee, and you, like, save money, save
time and you don’t, sometimes you don’t need to
contact your post office, ask, like, my one, sample number one came to me… We do this work
for you, you just need to send us, like, China local tracking number, tracking number is
identification number of this only one number for one box. Also we do,
like, a sample check, for example, you still have like 10 samples and you would
like to send all these 10 samples to your country and you would like to check it first.
Are these the same samples? (referring to quality, design etc). For example, one time we received five, like, different samples,
from different factories and we did not open before sending, you just open it
when we send, if there are same, like, samples we send the same because customers they
choose, like, the way, ship it freight or, like, to make a test. I understand. Yeah. When we test, we see; here are 4 same samples. 4 different factories send you the same samples.
Nothing… (means totally same samples). Why do you need to send four samples, one is enough for you, assuming they are all the same (completely) Yes, you don’t need to spend more
money for shipping, like, for things, for the way, that’s like… Some customers,
they never see their products, in their own hands. Yeah, that’s true. They like to sample test… With you… Yes, with us, and make the order. But for me it’s strange. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. You
wanna be, you wanna feel it, you wanna… Yes, yes. You have to, like, feel, you have to smell, yeah… Sometimes you have to try (bite, chew etc), break, taste it, depends on the product. Let me just conclude these parts, so sample consolidation is a service that Aleksandr also provides, and what, how it works you don’t need to ship many different
samples from many different factories to your home, for example, because it will
create more headache in terms of going to the mail, receiving this sample, this sample, then oh you need to get this one, what you do is you send
everything from China, internally in China to his warehouse, where
his guys would take care of this and then they either will send it as one
package to your country where you will receive it, and you know, smell the
products, play with them, bite them chew them, whatever your product is or
you can ask the guys of Aleksandr to chew, chew the products for you… You know what I mean, like, to play with it. This is also a way if you don’t, for some reason (want to do it yourself). Yeah, it works man, a lot of people do this. Yeah, definitely… So just without sending it your home, you
ask for their, for them, they’re reliable and trustworthy, you ask; guys can you check
the samples for me? Yes, we can. They do, they give you the report, I believe, right?
And then you’re good to go. So man, I have, like, two last questions to you, one more on a, like,
personal side and one more of, like… Do you have any other specific tip that you
would share with us, connected to shipping? Something you might have wanted
to share with us, and I didn’t ask you I tried, by the way, covering all of your questions that I’ve gotten and thank you Andri, Omar, my step dad, Leonid (Lenka), spasibo (means thank you in Russian). For, you know, inputting these questions. But is there something else you would like to add, man, to this? I already told a lot, man, yeah… I don’t know if there are more tips, on, like… Yeah, we’ve shared a good lot of tips. Well, but… Ok, so that’s awesome. I think we’ve covered, like, shipping, we’ve covered, like, logistics, really good stuff, I would say… And so another question, I would say, it’s
something more of entrepreneurial… For those people who are entrepreneurs, who
are, you know, creating their own businesses, creating their own future,
their own life, in their own way… What could you give us as an advice, in this
one, from you because, man, you’ve moved again, as I mentioned in the beginning, to a new country,
you created a business there, that’s a big thing What can you share with us in order to help us, yeah… My advice for people who are starting their own business, like, keep pushing… Yeah… Keep pushing. When you find something you’d like to do and you know you can
earn money in this side, like, keep pushing. While you are young because you have more
power, more strength… Yeah, that’s true. Yeah… And, for example, for me, when I started doing this, I
didn’t know that there will be so much, like, people who will be interested in my services and i just tried, tried… And one day I realized; I have no time for my
family for, like, friends, for hanging out like, and I knew, I knew… When I finish, I will do, like, a good rest in a good place, like, I do, I do, like, like, just
like going to the army. Do you know what does it mean? When
people go to the army, yeah, they, like do hard work. Yeah. And the only thing they keep in mind, when they, like, go back to normal life. Yeah, yeah. They will party hard, or do things they like doing… For me, it was like going to the army. And when I went to the army I pushed really hard. Yeah. At that time, when I moved to China, again, for UnreaL China, it was, like, I opened
a company I had to prepare, like, working visa, something like that, visas for my family, and I was in China half a year alone, without family. And you kept on pushing. Yeah, I was working like 24/7 kind of this, but, yeah…
It’s, like, really advice when you find opportunity, keep pushing because so much,
a lot of different things, like parties all kinds of this… Yeah… But less opportunities, it’s like, this what I do. Yeah, you gotta push and be dedicated to your craft. Yes, and you have to push before you become older. For example, I’m
30 years old now I’m still pushing, I would like to push till 40,
and when 40 comes, I would like to have a rest, I would like to do what I want I’d like to raise my children,
I would like to raise my grandchildren… For example, I like drawing. Yeah, really man? Nice. I know, when I will be 40, I will go to a drawing school. Really, man, that’s awesome. Because, man, I should care about my family. Yeah. About my parents, that’s why… For people, this advice is only for people who want to, like, earn, like, to
do their own business. Yeah. For those who want to live a normal life, just keep doing
what you do, like, keep going to work, to have a good salary
because I’m pretty sure people who go to work to have a salary, who have a
pension, like, they have, like, a good life too man. Yeah, of course, man. Man, Aleksandr, thank you for sharing all this… It’s crazy how much value there is in this interview, I didn’t expect to get that much, man. It’s not all, man… Before the interview, we were talking about two hours… Yeah… That’s true, and I mean, hopefully, you know, the viewers will like this, obviosly drop this video a LIKE πŸ˜€ if you did (like it), drop comments, we’ll be
glad to answer your questions and Aleksandr, how can people contact you
best? I’ll leave Aleksandr’s company contacts in the description, also we’ll give you a nice
discount for inspections with Aleksandr Yes, it’s gonna be included down there, so it’s gonna be nice for you to use his services. I did use them, as I’ve mentioned, I did ship with Aleksandr, I did the sample consolidation and also I
did the inspections. All services I have, you did em’ all. Yeah, I went through them, and I can totally tell you that the guy’s legit, and I mean, I’ve had a lot of
fun working with him and it’s practical, it gets on time, the products get shipped on
time, so for me, no complaints. Just good things. Man thank you for coming, I
appreciate that man, that was awesome. It’s so hot here. It’s hot here, yeah, the AC is off because we wanted to provide you with good sound, hopefully we
did… And, thank you… We’re gonna see each other in the next video. Bye. Thank you, guys, thank you. It was good, man. Perfect. So now we can turn on the AC. Yeah, yeah πŸ˜€

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