Sandade Sandadi Full Movie | Jagapati Babu, Rajendra Prasad | Sri Balaji Video

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Sandade Sandadi Full Movie | Jagapati Babu, Rajendra Prasad | Sri Balaji Video

”God please help us in
completing the task…” ”we are undertaking…
without any hurdles” ”We are responsible for our death
and no one should be blamed” ”Chandu, Balu, Kamesh” That’s why l trusted this bottle of
poison instead of that branch. ln few hours…
l will be in heaven. Did you prepare before drinking?
– What do you mean? Oh! l forgot to shake it. You deserved for what you are.
This is expired. Then l’ll not die?
– Why won’t you? lf l push you down. ”You fools! Now-a-days, even to
die you need a master plan.” Look over there. The super fast train
is coming. No one has survived yet. Come on…
Let us lie down and die… Come fast. The train is leaving
without killing us… Our fate is so bad that even
death doesn’t come near us. He is planning to die.
– Come let’s go. Pull him out. Where am l?
– You are near Jubilee hills. ”Then am l still alive?
– Yes, Sir. We saved your life.” Why is he hitting him?
– After all these efforts… l thought l’ll die. You spoilt
everything. l’ll kill you. ”Along with him, kill us too.
We are waiting to die.” ”Even you 3 were here to die?
– Yes, Sir.” You all are so young…
What compelled you to die? l’m an accountant. l should calculate
faster than a calculator. Once l made a mistake. So l was sacked
from my job without any intimation. My story is a very heart-touching.
Once in my office… l told my colleague to switch on
the fan on my table… So they trapped me for bribery
and kicked me out of my job. Can’t you work without the fan?
– l can’t sleep peacefully. ”Unlike them, l don’t have any problems
at office. But l’ve family problems.” ”Though l’ve been married for 4 months,
our first night was never performed.” ”Why? At this age, are you impotent?
– He was an undergarment salesman…” But he married a girl saying a lie
that he is a Software Engineer. ”Just after the marriage when she came
to know the truth, she pushed him out.” ”Let’s forget ours. You seem to be
a millionaire with a car, bungalow…” but why were you compelled to die? My name is Lakshmi Narayan. l’m the
proprietor of ‘Govinda and Co.’. The hair oil produced in my company
removed hair rather than nourishing… Hence people were aggravated
and wanted to kill me. So l closed the company.
– lt was a great deed! My detergent soaps burnt clothes
but cleaned dirty tiles very well. All this is due to my evil deeds
in my previous birth. lt wasn’t for your evil deeds
but it’s because of your luck. Then it was incense sticks
factory. A married couple on their first
night of their marriage… used our incense sticks and
the bride vomited… So she got pregnant just for
your incense sticks? She vomited because she couldn’t bear
the odor of those incense sticks. ”Now, l understand the depth
of your problems.” You’re facing four problems.
– What is the fourth? lt’s the name of your company…! ”lmmediately, change the name from
‘Govinda and Co.’ to ‘ Lucky and Co.”’ Don’t be so perplexed.
‘ Lucky’ is your name. ‘ Lucky’ is the short form of
your name Lakshmi Narayana. Regarding your first problem…
‘Govinda Hair Oil’ Launch it again as
‘ Lucky Hair Remover’ in the market. lntroduce the same detergent soap
for tiles and not for clothes. ”Launch those incense sticks as
‘ Lucky mosquito repellent coil” Excellent! l thought you were ordinary people… but you are extraordinary!
– So those weren’t ordinary ideas? Yes. Why?
– Won’t you pay for the super ideas? ”ldiot! You’ve given such great ideas
and asking ”Won’t you pay?” Name it and l’ll give you anything.
– Will you give us Rs.3000? You are always an
undergarment salesman! ”lf it is granted, we’ve to come to the
same spot and hang ourselves again.” ”Then what shall we ask for?
– Minimum Rs 100,000.” His company hasn’t profited yet.
lt’s not good to be so greedy. We’ll ask a job with a 5000 pay.
– 5000? What are you discussing so much?
– Since you like us… we were discussing our salaries
for the job you will offer us. ”You wanted to ask this?
l’ll give Rs.10,000.” ”ls it the sum of all our salaries?
– No. l’ll give Rs. 10,000 each.” You are stinking. Haven’t you brushed
your teeth since morning? l thought… why to waste paste
when l had decided to die. ”l am impressed. Tomorrow,
join your job in the morning.” ”Govinda and Co.” ”Chaos in a gathering” ”lf these three unite
then it’s a chaos” ”lf they work hand-in-hand
there will be a chaos” ”They make gold out of waste” ”Their ideas are great…
they can bring about miracles” ”Nobody can equal them” Stop it! lnitially you used to visit alone… now your entire team is here.
– lt’s a sacred oblation of fire. Even are you a priest?
– No. l’m a servant of the priest. When did you come?
– l came just now. Rather than chanting…
can’t we sing some duets? You shouldn’t say like this to the
sacred ritual. Say sorry to God. Since the day l got married to
you l’ve been doing the same. ”Before our wedding, your parents
said you were elder…” l thought you were
the eldest daughter… ”But l never thought, they had said,
you were elder to me!” ”Elders say, it takes a thousand lies
to make a marriage possible.” But they never said to make this house
a hell by performing these rituals. Do you know everyone in the apartment
are speaking ill about you? Today there’s an eclipse.
– lf we don’t perform this ritual… you will not prosper in life.
– Your mother said this? You always shout at me.
– lt’s not so dear… you are making our kids
orthodox like you. l’ll not prosper in life by
doing all these rituals… Then what should l do for that? Satisfy my needs. The first is to
embrace you like this. l have been fasting for 6 weeks
in the name of God… l am reducing my weight
but nothing else. l was kidding.
You look good like this. What are all these packets?
– This is a sari for you. This is my salary.
– Thanks to the Goddess! What’s this?
– These are… sweets for tonight. Eating this sweet at night
will reduce my weight? Not for that
lt’s for that…! Today there’s an eclipse and you’ve
brought some dirty things like this? Wait..!
You are throwing…? Shouldn’t waste money on petty things.
– Then give the money back… l’ve to give it to the priest. Share it among yourselves.
– God bless you. Never come again. Why are you taking it?
– For that… Today there’s an eclipse.
Will your wife accept it? She may not but…
my other lady will agree. Since ages women are being
exploited by men… Wives are beaten
for no reason… or are brutally killed
lt is habitual for men. What an argument! What a style!
Divorce is definite. The way she argues…
l feel like watching her forever. ”lf she is arguing, you must hear.
Why are you feeling like seeing her?” ”Are you married?
– No, Sir.” What’s your age? You are old…
Better get married soon. To prove this do you’ve any evidence?
– Yes. lt’s ready. What is this?
– When she is back home after a… ”hectic day, she is unable to sleep
because of his dreadful snore!” Was it a snore? When did you come?
– When you were arguing. Who is he?
– My junior. ”Okay.
Now, you leave…” Until you marry… play with this. ”Now, you are exactly like the
heroine of ”Titanic”.” Who are you…?
Why are you in our vicinity? Why has my life turned like this? That chair belongs to madam.
– She’s my wife. Mind your business. ln this angle… you are exactly
like actress Aishwarya Rai. Turn back…
You’ll find actor Salman Khan. Hold this. Who are you?
Why are you in my vicinity? Why are you seated on madam’s seat? Madam has a very bright future. What are you doing here? ”ls it so? Since you were reading her
hands, l thought you are an palmist.” l’ll arrange a great
setting for you. lf he is angered…
he will spoil my image. lf he would’ve held your hand once
again l would’ve crushed his image. ”You’ve to be broad-minded, Kamesh.
Get a glass of milk for him.” When will you get a glass of
milk on our first night…? Tonight… What’s this?
– lt’s for you. l have bought this for you with love.
– ls it a Bath robe? lt’s a transparent nightie
which enhances your beauty. ”So, should l wear it now?
– Wear it now, later on l’ll…” Then you wear it.
– Me? Are you feeling shy? Please go out.
l am referring some important case. Then what about my case?
– Postponed for 2 weeks. No way. Forget your judgment
and wear this nightie. Don’t disturb me. lf l win this
case then l’ll be promoted. ”So, l’ve to control my emotions?” ”lf this is continued, l’ll go out…
– And what will you do?” l will sell these nighties
and buy two shirts. Your wish. Go and sleep in veranda.
– But before that… Do you know what is the unwanted
thing around here? ”Yes, l do know its our clothes.” So we will be awake all
through the night? Not the entire night. lt is only
between 9p.m to 1 a.m. This is real and not a shooting. ”Oh God, why does this bell rings
even at this hour?” l’ll be back.
Don’t sleep. Coming…. Why is he here now?
– ls Madam Priya inside? She has gone out.
– She went out? Why are you here? Any urgent news?
– Yes. l had sent your stills… to our Mumbai director…
– lt has been rejected? He has a talent for writing.
They have liked your stills a lot. Let’s discuss it inside.
– He’ll be coming here tomorrow. He’ll do some photo sessions with you.
You got to be as fresh as an apple… in the refrigerator. lt’s better
to have an early night Today is my first night.
– But you’ve been married for long. Never had the first night yet…?
– You know where is Bin Laden? No.
– Know why Virappan was divorced? l don’t know that too.
– lf you don’t know those… then what’ll you do
knowing about us? Leave now. You may have many nights…
But you get an opportunity only once. Great photographer! ”You don’t want me to be a star?
– Yes, l want you to be.” Then why did you insult him? With great difficulty our first night
had begun… why he had to interfere? First night?
l am not in a mood for that. Take this and get out.
– l’ll go. l’ll never make it l guess.
All these flowers are a waste. Decorate yourself with
those flowers… Thief! ”lt’s not thief. lt’s me, your husband.
– lt’s you? lt’s early morning?” ”Why are you praying now?
– lt’s early morning, right?” Morning?
lt is not even late night. Then why did you wake me?
– For that… Are you scared to go to bathroom?
l’ll take you. Come. Where is Baby?
– She is sleeping there. Why?
– Because… tonight… You are looking very beautiful.
– You are being naughty. lf l wasn’t naughty then how
did we have two kids? Why don’t we do it now?
– We’ll do it. For this l am following a ritual…
Don’t touch me until the ritual ends. How’ll you have kids without me?
– Children will be disturbed. Make her sleep here.
And you sleep in veranda. ”lt’s raining, come near me honey.” You threw me out in the night. And now you are calling me…?
l will not leave this chance. You are giving me your leg…
lt’s okay. l’ll adjust. What’s happened?
Why are they sleeping in veranda? Chandarashekar Sir… Balachandra Sir… What happened to you?
– He tried to pull my sari. What will he do?… He would’ve
washed it and given it back. Why are you sleeping outside?
– Last night our wives… Why are you kicking me?
– Am l not speaking to her? Last night there was no power supply.
– But there was supply in my house. Yours is single phase
Ours is triple phase. So all of you were
sleeping here? You don’t have supply
in your body…! T.V anchor…
– What’s it? There she goes…!
– Let’s get out of here. Great Devotee…
Come here. What happened?
– Your husband tried to pull my sari. What is this? What’s wrong with you?
– l thought it was you…? lt isn’t his fault.
lt’s your fault. Just because you want to be good on
T.V… you shouldn’t do this to him. Husband is like a flame
of a candle. You should always protect him from
breeze with your hands. ln case if his flame blows off.
– lt will light elsewhere? ”What’s good about it, lawyer madam?
lt’s good to hear…” but you’ll know how it feels
when it happens to you. You may win in the Court
arguing on matters… But a lady has to win in the house.
He is your judge. lf you change your direction then
your life will be topsy-turvy. Well said!
– You are no less. You believe in rituals and you are
great devotee who think that… God will be angered if you
are with your husband! ”Look, in great epic Ramayana…
Sita never abandons her…” husband N.T.Rao in any of
his difficulties. ”Not actor N.T Rao, it is Lord Rama.
– Whatever!” l remember only
the actor N.T.Rao well. Listen to me… he will be your man
if he sleeps with you… Else there will be no difference
between wife and a servant. You advised us so well.
Why didn’t you marry? l got married long time back.
– Really? When? With whom? With my Raja….
25 years back… We both lived in opposite houses. He liked me a lot… he couldn’t
leave me for a second… ”Once when l was ill, since l couldn’t
walk up to the temple…” he brought the idle to my house. But my ill-fate…
separated us. Till now l’ve been waiting
for him… l am waiting for the day when
he’ll accept me… ”Look lady, you’ll know his value
only in his absence.” Hence worship your husband…
Harmonize and live happily together. No. lt’s a sin.
– You’ll never change. Let the milk make me wealthy. Eat well.
And give lots of milk. ”Parvathy, why are your cows
wearing glasses?” Now a days they are
acting too smart. They are on strike that they’ll not
give milk without green grass. Where will l get green grass
in this city? ”Hence, l made them wear green coloured
glasses and gave then dry hay.” You are not an ordinary lady. You
must be know as ‘ Fitting Parvathy’ Your idea is super.
– Thanks. Give me a pair of glasses too.
– Why do you want? Even l want to control my wife.
– Hence you haven’t seen first night. Like the way l tackled my cows… l will give an idea to
tackle your wives too. How?
– Your wives are always at home. ”Take them to movies,
sight seeing, shopping…” The salary we get isn’t sufficient
to manage the house… ”Yesterday, my wife spent the entire
money for that ritual…” Now how shall l take her
for movies…? Why can’t you ask me?
– You? For interest? l doubt you’ll give me the principal
amount then how’ll l…? Anyway… l’ll give you this time. Take this
money and enjoy with your wives. ”Come here my queen…
– Come here my king…” ”Let’s roam on our scooter” ”Wait till l finish my make up” ”Colorful T.V…” ”Watching T.V is harmful
for your eyes” ”l am there to wash your clothes” ”Our neighbor have both…
Use their’s” ”Let the summer come
to an end…” ”How’ll l buy when
l am penniless?” ”l swear l’ll buy it after
our first night” ”This ring will match
actress Aishwarya Rai” ”lf we buy this we’ve to buy even
medicines for skin disease” ”Then l’ll have
to rob a bank” ”l’ve a bad time as
you are my husband” ”Your husband is not rich
like the Tatas” ”He doesn’t buy anything
and he is a fraud?” ”Then why don’t you
have an ice cream?” ”He has grown his moustache
for name sake” ”l am cheated by him” ”Aren’t you ashamed?
– Aren’t you aggravated?” ”We are free birds” Why are you banging those bundles?
– Because it is not our’s. We toil… and Lucky makes money.
– lt’s not good to say so. He gave us jobs…
don’t speak against him. We aren’t being recognized and paid
for the efforts that we put in. Now what happened?
– You didn’t understand him? But l did. lsn’t it for our idea that
our owner is earning so much… Why are we awarded not
even a fraction of it? He is getting bundles of currencies
but we get bundles of worries. Now what should we do?
– Let’s request him to… ”increase our pay else we’ll threaten,
we’ll quit and join other factory.” He is trying to commit suicide again.
– You’ll die… Leave me…
Don’t stop me. Sit down.
– l’m saved again. l want to die! What is this… always you
speak of death? Can’t you think something else?
– How can l…? People have problems in their
life but l live in problems. We gave you ideas and had
solved your problems… ”Again there are problems?
– Not one or two, l’ve 3 problems.” Why is it that you always come
up with 3 problems? My difficulties are 3 ladies.
– ln this old age you’ve 3 ladies? Your body is as strong as ‘ MRF Tyre’
– Shut up. ”They are my daughters and with love
l named then Aney, Anju, Manju.” Since they were motherless…
l pampered them a lot. For higher studies l sent them to
America too. That was my mistake. What happened?
– l had a close friend of mine. l promised to get my daughters
married to his sons. But now my daughters are saying
the world has changed… so they’ll choose their men and
are against arranged marriages. What they say is correct.
– What is correct? Now a days people love not
the person but money. ”lf they are entrapped by such men,
what will happen to their lives?” Hence… l had promised
my friend… lf l can’t keep up my promise…
What is this life for? ”lf you want to catch a running bus,
we need to run along with the bus.” Did l ask you an idea
for catching a bus? What he meant was we have to go
in their way and advise them. How’s it possible?
– l’ll give a marvelous idea. What are you whispering? We’ll search for three
smart men and… they’ll be introduced to your
daughters and make them fall in love. ”When they are deeply in love, we’ll
tell them that they are fraud.” Then your daughters will
change their minds and say… ”Daddy, we have learnt a lesson
because we didn’t listen to you” ”Your choice will be our choice.
We’ll marry whom you choose” Thus they’ll be on your track. l liked your idea too much. But where will we get those
3 young men so fast? Give us a week’s time and
we’ll find them. Not needed…
l have found those 3 young men. Found them?
Who are those fools? You three. Get up. We have terrific wives with us.
Please don’t do the same again. My wife is my life…
l can’t cheat her. Shut up.
– l’ll fall at your feet… My wife acts in T.V serials..
if she knows about this… then she’ll abandon me and
join movies forever… Shut up! lt was you guys who
said it would be a pretense… Why do you think l’ve
selected you three? ”You all are intelligent, trust
worthy and are married.” So you will not cross your
limits with my daughters. l’ve to see my safety too. Right?
– We can’t. l also have 2 kids. Shut up. lf you don’t agree for this then
you’ll lose your jobs… He is not M.D. He is MAD!
l’ll not agree for this proposal. This salary wasn’t enough for
her cosmetics and dresses… Now if l am sacked then she will
look down upon me. My wife…!
She is the mother of Justice! She can never make money by
encouraging injustice. ”lf she collects money from her clients,
it would at least help in petty things.” ”Forget my problems…
Chandu, you have 2 kids…” you are the sole-earner of the family.
At least you think about it. l have a loving wife. lsn’t it wrong
for me to freak out with a girl? How can it be wrong?
lt’s all a drama. There are film actors. Though they
have their wives at home they go… to foreign countries to sing duet.
– lt’s all acting. Even l want you to do the same. What did Shakesphere say?
– How’ll l know? ”l’m from Telugu medium.
– ”Life is a drama” ”Drama, right?
Even we will be just actors.” But will never think
of cheating our wives. l am thinking a lot about it.
– What’s it? l am stepping into acting… ”actors like Nagarjuna, Venkatesh
will’ve to suffer because of me.” ”Can the Ethiopian change his skin” Why are you guys still here? l am ready.
– Even l am ready. How about him?
– Even he is ready. We’ve a small doubt.
– What’s it? Your daughters who are studying
in America are good-looking? ”They don’t resemble me, they resemble
their mother and they are beautiful.” Those beautiful girls will love us?
– Definitely. You will not be like this…
You’ll have a different look. The new style suits
you all very well. Who are you?
– lt’s me Kamesh. lt’s you? l was wondering who could
it be with this French beard. Why is this dog barking? Am l tied to the dog or the
dog is tied to me? Don’t make unnecessary comments.
lt’s a dog and it will bark. My daughter Anju loves dogs. She’ll love the dog first
and then the master. We’ll do as you say. But our salary…
– l was coming to it… ”From today, your salary will
be increased to 25,000.” Coming back to the topic…
This guest house will be your office. ”Let’s dance break-dance
Let’s dance shake-dance” ”Let’s be like free birds
Let’s ride motor bikes” ”We will show the
world what we are” ”Let’s cat-walk in jeans…
guys are waiting in the junction” ”Let’s chat in the pub…
and dance in the disco club” ”We’ve ATM cards and anything
is possible with this” ”We are equivalent to ‘spice girls’
we like everything which is jazzy” ”Let’s sing our dream song” ”Let’s give flying kiss to guys” ”College is to pass our time….
Teenage is for having fun” ”We enjoy sending e-mails
and love non-stop chatting” ”Let’s dance with boys” ”To express love, people in 40’s used
gramophone and in 60’s used telephone” ”ln 80’s it was through microphones
and latest is cell phones” ”Oh God, you have given me a
variety of daughters” ”You should’ve food near the swimming
pool and not in the dining hall” They said so and brought
this table here. l feel like a beggar having
alms on the road. Where are my daughters? What is this nuisance. Why do you
want to keep this dog on the table? Don’t call it dog.
lt’s name is ‘Aisu’. Call up the Apollo Hospital.
– What happened? Are you ill? l am fine.
lt’s for my Aisu. Everyday he used to wish me in the
morning. But today he didn’t. Very good.
How good it is…? l’ll call up the doctor.
He’ll check it up. Have your breakfast.
Where are other two? Why are you hitting those? What will you have? What kind of dress are
you wearing? She is crazy about dogs…
she is crazy about boxing… You are crazy about spider man. Sons of Ranga Rao… will go mad
the moment they marry you. We’ve told you before we don’t
like arranged marriages. ”lf you speak about them again,
we’ll leave to America.” ”Book the tickets to America instantly.
– No, don’t say such things.” l love you all a lot. From today
l’ll not speak about them. Tomorrow is my birthday.
How’s my dress? lt’s good.
– lt is called Dalmatian style. Present me a Dalmatian dog
as my gift. Till date l haven’t seen such dogs.
Then how shall l get it? ”lf you don’t get it,
l’ll fly off to America.” What do you feel when you see
the dog in middle… lt looks as though it is suffering
from illness and may die any moment. l should hit myself with these
shoes since l recruited you. This dog is Dalmatian. Tomorrow present this
to my daughter Anju. How can we do it so instantly?
We need some time. l said the same to her. So she
said she will go to America. Do whatever you like… But tomorrow you should present
this dog to her when we meet. ”No matter what you try, this is
a stray dog… not a Dalmatian.” Don’t be tensed. Just watch
how l color it… At the end you’ll see
a Dalmatian dog. ”Whatever… do it fast.
– Be patient, it’s almost finished.” Have a look at this
Dalmatian dog. ls it a Dalmatian dog?
Do you have brains? Don’t just jump into conclusions. Where did you get this?
– l got it from Lucky. Have a peg. lt’s good.
– How is our Dalmatian? Both are different.
– Then that wasn’t enough. This isn’t the Dalmatian…
That is the one… ”Lucy, you do your duty.” Who are you? Run…
– You are stealing my dog? Who do you think l am?
Stop! We are coming…
There she is. Am l a dog? What’s your name? l hate if anybody say anything
against it. Me too. You are here? l am coming. You were lucky to come out
before it attacked. Then my Dalmatian?
– lt’s there. Dear friends…
have a look at this brave act. He is a courageous…
and unbelievable hero… He’ll climb this building. This plan may cost my life…
Will this plan be successful? l am an expert in climbing
trees since childhood. You just need to climb only one floor.
l’ll be ready wearing a similar dress. Like a duplicate in movies…
l’ll climb the rest of the floors. You thief!
You are here. Spider man!
– Hurrah! Where is my dog?
– l will give you an elephant instead. l want my dog. Why is he after me at
this crucial time? At last you’ve arrived. Come join me.
– That police is after me for the dog. Come to next floor.
l’ll join you there. ”Stop it, l know how hard
it is to climb.” Change your dress.
– How can l change? He has made me to lose
all my strength. Have this rope and climb one more
floor. l’ll join you there. What is this rope for?
– l’ll tell you. Where is my dog?
– lt’s here… That’s good. ls he going to die there?
– He is over-acting. Dog? Now you go inside and…
Go down. At last l got rid of him. Manju wait.
Listen to me. l have come…
to face the challenge. l’ll climb the remaining floors…
– Next you need to reach the sky. Sky? You climbed all the floors…?
– No! Your father did it? Move! Should ban such useless cars. She is gorgeous.
– What do you think you are? You are so smooth…
Like a model for Lux Soap. Lux babe! Carry her… Leave me. Wake up. You are fast asleep?
– ls the fight finished? There’s only one man.
You take care of him. Will he not hit me back?
– He seems weak. You can hit him. Then l’ll take care. ”ls it true that l have fallen
in love with you?” ”You can’t stop yourself
from falling in love” ”Can’t l see the image now…” ”which was hidden in
my heart till now” ”You are everything to me…
You are my happiness” ”And l am yours forever” ”ln whatever path you go…” ”l’ll follow you” ”Your smile can relieve my pain” ”and bequest happiness
in my life” ”Your simple gestures…
allured me to you…” ”and l was enthralled
by your love” ”ls love a journey whose destiny
is an endless happiness?” ”Sweetheart, that’s the strength
of our love” ”You are in my thoughts…
you are in my dreams” ”Your love has changed my world” ”No fragrance is better
than yours…” ”lt is soliciting me to
unite with you” ”l want to see you
everywhere…” ”l want you to be in
my heart forever” ”l want every breath of
mine to say your name” ”l want to live only for you” ”ln a fraction of a second
you captured me” ”Secretly, you captured me too” ”lnstead of this old song, can’t we
sing some other song for this ritual?” Why do you want to
hinder the prayers? Since childhood l’ve been listening
to this song. lt’s boring. Just imagine the plight
of the Goddess… We know only this song. You may
sing if you know a better song. ”Me?
– Yes, you sing…” One good song. ”Okay, l’ll sing for you both.” The sari l’m wearing is good.
lsn’t it? My sari is better than yours.
lsn’t it? What is this song…?
– Children are laughing… Elders say if the children laugh
then God will smile at us. The last ritual is going on…
– Let’s join them. ”Parvathy, come here.
– Coming.” ”She isn’t married, why should you
give the God’s offering to her?” Don’t say so. We are living
happily with our husband. But she is waiting for him
since childhood. She doesn’t even know if he
is alive or not. But still she is waiting
for him eagerly. Hence she is superior
to all of us. Your Raja will definitely come
to you. Take this. Take it.
She is telling the truth. People teased me that he
would never be back… and l had cried for years… But when you proclaimed that
he will return… You have brought the strength
in me to wait for him. l wish that you live happily
with your family… forever. Don’t cry.
Calm yourself. At last you’ve been awarded
the Padmashree. l don’t think l deserve such a
great award for my simple deed. What have you thought about
our children’s marriage? Even l am trying for the same.
They have just arrived. Please fix a date for their marriage.
My children are troubling me a lot. Salutations!
– Don’t bring lndian politics here. You greet everyone on your way
be it a man or an animal. Why do you want to greet them?
– Since they said ‘ Hi!’… l thought they are at a
higher position than you. They are nothing in their lives.
They are just my employees! He is my closest friend. Yet to be
my daughters’ father-in-law. Why are you staring…?
Greet him. l must leave. l’ve an urgent work.
– Don’t worry about the marriage. lt’ll be settled very soon.
– See you soon. ”Dear men, instead of
following our plans…” you’ve made a very long
journey of love. Come back to neutral gear
then put a reverse gear. Be villains and end everything. ”Later my daughters should say
”Daddy, we are enlightened” ”We don’t want love marriage and
we agree for arranged marriage” They should fall to my feet
and say all this. We were so happy… Suddenly he
wants us to cheat our lovers… ”and put an end for all this?
Now, what shall we do?” We should do as he has asked us to do.
– l don’t agree. A poor can live as rich
but a rich can’t live as a poor. So what shall we do?
– There’s only one way out. You mean…?
– Let’s make this pretense of love… a truth… by marrying them. Correct! Only then will that Lucky
fall to our feet for forgiveness. lf we marry them… then my Lakshmi?
– What are you speaking? Rubbish. On that day if we
would’ve committed suicide… wouldn’t they have been abandoned? Rather than being a destitute
without us… let them lead a royal life with us. Though you are right…
l should tell my wife… l’ll kill you.
– lt’s not that… Let’s speak to them and get their
agreement for the marriage. You are going to do it?
– Yes. Make your wife agree for it. We’ll not have any complications.
– Somehow l find it right. lsn’t it?
– Okay. l’ll accept your suggestion. How many wives do Lord Venkatesha has?
– Two of them. For Lord Shiva?
– Two of them… Parvathy and Ganga. For Lord Kumara Swamy?
– Malli and Devayani. Then l think only Lord Ganapathy
is a bachelor. Who said he was a bachelor?
You are weak in mythology. Even he is married.
Their names are Siddi and Buddi. Then for Lord Chandu?
– Two… you are making fun of me? By the way why are asking
these questions now? ”God has 2 wives, right?
Now what did you understand?” l understand that they are God. To make humans equal to God…
our government laws says… ”We are two… we have two”
”- Then is it applicable for me too?” ”That is old… the latest is
”We are two and have one” Here ‘one’ depicts one child and ‘two’
depicts a wife and a husband. Salutations!
– Please be seated. Do you speak the truth?
– l say only truth. Then l’ll have to leave.
– Wait. Where are you going? l want someone who say lies. ”Now, l’ll tell you a horoscope
and you write accordingly.” Money?
You’ll give or should l give? How can l cheat you when l want
you to cheat someone else. l’ll give you handful of currencies
and you’ve to write what l say. Tell me.
– Write down… lt’s you? l just dropped
your wife to your house. Are you here to know
your horoscope? Now it’s your bad time…
Go now. Should l say your horoscope
or will you say? You choose it. Are you searching for
your brains? No. lt’s not that.
l’ve 2 spots on my head. So what?
– lf we have 2 spots then… we’ll have 2 marriages.
– We’ll ask my mother. ”Your mother, Police officer…? Why to
waste money on long distance calls?” lt’s no longer a long distance call
as she is transferred here. Hit him… hard. What happens if there
are 2 spots on one’s head? They’ll have 2 marriages. Why are you crying?
– He has 2 spots on his head. What’s it son-in-law?
– Yes. l saw 2 spots. Don’t worry. Those 2 spots will no
longer be there by this evening. How can you eliminate birth spots?
– When a man has an innocent wife… ”like you, he get spots
all over their head.” Why do you worry?
Have peace of mind. Hit him… Why did you take me for shopping?
Also we are here in a restaurant? l don’t know how to say that to you?
Have a look at it. A horoscope? Whose is it?
– lt’s mine. l may die any moment. To solve this l should
get married again. Remarriage?
– l can’t see you as a widow. ”Why will l be a widow?
l’ll remarry, the moment you die.” Did l disturb you?
– He is disturbing me. What happened?
– What is the urgency to know? ”Let him know. After you’re gone,
l need some friends to share my pain.” Where is he going?
– As per the horoscope he’ll die soon. lt is matched! What is matched?
– On that day l showed my horoscope… What did he say? l am like the revolutionary
Raja Ram Mohan Roy… l am lucky to marry a widow. lf he dies…
l’m here to marry you. Did you ask him when you will die?
– l forgot. l’ll go now and ask him. Not needed.
– Why? Take this.
– Have you stopped praying? l’ll never commit such a sin.
– Then why are you removing these? Not all photos. l’m removing those
photos of Gods who have 2 wives. Please drown all these
in the well. Wait! Why are you removing this…
He is bachelor. There should be no bachelors
in the house. ln this house only one God will be
worshiped. That is Lord Rama. Unbelievable! lf she can remove these
which was worshiped daily then… Yes. Well how did your wife react?
– Don’t ask my plight… What happened to Kamesh?
– He is very clever. He would have trapped her
with a master plan. The person in the middle
looks like Kamesh. lt is Kamesh.
But why is he wearing a helmet? lt is not a helmet…
He is made bald. Why is he made like this?
– Some filthy ideas were born. ”Hence, l thought of clearing
them off in a pious way.” With my temperamental…
he should have been dead… But l remembered that he is my
son-in-law and was saved. Even you two. ”Shut up, you bald! lnstead of
enjoying our marital lives…” we risked our lives for
some petty money. lt’s all because of your suggestion.
Else we could’ve been enjoying. ”lf they don’t agree, what can we do?
– lf you get food in the house…” do you stop going for a hotel?
lf our wives disagree… why should we stop
ourselves from getting married? You are right. l prefer being
with Manju than my wife. Then my wife?
– ls lnnocent. Let she think you are a…
man with only one wife. But we can manage it by keeping them
in dark. We’ll maintain it secretly. How is it possible?
– lt’s automatic. lt’s an old fashion to learn swimming
in a pool and then plunge into the sea Now-a-days directly plunge into the
sea and you’ll learn automatically. Didn’t you understand?
Even you didn’t understand? ”They know how to cool
the hot babes” ”They can please them by
singing sweet songs”’ ”They fulfill the wishes
of their wives” ”They meet their lovers
in a secret place” ”They manage and enjoy food both
inside and outside the house” ”These are the masters
of all the time” ”They create a chaos…” ”lf they are united” Mr.Ram Rao…
– Hurrah! You three of us be seated
near the pool… We’ll get butterscotch
ice-creams for you. Feeling so good here.
– Hope we could stay back. ”Why are you going inside a bar?
– ‘ Butter’ for them, ‘Scotch’ for us.” Let’s have 2 pegs… and enjoy! l’m from ‘Gemini T.V’.
l’ll ask each of you a question. ”lf you answer them correctly,
you’ll win a trip to Singapore.” You answer… you say…
– You may ask. ls it better to get married and then
love or marry and then love? lt’s better to get married
and then love. Because love before wedding
is like digging a well for water. My wife…? We may find water or we may not
or we may find salty water too. lt’s a live show.
– They are our families. They look much better
on the screen. My vision is the same.
lt’s better to marry and then love. Mine too. Our girls…! Marrying without love is like
blindly hitting a target. You may hit else life is a havoc. When did they give an interview?
– All are here! lt’s live telecast! ”Though you are a minister, you are
here with so less protection?” You are also in the hit list
of the terrorists. How can we serve people if we fear
for death? Let them kill. l will accept death
while serving country. lf you love then you’ll
know the power of it. You’ll know the pleasures of marriage
only after the marriage. Are your husbands so great?
Show them. They are gentlemen.
They are busy in their office. Don’t yap so much. Show your lovers.
Let’s have a look at them. We’ll show them immediately…
You’ll have a shock of your life. My original wife.
– Where are you all? Original bomb! ”Which is the way to go out, Sir?
– How do l know? Go out and ask.” Where is the bomb?
– There’s a big bomb next to me. Why are you circling around the globe?
– Pumpkin! Globe is circling around me l’ve heard this voice somewhere. Pumpkins…!
– He is hawker. You want it? Yes.
– 2 pumpkins please…! There’s a bomb in it…! lt’s a bomb!
l am telling you… Where is Priya? Come fast… Let’s get out from here…
– Move fast. Time bomb is defused. Everybody has left me alone…
Where shall l go? We’ve searched everywhere but
she is not be seen anywhere… We are fixed. Police will
definitely remand us to jail. Will you stop it? You and
your stupid imaginations. ”Look there, it’s Parvathy?
– Yes, come let’s go.” Somehow we need to please her
and save our marital life. She will forget unwanted matters.
lsn’t it true? You are washing the clothes?
– Then should l wash you. ”Misunderstanding. l mean,
why are you washing it manually?” ”Yesterday, what did we
plan to buy for her?” Why gloves?
Let’s buy washing machine. So that she can sing while
washing clothes. You are trying to bribe me to
forget your deeds? You are our Goddess. So gift us
boon and not warnings like this. Have mercy. Don’t say to Lakshmi. Don’t stare at us like this. You are as beautiful
as an actress… Which idiot said this?
– My wife’s camera-man. ”That is why the other day, he was
staring at me without a blink…” Let him come…
l’ll squeeze him. ”Yes, he is a Satan by birth.
– First let me kick the Satan in you.” ”Urgently, this matter has to be
informed to your wives…” Have mercy on us. Please don’t say.
– Move this side. Take this money and
forget what you saw. ”Should l cheat your sincere, lovable
wives for this money? Get lost!” You are acting too smart.
You are a servant in our houses… who eats our leftovers
like a dog… ”Yes, l eat what you give and
if l find thieves l’ll bark at them.” But l’ll never hide the truth
for the sake of money. l’m obliged to you all for the
food that you’ve given me. How’ll you know how much
l value that? We don’t know the value…
we get salt for Rs.5… Annapurna salt Rs.4.
– Sunflower oil Rs.50. When our life is at stake…
you are cracking petty jokes? We’ve to perform that rituals
and eradicate evil. Yes.
– We are saved from great disaster. ”Thank God, our husbands weren’t
there in the resort…” lf they would have been there then
we had to see them only in photos. As a lawyer l wear a
black coat always… but as a widow l had to wear
white sari all through my life. lt was good that we didn’t
invite them. They were there though you
hadn’t invited them. What are you saying?
– Performing rituals isn’t enough. You need to know how to save your
husbands from evil spirits. You thought they weren’t there
in the resort? They had been there. But we didn’t see them?
– Had they come in front of you… it would be a bomb blast!
– Explain it properly. ”On that day, they weren’t alone.
They were with 3 girls.” You both go inside… Come here. What’s wrong with your
brains? My husband can’t do that. Even my husband can’t do that.
– Mine too. Listen to me… you know them from
the day you got married. And even l know them from
the same day. l saw them playing in water
with three girls. My husband fears to come near me…
and you expect me to believe this? Tell me it’s a gossip.
– lt’s not gossip. lt’s his quality. Shut up. ”Another word against him,
and l’ll not spare you.” ”Though we are culprits, we are
lucky to be defended by them…” While they are defending us…
you enter the scene first. lf you speak another word… Don’t touch me.
– What happened? ”On the way l saw a poster of Shakeela.
l thought ”How beautiful she is!” l have made a mistake.
l have cheated you. You can proceed.
– What else can l say? ”Until l take bath, l can never
be normal again.” Dear… Look how innocent he is
and you are blaming him? What’s it? l don’t want that. You are here?
– Good you came. Offerings made for God.
– Wait! ”l’ve seen this somewhere.
– Yes, outside…” ”Yes, outside in the temple.” Since you were saved from
the bomb blast… We made an offering to God and
here are the offered sweets. ”Look, you were talking ill about them.
– What did she say?” You had been to the hotel…
you were there with 3 girls… She said all kinds of lies…
– Did she say so? But Parvathy always speaks truth.
– Look… they have accepted it. Who accepted it?
– You. You wait… l am a lawyer and
l know who speaks the truth. ”Tell me, who is behind all this
and how much are they paying you?” ”No, they were ready to bribe
me for hiding their secrets.” ”l remember it now, tonight there
is a Michael Jackson chanting of God.” Mysore Janardhan has… changed
his name to Michael Jackson. Like the way you have
changed your wives… lf you talk such nonsense again…
l’ll kill you. Don’t forget you are a servant
and don’t cross your limits. Let’s go All have given their share…
except you. So take care of it.
– l would have forgotten. Let’s go. ”lnstead of accepting the money,
she wanted to be loyal to them…” What do you think about
those slaps? You are frequently being slapped…
so you know it better. To break their trust is not as easy
as fitting glasses for your cows… Not only you even if God says against
us… our wives will not believe them. ”Still there’s a lot of time.
Take Rs.10,000 and join us.” You are bribing me again?
Jealousy is another face of love. Till when can you continue
with your pretense? You think l’ll be idle seeing those
innocent ladies being cheated? ”Look, one day l will expose your
deceptive acts and if l don’t…” l’ll change my name from ‘ Fitting
Parvathy’ to ‘Cutting Parvathy’! Everyday you stop our vehicle and
search for your ‘ Lucy’. Are you mad?
– Do l look like that? Another word… and l’ll take you to police station.
– Tell us how the dog looks. Better ask like this.
lt is pure white and has spots… My dog is similar to that lady
with that graceful walk… Am l a dog?
– Look at her properly… Do l look like a dog to you? There’s only one difference.
– What’s it? My dog has straight legs
and doesn’t limp like you. ”You are hitting a policeman?
– Get lost, you idiot!” Those flirts are behind
these girls. So all three are from
same family. l can fix those flirts if l reveal
about them to these girls… Who are you?
– Who are you? l’m the watchman here.
– l’m the new cook for this house. Get the juice. l kissed your photo… lt’s wrong! Chandu should be
kissed only by his wife Lakshmi. ls it a cross-connection?
– l am talking to you directly. Who are you?
– l am Kamatchi. How did you come here?
– Climbing the stairs… This Chandu is a… Listen to me… ”Madam, can l come in?” She looks like a nice girl.
Of course five fingers are not same. l wanted to reveal something to your
sister. But she pushed me out. At least will you listen to it? Very good girl. ”Kamesh, whom you love is
a very cunning man.” He is already married.
And an important matter is… Are you deaf?
– Who is deaf? Actually… Who are you?
– Who are you? You are in my house and asking me
who am l? Ranga! ”They are young, immature girls…
What about you…?” You are talking too much.
– l am here to tell you a secret. Secret?
What is it? Do you know your daughters
are in love? Yes.
– Do you know they are married? Yes. Chandu has 2 kids.
Do you know that? l know that too.
– When you say you know everything… why don’t you advise them?
– Now l’ve to say a secret to you. What’s it?
– lt was me who has arranged all this Are you a father or a broker? There is no room for uncovering
this matter. The house is so big. But the people
in it are so mean-minded. ”Though l was slapped,
l have got a very good evidence.” My daughters are in convent school.
– Why are you looking so dull? Your mother-in-law isn’t here? The cop?
– Look over there. She is a barbarian. He is a Satan in my life.
He wants a still. Come on let’s go. Can you come a little bit closer? This is not a running race.
lt’s a photo session. ”That background isn’t nice,
Everybody come over here.” What is this?
– Please stand beside your wife. Why are you standing away from your
wife? Go stand next to her. ”l will not go, you can go.
– Don’t be kiddish, come this side.” ”No, l will not.
– At least now can’t you be together?” ”ln which star sign were you born,
go there and stand.” ”You don’t know, you please wait.
– lt’s okay. You come this side…” and you move that side.
– Are you happy now? Now you can click.
Smile a little. lt’s finished. Now everyone leave.
– Cake is yet to be cut. lcecream…? Go and have as much as you want.
– l will smash your face. Have we ever had without you? Come on.
– No l’ll not come. l guess he wants to do it.
– Do it? The loo?
– Then go do it. Bring it here.
– Bring the loo? ”No, ice cream.
– You want an ice-cream in the loo?” Something has engulfed him.
– He’s possessed! Come let’s have food ”Yes, l am hungry too.
Let’s have it. Move…” Aren’t you feeling well?
Should l get you some medicines? ”Today, all of you
will be fixed.” Dear… Coming. l am habituated to have food
sitting on the floor. Still you are having food…?
Have as much as you want. Didn’t you go to the loo?
– l had been. ”Why are you having so much?
– Nothing, just now l have…” punished a person severely
in the police station. Move a little.
– You go that side. Can’t you move?
– Can’t you go where it is empty? Who was punished?
– l caught him while… he was getting married for
the second time… though his first wife was alive.
l broke his bones into pieces. ”What now? Loose motion?
– Thanks to the two of you, l will” ”l’ve seen children swallowing marbles,
did you swallow glass pieces?” ”Today, everything l have
will be undigested.” Dear come here.
– Coming. ”lf you are feeling ill why don’t
you take rest, over there.” ”Why do you want to rest on a fridge?
– Wait, phone is ringing…” ”Who is your darling?
– Are you joking, you naughty.” ”What is this love?
– Not mine, its Chinna’s love.” Chinna is missing…
it seems… lce-cream for everyone. lf you don’t like it don’t throw.
You have all the three. Why did you remove my glasses?
– To clean it. What do you want to show her? ”Why are you holding me so tight?
lf you are in mood, hug your wife.” What is it for? lt’s for this. This is all due to Parvathy.
– ls it so? You hide this somewhere…
We’ll manage here. ”Sister, you pick it up.
– Yes, it’s here.” Whose name is it mentioned?
– lt’s your name! You’ve to sing. No. l don’t know.
– You’ve to sing! ”To silence them, sing some song.” They asked you to entertain….
not to punish them. Then you entertain them! ”You are my beautiful wife” ”She is angered if l
call her ‘ pumpkin”’ ”By singing this local song, you
consider yourself a great singer?” My drum beats can shake everybody…
Let the music begin… ”Do you know what is the role
of wife in a family?” ”She always safe guards the
reputation of the family” ”She has the power to fight evil
and also she has a kind heart” ”We are lucky to
have such wives” ”Due to your prayers
l’m prospering” ”l feel proud of your beauty” ”l am obliged to you forever” ”l’ll fulfill your wishes
without saying a word” ”You are our Goddesses” ”Her love, care and patience
makes her prominent” ”Her virtues can’t be measured” ”Wives are like Goddesses…
You are our gifts from God” ”They are sincere, loyal
and good natured” ”Without them we are useless” ”They are the source
of liveliness” ”Your beauty
makes me dumb-struck” ”Her waist is very alluring” ”Her seat is very attractive” ”Feels so good to walk with her” ”She dances with a rhythm” ”She has made me
go crazy for her” ”Her beauty, grace and
talks has captivated me” How long will it take?
– Hardly 2 minutes. You’ve been saying that since
half-hour. What exactly has happened? l am trying to find out the same.
Why it had to happen now? You are…? Bike is being repaired?
– Yes. ”Then, l’ll drop you.
– No, it’s all right.” Wait for 2 minutes…
lt’s almost finished. l troubled you unnecessarily.
– Don’t say so. Beautiful apartment. The tiger is in the bone by itself.
Why is she here now? Even he should have been here.
Then it would have been more fun. l’ll be leaving…
– Wait! ”She has dropped you till the house,
can’t you offer her a cup of coffee?” Please visit our house and
let’s have coffee. l’ll come some other time.
– No! Just taste her coffee. People visit her house frequently
just for her coffee. Come on. She is very stubborn. So better
leave after a cup of coffee. ls it so?
l’ll park the car and join you. Why are you laughing so much?
– lt’s a comedy movie… ”Now, you’ll have to cry.
– Why?” Your girlfriend is here.
Come l’ll show you. Where is she?
– Have a look over there. This is all your plan…
l will be dead today! Come fast. What are you doing?
– l’m practicing Medicine in U.S. Keep your right leg first.
– ls she a bride to do that? So that she doesn’t bring
any evil spirits. There is no evil spirits.
You come in. Please be seated.
Wait for a while… What’s wrong with you?
– They say it ‘ohe-oha’… What do you mean by that?
– Dog’s chaos for a marriage. Even l am like a dog in your
house… hence this chaos. l can never understand her.
l’ll get coffee for you. ”Before you offer them coffee,
you should show your house.” Above all introduce her
to your husband. Her husband is inside…
He is very smart to look at. lf you see him… You’ll be
shocked. Call him… Why are you shivering
What happened? l have high fever.
– You were fine in the morning. ”So, l shouldn’t fall ill in the
afternoon? l’m unable to bear it.” He is feeling very shy.
Come inside. ”Remove your bed sheets.
– l can’t bear, if l remove it.” What happened?
– You shut up. ”Since you are a doctor, just
do the routine check up…” l don’t like lady doctors. When the doctor is here…
why can’t you get examined? The moment doctor will touch your
hand… the fever will vanish. Shut up! Please listen to me. l know
her well. Just show your hand… ”Didn’t l tell you,
l’ll not show my hand?” Show at least your leg…
because it’s an epidemic fever. You can’t escape telling
that you have fever… l’ll not leave you….
– Then l need to flee from here. ”Kamesh, come here.
– What’s up? Why is Anju here?” Why is he jumping like a whistle
on the pressure cooker. ”ldea!
”Walk slowly behind me…” My Raja… has arrived? Catch her…
– Leave me. Listen to me…
Take this out ”Because of Parvathy, we would
have been caught easily…” ”Yes, our good luck saved us.” To smoothen the things…
Parvathy should no longer be there. So are you planning to kill her?
– No. We’ll kidnap her. Shut up. Day by day we are worsening.
Now you want to kidnap a servant too? We’ve done enough mistakes. ”Then the plan is cancelled?
– For him it’s cancelled, not for us.” Count me out! ”Remember, once you had accepted his
suggestion and you had been a bald.” lf you forget about Parvathy…
they will behead you. We will not be doing it.
lt’ll be done by Phoolan Raja. Why is his name so strange?
– His past is very dreadful. Why is he so heavy? Why didn’t you tell me that
the gate is opened? l wanted to show him
your physique. What’s the age of that person?
– 30 to 35 years. Height?
– Around 5 feet. Then the person can perfectly
fit in my box. ”He has good physique like me?
– lt is not he, it is she.” You mean…?
– lt’s lady. You want me to kidnap a lady…? l’ll not do it.
– What shall we do? Thief! Who is the thief?
– You! lf you don’t do as we say…
we’ll call everybody here… ”Threatening the king of thieves, eh?
Come time, and l’ll show you what l am” We can wait till then. All women out there. ”Brother, you join me.
– Then for what are you here?” ”l’ve one condition. l’ve never killed
a woman. So, l’ll chop her legs.” Do whatever you want.
She has only one leg. She is a lady and handicapped too?
Move out of my way. At last!
The demon has left us. ”Walk slowly…” ”Come and unify with me” ”No matter where ever you go…” ”l’ll be with you like a shadow” ”We have roamed everywhere…” ”And we have roamed enough…” ”We’ll be together forever” Raja! Why you had abandoned me
for so long? ”Remember we had seen a movie
named ”Sri Krishna”…?” ”ln that movie, Krishna gives a lily
flower to his love Rukhmini…” ”Seeing this movie, you eagerly asked
me ”Can you get me a lily flower?” lmmediately l left to
Himalaya mountains to get it… On the way…
there were many hurdles… ”Suddenly, some people attacked
me with weapons.” There was a great battle
between us. ”Though l was hurt,
l claimed 3 lives.” You defeated all three of them? l don’t know who hit them.
But they woke me… ln front of me was the
bandit queen Phoolan Devi. ”She said, ”You are the only survivor
who could withstand our attack.” And changed my name to
Phoolan Raja. You left in search of that flower…
and returned as Phoolan Raja. ”By the way, why they wanted
you to be kidnapped?” Who’s it? You’ve called in the mid-night to
say you are a music director? No…
l’m Phoolan Raja here. Don’t you’ve any time sense?
Why are you calling now? Listen to what l say. That lady
regained her consciousness… and started shouting… she got onto
my nerves and l sent her to hell. Hell? So you killed her?
– What else do you expect from me? Then the body?
– You paid me only to kill her. Her dead body is your problem.
– l wanted to know… ”At last, you are in my arms…” Why are you here at this odd hour?
– We are drowned. What happened?
– Come here. The guy whom l had told to
kidnap her… has killed her. What happened?
– Her dead body… in our house. Come.
– He is escaping… Did that look like Parvathy’s corpse?
– lt was there… What are you talking?
– Over there ”Now, what shall we do?
– Nothing except for…” Police… finger prints…
– l didn’t touch her. ”police dogs… and finally, jail!
– This was done by you both…” l am scared about police…
l will die. l am leaving. l told you l am scared.
Let me go. Listen carefully. We’ll take this
corpse and drop it from the terrace. Tomorrow in the morning…
people will think that… she has committed suicide because
her lover Raja never came back… Lift it. l’ll fall down.
Hold it. Help me get up. Push.
– l can’t. There’s only one way out.
Break her hands. Then she’ll die.
– She is already dead. Another idea. Let’s chop her hands
with the axe… lt’s there.
– Where l had kept it? lt’s not an axe.
Why are you here? Where is she? Lift is going top.
Let’s go top. You are killing us with your fear.
– l am scared it may come near me. Why are you digging my nose…?
– Me? ”No, your father?
– Keep quiet.” l told you… not to play with me…
– What did l do? Why did you box my ears?
– Me? ”No, your father.” What happened?
– He is banging my head. Me?
– No your father. Now what happened?
– Using me as your wife’s substitute? l didn’t do it. What happened?
– l can see 3 hands. lt must be him! Why is the ash falling on me?
– My hands are here. Then is it your hand? Fitting Parvathy is a devil. ”You made me like this…” ”My story is yet to be completed” You are still alive?
– Do you still doubt it? l’ll die only after l uncover the
facts in front of your wives. You didn’t even have a bit of
courtesy that l’m a lady? l’ll put an end to all. l thought she could be alive.
– Why? Because ghosts don’t
limp like her. Why are you making me bend?
– Watch out. ”l am Aditya speaking, the M.D
of Mahindra showroom…” ”Yes, tell me.
– You had bought a vehicle from us…” When did l buy a vehicle?
– 3 of them had bought a vehicle… on your name and said it was
your favorite color. Why are you in the middle of the
road? Another suicide attempt? No. lt’s a murder attempt.
– Shall l tell you a good idea? Why? You want snatch my property
and share among yourselves? Actually what l had told you?
And what have you done? Didn’t l say you to stop flirting
with my daughters and be villains? l can’t understand my weakness.
l am not able to stop loving her. ”So, we’ll be your son-in-laws.
– What did you say?” You all have become so
mean-minded rogues. Each of you are drawing
Rs. 25000 for doing nothing. From today l’ll not give even
a penny to you all. You are taking decision in haste.
Think well. l’ve thought very well. l’ll tell
them that you are married… and make you all destitute.
– They’ll never believe you. Because they love us more than you.
So better compromise. Don’t shout.
We can shout better than you. You may be happy that you’ve
the locker with you… but don’t forget that
we’ve the keys for it. Get lost. Not in thousands… they have
spent my money in millions. You can take action against
them at the right time. Hence you have an eye on my
daughters and those 3 guys. Take the offerings made for God. We’ve performed ritual on your name.
– ls it so? ls it real?
You all reminded me your mother. Even she was like them.
Look… how my daughters have changed? ”Yes daddy, we’ll live
as per your wish.” l was eagerly waiting
for this moment. l don’t know what to do
in this happiness. ”Nothing big. But just give us
Rs.100,000. That’s enough.” ”Yes, daddy.
– That’s it? Come with me.” ”Don’t be so anxious.
They are asking for Rs.300,000.” For what they did…
l’ll give them millions. ln fact all this property
is theirs. Right? You will never know how
happy l’m today. My daughters are like
Goddesses to me. Then after collecting the money
why did they go out? ls it so? Wait! Didn’t l tell you?
This was planned by those 3 guys. l’ll give you both the
real jerk now. What is all this?
– Wait… Did you see this…
A women should be like this. Even l’ve a wife. lt’s my ill-fate
that she is a lawyer. She has made our house a Court
and l am the criminal. ”lf l go near her…
she says ”Order, Order,Order!” ”lf l try to touch her she says…
”Adjourned!” Finally what l can say is she has
given a ‘Stay order’ for my emotions. ”lf l go near her, thinking her
heart is so generous…” She shows her anger which is
as strong as a chilly… Superb picture. l don’t about this girl but
my wife is very good… Once we had been to a jewellers shop
and she asked for a golden waist band. For the size of her waist we had to
melt all the gold in the shop… ”Then you didn’t do it?
– Yes, l did but she isn’t happy.” Why?
– l could pay only for… half of her waist size and the
rest was completed by a thread. Finally what l can say is if she
stands she looks like a mountain… and if she sleeps she is
like a grazing land. l married a pumpkin… You are the father of twins. And he has put across
his petition. But in my case… though l’m married
for 4 months… l’m still a virgin. Was it my mistake to love her
seeing her on television? How about doing the disco tonight? l’ve decided that…
l’ll rape her. Why did you stop…?
– l can’t even do that… Why?
– She is like a Goddess of fire. ”Am l as fat as pumpkin?” ”Am l as hot as chilly?” ”Am l like the Goddess of fire?” ”Do you have to speak rotten
things when you are drunk?” ”ls it inevitable to change
your colors in your youth” ”Do you think wives
are dumb-heads?” ”With time,
world has changed” ”We are better than you
in many other ways” ”Do you deserve the moustache?” ”You see other beauties without
a blink of an eye?” ”Do you think you are
great heroes?” ”People may not be like us…” ”But are there people like you” ”Do you have to speak rotten
things when you are drunk?” ”ls it inevitable to change
your colors in your youth” ”When you have a wife…
why do you need a co-wife?” ”Those pseudo-sage is better
than you” ”Stop all your pretense” ”Why do you want to create stories?” ”We know how to stop you from
crossing the limits…” ”No matter what extreme step
we are compelled to choose” ”You say we are everything…” ”But you have given your
heart to someone else?” ”Here are the passports,
air tickets and money.” All of you leave to Singapore
and stay there for 3 months. To Singapore? What’s the urgency?
– lt’s my ill-fate. For my needs l was your ally…
Now l want to get separated. Now what is your actual problem?
– lf you disappear for 3 months… l will make my daughters believe that
you were frauds and ran away… Then l will get them married.
– lf we don’t go then? You shouldn’t be doing these things
to me. Have mercy on me. Aren’t you the cause for all this?
– Hence with regret… l am sending you to Singapore. Today is Valentine’s Day and we had
planned to be there. Why are you here? lt’s for you. We came to discuss
about our marriage with your father. Where is daddy then?
– Hearing the proposal… he couldn’t control his emotions
and he went to the bathroom. What are these passport for?
– lt’s for us darling… Our daddy has arranged for our
honeymoon in Singapore. But a small tension… Your tickets are not yet confirmed.
– No problem we shall manage it. But don’t forget about
the party in the evening. ”With this our luck has turned around.
– Not your luck, it’s your evil mind.” You want to take my daughters to
Singapore and get married? Yes. Even you come to Singapore and
bless us for the marriage. lf you can’t come bless us through
internet… Come on let’s go. He pampered me with love and now
he is doing such nasty things. Who is the lady along with daddy?
– Who else… she is his co-wife. What am l left with?
My life is ruined. ”More than your husbands’ faults,
l am to be blamed for this.” l made then to do this by force.
– So what? Why should they act… according to a foolish man.
Better than them are… shammers who lie in the Court
swearing on the holy Bhagawat Gita. ”Today itself, l’ll drag them to the
Court and send them to jail.” Why to the Court? My mother will
kill them in an encounter. ”When the matters have gone so far,
l am not ready to live with him.” l can’t live crying and waiting for
him like a widow all through my life. ”Thinking, all this was a part of
shooting, l will fly to bollywood.” ”Yes, everything seems so right. You’ll
leave your husband and go to bollywood” She’ll divorce him and remarry. But where shall l go with these kids?
– Sister… l believe that…
my husband is everything… but l never thought…
he would cheat me… Why should we live and how can
we live leading such a life? Death is the only answer for all this.
– Don’t say such things. You had told my Raja would
return and he is back. You were an angel in my life and will
l leave you to suffer injustice? l’ll do petty jobs and look
after you and your kids. What did you say? l’ll kill you
if you speak such things. To see this am l back here
after 27 years? Can you resolve their problems…
with the solution that you gave? lt’s not the matter of shelter.
lt is their life’s problem. When the culprits are roaming around
why must these innocent people suffer? So what should we do now? ”Tit for tat” and whoever cross
our way… they’ll have royally.” Why did you love me?
– l couldn’t love anybody else. l liked your simplicity. ls he a lawyer?
– He is a better lawyer than me. When he is arguing in the Court people
watch him without a blink of an eye. And l feel like kissing you. We can enjoy life only if we have
loved ones with us. Kiss me? Why do you want it now? lt’s not
good to do it in a public place. You are speaking like an old man.
– How could you love him? He looks like a judge in late 20’s.
– Can you turn around? At least can you shake hands?
– l do those things only to my wife. Greet me.
– Namaste. God bless you. When did her name change to Kismis?
– l’ve changed my name and husband. l’ll fly to America very soon. You both look as though you
are made for each other. He is very shy to look at
any other girl except me. ”They can’t accept others
interfering in their marital life” ”Who will safeguard the reputation
of the family now?” ”They can neither disclose nor
accept what’s happening” ”They can neither control their
anger nor love their lovers” ”They dug their own grave-pit” ”Now who’ll save them?” ”lt’s a chaos…” ”lf these three unite…
then it’s a chaos” All of you enacted very well. ”When you were with your partners,
you should have seen their faces.” They were shaken to the core. You three of them are responsible
for all this. They are coming.
– Let them come. Will they kill you?
Remember to do as l have told you. What are you seeing here…
Go now. Why not you? Why am l wrong?
– What are you upto? You know what l’m going to do to you? How dare you roam with him
in front of me? Aren’t you ashamed to be with a sage
when you are a mother of 2 kids? What is this you are in western style?
You can sing duets with him…? l’ll kill you. You can freak with another
girl and forget me? l’ll kill you and go to jail. You are not a lawyer
you are a flirt… You are hitting me?
– ls it hurting your ego? ”ln this society, like you even we
have respect and reputation.” Since you were roaming with that
girl… l had to change like this. ”You are hitting me?
– Yes, your husband will hit you.” How could you forget the oath
taken during our marriage? l’ve tolerated enough.
Let’s forget each other. ”How about your mistakes?
– l am a man, l’ll do as l want.” Please tell him that this was
all pretense… This is not a drama…
This was to satisfy your needs. lt’s not that…
– You always looked down upon me… Today is the last day. From now…
we have no relation at all. We’ll never see your faces again.
What are you waiting for? Come on. Why such a delay? Tell us where
to sign and we’ll finish it. No urgency. Let the witnesses arrive.
– Witnesses? We are there for each other.
– You had told that they’ll arrive. Who is it?
– My friends. Only you both? Where is Lakshmi?
– She didn’t come. ”On this occasion, it would’ve been
good if Lakshmi would have been here.” Where is she?
– Admitted in Apollo hospital. What happened?
– Heart attack. She was fine yesterday.
– No. Her husband is after a rich… girl and wants to abandon her and
2 kids. She couldn’t bear the pain. Though she is in such a condition…
she wanted to wish you all by… saying… it’s better to love and
then get married… You both can sign as witnesses… ”Now, your marriage will be completed.” This marriage mustn’t be performed.
– Why? l am married. The person who is in
hospital is my wife. Yes. Not only him…
we are also married. We thought that happiness is only
in money and broke our families. lt’s a major operation.
Get somebody from her family. We are her family now.
– We’ll complete the formalities. These children will be orphaned. You are going out to kill whom?
– Those 3 who cheated us. ”lf you want to kill the cheat,
you’ve to kill your father first.” ”Yes, for all the chaos caused…
your father is responsible for it.” How is Lakshmi?
– Who are you? l am her husband.
– They said she has nobody. lt’s my ill-fate. She would’ve told this in the pain…
caused by my deception. We have done our best.
ln future be very careful with her. ”She had a mental shock. lf the same
repeats, you’ll never get her back.” Can l see her once? You and our children are my eyes.
l’m very lucky to have you all. l am your daddy. We shouldn’t call you daddy. Who told you so?
– Mummy told. lf we call you so then your marriage
will be performed. No. l didn’t get married.
So you can call me daddy. Lakshmi wants to see you. Did the marriage go on well?
ls he happy? l agree he doesn’t like me.
But even death doesn’t like me. Hence l am not dead. Why are you here? lf she knows
about this… She’ll not be… able to bear the pain that her
husband is with another woman. Please go soon.
– Forgive me. You are my fortune and
they are my prosperity… l realized these facts very late…
l’ll not do any mistakes. ”What are you saying?
– Yes, he didn’t marry.” lnstead of worshiping you… l was superstitious and
l troubled you a lot. Don’t call me like that.
– Then how should l call you? You call me with love… Pumpkin! ”For my selfishness, l compelled your
husband to walk on the wrong path.” All these pain invaded in
your lives because of me. Please forgive me.
Now l don’t have 3 daughters… l have 6 daughters in all. ”At last, our Fitting Parvathy
got married.” So for all of them in the town…
– What do you mean? Dog’s chaos for the marriage. Stand straight and pose
for the camera.


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