Sally Williams v plastic bags

Updated : Sep 19, 2019 in Articles

Sally Williams v plastic bags

Hi I’m Sally Williams and as you know I’ve
been helping you buy better for more than 23 years now. I just want to chat to you about the use of
plastic bags. It’s a huge problem in our country. Did you know that Australian retailers provide
about six billion plastic bags annually? That’s just in our country alone. Clearly, we are using too many plastic bags. We need to change our ways. I changed my ways nearly a year ago. And I feel so much better for it. So I just want to reach out to every
single one of you, and try and get you to think a little differently. Think about ‘Okay I’m going to supermarket
today’. Have I got my bags in my car, have I got them
with me? It’s not hard to do. Those canvas bags can sit in your bag, you
can even use this little one here. I’ve got these little ONYA bags. These are fantastic. I’ve have this bag in my handbag everywhere
I go now, it’s great. Look at that, it doesn’t take up any room
at all and I’ve actually got a couple of them, and I’ve got my supermarket bags in the
car all the time. It doesn’t take much to change your ways. These are great too. These are also ONYA – I’m not really advertising
for ONYA, they’re just very dear friends of mine, and an incredibly passionate Australian
company. And I love them. I use them because I want to. These are my vegie bags when I go to the supermarket. Or any market really. I just put them in there, you get five (bags)
in a pack. Now I’m not using those little thin plastic
bags when I’m buying my fruit and veg. So, it’s just about making a conscious decision. Asking yourself ‘Do I want to live more environmentally
consciously?” Denis Walter and I talk about
this nearly every week now on 3AW. I have a Conscious Living section on the radio. I love it and I love listening to you all
ring in and tell me how you’re making a difference to the world as well. A lot of people are so passionate. I think we need to make a difference in our
own households. It starts with not using plastic bags. The holiday season is here. It’s a time when we need to be a bit more
conscious, when we are out and about enjoying our beautiful countryside. And loving our holiday environments, our holiday
destinations. The last thing we want to see is those plastic
bags and plastic bottles washing up on our shores, and destroying our sea
life and our environment. So, work with me!!! Stop using plastic bags!!! Please x

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