Rome- Parco Leonardo Mall º360 VR

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Rome- Parco Leonardo Mall º360 VR

So it is our third day in Rome and
today we’re going to set up the JLC booth. We are staying at this B&B hotel which is very near to the airport. Also very close to the convention
center we are going to. We’re going to head out for lunch and then rest a bit and then go to set up the booth. Oh my god, it was a hell of a story. Let’s get into the elevator. Let me tell you about the story. We were supposed to get our products, our PCBs from yesterday But there were some customs issues. I mean it’s 250 kilograms. It’s a lot. So JLC bought a lot of gifts to give out to give our collaborators, followers and other makers. How to open this door? Maybe push the bar. Oh, yes, you have to push the bar. We’re still trying to get used to our new environment. In Rome it is chilly but it’s not super cold. What’s the weather like today? I feel like it is 15-16 celcius. So a lot of people are staying at our B&B hotel, we had breakfast there. The breakfast is amazing. Perfecto, perfecto. So this is the mall we usually go to
have our lunch and dinner because it’s right next to our hotel. The mall
here is convenient but I was going to wash my hair here but I don’t see a salon, a barbershop. They have like a dollar store. They have H&M if we run out of the clothes. Before I came here I was worried Because it’s getting cold in Europe but not in Shenzhen. What can I say? Shenzhen is a tropical city, it’s still so hot and I think Kiko is their well-known cosmetic brand in Italy, right? I have used it before, I bought them on Taobao. I don’t think the color palette is suitable for me but we can take a look at it. So I used their eye shadow before but I don’t think that’s my color. My outfit must be strange for them. I am wearing my pulling cable outfit as you can see. We’re going to set up the booth today and it’s a lot of work. It’s 250 kilograms. But I am sure we will get some help. Actually, I think my makeup smear a bit so I am going to wipe it. I think it’s getting cold and my skin got a little dry. They have good restaurants in this mall actually. Of course, after all, we are in Italy. I tried a few gelatos trust me even if I go to an ordinary restaurant not on yelp, not on tripadvisor. Their gelato is amazing. If you’re in Italy, get the gelato, the gelato here is pretty amazing. Their pizza, their cheese, their ham, their Parma. Just wow. I’ve never had that kind of breakfast in China I mean it’s a whole different level thing. Oh my god, this cheese is my favorite. The way they make their vegetables it’s
kind of like Chinese style. They steam the vegetables. I guess it is Chinese style, maybe Cantonese style, it is not spicy, they just steam the vegetables. Oh my god, look at this, that’s what I am talking about but it’s kind of expensive plus the tax. Selina, come look. They sell the same beef jerky here that we ate the other day. I can’t believe it I thought it’s a special kind of jerky. Yesterday I went to the print shop to get my poster and we found this beef jerky is crazy good. The pork is not to my taste but the beef jerky is crazy good. It’s like 60 cents euro per beef jerky. Yes, you heard me they calculate it by one piece but it was very good. There are more shops here. At this mall basically, if you are traveling, you can find clothes and have food here. They have bathrooms here, easy to find the bathroom here. It’s easy to coordinate. Oh, that’s our ice-cream boy from yesterday. I remembered yesterday I got some ice-cream from that store. They are just crazy good. I am going to get some gelatos later. They are so delicious. Their gelato is perfecto. It’s crazy good. Look at that, they have dessert, jelly donuts, jelly cookies. Oh my god, it’s crazy good. It’s the third day since I arrived here. But every place I go, their food is always so good. Let’s check out their gelatos. It’s crazy good. What’s creama? Like a mayonnaise? That’s so good. Where did we have gelato yesterday? Is it this shop or the other ones? I can’t tell the difference but I don’t think yesterday we went into this one. It’s amazing, delicious. I think that’s the back of the electronic store we went to yesterday nothing special. Just some cables, TV they sell. Are they coming to the mall to meet us? Are they awake? They are still in the hotel. So we are just waiting for our friends right now. Just walking around, checking out the stores and trying to show you the view here. We have walked through that route, let’s go this way. So my outfit is probably weird for some people today but I got to play my part. Their steak is so good. Here, I think their food is amazing. I have nothing to complain about. I mean aside from the DHL issues of course. It’s slow. I mean it happens in every country, I get it. Oh, expensive pianos but I don’t know how to play the piano. This mall has two floors. Is this a playground for kids? Oh, Lego, no wonder, it’s good. Let’s go to the second floor. So we are heading to the second floor. On the second floor, there is more food variety. But mostly they sell Italian food or American food, burger, and stuff. They are selling winter clothes now. But I think it is still ok, I just need to put a jacket on. The other day I came to this store to get some shampoo, lotion, so we are heading to the second floor. My shirt is pulling up. I think in this mall, they have tailor to customize your suit. All right, I don’t think we have been to this section. It is funny. Probably because there is no food. I thought we are lost. Usually when we come up here the first thing we see is the cafeteria. Is this the clothes section? I see. Usually, we just go straight and back but we never go to the other side, that’s why. A mall is a mall, not that special. Most of this stuff here are all very expensive. I mean you can get those on Taobao for a much cheaper price. I would rather spend money on food in Italy. Some sightseeing are free and we went to some local well-known tourist places. I am very confused, it kind of feels like I am not in the same mall anymore. That’s the food section. Yeah, I recognize the Mexican restaurant. We will stay here like 10 days. In 10 days, we will have 3 days for the Maker Faire. On the first day, we went to like
Spanish Plaza? Some plaza, I don’t remember the name. The whole city is just for sightseeing, a tourist place for me. Because I don’t get to see those from
China. So this is the food court. I think this is Italian fast food for them. So yeah we just turn, usually, we don’t turn that way. That’s why I felt like I went to a different mall. I was like what the hell. So that’s the Mexican restaurant. I think I will try Mexican food in America instead. Another time. Burger King, you can see fast-food chains everywhere. Mcdonald But I didn’t see any KFC nearby. But I see McDonald’s, I see Burger King. Yesterday we have our dinner here it was great. Lasagna, salad. Who am I kidding? I don’t eat salad very often. Unless they give it to me as a side dish. Their bread is fantastic. That store is kind of like subway, but I haven’t tried it yet. We will probably have lunch here or downstairs. So on the first floor when you go outside there is a side street that also has a couple of restaurants. Right now we are just waiting for our friends. When it comes down to food, there are a lot of options in Italy. Trust me, I think for food it is one of the best cities.


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