Reasons we hate going shopping | Bekaar Vines | Funny

Updated : Sep 12, 2019 in Articles

Reasons we hate going shopping | Bekaar Vines | Funny

ayan Reasons we hate going shopping Crazy Fighting Aunties Excuse Me!!!!!!!!! (Boxing) (Fighting For dress) (Still Fighting) (Another Auntie Gets dress and walks away) (No Parking) Please God i get parking (Applause) Did everyone had to shop today??? This whole Place is hijacked by vlc Hey Boss!! Is there Parking forward Parking?? Yes its just little bit far (ghazenfar) how much far?? just little bit Hey!!! That Person Is here too Boss You said a little bit ago that parking is nearby but i didnt found it?? Yes Yes its just little distance (Ghazenfar) Thank YOU Hey He Is Here Too??? Just its 1 minute distance from parking See there is Parking i can see it too oh thank God!! i finally found parking HEY!!!! How did i came to highway??? Tired Of Standing And Walking Can we go now?? Its getting late I CAME TO SHOP WITH YOU AFTER 3 YEARS!! AND YOU WANT TO GO SHUT UP AND STAND HERE DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? Ok! I was saying that (Talking About clothes) (Talking About clothes) (Talking About clothes) (Talking About clothes) (Music) (Music) When You Are In Hurry WHY ARE YOU DRIVING SO SLOW? DRIVE FAST!!!! I AM DRIVING WHAT DO I DO THERE IS SO MUCH TRAFFIC YOU KNOW THAT SHOP WILL CLOSE AT 6 O’ CLOCK ITS 5:45 TODAY IS SUNDAY SUNDAY IS LAST DAY OF SALE IF I SAID I WILL DRIVE YOU TO SALE ON TIME THEN I WILL DO IT!!!! DONT TELL ME AGAIN AND AGAIN!! YOU KNOW THAT WE GOT OUR CHANCE TO SHOP AFTER 4 MONTHS YOU ALWAYS SPEND YOUR MONEY ON CHILDREN’S SCHOOL FEE YOU ALWAYS PUT THEM IN BIG PRIVATE SCHOOLS OH MY GOD!! OH SHIT CAUSE OF YOU POLICE IS BEHIND US SO WHY ARE YOU DRIVING BADLY DRIVE LIKE HUMANS! HEY WHY ARE YOU DRIVING FAST?? ACCIDENT HAPPENED CAUSE OF YOU HUH?? GET OUT OF THE CAR ARE YOU MARRIED?? NO SO YOU DONT KNOW YOU DONT KNOW IF I DONT COME TO SHOP WITH MY WIFE SHE WILL NOT COOK MY FAVOURITE FOODS SHE WILL NOT COOK BIRYANI SHE WILL MAKE VEGTABLES FOR ME And i dont eat vegatables and if i dont eat i will starve and if i starve i will get feeble and if i get feeble i will get sick and if i get sick i will die I WILL DIE!! and can you belive that cause of you cause of you someone died so boss please let me go so boss please let me go so boss please let me go LETS GO! SIR MY WIFE’S SHOPPING HEY SHUT UP!! BOSS WHAT DID I SAID Annoying Salesman SIR! Can i help you? sir please let me see first YES YES SIR!! You Can see whole shop Sir can i show you something for your wife Bro if i like something i will tell you OK OK! See there is discount too Can I show you?? Sir There are new things too Sir there are new shirts too sir check this one Sir Sir it has discount too Why cant this fit me it must have fitted me HEY WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? Wish You Could Avoid These Problems? AH AH AH WIFE SORRY I WAS NOT ABLE TO SHOP WITH YOU THEY BEATED ME SO MUCH!! I DONT EVEN NEED YOU I HAVE DONE SHOPPING ONLINE FROM DARAZ Daraz?? NOW GET LOST!! Ok umm.. did you make biryani?? I MADE POISON YOU MUST EAT IT BEFORE GOING!!!!!!


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