Rain and water idioms / English Addict Live Lesson / Sunday 12th January 2020 / Mr Duncan + Mr Steve

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Rain and water idioms / English Addict Live Lesson / Sunday 12th January 2020 / Mr Duncan + Mr Steve

they say that life is full of surprises
it is full of ups and downs thrills and spills sometimes you have to take the
rough with the smooth here we go then hello and welcome to another English
addict live from the UK how are you today are you okay I hope so mmm-hmm whoo it looks very nice outside
we have a lot of sunshine at the moment however don’t be fooled by the weather
it looks very nice outside let’s have another look shall we
it’s looking rather lovely and glorious you can see the sun shining in the
distance across the landscape of Shropshire yes it does look nice but
apparently later on today we are going to get lots of heavy rain and winds as
well strong winds will be lashing the UK later on so it looks as if the weather
here in the UK is going to get very rough and very turbulent later on so
here we are hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are
you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so
here we go first of all I wasn’t with you on Friday now I’m not going to talk
too much about this today because it is something that is very personal and
something that I’m having to cope with at the moment in my real life away from
YouTube suffice it to say I wasn’t with you on Friday for which I apologise I
know lots of people were waiting for me but I wasn’t there
unfortunately on Thursday night my mother was rushed into hospital and that
is where she is now and that is all I’m going to say about that today so my
mother at the moment is at the moment in hospital so that’s the reason why I
wasn’t with you on Friday for which I apologise there were things happening
that I could not control you know what life is like sometimes things come along
out of the blue without warning and that as they say his life I suppose
I suppose that’s what you would call it we have the live chat we have lots of
things to talk about I haven’t prepared too many things today because I’ve been
busy with other things doing other stuff as I just mentioned a little bit busy
over the past couple of days with certain things however I am here to talk
to you live and of course we have the live chat as well let us not forget the
live chat I am at the moment trying to get the live chat on the screen there it
is oh hello to everyone hello to the live chat and nice to see you all here
today I wonder who was first on today’s live
chat let’s have a look Marwa Marwa or muwah I hope I pronounced
your name right hello to you welcome to the live chat and guess what you are
first today let’s keep our spirits up today I’m sure
I’m not the only person having problems in the world so let’s not dwell on that
for too long hello to you hello also to me tests
hello – hi Lee Kwang hello Pappy hello Jimmy Jimmy from Hong Kong hello
to you I like your your little icon your little
emoji I like that it looks like a little pig does it have anything to do with the
Chinese New Year I wonder hello Guadalupe hello Martha hello pal
Mira hello Antonia Maria hello Maria nice to see you here as well also
Hank Rai and Olga hello also grace Noemi Pat you Cory
Chris oh my goodness so many people here already hello Helena as well Maria again
Kristina hello Kristina how are you I’m okay
thank you very much I’m not too bad I really can’t complain I always think to
myself there are people in the world much worse off than myself and that’s
what I like to think about and it always keeps me going you see
hello also – sassy sassy hello also Belarusian hi Belarusian nice to see you
here as well something that I saw on the live chat last Wednesday we were talking
about retiring last week and I noticed that Belarusian mentioned I noticed that
you mentioned on the live chat that you have a friend who is still working and
they are into their seventies so they are over the age of 70 and they are
still doing their job I think that’s incredible
very interesting so we were talking last week about retire
and for those who were getting worried no I’m not thinking of retiring just yet
however as I said at the start of today’s livestream you never know we
never know what is around the corner waiting for us so as far as I’m aware
and as far as I can tell at the moment sadly and I don’t have a crystal ball I
cannot see into the future but I would like to continue doing this for as long
as possible and I suppose for as long as you want me to do it so if you want me
to do this I will carry on doing it is that a deal okay that’s what we’ll do
then mr. Bruno Beatrice apparently it’s very hot at the moment
in Argentina there are many parts of the world suffering extreme weather we have
Australia I suppose a lot of people have been talking about that one also we have
other parts of the world suffering severe weather as well here in the UK we
are about to have some severe weather would you like to have a look at what is
coming our way here it is so here is the weather for
the next 24 hours and you will see there is a storm heading towards us
storm Brendon that’s what they’ve called it apparently the the weather
forecasters in Ireland have named this particular storm storm Brendon so there
it is you can see it flying towards us and also we can have a closer look as
well so let’s get in a little closer so there it is again the UK and there is
the storm that is heading our way storm Brendon and this is going to hit
the UK tonight and also early tomorrow morning so a very big storm coming
towards the UK now and apparently where I live the wind
will be very strong around 85 miles an hour so we are going to get a very
strong storm coming our way tonight and it looks as if it’s going to be a rather
violent storm a rather ferocious storm and maybe there will be some damage
caused by this particular storm as well oh my goodness I don’t like the sound of
that to be honest so as we always say as a storm arrives
or if a storm is on the way we always tell people to batten down the hatches I
love that expression if you have to batten down the hatches it means you
have to seal all of your doors and windows you have to make sure that they
are locked and everything is secure because the wind is approaching the
storm is on its ways so we have a very big storm on its way right now here in
the UK we might talk a little bit about that later on it around about half past
two around ten minutes from now hopefully we will get mr. Steve on the
live chat today I am tempting mr. Steve with a very nice snack so this is
another one of mr. Steve’s favorite snacks and today it is a digestive
biscuit with a little bit of cheddar cheese on top can you see the piece of
cheddar cheese I happen to know that mr. Steve loves digestive biscuits with a
little piece of cheddar cheese so that’s what we’re doing today we will be
tempting we will be luring mr. Steve into the studio with that particular
snack but the big question is will Steve take the bait if you take the
bait it means you actually take the thing or
you go towards the thing that is being used to tempt you so that’s what I’m
doing today I will be using one of mr. Steve’s favorite snacks to get him onto
the live chat and also into my studio as well lots of people on the live stream
hello blues bird where are you mr. Duncan I’m here right now live from
England and as long as nothing else happens in my life I am normally with
you on Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time so you can catch me right
here on YouTube on Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time don’t forget to
check the time difference where you are so that is when I am on and for those
who want to get in touch you are more than welcome to send me an email you can
follow me on Facebook and also if you want to you could help me to continue
with my work by sending a small donation I see that’s interesting apparently apparently this year the Chinese New
Year is the year of the snake apparently it’s the stake year which happens to be
my birth year as well so my Chinese zodiac sign is the snake so oh yeah
that’s interesting the snake is the biggest reason why he is going to join
us thank you very much your snack looks very tempting well I hope it is I hope
mr. Steve will be tempted into the studio by my lovely snack that I’ve
spent such a long time preparing for him I hope I was in the kitchen working very
hard and this is the snack that I will be feeding mr. Steve today hopefully he
will come in and he will be very excited when he sees today’s snack that I’ve
prepared for mr. Steve mm-hmm so that coming in around about seven minutes
from now hello Irene nice to see you here today
busy week here in the UK busy for me for reasons that I mentioned earlier the
royal family oh what a difficult few months they’ve had what so the latest of
the royal family saga apparently Megan and Harry they want to leave they want
to leave the UK they don’t want to stay in the UK anymore they want to be far
away from the royal family as far away as possible I think this happens a lot
though in families don’t you don’t you find sometimes families are either very
close together they are very close and the
keeping touch all the time or a family can be very distant
so maybe the children leave home and maybe they move to another country or
another part of the country you were living in or they are living in and so
they become distant they become very distant very far away from each other
maybe they don’t communicate very often as well so there are times when a family
can be very distant maybe they don’t communicate with each other as much as
they should and there are very very various reasons for that many reasons
why that can happen so yes very interesting a lot of people here in the
UK are preoccupied at the moment with what is happening in the British royal
family Luis Mendez hello Luis nice to see you back and apparently you are very
happy to see me yes I’m here again today on a Sunday yes I didn’t mention did you
know it’s Sunday thank you very much for your company we
are having a busy day today I’ve had a busy week how was your week
hello also – Anna last Saturday says Anna I went to the hospital to see
a friend of mine who has had brain surgery now that sounds serious
that sounds rather serious she was not bad and I was absolutely emotional when
she could speak better and singing her perfect songs so yes I think it is a
worrying time especially if someone is going in going into hospital for surgery
if they are going in for an operation or something like that so it can be very
difficult as you know if you are a regular viewer you will know that I hate
hospitals very much I don’t like hospitals whether I am a patient or a
visitor or even if I’m just walking past a hospital I just don’t want to look I
don’t want to think about it too much so I’ve spent the last two days at a
hospital so as you can imagine I wasn’t enjoying it very much hello Corey what
about the strikes in Paris Irene and also Luis is well maybe Luis Mendez can
also talk about this very interesting to note that here in the UK on British
television on the news here in the UK they are not talking about the riots in
France at all they’re not mentioning them at all it’s very strange
so I’ve been forced I’ve actually had to go and find another news source outside
the UK to find out about what’s happening in France so a lot of dramatic
things taking place and apparently the reason for the protests is a change to
way that pensions are worked out and given to those in France and it would
appear that the French government is slowly backing down albeit temporarily
hello netra hello to you as well hello also to Palmyra
hello Hannon Hannon Hannon asks who is mr. Steve well hopefully we will see mr.
Steve soon because I have one of his favorite snacks right here in the studio
there it is so today I will be tempting mr. Steve hopefully he will take the
bait and he will come into the studio to join us and there you can see what we
are using today a lovely digestive biscuit with some
cheese very nice I like the look of that also we have a couple of subjects to
talk about today phrases idioms connected to rain and water and I
suppose to make the actual subject a little broader we could expand a little
bit more and say general weather as well so we will look at that in a little
while also what is the difference between this word and this word so what
are the difference is or what is the difference between these two words a
little bit later on I will be talking about them and maybe mr. Steve will be
talking to us about his plans for the future because we were talking about
retiring last week I’m not retiring yet but we will see what happens however a
lot of people do retire as an early age some people retire later in life some
people never retire they carry on doing the things that they’ve always done
forever and ever until they drop a bit like
Belarusian who is still working as a dentist even
though they are now into their seventies and they are still doing their wood job
the job that they obviously enjoy I think so
it would appear that Britain is going to have some fun with these storms
alongside its southern Ally Australia well it’s a little bit the opposite
early we’re going to have lots of rain and in Australia in Australia they’re
having lots of hot weather but it is summer there don’t forget it is summer
in Australia at the moment hello also – Celia or should I say
Cecilia hello to you we are having very hot weather in Belo Horizonte it feels
like I am living in hell I know the feeling hello my seam oh yes the royal
family is in trouble I saw a photo where the Queen drove without a seatbelt and
also a driving licence well I don’t think the Queen had a driving licence
did you know that I don’t think the Queen actually holds a driver’s licence
I heard that many years ago how true it is I have no idea but I heard many years
ago that the Queen actually doesn’t hold either a passport or a driving license
she doesn’t have either of those things because well she’s the queen to be
honest with you I mean everyone knows who the queen is I suppose her face is
everywhere on stamps on coins on notes so all sorts of British currency has a
picture of the Queen on it hello also Chryst’s in the Philippines
there is a volcano mount mount thar which has erupted after many after many
after a long time causing people to evacuate from the area hello Anna as
well so many people are here now we are going to take a short break and then
after that mr. Steve hopefully will be joining us so a quick break and then
hopefully we will have mr. Steve here in the studio I will get a little snack
ready and hopefully I will be able to tempt mr. Steve into the studio there he is mr. Steve what what was he
doing there it looked like he was fighting with something no in fact it
was mr. Steve with his poncho doing his poncho dance something we recorded a
couple of years ago and the rain is on the way so we will all be wearing our
Poncho’s this time tomorrow because it looks as if there is a ferocious storm
heading this way however now wait wait a moment we have something more important
to talk about than the weather we have a special guest but unfortunately our
special guest sometimes is very shy so today I have decided to make a little
snack there it is can you see it there is the snack for my special guest but
unfortunately he is a very shy person as you know and what we have to do we have
to lure him into the studio so I will leave the snack here and hopefully we
will be able to tempt mr. Steve into the studio it might take a couple of moments
it might take a few seconds so please bear with me trust me it will be worth
the wait so here we go we have to tempt mr. Steve into the studio Oh gotcha we’ve got him again we’ve got
mr. Steve we’ve caught him there is no escape for you this time mr. Steve you
are here you are now forced onto the internet in front of all these lovely
people so what do you think about that it’s a very dry I need some water mr.
Duncan have some water I can’t swallow it I can’t produce enough saliva mr.
Steve doesn’t normally have difficulty swallowing things but today today you
can’t get it in Oh have you got it down oh that’s better mr. Duncan Oh once
again we’ve managed to lure me to the live stream okay
with a tasty snack and that was of course a digestive biscuit a wholemeal
biscuit with cheese on yes my mouth one of your favourite snacks
well mr. Duncan can you see what I’ve got on today now you can’t know I knew
harm I knew this was going to happen but not me to jump up and down wait don’t
don’t jump anywhere what I will do is I will set one of the other cameras up and
you can go in stand in front of the other camera I’ve got a very special
t-shirt on today viewers hello to everybody in the world wide web of
English mr. Duncan of courses that probably already said that today but no
a friend of mine has been on a tour of a continent he was there for three weeks
on holiday and he toured many different countries in a certain continent now I
maybe you could guess which one it was maybe 10 anybody get a little if I say
Condor maybe that will give somebody a clue but he went to various countries in
this continent and many of you will know it’s a particular continent that I wish
to visit ok show us things very jealous Condor is that the same spelling as the
bird I’m not sure mr. Duncan I’m not sure no okay
do you notice I’m a little taller today yes have you noticed as well because
well for two reasons one Steve is wearing a pair of strainers sneakers
their running shoes but they have a very thick sole so mr. Steve is looking
taller also I’ve slightly repositioned the camera as well so the camera is it
is slightly different that’s why I’m having difficulty getting can you just
move over Steve yes of Cour you likes to push me off the screen I’m not pushing
you off I’m just moving you over so going show over there on the other
camera show your t-shirt your t-shirt your special t-shirt now don’t forget we
can’t hear you it’s a it’s a camera but it has no microphone unfortunately so so
here is mr. Steve coming onto your screen now there he is oh I like that
Steve well we can’t hear what you’re saying
because you’re not on the microphone in fact I think I prefer it with you not on
that so there is mr. Steve with his lovely t-shirt and and one of your work
colleagues brought this back for you so very nice very nice what does it say
on the back yes Oh turn around No so it says Kolker eric weeper maybe that
is something in the Peruvian language so come on come back Steve apparently Steve
seems to think that he’s a fashion model I’m not sure about that so you’re back
so it’s Peru Peru that is correct friend of mine in fact he went to Brazil
Peru Argentina Ecuador him and his wife went all over the place it must have
cost him a fortune you must you must have been a bit jealous as well because
you want to go to Brazil yes I do well I’d like to go to South America so he’s
been to quite a few of the countries he did a bit of a tour a tour for three
weeks while he was away all his customers left him and went elsewhere
because he was away so no I’m only joking a strange thing to say well I was
jealous jealous green with jealousy because he went to visit South America
with his partner well his wife but they’ve been married for many years I
love the way you used you seemed to sort of divide being a partner with being a
wife but technically it’s the same thing isn’t it
yes but if you say partner yes normally means unmarried normally means unmarried
you say my partner in life you’ve just noticed mr. Duncan there’s some very
extensive cobwebs the lights in the studio are highlighting what can only be
described as very poor tidiness in mr. Duncan’s mr. Duke
Steve DS I’m the web’s the web’s are everywhere they’re gigantic
those aren’t webs they look like webs to me mr. Duncan the mat the spider must be
about that big yes okay I’m going to come in here with a feather duster
okay then well I would do if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve thrown the
feather duster away because it’s useless and living all this information a
feather duster that’s what you use to get rid of cobwebs in the corners of
your rooms but my mother always had feather duster which she used but
they’re actually very poor at the job because they leave feathers come off the
does anybody know what a feather duster is I think I think I think there are
feather dusters in other countries it’s just it’s a pole and it’s got lots of
feathers concentrated into the top and the idea is the feathers will get rid of
all the cobwebs and spiders so they’re not very effective it’s just basically
something you use for dusting bit of a sort of a brush with a long handle but
it’s got made of feathers yes yeah but the clue is in the word feather well
I don’t know if people use feather dusters in it can be they’re very
ticklish there if you buy a feather duster it’s often got connotations with
sort of how can I put it mr. Duncan don’t know recreational activities
involve some form of stimulation what feather dusters are used in a way
aren’t they you’ve never heard this at all yes they they are because I think if
you sort of rub a feather duster over somebody’s body it’s supposed to be so
I’ve heard it’s supposed to be arousing Oh a feather duster you must have heard
of that yes he’s led a sheltered life well well I mean I’ve just heard about
it’s just what people say so I forgot to change the camera by the way everyone’s
complaining they’re all saying mr. Duncan changed the camera we can just
see your empty studio I forgot to change it you see that that that’s what people
were seeing oh I see right so everything that we’ve just said has been fairly
pointless well no wicked well we can still be
heard but not seen it’s a good job we’ve got people watching some people might
prefer that of course then you might prefer not to be able to see is it’s a
little bit like a podcast so close your eyes and imagine that you are listening
to a podcast and it’s pretty much the same thing really so so this is a
podcast with pictures isn’t that nice not very pretty pictures though no I
think in fact to be honest with I think I prefer this view so this is where I
normally sit Steve in this chair can you see in the distance there was a chair
and that is where I spend a lot of my time sitting editing typing sending
emails reading emails so the corner of my studio over there is where I spend a
lot of my time doing hosing composing and writing and doing all sorts of
things so and you can see the clock of course in the distance as well it is
just coming up to quarter to three mr. Steve
yes well just above that clock and to the left are all the cobwebs and I’m
going to get a duster out they don’t get rid of them somebody says poor spiders
why would we have to remove the Nets you mean webs of course I tell you what I’m
going to try and focus on those webs because now I want to see them I want to
see the cobwebs in my studio would you like to see the cobwebs in the studio
because Steve now has embarrassed me I’m embarrassed I am ashamed you’ll have to
come to this view mr. Duncan okay where the light is catching them yes well um
the reason we don’t want cobwebs and spiders in the house is because they
multiply just like what animals do once you leave them to themselves and in fact
this studio where mr. Duncan first moved in seven years ago had and all I can
describe as an as an infestation of spiders so something’s infested it means
there’s a lot of them so and we usually use that word to refer to creatures like
mice an infestation of mice or rats spiders fleas you would normally use the
word in that way to describe to many of a particular animal or insect in one
place in a room in a house and when we remove certain cupboards
obvious that the previous residents had not bothered to get rid of the spiders
and they’ve been Luck hunt you couldn’t count them there were hundreds of them
and the problem is you do really don’t want them because they’ve become a bit
of a pain in the neck yes here we go so here are the cobwebs apparently these
are the cobwebs the cobwebs that mr. Steve was talking about there they are
they’re not that bad well not from that angle mr. Duncan from this angle they
look a lot I don’t think you can really see them from where you are where are
you going no that’s it you come over to where I am mr. Duncan more over this way
and you will see what I mean okay then well unfortunately my
equipment doesn’t do that never mind I have I have Awkward equipment a light is
catching them my assuming my equipment is awkward not the first time I’ve had
that said to me cobwebs yes that’s what we use to describe the the spiders spin
cobwebs don’t though because they catch their prey flies and well there’s some
spiders eat other spiders in fact the spiders that we had infested in the room
here our particular type of spider called what what do they call mr. Duncan
I can’t remember their cellar spiders they’ve got very very long legs and very
small bodies compared to a normal spider so they’re about that big and they hang
from the corners of the room and if you go near them they vibrate very rapidly
because they think you can’t see them but they actually catch other spiders
which is something quite unusual if they’re cannibals in a wave if you think
about it they’re eating other spiders so out of I’ve been talking to the
neighbors and apparently lots of the neighbors also have a problem with these
types of spiders they’re normally found in dark places hence their name
celer spider so the normally found in dark cellars or room
where it’s damp horrible I don’t like them because when you go into into the
gala there’s millions of them in our garage where I keep the car millions I
would say is their multiplied very very rapidly and you go in and they drop on
you they do so you know here we go that I think we’ve got I think we might have
we might have it I think we’ve gotten one of the things there it is can you
see it there we go it’s not it’s not very clear on the picture but you can
see a cobweb that’s the problem with cobwebs
the problem with cobwebs is you can’t see them very clearly and that’s the
reason why I can’t see them so you can see that there is a cobweb one of many
cobwebs in my studio I don’t know why mr. Steve wants to embarrass me so much Sarina said yes didn’t we have some
spiders in a box we did we had I was looking after a friend’s tarantulas
which of course a very big spiders about as big as your hand mr. Duncan’s there
pointing out the cobwebs so yes satoru you know we were looking after my
friend’s tarantulas but he’s now got them back because he was renting
somewhere and he wasn’t allowed to keep pets not even spiders so we had them for
a year they’ve gone back now he’s looking after them so we’re glad to get
them out of the house so what have you been talking about today mr. Duncan I
feel as though I’ve been boring everybody we’ve we’ve mainly been
talking about cobwebs I think I’ve been on I think 85% of today’s live stream
has been as talking about cobwebs so thank you Steve anyway for letting me
know about the cobweb that was really really useful
Christine of course is right when you live in the countryside it’s normal to
have spied as it is because there’s a lot more of them and they they they come
into the house when you’ve got the windows open in the summer I’ve seen
them crawling in another thing that those spiders are
also called daddy longlegs spiders that’s the other word for them so they
that there are a particular type of spider and until we moved here we we
hadn’t really seen them before but this house is full of them and every year we
try not to kill them Steve don’t we we try our best
how mayor says that let me go and fetch something oh I know what Steve is going
to get that the thing that Steve is now going to get was the first-ever mystery
item on my first ever live chat my first ever live stream ID mr. Duncan no we
fetching my device here there we go let me give you the full view are you sure
that’s not your your douche it’s not a lightsaber it looks like something you
insert something that you insert somewhere always rude aren’t you mr.
Duncan well in fact this is a humane way Hugh may Humane if something is humane
it means that what does it mean mr. do something humane means it will not cause
any strain or suffering that’s it or fear in someone so you are doing
something without causing any any cruelty or without being cruel so for
example if your cat maybe you have a cat maybe you have a very old pussy and your
pussy is old and it’s seen better days and unfortunately your old cat can no
longer walk its ill and clearly its suffering so sometimes people will have
their animal put down but the Mayland the method the method is humane so they
do it humanely so maybe I think normally they use an injection so maybe they
inject something into the animal to make it sleepy and then it will slowly go to
sleep forever a non humane way of killing a cat
for example to just sort of hit it a lot that’s it
beat it with a stick and kick it so that would be a non humane way of so a humane
way of removing spot while they talk about it when you people meat eaters of
course if you’re going to kill animals to eat them you most people want to know
that that animal has been killed humanely yes so quickly so it doesn’t
suffer I’m going to be honest with you Steve I’ve not met met many vegetarians
who who just eat non animal products who are happy with even humane killing no
but if you’re a meat-eater you don’t want to you don’t want your animal to
have suffered when it’s done that’s true yeah but what about if your see some
people think that plants have feelings don’t they so how do you kill a plant
humanely yes is it vegetable there’s no such there’s a little carrot what about
the little carrot living in the ground a little carrot minding its own business
just living and having a lovely day thinking oh this is nice isn’t it oh
I’ve got my I’ve got my lovely little warm space in the ground and my little
my little leaves are coming out into the beautiful sunshine and that little
carrot is having a lovely time and then suddenly someone comes along and pulls
it out of the ground shops its head off and then slices it
into little pieces after skinning it and and then they boil it in water or eat it
raw yes so this is used to catch spiders in the house so it’s got a little and
you hear that we can all hear that Steve it’s like a vacuum cleaner and it sucks
the spider you put it up to the ceiling in you you turn this on and it sucks it
in and then you let it out outside hmm and that’s what I do so let’s see if I
can find one in your room no no I wasn’t planning on this being a whole live
stream there’s one under your cap try not to sit my brain up well so that was
very interesting for bringing up that terrible cobweb in the corner of the
studio thank you very much you can actually see the live chat there as well
now by the way brilliant done something very lovely for
you it’s not nice because yes I like to look at the live chat somebody just said
there what is the meaning of the idiom get a rain check if you get a rain check
it means you put something off to another day or another time so a rain
check is something that your arranged to do at a later date because an event has
been cancelled or called off so maybe a sporting event is supposed to happen but
unfortunately it rains so the person will receive something that says you can
come to the next game or the next match so quite often is an idiom we will say I
will give you a rain check it means we will do something at a later date
because I can’t do it at the moment unfortunately like the the weather
idioms rain on my parade yet dispatch you to spoil someone’s fun
to take away the enjoyment of something maybe a person comes along and they try
to take away your happiness or your spirit of joy and contentment so someone
comes along and they try to take it away they try to rain on your parade yes so
if you were having a nice outdoor parade and all everyday and it rained it would
ruin that parade so it doesn’t mean literally rain they could ruin it in
other ways they can be nasty to you or they could hit you or
they could do something that would make that event that you’re part of
unpleasant satury no mentions euthanasia now I suppose euthanasia is one of those
subjects that is very hard just to talk about without any preparation but
basically we are talking about putting someone and by that I mean an animal or
a person out of their misery so we are entering a very big subject
there quite a large subject that so not only would you would you put an animal
out of its misery so euthanasia quite often is used with
animals we often say that they are put out put down or in American English they
say put put out I’m sure it’s put out I think euthanasia
is mainly used though isn’t it mr. Duncan in reference to human quite often
yes so to end the suffering of a person to end the suffering of a human being
we often talk about euthanasia but not the best subject to be talking about
today by the way it’s a very controversial subject because most
countries because a doctor would never intentionally kill a person or end a
person’s life even though they are suffering and have no chance of living
doctors are not allowed to the and it allowed to they have sworn they have to
swear so when a doctor becomes a doctor they have to swear not to cause any harm
or distress or suffering to a human being at all so they call it the
Hippocratic oath that they have to take yes but of course if you decided you
wanted to end your own life or you wanted somebody to end your life for you
because you were suffering then that is a very controversial subject which we
won’t get into because if you want you can’t do it in this country it’s not
allowed it’s against the law and I think it is in most countries Switzerland
so you have to go to Switzerland if you want to do if you want to end your life
humanely obviously and you want somebody else to do it for you so what I suppose
is but could you describe suicide as as euthanasia I think with euthanasia I
think the point is that you get somebody else to end your life for you okay but
obviously that’s not the same as murder obviously there’s a difference there so
you amaze you is that you you’ve got a terminal illness and you want for
example you’ve got a terminal illness you’ve got six months to live or a year
to live but for that entire time you are going
to really suffer the doctors have said there’s no chance of you surviving no
chance of you recovering ever so some people might decide that they want their
life to end but they want somebody to do it in a humane way for them doctors
can’t do it it’s not legal for anybody to do it in this country if you do that
you will go to prison so if if you if you stood by that the railway track and
you got your friend to push you in front of the train but that that’s humane
isn’t it would you say that’s humane probably not it’s pretty fast isn’t it I
think that’s humane and I think with humane you don’t want a lot of mess
afterwards oh I see I think that you know you want the body to remain fairly
intact okay no it’s the typical situation is
that somebody’s got terminal cancer terminal cancer okay well you cancer
that can’t be operated on no nothing can treat it’s you Bibi’s gone to the point
where there is no turning back it’s terminal it’s terminal and but you know
those last few months of your life are going to be pretty awful so you ask a
relative for example it could be your partner who loves you very much
will you when it gets really bad and I can’t help myself anymore will you end
my life for me and that’s you can’t do it it’s not legal in this country
because that person would probably go to prison from
even though the person was gonna die anyway so you had to go to Switzerland
it’s still classed as murder yes it’s there there is no there is no way of
taking a person’s life without being somehow charged with murder or
manslaughter that’s another one isn’t it I don’t know why they call it
manslaughter they should call it person slaughter it’s interesting that
euthanasia has got the word Youth in it I think I mean it’s not about the same
but youth usually means life and doesn’t it
why are you th of course it’s spelt differently but it’s but it’s pronounced
the same as an action it’s euthanize yes that’s right somebody just asked about
an idiom what is the meaning of you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make
it drink yes well maybe maybe I want mr. Steve to to take some advice from me
maybe I want to give mr. Steve some some of my wisdom that I’ve gathered during
my long and productive long productive long life so I want to pass on something
to mr. Steve a piece of advice something I want to let Steve know about and I
believe it will help him to change his life and make it better however maybe
mr. Steve won’t take the advice maybe Steve will just ignore my advice and
just say but what does mr. Duncan know about that he knows nothing water what a
stupid idiot I’m going to ignore his advice so that’s
where the expression comes from you can lead mr. Steve to water but you can’t
make him drink that’s it but in that case when we are talking about the idiom
it’s a horse yes advice that you might give to somebody
but if they don’t take up that advice then that’s their choice they don’t you
know you can’t make somebody do something oh yes which right now that’s
all right yes yes change the subject from murder to
marry life yes that’s just lighten things up but it’s light in the mood
let’s talk about something that’s a bit happy you started it by mentioning
cobwebs it’s amazing how a conversation can go from one subject to another so
because of here we go I will show you because because of this cobweb in my
studio we ended up talking about euthanasia isn’t that strange
how one subject or one topic can lead to another isn’t it weird yes we’re not
getting good feedback about talking on the subject of euthanasia
no well I’m sure I’m sure a lot of people are against it for for various
reasons moral or religious reasons so yes I could imagine that so in
Switzerland it is it isn’t allowed in Switzerland right so where did I get
that from wait well people did Switzerland it isn’t allowed to end
someone’s life those who came to die here they have to do it by themselves
yes well that’s what I thought well when you said that I thought that the person
has to still do it themselves because I saw a documentary about this very moving
documentary about a man who had an illness that was going to destroy his
his body and I think his brain and he decided to go to another country
Switzerland but when they do it you still have to do it yourself yes but
people can give you the medicines don’t that’s it and you might and yes it’s
like it’s like I don’t know it’s like if you owned a railway track and you had a
large steam train so the steam train and the railway track are there and they’re
yours but and then you let the steam train go but then you say to the person
right there there’s the track there’s the steam train but you have to step in
front of it would that be right always with the jumping onto a train track mr.
doe everybody knows how mr. Duncan will end his life if he wants to blood is
thicker water that’s a good idiom it means that
your close relatives are essentially more important than a peep from the
friends that’s essentially what it means so no matter what your family do to you
you will always forgive them that’s what the phrase means you will always figure
you will forgive them far more things and you would forget you forgive your
friends so what Lud ie blood relatives so you
will accept a lot more from your your family bad things and indiscretions and
things that might annoy you so you might lose a friend or get rid of a friend
from your life for doing something however you might be more forgiving when
it comes to one of your family members if your brother or sister stole some
some money from you for example yes or from you or from another relative yes
from an or from another relative or even from anybody else not so if they’ve even
if they committed a crime a they’d murdered somebody you would be more
likely to accept and forgive them and then you would if it was somebody who
wasn’t a relative ie the water is me is somebody who isn’t a relative that’s it
because of course evolution in terms of evolution and survival
it’s our families that are more important and no matter what they do the
survival of the family unit is most important because you’re passing on your
genes anyway anyway what do you mean anyway I didn’t
finish my sentence that’s not some things to show using rain because we
have a storm coming storm do we yes what do you say when you’ve got a storm
coming we better batten down the hatches yes I’ve done that one already okay
storm brain I was in the garden storm Brendan is on its way
streamed and Brendan it’s been a it’s actually been named by the Irish
Meteorological Organization so they’ve named it so that’s why it has an Irish
name you see it so Brendan storm storm Oh Brendan save something for a rainy day see there
is another one you see see what I did that rainy you see it’s raining rainy
day save something for a rainy day you put something back until you really need
it you really need something so you put it away or you put it somewhere safe
until you need it you put something away or save something
for a rainy day when you really need it you look at you what could you use it as
an example for that types of food maybe money money yes mostly mostly people
will save money for a rainy day and what we mean by rainy day and that idiom is
bad luck so when you get some bad luck yes or a situation where you leave
something where you need something so money yes something happens oh maybe
something breaks down or your car breaks down you need to have it repaired so
you’ve saved some money for the rainy day when things aren’t going so well hmm
hello also to Palmyra hello Belarusian I was told by a
friend’s grandmother who was 10 years spent 10 years in bed that she couldn’t
move she couldn’t talk but when somebody talked to her a tear could be seen from
her I very sad so sometimes you might appear to be completely unresponsive but
maybe you still you are still aware what is happening around you palmyra says in
their country they say we say save something for a black day yes and when
things are going wrong that’s it so save it for a rainy day catch a falling star
and put it in your pocket save it save it for a rainy day
patro says here that his brother always stole money from him from his savings
box but he always forgave him well that’s it but if a friend did that you’d
probably or somebody you didn’t know very well you can call the police it is
strange how we are more willing to forgive a family member for their for
their bad behavior because because what’s most important to most people is
the family unit mother father grandparents children so you will
forgive a lot for them because you don’t want to give up that relationship but
then that’s all about passing on your genes yes so you seem obsessed you seem
obsessed today with kissing on your genes I’m not particularly obsessed with
that how are your genes they’re gonna stay with me got any children have you
got any wise or exes well I did far as I know I’ve never fathered a child as far
as I know there are no I have no offspring a little mini Steve as far as
I know there’s nobody out there I wonder what I wonder what a baby would look
like if you had a baby if you actually fathered a baby it’d probably look like
this really I mean let’s face it Steve looks like a a large baby anyway I mean
it’s incredibly sad for Humanity that I’m not passing my genes on or not yet
at least I mean just imagine you know the gene
pool of the human race without mine in it hmm it’s very sad but you know there
you go so is life a person who saves things for
a rainy day can be very cautious so maybe a person who saves something for a
rainy day thank you Anna what is the name of the person that saves money for
a rainy day cautious so maybe a person who is very
cautious they are a person who is always mindful of the amount of money sensible
or sensible a sensible person will always save money for a rainy day
because life isn’t fair and you don’t know what’s going to happen you don’t
have to tell me about that one now sometimes in life as I said at the
of today’s show sometimes life can be unfair sometimes you have ups and downs
sometimes you have thrills and spills sometimes things don’t go right and
here’s a good one he never rains but it pours it never
rains but it pours that means when something bad happens
quite often many bad things will happen at the same time so you might find that
there is more than one bad thing happening so maybe this week for me
there were a few things happening that we’ve had to sort out and deal with but
quite often lots of things will come along at the same time witness Steve
that’s right so that’s typically said by somebody who if you’re a sort of you
normally say that to cheer somebody up don’t you if you say that to somebody
and they’re having a lot they’re having a bad day hmm the car broke down then
they got to work and then they cut themselves on a pen some paper or and
the boss shouted at them and you might say to somebody to try and cheer them
away never rains but it pours that’s a terrible there and you’re showing
empathy to some understanding to somebody my day is terrible I I cut my
finger on a piece of paper my life is ruined get over you can get now it’s the
accumulation of different bad things all happening together you could kill
someone with paper mr. Duncan maybe it wouldn’t be a very humane way oh my
goodness what’s what’s what’s wrong with you today
dark thoughts today mr. Dongo dark thought are you saying that a piece of
paper can be used as a weapon well I bet they do in prison what that means now
they’ll be banning paper they do in prisons I bet I bet they’re always
slashing each other with bits of paper all the prisoners are covered in paper
paper cuts but yes it never rains it never rains but it pours it’s it’s a
sort of your sort of and that often is the case it’s a similar expression to
say things bad things always come in threes
don’t they it’s it’s it’s sort of it’s almost like a part of the human psyche
that we said tend to think that if one bad thing happens lots of others will
probably happen at the same time and certainly here in the UK we say things
are always bad things always come in threes so if one back bad thing happens
you’re waiting for the other two and once you’ve had the third one you almost
oh that’s it I’m done for a while now we do well have that looks we do often
think that though don’t we we often think that bad things bad things come
along in succession groups of three so maybe one thing happens it’s bad and
then another thing happens and then we believe that there will be another one
another bad thing because we always think that there they are always three
of them we do I don’t know why that is I think it’s and then when you’ve had the
third one you think oh what a relief I’m gonna have a spell now when there’s no
bad luck so yes it never rains but it pours is a similar expression to saying
bad things always come in three hmm but that one’s just a bit more specific come
rain or shine come rain or shine so this refers to any event anything that’s
coming your way so whatever happens come rain or shine so whether something is
negative or positive so come rain or shine things will always be fine come
rain or shine mr. Duncan will always be here well on Sunday yes it is an
expression which means no matter how bad things get then mr. Duncan will always
be here I mean not necessarily always but that is the sort of way you could
use that expression I always try to be here unfortunately on Friday we had a
little problem didn’t we my mum was taken into hospital on Thursday night oh
so we’ve been the last two days haven’t we you haven’t explained this yet I have
oh right yes yes she’s been suddenly taken very very ill
so my mum’s in the hospital and that’s what we’ve been doing we’ve been going
to the hospital for the past a couple of days so that’s why I wasn’t there with
you on Friday but I will be with you on Wednesday don’t worry this is when you
can catch me by the way ah Sunday Wednesday and Friday
Roger wants flags of the day flags of the day and the landmarks so that’s
where I used to we used to start the livestream – oh you mean flight flags of
the world and I was in a different part of the world every year talking about
different highlights of different countries wasn’t I so yes pecho does
like flags of the world say that I’ll try and find it
shall I try and find flags of the world Oh only Pedro likes it just didn’t get
good feedback did it apart from Pedro I don’t remember that I’ve only Joe are
you watching the same livestream Jamila says mr. Steve is as right as rain hi
soon as right as rain that’s a good one we haven’t gotten unless mr. Duncan has
that one here if something says right as rain but what does that mean mr. Dave
right as rain means perfectly okay fit as right as rain yes something is
perfect that there are no problems everything is everything is as right as
rain as it should be as it should be just like rain I suppose rain is as it
should be rain is rain I’m trying to find the flags of the world people say I
feel as right as rain can’t you meaning I feel healthy I feel
happy I feel good I’m as right as rain right as rain
that’s a very commonly used expression in the UK actually as opposed to feeling
down in the dumps which if you say you feel down in the dumps that’s the
opposite to saying right as rain it means you’re feeling sad unhappy not
necessarily ill just emotional your mood is is down down in the dumps
you’re really cheering everyone else today you’re not even cheering me up
I really do need cheering up today here’s something to cheer you all up
especially Pedro Belmont here it is it’s Steve its flags of the world so just for Pedro that was flakes of the
world oh very nice very very nice
now I was quite impressed with the way that I managed to do that what a big
head I mean not there’s no modesty there at all is there I just know my modesty I
managed to find the flags of the world people are talking about a book popper
Gary oh and Balzac of it that’s book and it’s a book I think I can’t remember who
first mentioned it now saying that it’s it’s it’s a book about somebody who
saves their money all the time and never gives it to anybody
oh it’s not isn’t that where the word miser comes from does it I’m sure it is
yes I might be mistaken but but we do have a great word called miser it’s it’s
a word but I think that comes from a story of a person who would not give
their money away they would just keep it and it would just pile up hoard their
money well we’ve got a similar story if it’s May it may be similar to Scrooge
the book that we have here so different cultures probably have different
different stories regarding people who save their money and we’ve got one
called Scrooge that’s a great that’s a great word miser so a person who keeps
their money they don’t like to spend money they will save it they will let it
pile up in their in their room or put it into their bed many years ago before
people used banks people would often put money under their their mattress on the
bed I’m a bit of a miser would you say mr. Duncan I don’t like to spend money I
like to save it I’ve always been a saver rather than a spender which is the
complete opposite to my sister she’s a spender not a saver I’m you know that’s
there are typical behaviors I think I spend more now but I think as you I
think it’s all to do with security with me
I like to feel as though I’m never going to be in a position when I don’t have
any money if I lost my job you know I’d have savings to keep me going yeah I
like that security I don’t think that’s the same thing as a miser a miser just
won’t spend money at all so they won’t even invest it or put it in the bank
they will just keep it all around them it I suppose it’s very similar to the
fable of Midas King Midas that’s another great story where he touched the things
around him and everything magically turned to gold but in the end he had
nothing he starved to death because he couldn’t eat because every time he
touched the food it turned to gold he couldn’t eat so he starved to death
somebody said there was no flag of nicaragua nicaragua in there nicaragua
that’s a very difficult word for us to pronounce nicaragua nicaragua i think of
nicaragua ‘yes i spell that correct easy pronounce that correctly easy but you
are an English teacher I would expect you to be able to mr. Duncan yes well
that was interesting any more any more phrases to do with the the weather
mister yes I’m trying to I’m trying to so we had come rain or shine here is
another one and this this is one that we often say when we want to cheer someone
up we want to make them feel happy we want to make them feel joyous on top of
the world we want them to feel bright and gay keep your sunny side up keep
your sunny side up don’t worry keep your sunny side up keep your sunny
side up mr. Steve don’t get down don’t get miserable stay cheerful keep your
sunny side yes it just means show us your your happy bright sunny personality
and keeping good spirits even when things aren’t going so well keep
listening I don’t like today I mean today I’ve
this week or should I say the last two days I’ve had some really awful
experiences but I always try to look on the bright side of life
so sometimes you have to do it sometimes you have to force yourself sometimes you
can do it quite easily so Pedro’s seen flags of the the world and now he’s off
oh I see you’ve just used us used us I feel I feel you stopped by joking I feel
as if you spent the night with me and then you you get up in the early morning
and leave before I’ve even woken up hungry wasn’t there either mr. Duncan no
Nicaragua Lincoln agua I bet you any money I bet you ten pounds hungary is in
that list it is it is there have another look
keep your sunny-side up stay looking on the bright side of life
even when things seem bad always look on the bright side of life
I do I do do do do do thank you very much to song so yes a miser apparently
is from the Latin Missouri as’ poor and lack of generosity so a miser actually
comes from Latin I suppose there’s no surprise there really see you later
Pedro Pedro is going you can also say look on the bright side yes you can look
on the bright side of life the sunny side the positive side the the fun side
anything that gives you that feeling of positivity and makes you feel happy I
suppose yes because if you stay positive it’s difficult because I you wouldn’t
call me the most positive person in the world would you mr. Duncan
I’ve always been my father said to me I can still remember him telling me you’re
a pessimist not an optimist amongst other things and then I was only
about seven or eight at the time and that stayed with me ever since he
probably shouldn’t have said that because I do tend to look on I’d tend to
look for the worst things that can happen yes don’t I yes I don’t tend to
think you’re the complete opposite mr. Duncan always thinks everything’s going
to be alright and will work I was on the opposite end I would think
things if it can go wrong it will and probably will so we’re both in extremes
you’re an optimist I’m a pessimist yes I am quite optimistic even last night last
night we got back late last night from the hospital very traumatic day and we
got back we decided to have a little beer didn’t we we thought let’s have a
beer we rarely drink beer but last night
go on okay that this is a good indication of our different carers so as
so I thought I said to Steve I said let’s have a beer we’ve got a couple of
cans of beer they’ve been in the cupboard for a long time but I thought
let’s have a beer so we opened the beer and I poured the beer into two small
glasses so we had half of the can each Steve so this gives you an insight into
Steve’s brain Steve instead of just enjoying the beer instead of enjoying
the beer and just having a little moment of relaxation he decides to look at the
cam that the beer had come out of to see when the sell-by date was or the use-by
date and he says oh oh I don’t think we should drink this beer
oh it says December 2019 oh I don’t I don’t think we should drink that I said
to Steve I said look for goodness sake I just enjoy the bloody beer yes because I
because I’ve because I’ve read all this information on canned food that metals
and chemicals leach out into the food and and I didn’t enjoy it at all I only
drank half of it and threw the rest away I was convinced it was going to make me
ill well I drank it I had my I had my beer and I enjoyed it
and all you’ve done Steve is bring all all that negativity onto yourself that’s
you I that just that’s the way I am it is it certainly is and well I used to
work with somebody when I worked in the hospital I mentioned this the other week
I used to work with somebody he was always very
downbeat he was always looked down in the dumps he was always negative
everything was his in fact his whole deportment was you know he said it went
around like that he was it was the same age as me I know he’s a bit older than
me at I’m sorry I’ve got to stop you Steve just use a word that I haven’t
heard for about 35 years deportment it portman do your deport
I’ve never talked about that is a word that is actually a word that has more
cobwebs on it than in the corner of my studio right no one ever talks about
deportment well deportment means how do you carry yourself your posture your
posture and you walk when you stand up have you got good deportment you’re bad
deport deportment do you hold yourself up and stand erect and walk with a
positive stance ballerinas have good deportment okay because you walk and
people that are in the in the Armed Forces have good deportment so it’s it’s
it’s it means that you carry yourself you know you’re not slouching I just
love the way that you mentioned ballerinas and people in the army have
you got good deportment let’s see if people use this phrase at all we’ve got
and noisy bird outside I upset that what’s that what bird is it mr. Duncan
what do you think it is I can’t remember the name oh for goodness sake you’re
gonna be in the next bit to my mother so did people hear that loud sort of
metallic call of the pheasant I went outside earlier and I upset him he was
hiding in the bushes and he flew off it you know in a panic okay
Tomic says I’m a wimp thanks for that yes it’s true I’m not a wimp I’m not a
wimp a wimp is somebody who cowers from a
weak person yes I’m not a weak person he didn’t stand up for himself and is
afraid to stand up to people or to take on new
challenges that isn’t actually me just a weak weak person or with a person with a
weak character yes you can’t stand are you always if you if you say your
negative or somebody who is thinks negatively that that’s not the same
thing as a wimp that’s a different thing all together a wimp is somebody who
doesn’t stand up for himself it’s just we a weak person yes weak that’s it that
is not me mr. Duncan I can stand up for myself
iced you wait okay we get it I find that very hard to believe somebody says I
don’t have a good Department yes Department report yes it means if
you slouch I will put the word if you slouch your shoulders around and your
neck is bent and you sort of shuffle about deportment it means you carry
yourself no nice positive way your neck is
straight your shoulders are back and I think it makes you you feel more
positive if you walk and that actually is a scientific fact if you actually
feel when you see somebody if they’re feeling worried or afraid they they sort
of you know they their whole deportment changes and they they sort of go into
themselves but if you they’ve found that if you actually I’m gonna increase your
make your mood better by just standing okay and acting like you were positive
and that actually changes it has a hand effect of changing your mood so doing
something physical change can change your mind
okay as well as the other way round okay let’s let’s draw a line under that yes
graceful way of carrying yourself here’s another one it’s all water under the
bridge something that has happened that you want to forget about maybe a
disagreement that you’ve had with someone that you know maybe something
that you want to forget about maybe you had a fight with your friend or partner
and now you want to forget all about it we can say that it
is all water under the bridge it’s over with let’s forget about our differences
let’s forget about the fights that we had wouldn’t it be lovely if the USA and
Iran said let’s forget about it it’s all water under the bridge of course it
isn’t going to happen because things have really escalated over the past few
days yes for reasons I’m not going to go into just like water that flows
constantly flows and new water comes along in life events happen they go and
new events come along and you know it’s don’t keep hanging on to those past
events let it flow away let it flow away just like water would under a bridge
flow away and you have arguments or friends or family and sometimes for a
long people weeks or months or years in some cases I had a friend well-known in
speak 2 for 10 years or never again and then when you meet up when you talk
about it you think oh that’s not so bad and then you say then they might say
well I apologize for what I did to you those bad things I did to you and you
might say let’s forget about it it’s water under the bridge you’ve just gone
you’ve just reminded me of something I remember many years ago my father and my
my uncle virtually getting into a fistfight
in the back garden of our house when they were trying to put a green house up
in the back garden and my father called my uncle a wimp
he called him a wimp and and my uncle got very angry and they started sort of
but they weren’t really fighting with their fists but it almost became violent
however my uncle left the house in a hurry he sped off in his Citroen he had
one of these cars called a Citroen French car and and he was very strange
because when you started the car up it would it would rise on a cushion of air
very strange I always thought his car was like something from the future so if
you remember Citron’s during the early 1980s they actually looked like cars in
the future because they would they would take off they would hover slightly when
you started live up yes they did you they were very comfortable though they
were they did have I think sort of air Springs and so they were very
comfortable hmm Tomic I forgive you for calling me a wimp it’s water under the
bridge however accurate you were I think he
probably meant because I was frightened at the sound of the bird so yes when it
comes to things like that maybe I am a bit of a wimp yes if an animal came near
me or somebody looked angry and wanted to beat me up I think I would be a bit
of a wimp if someone is really scared we can say that they are afraid of their
own shadow maybe a person who is who is a real coward or a person who is a wimp
if you said to somebody there’s a spider in the corner of that room will you
remove it and somebody might scream and they might not like the spider and you
might call them a wimp you wouldn’t maybe not you wouldn’t call a girl a
wimp if she didn’t like if she didn’t like a spider you would call a man a
wimp if if he couldn’t pick up a spider and put it out but we win well we all
know that women don’t like spiders anyway so so you don’t have to say that
do you really not to a woman but you would to a man because all women all
women every single woman on the planet that they’re all afraid of spiders
aren’t you I know you are you’re sitting there now saying mr. Duncan you’re right
I am a woman and I’m afraid of spiders are I think so I’m I’m a hundred and one
percent sure that that’s true our mech was saying it in reference to the point
that I only drunk I overstated that my worries about the beer being out of date
as usual I was worried that I might get poison baby always happens over cautious
over cautious anything Steve does he’s always worried we can’t have any fun
early without Steve finding one to worry about anything whatever it is
anything I always look for I mean it’s healthy in a way to always
be able to see whether somebody thought something is dangerous or not that’s
okay what could go wrong that’s healthy but if you fixate on that too much then
it becomes a bit of a disorder hmm and you there’s only so much you can do
in situations to to mitigate the danger of something to reduce if you mitigate
something it means you reduce okay I’m loving your choice of words deportment
is is the best word that I’ve heard in a long time deportment well if you don’t
carry on don’t explain it all again when you’re young as you get old
okay you mustn’t let it slide if you don’t have to explain it again there is
a rewind button on the player so you can if you want to know what’s what
deportment means go back about 15 minutes on the live stream and you will
see Steve talking about a word that no one on the planet uses anymore Cecilia
is not not afraid of spiders but is afraid of snakes yeah I think I would be
pretty afraid of snakes I would yes it depends where it is really I mean in
this country you shouldn’t need to be afraid of snakes because we haven’t
really got any poisonous snakes but what if they what if there’s a lot of snakes
around you and they don’t know got baseball bats can you be afraid of them
then I think so I would it also depends where the snake is maybe it’s going up
your trouser leg in which case you have to be very afraid
we have I believe do we not soon a tea cake we come a tea waiting a tea cake in
a cup of tea waiting yes very nice we’re doing a slightly longer one today
because I wasn’t here on Friday because my poor mummy was taken into hospital
she’s still in hospital now thanks for your lovely messages by the way thanks a
lot today want to talk too much about it but yes silence on the live stream that must be
a first that doesn’t happen very often be the first time that’s ever happened
the only time we get silence on here is when I forget to open the microphone a
lot of snakes in Brazil that is correct I’ve heard this yes yes well in in the
forests giant anacondas and and adders and all sorts of rattlesnakes probably I
think rattlesnakes are more in the sort of desert II areas but yes lots of
venomous dangerous snakes what we’ve seen programs about that every year
hundreds thousands of people die oh my god is a hundred is it hundreds of
millions I think it’s Millions is it billion uh Dyer snake bites
because they they all you you have to have your limbs chopped off and all
sorts of things Steve have you ever come face to face with a snake uh yes because
my friends what kind of snake you’re talking about mr. Duncan I don’t know
what you mean what do you know what you met all these I’ve just realized these
running shoes are very uncomfortable okay Glenda needles in my feet they’re
not very good running shoes if they’re making your feet hurt I know but they’re
not mean you’re not meant to stand in them you meant to run in them that’s
probably rather uncomfortable what brand are they a six that does not sound like
a brand that’s never heard of them Steve has bought some cheap sneakers no
they’re not a six a SC i I think something like oh it’s basics no it’s
not basics it starts with an A it starts with an A hey Ashton a six let me have a
look let’s see if I can I’ve seen I’ve seen the there we go these are my
running shoes stinky stinky running shoes a six a si CS that’s the first
time I’ve ever worn them because I bought the Museu bought these they were
in a sale I do a lot of run and I bought them in a sale you can’t
smell this there’s nothing wrong with that there’s no that fast just the glue
Lucas I’ve never I’ve never actually it’s the first time I’ve ever worn them
because I bought them at the end of the summer and they were in a sale and I
needed some more new running shoes but of course it’s winter now and I didn’t
want to get them dirty and muddy so I haven’t actually used these I’ve been
using my winter running shoes which are designed for running in this so yes they
were actually quite expensive there are people can you believe it there are
people who actually enjoy smelling and sniffing other people’s shoes they
actually find it stimulating I don’t know why they do that because I can’t
stand I hate the smell you wimp mr. Duncan you wimp
I think that’s like saying you that you like smelling other people’s farm you
can see I haven’t I haven’t even been running in these you haven’t used them
look how clean the soles are that’s why I’ve got them on in the house because I
actually took them straight out of the box so I should be using these
insulating when the weather is better okay I I I’m I’m sure you’re really
pleased to hear all of that news about mr. Steve’s new sneakers back to snakes
no I haven’t come face to fit the only yes okay I won’t say that there is what
you call this an idiom another another word for shall I say it mr. Duncan it’s
a little rude no probably not no no don’t
well I think it’s just not rude yes I suppose I suppose it can be a sort
of euphemism euphemism not an idiom not not not a euthanasia ism like a
euphemism an alternative word for something if you were to use the word
trouser snake that was a trouser snake look can I just say that you have opened
this door and now you must walk through now you opened the door didn’t I saying
have you come face to face with any snake Eyez is not
and snakes and then you giggled you mention snakes now somebody has
mentioned snakes on here right you sure it was it was now I can’t remember
either yes so Sam or Sam or us man asks where are you in Britain we are in a
place called Much Wenlock Much Wenlock is a tiny little town and we lived there
so does anybody know what the phrase trouser snake means it’s a part of the
body part of the body it’s a part of the male body it’s a man’s body part so
women don’t have trouser snakes well actually they might they might nowadays
actually nowadays they might you see you see we live in this world where everyone
wants to swap and change it’s a little bit like having one of those modern
drills have you seen those tools that you can buy and you can put anything on
the end of them and some people like to change their tools so they take that off
and put something else on there instead so yet they might so a lady might have a
trouser snake she might decide that that’s what she wants for her birthday
hi Lee Kwang says why didn’t you buy Nike shoes that better than Asics well
that’s a matter of opinion okay matter of opinion so that’s
something that probably can’t be proved but is something that you could debate
how do you prove then well that’s why it’s a matter of opinion
you say a matter of opinion you’re referring to a subject that you can’t
actually prove one way or the other or would be difficult to prove so it’s
dependent on I think in different countries different brands have
different levels of status Nike or Nike I don’t know how you pronounce it now
Nike Nike in the 80s and 90s and the UK night he was the top brand I think it
was if you had Nike trained as zero really something there were many brands
I wear but Nike was one of top ones but now I don’t think they’re
in the UK I don’t think Nike are quite seen as one of the top brands any well
there was a little bit of controversy about Nike wasn’t that so I think it was
all to do with the the American football players not kneeling or kneeling on the
ground and I think it had something to do with that taking a knee so I think it
has to do that okay talking about trouser snakes is woken Jeff up he’s
made a copy jeff has woken up Jeff was there but the mention of trouser snake
and we certainly they were the comment we certainly know how to get Jeff’s
attention yes a big snake in the trousers says Cecilia Cecilia I’m
surprised that Cecilia would say that I’m finding out a lot of things today
about you out there in YouTube land but yes Santa Reno says of course the police
if you’re looking for somebody that’s missing a missing person or you want to
find somebody you you give the dog the somebody’s shoe or underwear and of
course they will having very good scent memory they they will track down that
person they have a keen sense of smell yes certain types of dogs not all dogs I
mean you never see a chihuahua on it in a search party looking for someone I
tell you the reason I use Asics over over Nikes because I’ve got very wide
feet very broad feet and this particular brand it tends to have a much broader
fitting when I used to be when I was young because did they have did they
have sneakers then a few years ago just run around in bare feet through the mud
so when I was when I was growing up my mummy and daddy took me to a shoe shop
to be measured to have shoes used to do you remember in the I don’t know if
people do this and at least I’d say in the olden days but when we used to grow
up when you went to where we used to grow up maybe they still do it for
children I suppose they do they put your foot into a measure and
find out what size your foot is here for they give you the but what shoes to wear
and it does help you know you’re not just going to put any any shoe on a
child are you were a big clown shoe can you see your son or daughter walking
around with giant long shoes just because the person in the shop couldn’t
be bothered to measure their foot so quite often with a child you have to
measure their foot because their feet are still growing and I used to work in
Footwear you do many years not anymore rather you do that’s the present tense
although big did although past ten although due to the smell in the studio
it feels as if I am working in Footwear again joking but the point I was making
mr. Duncan okay you won’t make I was making a point you you rudely
interrupted were you making a point what was the point I was making something
about something about the shoes I was making it I was making a point about the
shoes what were we saying just before you you interrupted me so it’s up to you
to remind me of what I was talking about what are you talking about says jamila
steve has no idea he called yes about broad fitting that was it
Thank You Tomic for reminding me so I read your your your message and then it
reminded me so they used to say to me when I was a child the assistant in the
shops used to say Oh has he got six toes because my foot was so wide they used to
laugh and joke they could never find feet as shoes to fit my wide feet and
they used to joke that I had six toes so there you go I just thought I’d just
throw that little story in Wow well I still have broad feet what is the
difference between an idiom and a euphemism well an idiom is something
that is often used in a way that it’s not designed to be used so an idiom is a
kind of expression however euphemism is something slightly different so you will
say something that is rude good or naughty or something that might
be offensive but you use something else that isn’t offensive in its place
for example I’m trying to think of well I suppose trouser snake trouser snake
trouser snake is a euphemism for the mail app latest ogre said it when I said
it well I was going to say appendage I said her pending and he said the other
word a euphemism another way of different word or expression for
something there we go but okay what are you talking to Nike has an offer running
shoes so Tomic says that you can get wider shoe fittings in Nike that’s good
to know is it I feel like it working in the shoe shop again you did you worked
in a shoe shop this many years many years many many years ago before I’ve
before I got a proper job I used to spend all day looking at people’s stinky
feet it was only a part-time short affair before I went on to become an
international YouTube star well that the thing no Amy al sir says I wear Nike
sneakers seems that they’re very very popular is Nike welcome to sneaker talk
a new podcast where we talk for hours and hours about foot width and they’re
obviously comfortable and I think certain brands because of your feet
shape of your feet certain brands are more comfortable for you than others
eisah like Adidas shoes but anyway okay is there someone else in this room if
there’s someone there who’s that I’m thinking I’m looking off when I’m
thinking and our brains working away you are always looking off do you have flat
feet no I don’t have flat feet up with a lovely arch but a lovely
arch in my foot I don’t have flat feet no but they’re they’re quite wide I can
walk on water actually they’re so wide and many people
say to me you know aren’t you you can walk on water you’re such a wonderful
person if you say to somebody if you someone’s walking on water if you say
someone’s walking on water they’re there of course going back to biblical times
if you talk about the Bible cause Jesus Christ could have walk on water if you
believe the stories of course so if somebody says to you all you can walk on
water they’re saying that you’re at the same level as as Jesus but we must be
careful what we say there’s a very naughty boy well there was a famous
story wasn’t that famous story in the Bible in the Bible where Jesus walked on
water I remember these stories because we sort of grew up with them Indian
school did is there actually a story where he does walk on water
oh yes there is yes there’s one where we drink a lot of water we walked on water
definitely I remember it was a other guy that could part the water Noah and there
was it wasn’t Noah and there was the other no no no I met with the ark it was
Moses Moses parted the waters you’re right yes if you believe this if you
believe it you know always Doris did you learn much about
the Bible at school because you seem to be making this stuff up
Tomic says you’ve offended people who work in shoe shops now by saying yes
then I got a proper job well yes well well no one starts a career it’s
offended all just assistants shop assistants just people have a shoe shop
around the world shoe shops but it is but it is the worst job in the world it
can’t be the worst job in the world mr. Cain I think you should you know not
deed yourself into a Heimlich digging your
hole I’ve done it I’ve done the job and and so I I’m in a position where I can
actually say that that job literally stinks literally you have to spend all
day you get people coming in off the streets and they want to be measured or
they want to try on a pair of shoes and I used to have to put up with some of
the worst smelling feet ever some of some of the feet were awful certain
sometimes the toes were all sticking out the ends
bye-bye belarus belarus is going see you later belarus is already gone
see you later talking of bad jobs when we were visiting your mother in hospital
that suddenly reminds you of what nurses have to do in a hospital okay they have
to do some things which you would never want to have to do normally in normal
everyday life would you there I mean the things that they have to do to care for
people in hospital that’s got to be one of the most fantastic jobs to do and
it’s not very well-paid I wouldn’t know some of the things that you have to do
if you’re a new job to admire that is oh here we go we’ve got it we’ve got a new
nickname for mr. Steve we want we can call mr. Steve The Hobbit
because vicars hobbits this is another book this time we’re not talking about
Dino The Hobbit mr. Duncan we read that at school did you okay
you’re not you’re not getting it confused with the Bible are you it would
appear that you are but yes they’re all stories they are stories that’s true
but yes because in the story by Tolkien Junior Tolkien yes I know I know mr.
Duncan junior Tolkien yeah that’s his what was
his name then his full name Jon I don’t know Jeremiah Jacob I don’t
know what his first day was but he’s known as Jo so it’s not the same guy
that wrote Game of Thrones but apparently the hobbits all of the
hobbits very wide feet their feet are almost
square shaped because they have their large so yes you are right mr. steve is
full of himself it says serene I’m it’s all acting I’m
just joke I just Joe thank you for I’m doing it for comic effect finally
someone has noticed that Steve is really full of himself thank you thank you very
much Oh somebody nutrient Trin knew in watching in Vietnam says hello it’s my
very first time that I’m here thank you very much Trin thanks rien new
wind you deserve a round of applause I think so welcome to my live chat it’s always nice to know that we’ve got
new people watching and they make comment so it’s nice to know when
anyone’s watching because a lot of time people are watching but they’re not
making comments so we don’t know they’re there so ask us a question I’m not
usually here of course no Steve’s normally off with the off somewhere else
he’s off with the fair is people seem to think we’re promoting brands you’re
adidas nike a6 I will get them all in I’ve only been wearing adidas clothes on
my videos for about the past twelve or thirteen years well of course we’d love
to be sponsored by any of those particular brands wouldn’t we mr. Duncan
or anyone whatever you do maybe I don’t know maybe
you run a shoe shop and you want to sponsor me although I have a feeling I
have a feeling after today I don’t think any shoe shop or any shoe manufacturer
is going to they’re not going to sponsor this on burnt your bridges there mr.
dome I have another idiom we’ve got in there burn two bridges
it means that there’s no way back you said or done something
it is so upsetting that there’s no way that you can go back to where you were
before okay with a person or an organization so for example you might
leave your job and you might before you go you might swear at the boss and tell
him to get lost and say you’re the worst boss ever or do something awful if you
might you might have a poo on his office desk exactly you take a dump you could
just take a giant wet stee something so bad
big poo on his desk that you could never go back to that job again so no one
would ever accept you back in no matter what never whereas if you just left and
just sort of say goodbye I hope everything goes all right in the future
you might have had a job offer back there but because you made a dump on his
desk and mr. Duncan said you don’t have to go back
say I’ve never done that I’ve never actually taken a giant dump on any boss
or any boss’s desk just so we’re clear on that
when are we going mr. Duncan we’re not dark outside it’s getting dark
in Hungary it’s getting dark in here well we were talking about euthanasia oh
yeah there’s a very dark subject I’d say that and wonder that we’ve moved on from
and now we’ve returned to thanks to you thank you Steve
well we’re going in a moment because we’ve been here for two hours
so an extra long one just the way Steve likes it today today nobody Ben anyway
now I won’t go back to trouser snake we’ve dealt with that one okay so
another thing to mention today we were able to tempt mr. Steve into the studio
by offering this one of mr. Steve’s favorite snacks but the big question is
what will the snack be next week what will they the snack that I will be using
to tempt mr. Steve into the studio what would it be next week find out don’t
forget also I’m back with you on Wednesday and Friday as well hopefully
and also next Sunday we’ll be back together next Sunday won’t we yes if you
let me mr. Duncan we will see what happened are you inviting me on next
Sunday if the fates allow we will need so long we will be here that’s a
Christmas song well I’ll toddle off shall I mr. don’t
guess I’ll go prepare the tea and tea cakes I am I’m quite hungry I’m quite
peckish to be honest do you want another quick sniff of my virtually unused
trainers no no we won’t do that I do not want to sniff you I think this is some
kind of fetish no I don’t want to sniff your sneakers to be honest deep-fried
Mars bar no we’re just having yes and we’ll be preparing the meal for tonight
we haven’t got salmon tonight because we haven’t got any in the fridge we need to
do a shop so we haven’t discussed that mr. Duncan what we’re going to eat
tonight oh maybe we can discuss that later beans on toast when we’re not doing a live stream ta ta everybody and hopefully see you next week bye bye he’s
gone mr. Steve has left the building K says are you having a deep-fried
Mars bar I like the sound of that do you know what I actually fancy a deep-fried
Mars bar that sounds quite nice in fact well I’m going it’s time to say goodbye
I’ve been here for two hours I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s busy lesson sorry
once again for not being with you on Friday as I explained earlier some
circumstances some things occurred that I had to sort out thank you very much
for your company thank you for watching I will see you on Wednesday
at 2 p.m. UK time also don’t forget if you want to don’t forget you can like
and subscribe if you like what you’re watching don’t forget to give me a
lovely like click like now go on click like it’s easy you just move down under
the video and click like give me a lovely fresh thumbs up and also if you
like this you can also give me your time every week with a subscription so maybe
you can subscribe to my channel as well that’s it it’s time to go almost time to
say goodbye thank you very much to Maria Rosa Olga thank you very much for
watching me during this live stream a very long one today very long thanks
also to mr. Steve for joining me today I enjoyed your company
well he said you’re welcome by Anna bye rosa bye-bye – hi Lee Kwang pal
Mira very great to see you all here today
thanks for your lovely messages of support during my rather difficult time
I will be back with you on Wednesday at 2 p.m. UK time
this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching see
you on Wednesday take care stay safe and of course until
the next time we meet right here on youtube… Tatar for now


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