r/maliciouscompliance | The Most EXPENSIVE Battery in the Store?

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r/maliciouscompliance | The Most EXPENSIVE Battery in the Store?

Do you have this in a men’s 11?
OCS Obligatory on mobile excuse format. Quick background, I work nights I’m usually
out by 6:00am but on this day my replacement arrived late. I managed to get only a few
hours of sleep because family started showing to help prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. After Thanksgiving dinner my gf and her family
wanted to go Black Friday shopping. They came by for me and I still only had a few hours
of sleep in me. While in a store I saw a tiny (2 person) bench
in the shoe section. I took a seat, no one was sitting there or in any of the other 3
benches so figured it wouldn’t be an issue. Employee: Excuse me… Me: I’m sorry. (Shifting because I figure
I’m in her way) Employee: No, these seats are for trying on
shoes. I need you to move. Me: I’m sorry, I saw these were empty so
I — Employee: Well you have to move. I used to work retail so I’m always respectful
and try to make things easier for retail workers. Between being tired and the way she approached
things I went a different route. Me: Fine, (reaching out to the nearest shoe,
a heel) do you have these in a men’s 11? Employee: That’s a woman’s shoe… Me: I’ll take that as a no then. (Reaching
for another) What about this o— The employee ended up walking away. Maybe the crazy shoppers had gotten to her,
but no one was even glancing at the shoes. If this story doesn’t fit feel free to redirect
me. Fine. Take your dang battery.
OCM A couple people requested I post this comment
as a post as well so you may have read it already. Here is the post that reminded me
of it. I used to run commercial sales for a particular
location of a major auto parts company. I was good at it and we got very busy. The phone
sometimes didn’t leave my ear for an entire shift answering calls. It was rare for me
to be up front unless I was pulling items for a customer or looking for one of my drivers,
and helping walk in customers wasn’t my job. I didn’t have enough time to deal with them
anyway. This lead to me being the manager who throws
people out, because they knew I wanted to get back to my desk in the back to do my work,
especially during the afternoon when we got busier. One day I’m on the phone with one of my best
customers, and he’s placing a huge order. The kind of order that will require my guys
to make two trips to get him everything and 2 motors that we needed to have an actual
truck schedule delivery for. I’m in the middle of this order and I hear my least favorite
words screamed from the front in the most Karen voice I have ever heard. “get me someone
who knows what they’re talking about. Get me your manager.” Now, the shift lead was busy helping customers
as well, the store was slammed, and the store manager was on his lunch. I was the most senior
member there, but I was management in a different department. Technically, not my job. So the kid helping her comes back, says that
the shift lead told him to ask me because of how busy they are. I tell him I can’t right
now and that it’s the shift leads responsibility. Where they were if I tried I could hear the
conversation, and I caught bits and pieces but all I really knew was it involved a battery
and she was ticked. As far as I could tell though, she hadn’t started swearing or abusing
the employees at all. I go back to my call thinking nothing of it,
then hear Karen again. “You’re even stupider than the first kid.” Of course, I prepared for what was next. The
shift lead comes back and practically begs me. I got the all clear from my client to
put him on hold for a minute to go deal with it. Walking out, I’m sure my face didn’t hide
how ticked I was. It went as follows Me: what do you need? Karen: a battery for my husband’s car. He
asked me to pick it up and your employees aren’t helping. Me: did he order it for pick up? Karen: no. Me: what kind of car? Karen: Hinda Me: Honda what? What year? What engine? Karen: I don’t know Me: what can you tell me about it? Karen: it’s a Honda and it’s green Me: then we can’t help you. Gonna need to
know more about the car. Call your husband, use the store phone if you need, and find
out and we can help you Karen: just get me the freaking battery Me: I can’t. I don’t know what battery you
need. Karen: GET ME THE FREAKING BATTERY Me: you know what? Fine. I went and got her the most expensive battery
we had, which was a $400 truck battery and told my guy to ring her up and went and finished
my sale. Her husband came in that evening to return
it and get the correct battery for about $130, and I’m told he was laughing about it and
apologizing for her behavior but I didn’t get to see that myself unfortunately. Wanted the cheapest battery, but not that
one OCS
So i work at a car parts store. A customer came in and after we exchange greetings he
told me to get him the cheapest battery we had. I asked him what his car was. He told me that
it didnt matter what car he had. He said i needed to get him the cheapest battery we
had, and i had to do it because he was the customer and the customer is always right. By brain immediately went to compliance mode.
So i walked over to the battery rack, grabbed a small battery used to power hearing aids,
and scanned it. The customer then complained that he couldn’t
start his car with that. I reminded him he asked for the cheapest battery we had, and
this battery was a whole 3 dollars. He demanded to see my manager. Lucky enough
for me, my manager was sitting a counter over, listening the whole time. So i turn to my
manager, let him know i needed him, and he told the guy i complied with his request.
He then said if the customer wanted a car battery we’d need to know his vehicle. The customer just stormed out in a huff. Me
and my manager shared a laugh. We’re pretty sure he wanted to cause damage to his car
so he could attempt to get money out of the store. In the end he was just a big joke. Welcome aboard, new customer!
OCS My house insurance came up for renewal last
week, and they sent me a letter saying it would auto renew at some ridiculous inflated
price. So as usual, I hit up the price comparison websites and did some research. After about
half an hour of searching them all, I found a decent deal – it was the same price as my
renewal, but with £50 cashback. Oh.. it’s with the same insurer I’m currently
using! I set up the quote, saved it, and then phoned
them to ask them to simply renew at the quote minus cashback rate (i.e. £150 instead of
£200) to save all the fuss. The operator told me it wasn’t possible. I said okay, then
give me the policy with the cashback (£200 and send me the £50 cashback). I was told
that I don’t qualify for the cashback as it’s for ‘new customers only’. They then asked
me if I’d like to just renew at the rate on my renewal letter. Instead, I said no I’d like to cancel the
renewal of the policy completely. I was given a stern warning that I wouldn’t be covered
anymore if I did this and that my policy would last until midnight. I agreed. I was then informed it was all done and I
would receive the details of the termination by e-mail. “Is there anything else I can help you with?”,
the usual sign off message of call centre operators everywhere. Well there is one thing. I’d like to take
out a new policy with you. I have a quote here. “Oh…” A week later I received my cashback by cheque.
A few days after my new customer welcome pack. Big sister wants everyone in the house to
say “please” and “thank you?”? Alrighty OCS
Background info: my sister is a sophomore in online college and she’s kinda a nuisance
at home because she’s often very patronizing towards our parents. I’m simply a teen So we were on vacation for thanksgiving. My
sister was ticked at our mom because she told her to look for makeup or something that ended
up being found in her purse. She starts yelling at my mom and she shifts the convo into a
rant on how no one in the house says please and thank you. Now some more background and insight: our
family isn’t exactly the closest so our thank you’s and your welcomes are just unsaid.(but
isn’t it like that in other families as well?) So she ruins the vacation for us by making
us say please and thank you the whole time which everyone in the fam is sick of obviously.
Fast forward a week and she’s asking me to give her a towel cause she just took a
shower. Now I still haven’t gotten any revenge for her ruining the feast so I agree to her
demands. Me: What’s the magic word? Sister: Shut up, I’m older than you, I don’t
have to say please Me: So why do you make mom and dad say please
when they ask you to do anything? Sister: Shut up, that was a week ago. I can’t
leave here until I dry myself. Me: Then stay there until you say please So now she’s stuck in the bathroom for about
a good 40 minutes until our mom comes home. My sister starts benching about how I didn’t
listen to her, and I simply replied “well you didn’t say ‘please’, so why should
I listen?” Surprisingly my mom is on my side on this cause she was also fed up about
how the vacation was.My sister loses three argument and was fed up, so she ended up slamming
the door to her room and not leaving there until dinner, where my mom ordered her to
do stuff without saying “please” Stupid forms to fill and you’ll freeze my
cash deposit? I guess your service is worthless to me now.
OCM So this happened 2 years ago in my local bank.
I worked at a small business I had some parts in and from time to time I made some deposits.
So I had this huge order coming in and I needed to deposit a lot in the account so I can make
the transaction. I collected as much cash and cheques I could and went to my bank to
make a deposit. Bad start from the start: only 1 window is
opened for “businesses” and 9 others are doing freak all. Had to wait close to half hour
to finally get there. Me: simple deposit, about 4k cash and about
12k in cheques. Her (annoyed): cash deposits will be frozen
for 10 days, here’s a form to fill for cheques deposits Me (incredulous): its cash, why should it
be frozen? what form is this? I never had to fill any form Her (getting louder): we have to check out
the bill are ok. New policy have to fill everything. I took stupid form. Have to fil: from, to,
amount written, numerals, date, actually rewriting all freaking cheques on a single sheet of
paper + I had to add all amounts and write down total… oh heck no! I wont do that for
all 30ish cheques! I went back to the window. Me: look this is unreasonable, you’ll have
to enter all those anyway in your system, you have no real use for this after that anyway. Her (looking at me like I just ended her cat):
its like that you have to do it if not we cant take cheques deposits Me (bright bulb shining): right, so if I walk
5 meters over there and make a atm deposit; do I have to fill this form? Her (deer caught in the car lights): umm no
but atm’s are emptied after bank hours Me: so, in like 20mins? Her: yeah.. Me: great, now Ill add an additional credit
extension to my account for 1 month of 10k; I think it’s 2$ worth. Here’s 2$ Her: ok, what about the cash deposit? Me: Ill deposit it in the atm, I guess your
service is worthless to me now. Her: … Let me tell you I didn’t feel one bit of remorse.
Her attitude was atrocious and she almost eye-rolled a couple of times. That’s freaking
unprofessional and I just wanted to punch her stupid face. Telling her that made me
feel like a million bucks.


  • I mean you could MAKE it fit, but that'd probably involve making a trunk mount and running cables from the engine bay to the trunk.

  • Batteries are made differently, sometimes the negative and positive peices are flipped from where you need it, sometimes it's not the exact size as the one you need to change. So yes, you need to know what battery you need. I've had an experience with my mom banging on the window of a auto place since they gave us the wrong car battery. It was funny after.

  • Man that honda would have beeen DEEP FRIED,

    IE wires are made for a certain amperage and well that wouldn't work depending on if

    A.) The truck battery was for a diesel engine


    B.) Larger gas powered

    I think im on the right track still

  • Truck battery would work for a car but it wouldn't fit under the hood 😆 I'm surprised they let them return it, alot of auto places near me don't allow battery returns

  • The truck battery story: If it was a standard "truck" battery it would be 24volt, car being 12volt: Result = fried electrics.

  • With car batteries, it is mostly about the dang thing fitting into the Motor Room. They are the same as vacuum cleaners and printers in regards to parts compatibility.
    Of course normal car batteries also tend to be 12 Volt. Truck batteries 24 Volt. 3 Guesses on how much bigger it has to be for that 🙂
    So you would potentially fry your cabling and/or motor. But again, you propably notice it does not fit beforehand.

  • Ok a few things. It could just be me but if anyone goes out of their way to say how many people aren't subscribed and that we should I never subscribe to them. If I subscribe it's because I want to not because you want 100k. Next what Is with this cringe at the end of your videos. All you have to say is if you'd like to watch another video click one of The boxes. No need to act like You're slow qnd in desperate need for video views. The only reason I watch your videos is because your voice I don't need to hear all this extra cringe I throw in for no reason. Call me a Karen but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  • Most car/ truck batteries are 12 volts, though CCA ( coid cranking amps ) vary, a truck battery is about 600+ cca which majority 4WDs use would work in most cars just the size of the battery would be an issue, would a honda battery work in a truck? Yes and no, smaller cars would require less CCA, so the voltage is correct but doesn't need the massive amps to turn it over.

    Also most trucks require 2 batteries for 24 volts and 1000+ cca

  • Battery is a battery, and every car uses 12 volt system nowdays, Except the really big trucks where there are 2 batterys, and they are linked together so that they make 24 volt system.

    So essentially, Yes The ho0nda would work with the truck battery she bought.
    How ever, Fitting a large battery in to the small room that the Honda has for it. Well… That's like trying to fit Semi Truck in compact car space. It's just not going to fit.

    Allso the "cheapest" (Which most likely is smallest) battery that the other customer wanted to buy. Well it would work as well.
    At least as long as it could be secured to the "battery holder" (Not 100% sure what it's called in english.) Only issue that might rise, is that the battery will most likely run out of power relatively often. Of course this depends on how much electronics the car has, and how much they are used. (Including driving lights, windshield wipers, infotainment, etc. etc. etc.)

  • I just posted a post on malicious compliance, titled “you want everything on you pizza! Okay and have a great day.” That would be fantastic! It’s my first post on one of these threads. Thank you so much!

  • I'd say it's time for OP to change banks! What kind of financial institution needs TEN DAYS to determine whether cash is real or not? If they are that distrustful of their own customers, why not use the markers any business takes seconds to check bills with? Nope! That bank is run by morons who deserve to lose all their customers!

  • I started subscribing to anyone I find interesting then unsubscribing the ones that annoy me or that I just always find out I skip.

  • As long as it's a 12v battery it would work , now it might not fit, size, post style post location, but the car would start and run with a larger battery in it, so you can start a civic with a semi battery but not the other way around… because it might not have enough amps , and finally the "cheapest battery guy" you can't really do damage to a car with the "wrong" battery he probably just wanted a cheap battery for something else, I but crappy used cars all the time and you would be surprised how stingy people get with the battery in a 400$ ford

  • We are like that guy family my grandmother and grandfather and me no please or thank you at all XD most we do is yell your name and say can you come here or get this for me

  • Ugh, hate it when companies have a great pricing or deal….but only for new customers. If you're already their customer they already have you money so screw you. Bleh

  • Pretty much any car/truck battery could've worked for that Honda. The only issues would be that the battery wouldn't fit in its mount and even if it did it could risk damaging any of the electronics in the car.

  • The monster battery would probably work, but the customer would then have to clean out the trunk and buy some extremely long cables.

  • The battery would work,technically, but you wouldn't be able to close the hood without modifications to make it fit.

  • They need to know the things about the car because different vehicles have different sized battery compartments and even batteries for a similar car would not fit. Batteries for a larger vehicle would be delivering to much electrical potential and/or current for the system and might damage the wiring even if you did jury rig it to fit. A battery for a smaller vehicle would deliver to little power and the car would not star, but again it would be clear that the battery was not ment to go in the slot for that vehicle. Batteries are one of those things that have to be looked up on a database.

  • Large truck battery would start Honda Civic, but I doubt the civic would charge the battery also mounting might be an issue. lol
    Also make sure to know if diesel or gas engine and different voltages

  • As inspired by the bank teller of the last story, jokingly of course …. could you first fill out these 2 looooong forms (1 for each video) before I officially watch those 2 videos you asked me to click on…. LOL

  • No, please and thank you's can not go unsaid in a family. Especially if you are not close. You are have to say them every time or you are just making demands. The magic word is "shut up" though, your sister has that right.

  • If it was 12volt it would technically work but you'd have to put it in the Boot and run cables to the main battery terminal.

  • Yea the truck battery would be the same voltage but would probably the the same size as the Honda’s engine if it’s something small like a civic. There’s a whole range of batteries that vary on engine size as larger engines and/or higher compression use more power than smaller and/or lower compression. Meaning Honda can use dozens of different battery sizes depending on the vehicle. A battery that’s too small is likely to blow up since the starter is pulling more than the battery can supply.

  • For the honda story: a large truck battery in a Honda wouldn't work at all. Would be #1 the wrong size and would not fit in the engine compartment and #2 would deffinetly be the wrong voltage and could fry your entire starter system.
    I grew up building custom classic cars and trucks, then began working on all the vehicles I owned as an adult. This is why I will never own a vehicle built after the early 2000s.

  • Batteries are just sources of power to fire the spark plugs which ignite the fuel… thus starting the engine. Bigger vehicles require more power. The sizes are mostly about what fits well inside the vehicle you have while still supplying ample power to keep your spark plugs popping.

  • A truck battery is normally 24volt. Normal car is 12 volt. So if someone tried to plug in a 24v battery would blow all electrics and that would be pricey. They are also physically massive

  • Was it a twelve volt truck battery or a twenty four volt truck battery the car has a twelve volt battery in it not sure what the twenty four volt will do to the rest of the car electric system.

  • would not fit in the vehicle. Also would be kind of overkill. It's like plugging into a nuclear plant when all you needed was a standard outlet.

  • Car story big battery would work if it fit the only way it would fry it would be wrong voltage or hooking it up backwards

  • Battery story: Short answer is no, but like several ppl have said it has the potential to work if you can finagle some wires and get something to hold the battery while partially having the hood stick up, but I say no because the battery would need to fit, and more than likely, (based on the pricing difference) the original would have been a battery for a massive truck like a 350 or 450 series, compared to a standard car or crossover Honda this guy is more than likely driving. In fact most car batteries in sedan vehicles is closer to 200, 250, so this dude must have had a older model Honda.

  • There ARE numerous sizes, capacities, series, connections, etc. as it pertains to vehicle batteries.

    If it was me: "Oh, the batt. for GREEN Hondas! One moment, plz" & then would have gotten that trk. batt. for her. Good thing the husband was understanding when he then had to come in himself.

    He probably DID give her the Make, Model, Eng. Size, etc., she just didn't BOTHER to write anything down(?). . . or bring the info(?). . . or think any of that was really important(?). Or. . . was just pi**ed that he wanted her to do this for him. . . thinking that stuff like this is really HIS job, anyway (like MY Ex did). 😬

  • Everybody talking about the big battery – I'm just surprised hearing-aid batteries are sold in shops! That must be an American thing, I would happily actually pay for a couple of packets per month for 3 quid (battery needs replacing every 3 days or so, 6 batteries per packet), saves 30 quid's-worth-of-petrol trip to the doctors or hospital for free ones. I like free ones but not when the amount of petrol used is more than what they probably cost XD
    Also yeah it would fit but wouldn't do anything for a car XD

  • Lol, my mum doesn't do please or thank you's, she complains how I'm a terrible daughter while I make her tea and run her errands she asked me to do.

  • The real issue lies in space available to hold the batter under the hood. That truck battery would likely be too big to fit in the provided space.

  • Once again Jake does not thank us for watching and just wh***s out his other videos, that still do not show any links on the screen. Feels bad man.

  • We usually don't say please in my house occasionally say thank you tho it feels weird if we do (at least go me) tho my brother has started refusing to do stuff unless my siblings, especially my youngest sister say please and it's crazy annoying how they fight about it and while I don't mind saying please sometimes he has an annoying superiority complex about it

  • Freeze for 10 days? What do they do, ship it to a central location and have it verified then returned by a 3rd party?

  • Would work with a truck battery but the battery tray would need to be replaced or removed in order to fit it. A truck battery is nearly twice the size of a honda battery in terms of space needed. They both output the same voltage but the cca would be higher with the truck battery due to it's larger size (CCA being cold cranking amps).

  • We use please and thank you for random stuff, but other family's say please and thank also get on your nees and beg
    Edit last part is joke

  • The ISP around here fixed the new customers thing years ago. When you open an account, you are a customer. You can not close the account. You can cancel the service, but the account stay up. This mean that if you cancel and sign up again, you may not get the promo since technically you are an old customer…

    For example, I went from the local cable compagny to a third party for about 10 years because it was quite cheaper. Then it ended up to be cheaper and faster back at the local cable, so I called, and the account was still open. The agent had to make a call up to apply the new customer rebate!!!! It was an automatic aproval, but still, it just show that they could have denied it.

  • Most of the more expensive truck batteries are 24volts and most cars are only 12volts. If it managed to fit in the car and some 24volt batteries could if it is a larger car it would fry the electrics if hooked up and the key is turned on.

  • The majority of banks I have been to you need to fill out details of cheques before deposit.
    Frankly, it's part of knowing what is going on in your business anyway. You are likely to get a nasty surprise by just dumping a plie of cheques and cash on a teller.

    10 day to verify cash sounds pretty appalling.

  • Trucks still run on a 12v system so a bigger battery would work. The problem is fitting it into the engine compartment. Anyone who has changed a battery knows that they fit in pretty tightly.

    A smaller battery lacks the "power" to start the engine. Most car batteries get pretty close to maxing out their surge limits when trying to start ther vehicle, so a weaker battery could be overloaded that can cause damage to the battery.

  • A $400 truck battery is the most expensive battery they have? And yes, it could work, in the sense that it would provide the current you need. The problem is, there is no way to fit it in the engine compartment. There just isn't enough room.

  • This whole 'I think you should click one of these videos' spiel is getting very grating. Makes me want to click away completely and find another channel…
    Most people have Auto-play on. Most of the time, it goes to another one of your videos anyway, so we don't need to click anything. Does my head in when I have to listen to that at the end of all your videos though…

  • But on the other side of the auto parts problem. I went in to buy valve cover gaskets for an sbc chevy and the little keyboard jockey starts asking year and model and i say it doesn't make any difference. I really had no clue what the engine was out of. I finally told her fine, its a 1990 Chevrolet S10 with a 350ci engine. She looks it up(yes she actually had to) and says that didn't come with a 350. I say yep that's right but it has one now. All she needed to ask was is it vortec or old school. Be knowledgeable about your job, be a silly little twit on your own time.

  • In my family, my parents first request used please and thank you, it was an invitation to point out something that stopping you from doing right then, or asking if it can wait. When the please was dropped. It was Co ply right now, questions later flag

  • This manager is truly awful at his job. If you work retail management, nothing is not your job. He needs to be a cashier at best, he can't handle things.

  • Would totally work, for all of 5 seconds. That battery would be about the size of the Honda's engine. You would have to strap it down, but won't be able to close the hood. But I imagine it would put out about 3 times the power that the car was designed for. I would expect it to fry the wiring/fuses in short order.

  • Depends with the battery. In europe most truck batteries are 24V while car batteries are 12V. Dunno about freedom-batteries. So besides it not fitting anywhere you'd have different voltages. After you hooked it up you probably would be in for a complete fuse-replacement.

  • Karen: "Get me the most expensive battery!"
    Manager "All right." And has a Tesla P100 battery pack dragged out from somewhere.

  • That last story reminds me of getting my van registered and re-titled years ago. It was a 1987 Chevy G20 cargo van…it looked like shit but it was cheap and I was just starting at a new job and needed wheels. In PA (where I live) the DMV doesn't do registration, you have to go to a notary. So I walk into the local notary and the desk clerk asks me normal questions until we get to the part where they set the sales tax on the title. (SC=sales clerk OL=other lady Me=duh)
    SC: "the computer says this vehicle is worth $3000, did you really pay $700 for it? I don't believe that."

    I pause for a moment, then point out the huge front windows to the rusted, dented, grey primer covered junkyard special parked directly in front of the building.

    SC: stares at the van, "oh, okay" she then looks at my ID, insurance card, and proof of address. (a phone bill or something, I don't remember.) "This isn't a valid proof of address, it must be a current bill or bank statement with your name and legal address."

    Me: surprised and starting to get annoyed, "you just described what your holding."

    So yeah, I go home and come back with a bank statement AND the bill…no go, apparently the bank statement is no good either. On my third return trip I bring BOTH previous documents and some other proof ( paperwork for my driver's licence, idk whatever I grabbed) and she shuts me down a third time.

    Me: admittedly losing my temper (almost shouting) "Are you kidding? Do you want me to bring you the deed to my G*D** house?!"

    At this point OL looks up from her desk, a hometown hero in my book, and tells SC to go take a break.

    I literally have my van fully legal inside of 5 minutes and I was told that, indeed, all of my paperwork could have been used as proof of address. I did ask if SC recently failed preschool but OL didn't really engage me and just asked me to have a nice day.

    TL:DR- Sales clerk questions the price I paid for my junkyard special and sends me home for proof of address three times. Other lady gets the paperwork done in under 5m and won't comment on if SC has an IQ in the single digits.

  • 12:06 for basic things I think most families don't bother with please and thank you, but you definitely should know when to use it so that you don't come off rude

  • Smaller battery in the car than what is called for will not start. It won't break it, just not enough power to start it. The larger battery just won't fit in the car. As long as it has the right voltage (usually 12 volts) and over the right amount of amps needed, then it can start it without damage. The large semi-truck (I am assuming this is what it was after a google), then it would safely start the car, but no way to put it in the same place as the original battery.

  • It Gets annoying when he says to take a quick look at the 2 videos in the end when there's only really one in the Other option is a playlist not a video

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