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A very warm welcome to the Episode 2 of Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok If you want to shop for fashion clothes in Bangkok then Platinum Mall is highly recommended if you have missed the Episode 1 of Platinum Fashion Mall then you can click here to watch Why is this place so highly recommended let’s find out in this Episode MUSIC MUSIC So right now I am at Platinum Shopping Mall In Platinum Mall there is almost everything for almost everyone like shirts, T-shirts for boys Toys for kids or Fashion accessories and Clothes for ladies This Mall almost have everything for everyone There is only one disadvantage to shop in this mall which is, You cannot try the clothes and if you cannot try then how can you see if it fits on you or not. Though there are many mannequins that shows the fitting of clothes. but mannequins are mannequins and you are not a mannequin so its better to take a friend along with you or take a compact mirror so that you can check the fashion clothing and accessories wether it suits you or not So in this mall from caps/hats to ties infact seeing a dedicated showroom of ties amazed me. The ties here can be found in every colour, fabric and texture which was amazing to see If you come to this mall with you wife or family make sure you find a bench to sit on because it can be very time consuming and you may get tired On one floor there is a men’s section you can go there if you wife allows to otherwise hold bags and walk with her ;D In fashion accesories if you are interested in imitation jewellery then you can find alot in here and out of alot the best shop is Co Co Paradise in this shop you can find fashion accessories for ladies at a best price and this is one of the highly recommended places to shop There is not only imitation jewellery and accessories in this shop but a very good collection of handbags and bags too As they say “WHY SHOULD GIRLS HAVE ALL THE FUN” thats why there are few men shops too If you keep interest in artificial weapons just like me then also you can find handful of interesting shops just like this I found many interesting things here like Artificial guns, Artificial fire rounds Artificial weapon items but the problem is you cannot take these objects to India or any country by air because of security protocols so its better to buy objects that are not made up of metal The best example of artificial weapons that are not made up of metal is this Grenade pouch As you can see this Grenade pouch is actually a key holder if you want to buy these kind of products, then you may go ahead. but make sure they are not made up of metal The best thing I found in bangkok is that if you buy a leather item, you can customize it just like I did so remember customization is the best thing to do when you are in Bangkok with the leather products you purchase So I hope that you enjoyed this part 2 of Platinum mall and if you enjoyed it then do Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t also don’t forget to like and share this video I will be back with more Bangkok shopping videos till then do take care and Best wishes 🙂


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