Pind Chronicles – BEEFING Mall Security

Updated : Jan 07, 2020 in Articles

Pind Chronicles – BEEFING Mall Security

” Village Chronicles ” Whats up uncle Whats your New Year’s resolution What change u wanna see the most important change needs to be in the community asldkfjskldjffjlj? sorry? unnesjfajlhdfl un what? people who arent important unnecessary More random words we dont need fake friends ahlie? no One friend is enough ashdkajshfd lets look in the cam and say Punjabi Bro is it cool if i interview you? Im here at BCC with very famous Ammy Virk There’s Jassar Here’s the famous Tarsem Jassar Im doing good man how ju Jheez BCC fill up with celebrities today Whats your 2020 resolution and what changes do u wanna see aint shi* gonna change ima stay the same, fasho uhh they will be like same? Yes bro Whats one thing you wanna leave behind 2019 no thanks next Mr.Celebrity saying next question Yeah please next question You have any girl friends in Canada? I have a lot of gurlsz Jheez how many? Cant really reveal that loool You’re right they might watch this styll & you snitched on yourself Oh yeah thas true πŸ™ So do you f*** ? No bro i dont do dem tings πŸ™‚ You have 5 girls and didnt smash 1? no bro You should try it one day no bro Cop a one two feel no bro ha ha ha Tarsem Jassar ladies and gentleman 5 girls 0 sex But we’re gonna change that in the new year Sengh dont do this one security saying we gotta dip i like your turban fam What’s your channel bro? This guy paging the cops on his walkie snitchhh, how you my people and snitching This security guy gave us too much prablem Hey bro wassup good good bro This is harry potter singh im gonna interview you, whats ur name my name robin i love u ok bro thank u so much will you marry me ? na bro why not you’re not into that gay marriage stuff? noo brooo Yo yo wassup Good good, bro your vids are sick Have you seen his vids, katapa? he’s ripping it Thankss uu


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