Updated : Sep 14, 2019 in Articles

Parrotview: real-time, co-shopping online

We used to shop at the mall. But malls were so big and had so many choices. So we brought our friends with us to have fun and help us decide. We’d ask our friends what products they liked. What styles they loved. What colors were good. And we constantly relied on our friends’ advice to make the right decisions And everyone walked out happy with their purchases. Now online shopping has replaced the mall. We now spend time browsing by our ourselves an even greater selection of products. We send our friends a bunch of links to get their opinions. But soon, we’re sending them countless emails and countless links that may not even point to the same product we’re viewing. Frustration and mounds of disorganized links build, so we can’t decide what to buy. But, there’s a better way. Parrotview enables groups of friends to shop seamlessly online together in real-time. With Parrotview, friends can see what their friends are browsing at that very moment without sending links or emails back and forth. So, as you move around to different products, your friends will automatically see an update of what you’re seeing. Like in the mall, friends can show each other products and help each other decide what to buy. So, the next time online shoppers make a purchase, they feel confident in what they buy. Easy group shopping. Learn more at parrotview.com

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