Packing Our Diaper Bag — My Newborn Baby Essentials!

Updated : Oct 16, 2019 in Articles

Packing Our Diaper Bag — My Newborn Baby Essentials!


  • ❤❤❤❤❤, fist bumps 👊👊👊👊👊, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋, extra thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍 Pets ❤❤❤❤❤, treats and tummy rubs (chickens love tummy rubs). Glozell ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I love love love videos like this, tell me all your mom secrets, your tricks, your tips! You’re so real! The repacking! I love you showing real mom life!

  • Does anyone else feel like they have these videos saved for when Jess actually goes into labor so we dont suspect until they're ready for us to know? That's how I would do it! 😂

  • I think a collab with Jessica and Lindsay DeFranco would be really cool of just talking about their motherhood experience

  • I’m really hoping that the baby come on oct 27 so we can share a bday!
    I’m soo excited for u Jessica! Go the BONDS auzzie onsie

  • Wish my hospital here in st.lucia provided something. You have to get everything you need. Thought i was the only one who would sit and sniff my newborn's diapers lom

  • I’m not even close to having a baby but I love watching these videos because Jessica is a PRO and I learn so much for the future

  • Omg when you're talking about the newborn baby onzies it reminded me of Colleen when she donated a lot of the newborn onzies lol

  • My nephew almost exclusively wears bonds wondersuits and they’re amazing and aren’t too hot. The zipper is great cause he’s 10 months old and loves to move so a quick bottom zipper is a must. I’d love to send you some more because they’re an absolute must down here in Australia

  • I'm in my third trimester and I've been around babies my whole life have been babysitting for so long have little sibling the whole works but I still watch videos like this because it always offers some different insight than what I may have. An example is like I would make sure to have bibs on hand to help with spit up things so maybe I wouldn't need as many back ups outfits but these videos also help with thinking about the organization of the bags

  • Thank you for this! Expecting my first in Feb and wasn't sure what I would need! The newborn clothes thing was interesting. She's measuring one the bigger side so I've purchased very few newborn onsies! Also, I'm Australian and love the Bonds items! Too bad there's not many nice girl patterns at the moment!!

  • As soon as you said "it has velcro on it" I was like – I wonder if they're actually velcro and if Velcro is listening 😬😅

  • I LOVE the smell of Pampers also!! I used Pampers when my daughter was really little,but Huggies fit better when she got a little older.

  • Bonds Wonder suits are designed in Australia and made in China and very expensive in Australia even though Bonds is an Australian company.

  • I'm definitely not expecting a baby any time soon, but I want to have a family in the future. I feel like watching these videos mostly for entertainment at a slow pace is super helpful for me! If I was all flustered from being pregnant and wanting to absorb as much info as possible in order to make sure I "do it right", I might not have actually learned! I feel like watching you guys and seeing what types of tips you have really puts parenting into perspective for me. I never would have considered that certain issues come up, and it's nice to know in the future to be prepared for that! Also to be prepared for how to handle things like how in your other video, Duncan was struggling with learning that you were getting a present for the baby and not for him. I feel like I never thought to myself that you need to be okay with it taking a little bit of time for your child to be okay with sharing and having things be about other people sometimes. I guess I just thought that if you always presented it to them that way, then they would just naturally be a sharing kid!

  • My babies didn’t like binkies either. Thanks for this video, I’m sure it will help a lot of first time parents and maybe act like a refresher for parents having more babies. I live in Canada and it gets quite cold so when my babies were newborns I’d put little toques on them or just cover them with a heavy blanket!!! I don’t know if this applies to the USA or not but here in Canada baby and toddler car seats expire after five years from the manufacturer date it was made or if there’s any visible damage or anything like that, so always a good idea to make sure baby’s car seat is good and safe to use!

  • This is perfect! I’ve been following your channel for awhile but this year we were expecting at the same time! I just gave birth a week ago and have not put my diaper bag together yet! I trust your wisdom!!! Thank you!!! Hope everything goes smoothly with your little one!! And your right! She is literally too small for the newborn stuff!!! I was blown away!

  • Not all babies are born to fit in newborn. My son was born like right at the biggest weight recommendation for newborns and was so long he barely fit lol

  • Huh, maybe that's why we had lanolin growing up. I always hated the smell of it, but I grew up in Syracuse, NY, so my hands tended to dry out in the winter. My mom would have me put lanolin on them and wear gloves/mittens over them when I went to bed. It definitely works, but I switched over to Vaseline when I realized that would work, too, and not be stinky. I don't think you can use Vaseline in conjunction with nursing, though, but it's good to know lanolin is an option.

  • On my second birthday my dad took me to the garbage can and told me I had to throw out my binky myself because I was to old for them. And he told me I was very very picky on the one that I really liked or would use 😂.

  • It seems like Duncan was just born yesterday. I remember one day just browsing YouTube, then I get the notification and scream out loud.

  • aww😭🥺… jessica, i remember when i first saw your videos, it was a diaper bag video, and it was so sweet! i can’t believe your giving birth so super soon!! you’ll do great i love you 🥰♥️

  • Loving the mom advice, it's been really helpful!! Can you do a hospital bag video? It would be so helpful!! Also, I love all of the family videos, they are so heartwarming and always make me smile! 😁❤

  • I loved using gerber cloth diapers for burp cloths, slip ups and even under their bottoms for diaper changes. Super absorbent, you can bleach them if they stain, or even toss them if they get ruined because they are nothing fancy. I used them with my twins and it’s definitely on the top of my list of baby must haves.

  • I need to write this all down for my sister, shes about 4 months pregnant and is a high risk but ahes doing okay. I wanna help in anyway that I can so feel like making her a list since shes so focused on the room and clothes right now.

  • When I saw “newborn baby” I thought for a second I missed a very important video. If you are reading the comments to see if she had her baby, she didn’t. 😂

  • I like how you explained that you haven’t used formula yet but might need to at some point. There’s such a stigma around formula use but for you to say that you’re not afraid of using it, just haven’t had to yet, is great. Fed is best. Love your channel!

  • Rolling the clothes into a packing cube or even ziplock bag to keep them clean and all together and do the same with the muslin cloths and blanket etc. You should pack a smaller amount of the bin bags in the bag as there is no point carrying enough for months out with you , plus you don't need so many muslins at any one time either! compression is the key for packing.. you should refresh the bag daily or every couple of days .That bag is big enough for an adult for a week if you pack correctly let alone a tiny newborn LOL! the dummies need to be sterilised and kept that way… This gave me a touch of anxiety lol!

  • So entertaining as an Australian hearing you explain a bonds wondersuit as something so strange and new I love it ❤️

  • Ha I hate when diapers have a smell! I don’t think perfumes belong on something you’re putting on your brand new baby. That’s why I don’t use pampers, Luvs have a strong smell too

  • You said you don’t usually use Pamper diapers until your kids are old so what diapers do you typically use for your newborns.

  • I'm a newer subscriber but I've been watching colleen for years and I'm going to be a first time mom in December! your channel has helped me so much with this journey. I love your energy so much you remind me of a sunflower <3 I know that might be weird lol. just wanted to comment and say hi and I appreciate you

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