Order Windows 10 (MD-100) Study Guide eBook From Amazon NOW!

Updated : Jan 12, 2020 in Articles

Order Windows 10 (MD-100) Study Guide eBook From Amazon NOW!

If you are planning to take the new Windows
10 (MD-100) exam for the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification,
and still waiting for the official study guide to become available, your wait is finally
over. The ebook version of the Windows 10 study
guide is now available at Amazon for $20 USD. An Amazon affiliate link is in the description
below for you to order your copy today. Watch the rest of the video for an update
to my previous Windows 10 certification video and how far I got with my own certification
journey from four months ago. (cinematic music) My name is C.D. Reimer and welcome to my channel. Please comment, like, and subscribe, and click
on the notification bell to see more videos like this. I told you four months ago that the current
Windows 10 Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification was retiring and gave
you three options for getting certified. Option One, pass the old certification before
the deadline. The old certification is now retired, so forget
about that option. Option Two, pass the Windows 10 (70-698) exam
for the old certification and then take the Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101) exam for the
new certification. What I didn’t know when I made that video
was that you have until July 31, 2019 to pass the newer exam. If you haven’t taken that exam by now, you
have six weeks to get it done or get stuck with one-half of an old certification. Option Three, forget the old certification
and take the new certification. While you could have taken the new exams anytime
in the last four months, you would have to wait for the study guides to come out this
summer. The Windows 10 study guide will be available
on July 15, 2019. The Managing Modern Desktops study guide will
be available on  August 15, 2019. However, the release dates are for the printed
version of the study guides. I’ve discovered earlier this week that the
ebook version of the Windows 10 study guide was available for preorder on Amazon. The ebook version of the Managing Modern Desktops
study guide could come out in mid-July. If you went for Option Two and plan to take
the Managing Modern Desktops exam by the end of July, you have a week or so to study the
new study guide in a hurry. Did I take the Windows 10 exam
before the old certification retired? No, I did not. A coworker at my government IT job transferred
out of the department, and the new guy who trained for six months to replace him also
quit on the same day in mid-March. The new guy thought a government IT job meant
that he could play Minesweeper all day. Until he found out that his workload of 18,000
workstations throughout the Western United States was no a joke. My workload doubled to 36,000 workstations
for the last three months, eliminating what little free time I had to study for my Windows
10 certification at work. A future re-org and/or automation should reduce
my workload soon. While I don’t have a hard deadline to complete
my Windows 10 certification, I have seven months left on my one-year voucher to take
my exam and a retake exam if necessary. With the new study guide ebook, I can get
back to studying for my certification. Links to third-party websites mentioned in
this video can be found in the related article on my website at www.cdreimer.com. Thank you for watching. (cinematic music)


  • I ordered the Windows 10 study guide ebook as a pre-order at $20 USD. It's now full price. If you're planning to take the Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101) exam, the second exam in the Enterprise Administrator Export certification, it's also available as an ebook. Check out the Amazon affiliate links in the description.

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