Oracle is destined to beat Amazon at cloud database: Larry Ellison

Updated : Nov 10, 2019 in Articles

Oracle is destined to beat Amazon at cloud database: Larry Ellison


  • Big whoop. $50 million in database usage? That's a blip. The reason they haven't moved off is likely because to save that $50 mill, it's not worth it, if you can instead put those resources to work in the $10 billion AWS business. Bezos laughs at this clown.

  • Aurora is a horizontal scaling of both MySQL and PostgreSQL. Most companies are replacing Oracle with Postgres and not MySQL

  • Oracle's DbaaS is superior to AWS today. Although AWS is the leader and has more IaaS type offerings Oracle IaaS is legit, better then Azure and for core IaaS services better then AWS. They need to improve their marketing. Like take out super bowl commericals

  • I for one would not like to be the CIO sitting in front of the board explaining our recent security incident that had millions of our clients financial details scattered across the internet because we thought open source economies came before our clients security and data integrity.

    Oracle is a name that we will trust in the business for a very very long time to come.

  • The only reason they're cheaper than Amazon database is because they upcharge on licensing if you run Oracle in anything other than Oracle Cloud.

  • Larry, you aren't even within screaming distance of Microsoft and Amazon. Who are you kidding, other than yourself? In fact, you're in decline and losing customers.

    That was as of December.

  • Listening to Larry Ellison talk about Oracle is a lot like listening to Donald Trump talk about his election win. Constantly rehashing the past and completely oblivious to the future. AWS has already killed his database business; he just doesn't see it yet.

  • As a CEO, I understand Larry's sentiment and statement to stay positive and potential to use Oracle's years of experience in the databases space. But when the rubber meets the road, when new technologies are rolled out by Oracle, they are so buggy. Think about their cloud implementation for applications, BI in the Cloud for example. I am not sure if customers are as satisfied as they were promised. Customer Support is terrible. Oracle databases experience is totally different story though.

  • The problem with Oracle is the fact that they make migration away extremely difficult. It's not that they are better, they trap clients to their product. His comments on MySQL makes Monty throw up. Oracle didn't write MySQL they bought it and made it private. Use MariaDB instead.

  • Who cares if the Oracle is technologically superior? Customers don't want to deal with Oracle and Deloitte. They're a hassle.

    No one asks for the best database. They ask for the best overall solution for their needs. Amazon and Microsoft have met those needs.

  • One of my vids on this topic:
    Oracle Layoffs – Will Tomorrow's Database Will Be Online Only?

  • Oracle is very out of touch with its customers, most hate the company and hate the salespeople who beat their customers up for more money. Its the most expensive database product out there, and for analytical big data warehousing ( meaning fact and dimensions ) most are replacing their overpriced Oracle license with free Hadoop and moving their star schemas over. The other option is the columnar database for star/snowflake type analytical schemas which usually don't even use indexes on the keys since they are bringing back usually more than 7% of the table's data. If Larry could wake up and realize Oracle has become the IBM it sought to replace in the 80s, that beats up their customers instead of treating them like gold Oracle could still remain on top. Most are getting rid of Oracle for their analytical BI projects and replacing it with anything to avoid the overblown absurdly overpriced license. Larry not even IBM treats their customers as badly as you do! Instead of squeezing your customers you should consider how you can compete with Hadoop, Spark, Redshift and AWS's offering cause AWS that invented the cloud computing automation by publicizing a Facebook like front end on a traditional ISP method of bringing up a cloud server is eating you a$$. I have worked with Oracle products for more than 25 years, and every time I go to an Oracle shop I have to hear how much all the managers hate the company and will do almost anything to replace the totally overpriced and bloated Oracle database.

  • Shame on Larry to pay to pitch commercial on Fox. Larry defending Oracle popularity sounds just like Trump defending his inauguration turn out. Count how many times he claims his database is the best. If it's whole food you don't need to say it's Organic – if you're a genius you don't need to tell people you are.

  • This guy is an arrogant clown. Makes me sick to see the arrogance of this man. Amazon will crush him because he is deranged and is too focused on Amazon and not his own business. He is also lying about most of the things he is saying but this reporter is not tech savy and has no idea he is blowing smoke up her butt. This guy makes me sick to watch, such arrogance.

  • Technology is more fun if you play it like sports. A network is more interesting if you treat it like a kingdom.

  • Amazon – from online bookseller to 800,000 pound cloud provider gorilla. Oracle – still making the same crappy database engine for 20 years. Ellison only wishes Oracle were like Amazon.

  • Terrible CEO and Horrible company .,.. contracting for then was like working for Simon Legree, but Muchhhhhh more sexist.

  • A normal conversation

  • Oracle History:
    1980's : hate hate hate IBM
    1990's : hate hate hate Microsoft
    2000's : hate hate hate SAP
    2010's : hate hate hate Amazon

    Larry is full of Hate and Arrogance

  • US. Traitor/Treasonist Jeff Bezo owns Amazon, Whole Food Stores as as well as the Treasonous Wash. Post Newspaper that has been printing obstructionist FBI and CIA leaks in an effort to remove Trump from office. So Bezo was also in involved in a coup to overthrow a US President.

  • Apparently not. In June 2019
    Oracle had to team up with Microsoft to get cloud. I hope the ghost of Paul Allen is laughing at Larry.

  • Everyone hates Oracle. Larger legal team than engineering teams. Ask anyone who has run BIG organisations that run with Oracle, they know why. The only thing that matters to them is £££. Its not about a partnership and that is why companies like Oracle, IBM etc become so hated. Of course people still use it, there may be nothing better today, but tomorrow?

  • Just a salesman just talk sale only … a baster who is a loser who loss to Microsoft , Loss to apple , loss to everyone … loser

  • I don't know what Larry Ellison is on about,. AWS is an infrastructure offering a plethora of services, it is not a database system.

  • Based on this i wouldnt invest in oracle. He said the mistake Oracle made was not beating Amazon to the cloud database. Ellison said now he thinks Oracle has successfully brought their database to the cloud in a secure way, and uses the reasoning that their database is very robust and penetrated for offline use cases for why they will do similarly well in the cloud.

    Microsoft, Google, and Amazon all have incredible developer tools for cloud compute and storage. Oracale, supposedly, is adapting a database built from the ground up to be used offline into a databse to be used through the cloud. Whereas, their competitors built from the ground up to be cloud databases. So the logic that an offline database company would be great at making an online database is pretty flawed, especially because they're so far behind and all the leading cloud companies are internet companies besides Microsoft.

    So its offputting that Ellison uses this fallible logic. Is this really the best way to spin Oracle?

  • Wow. So much confidence without any real innovations to support it.
    Ironically, Oracle looks to be in same place where IBM was with its databases in 1990's. They would have claimed that most of the data resides in our databases while seeing their new database sales hitting new low every month because of a new entrant called Oracle.

    But their executives would have displayed the same confidence and mockery.

    Oracle is losing on many counts. SAP HANA is going to take away market share as years go by and there is no stopping that trend. He can make fun but the numbers will keep showing the ugly truth

    Also, the RDBMS ship has sailed and hence the monopoly that he is so proud of, has passed its peak. The world is now embracing Polyglot persistence and they are already trying better alternatives available on Cloud like RDS with MySQL

    They were so unfriendly with main cloud vendors that they thought by not giving option to people to have Oracle in cloud, they can stop the world. Well, the world is moving on Without Oracle.

    Also, Oracle has a NoSQL database, that nobody knows about. If they were visionary, they would have promoted it heavily by being friendly with cloud vendors and would have captured a share of NoSQL database.

    Now they have zero footprint in the ever growing NoSQL segment and DynamoDB is the new king of the hill, followed by many other competent NoSQL DB's that don't hold you at ransom by charging huge yearly licensing costs.

    Ask him to show numbers of how many new internet-based projects that started in last 4-5 years use Oracle database. The data would be disappointing.

    So we will stay tuned for some real innovations coming from Oracle otherwise it looks like the best days for Oracle where behind it

  • Oracle will thrive on legacy systems, but that day is not far when such legacy systems will migrate to cloud(actually they are migrating now). Then what? Oracle is out of cloud game.

  • As a dev this guy is talking rubbish. There are multiple reasons it would be hard to migrate something as big as amazon. One key factor I can think of is if Oracle was really badly written so that amazon got stuck tied into the way it works and it's made it close to impossible to migrate.

  • I wanna see him brag about the other trash softwares that didnt even go through a 9 year olds QA testing….

  • Larry wants that contract and what Larry wants he will get. I have no doubt that Oracle will get that contract. Amazon has no idea how focused Larry Ellison is. He does not like to lose. Losing is not an option.

  • Difference between customer focussed and competitor focussed companies… why bother staying oracle if competitors are his primary focus… rather move to amazon then.

  • Dear Mr.Ellison, I have been following Oracle's growth and I have admired / followed your work for year's. I belive Oracle to be the best software solution in the world period. On this note, I think that with the correct equation's Oracle could compete and very well over take AWS.

    I have conducted an social experiment and I have found that the majority of end user lean toward AWS due to three exact causes.
    1. AWS is Fast, Cheap and Easy.
    2. AWS is super super super simple.
    3. AWS has a 24 instant support line for there product.

    1. I belive that if you took Oracle and refined the software into a more simple version just for cloud computing, something a lot more user friendly, then you would see a very large increase in sales. Worrie about the more comlex systems later in the contract.
    2. Offer the best software customer service in the world.
    3. Make the Cloud package readly available. No phone calls, no emails, and simple to get started / check out.

    I belive that the advantages to Oracle are in it's complexities, how ever for a first time user it is to much at first sight. So if you started with a very simple package that is super user friendly, then I belive you would see a significant increase in sales.
    Eventually, end users are going to reqest some of the more complexe features, so if you were to offer the features in packages this would be a great.

  • SAP does not run on Oracle. Most customers using SAP is moving out of Oracle and migrating to Hana. Plus Oracle is 5 times more expensive. This guy is delusional which is why Oracle is failing

  • 0:52

    “Amazon does not use AWS to run their business.Amazon runs their entire business on top of Oracle, on top of the Oracle Database.They have been unable to migrate to AWS because it is not good enough.”

    So sad, Larry. Amazon just migrated.

  • Amazon just surgically cut Ellison's BALLS off. Amazon just migrated to all their OWN databases, plus they are offering their databases at 10% the cost of Larry, the shakedown artist.

  • Scroll to 3:23. Larry keeps his "leading position" by shaking down everyone and threatening them with lawsuits . . .

  • Always funny hearing the CEO of the company that makes it a license violation to publish benchmarks talking about how they outperform others in benchmarks.

  • He is like the boombastic Trump of Tech field. He has made so many outrageous , hilarious, and silly statements over the years. He really pissed off so many of his customers. But like Trump, he won. Either he was just incredibly lucky. Or he is indeed a brilliant strategist despite his constant wacky comments. 🙂 Oracle is the undisputed King of Database. Right now, he is going after cloud database, which AWS rules at the moment. I wouldn't dare to doubt the strategizing power of Larry Ellison.

  • So Dejavu. IBM used to say the same about Microsoft and Windows. Like the mainframe, Oracle will not go away. And like mainframes, Oracle is becoming the next legacy. The important question, are you basking in the glow of yesterday, or are you preparing for tomorrow.

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