Online Fragrance Buying in India| Man In One Fragrance Review

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

Online Fragrance Buying in India| Man In One Fragrance Review

Hi guys Welcome back to the Man In One Channel In today’s video, we are going to talk about online shopping buying experience I have purchased these fragrances, online on the website and today we will unbox it and see …if the perfume is original and if everything is ok Keep watching and i’ll be back! Welcome back guys! So let’s start the unboxing I have ordered from Perfumery before and I had a good experience but, I was receiving requests about the experience of buying fragrances online especially about Perfumery people wanted to know how it works and whether the fragrances are authentic or not very well packed! and let me tell you a good thing that happened I received this order within 18 hours only I placed the order at 9 pm and I recieved it the next day at 3pm so, this is the fragrance it’s called Rasasi Hawas and we’ll talk about it let me remove the paper and then we’ll discuss about it so friends, I have finally removed the cover There is the Rasasi Hawas fragrance It had become a very popular fragrance I have heard that it is similar to the 2016 Invictus Acqua I did not try the 2016 version as it was not available in India when I went to try… … and I did not like the 2018 version so, I hope it can replace that Packing wise, it looks good to me Looks original, packing wise and it is 100 ml the manufacturing date is that of Jan 2019 so it is a recent packing and I got two free samples with it King of Clubs This one is a copy, or rather an alternate to JPG Ultra Male Asylum This one is a copy of Elysium Let’s put these samples aside and we will talk about them later So far, my experience is good This is definitely Original There is no issue about that We will do the unboxing of this one in another video and compare it with another fragrance we will compare their first impressions as well so that will be all for today’s video You can definitely purchase from whether it be retail packs or samples You will also find testers there but, I usually buy only retail packs And I have already ordered another fragrance from them I will unbox that one as well So let’s end this video here I am very happy with the purchase Delivery speed is good And they have a very good collection The Rasasi Hawas is 100% Original So I would recommend you to buy from Perfumerie And I will make another video soon where I will give you a complete guide on buying fragrances and also talk about whether you should buy from a retail store or online So please, if you liked this video Please, give it a big thumbs up And please, like the video and subscribe to my Channel And don’t forget to click on the bell icon I’ll see you in my next video Thank you for watching 🙂 Jai Hind!


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