OLD MAN BREAKDANCE PRANK!!! ft. D-TRIX | Prank Academy | Episode 6

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OLD MAN BREAKDANCE PRANK!!! ft. D-TRIX | Prank Academy | Episode 6

(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING) (GRUNTS) …hole. (LAUGHS) JESSE: I hate you. Look at your shirt. That’s disgusting. I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us
prank each other
onPrankvsPrank.And now we’re teaching
our friends how to prank. This is… (JESSE READING) JEANA:Hey,
guys, we’re in Los Angeles,
the streets of Hollywood.
And today’s
prankster is my boy D-Trix,
who is an epic dancer. You may know D-Trix
from his YouTube channel,
theDOMINICshow. JEANA:He and his dance group,
Quest Crew, won

America’s Best Dance Crew.He was onSo You
Think You Can Dance,and he hosts
the web series,

Dance Showdown. It’s an honour that
we got him on the
Prank Academy
today to pull a prank
on the public. This is gonna be dope! We’re gonna be
pranking the public with some
old-school dance moves. Like, real old-school. Like, real old.
Like, old, old. Like, old man. You ready? You ready? All right, let’s go. So, welcome to
thePrank Academy,sir. Thank you. We’re gonna be
teaching you how to do
an epic prank today. You’re gonna be
an old D-Trix. So, what the plan is, we’re gonna dress you up
as an 80-year-old D-Trix, and you’re gonna
go out in public and prank people
with your dope dance moves. We’re gonna give
you a little earpiece,
so you’ll be able to hear us when we communicate
with you while
you’re out on the street. We’re gonna tell
you who to prank,
maybe what moves to do. So, you got
your whole dance crew
coming, right? Yeah. And I’ll be your nurse, so I’ll be pushing you
around in a wheelchair. (LAUGHS) And you’re gonna be,
like, watching
the dance happen, and then
all of a sudden,
you’re gonna jump up out of
your chair and join. Oh, nice. All right,
so get your makeup done. I’ll see you in
five hours, sir. Nice. Is that how long it takes
to do this makeup? I need that much work? JEANA:We got makeup artist,
Goldie Starling,
to turn D-Trix
into Grandpa D-Trix.
Oh, this is so cool.
Is this the old-man makeup? Yeah, it’s the prosthetic. What makes it
take so long? Gluing everything down,
’cause you have to glue
every surface down, so it doesn’t
bunch up and give away the fact that
it’s a prosthetic. JEANA: So,
that’s the old man wig. GOLDIE: Mmm-hmm. Can’t wait to see
what he’s gonna look like. (BOTH CHUCKLING) Yeah, hopefully,
when I’m done with you, your mom won’t
even recognise you. It would be tough to
’cause she passed away,
but that’s okay. I’m joking with you. That was so wrong. (LAUGHS)
I’m just kidding. Sorry.
(CHUCKLES) All right, how’s it going? It smells a little bit. You know why it smells? JESSE: This is the foreskin
of 1,000 babies. That’s horrible! I know. But I like it. JEANA: A thousand babies. Good luck.
We’ll see you soon. All right. Quest Crew
in the building, baby! JESSE:Okay, so,
D-Trix brought along
some of his friends
to help us with this prank.This is the Quest Crew.
Say what up, fellas. ALL: Hey! You guys make me
want to stretch, man. (LAUGHTER) That’s as far as I…
(GROANS) Let me see who’s
got the dopest trick. Oh, my God. So, you guys know
why you’re here. You’re gonna be
helping D-Trix out. You have to draw
an audience. So, as many people
as you can get over,
that’d be great. ALL: Yeah. JESSE:Makeup is done,
wardrobe is set.
D-Trix is ready to prank.But first,
we need to give
him his objectives.
All right, so, being
that this is
thePrank Academy,we’re gonna give
you your objectives. Your three
objectives are… JESSE: You have to convince
people on the streets that you’re
actually an old man. Your second objective is, you have to blow them
away with your dancing. Blow them, let’s do it. (LAUGHS) No, not blow them.
Blow them away with dancing. (LAUGHS) Wrong one? Your last objective is, you need to nail
the huge finale
with the Quest Crew. All right. Go get ’em. D-TRIX: Let’s do this. Careful. Come on, Pops. Are we going with the…
Did the dancing start already?
and pranks with the crew,
he’s gonna go out
and prank the public.
All right, you
should be able to hear me. Yep. Okay, go after a target
that you feel like is
not really noticing. (LAUGHING) (D-TRIX GROANS) What is that, a windmill? I don’t know,
but that was awesome. Do a couple more of that take.
That was pretty sick. (GROANS) (LAUGHING) Talk to him. Talk to him. Thank you so much.
I appreciate it. Try dropping the cane and seeing
if someone helps
you pick it up. You okay?
Hey, I got you,
I got you, I got you. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHING) That was good.
That was good. (CLAPPING) JESSE: I see his feet
going up and down. Thank you so much. WOMAN: What the… D-TRIX: Jesse,
give me direction. I think you need to dropsome of the contents
of the groceries…
Okay. …and hopefully,
someone helps you pick it up. (GRUNTING) D-TRIX: Appreciate it. Thank you very much, sir.
You was really great. (JESSE AND JEANA LAUGHING) That was awesome. He is so funny. JESSE: That was…awesome. All right,
I think you should try the neck,
and shoulder pushback. Oh, that thing. Got it. (GRUNTS) (LAUGHING) All right. Yeah. (GROANING) (JEANA LAUGHING) He’s dancing.
he’s dancing with the guy. D-TRIX: Okay, okay. (LAUGHS) These two,
in the American flag. Are you okay? (D-TRIX GRUNTS) Thanks, baby. GUY WITH CAP: I see you. Thank you so much.
I appreciate it. (LAUGHS) Thank you, baby.All right, are you guys ready
to see a show today?
Let’s go!Make some noise.All right,
Quest Crew drew a crowd.
They’re out there dancing. Let’s go get ’em, gramps. Here we go.
Three, two, one. Let’s go. Hold on. It’s that way. Go. Hurry up! Let’s go. Okay, I’m going,
but the camera’s in the way. ANCHOR:Who’s gonna start it?
Who’s gonna start it?
Let’s go.
make some noise!
AND APPLAUDING) Yo! Awesome job,
dudes, guys, bros. (ALL LAUGHING) How did it felt? How you… How it…
Shit, I’m sorry. How do you feel you guys did? (CHEERING) Definitely drew
the crowd in. How’s it feel
to be an old man? All the hot chicks
just kept on walking, and that’s, like,
I guess normal for me anyway, so there was no
difference at all. (FAKE LAUGH) ALL: Hey! So, this is thePrank Academy,
and you have to
get your grade. Oh, no. (LAUGHING) JESSE: So, we’re gonna go
over your objectives. What was the first objective? Be able to convince people
that you were old. Second objective, did you blow people away
with your dance moves? Your third objective was
to nail the dance
finale with Quest Crew. Are you ready, gramps? Thank you so much. WOMAN: What the… Thank you very much. (LAUGHING) You failed thePrank Academy.What the… I’m just joking. You have… Passed… ThePrank Academy!(WHOOPING) Yes! Congratulations, sir. Oh, yeah! You are an official prankster. I’m in! You did so good. You did an awesome job. (LAUGHING) Thank you for
watching thePrank Academy.If you enjoyed this episode,
smash the thumbs-up button. Special thank you to D-Trix
for coming through
and the Quest Crew. And a huge thank
you to Goldie Starling for doing
an amazing makeup job. We’ll see y’all later! Peace! (SQUEALS) (LAUGHING)

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