ODEPRO HUNTING FLASHLIGHT💥 KL52Plus Zoomable 💥 Red Green White IR850 (Remote Switch)  REVIEW 👈

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ODEPRO HUNTING FLASHLIGHT💥 KL52Plus Zoomable 💥 Red Green White IR850 (Remote Switch) REVIEW 👈

hello boys and girls we got a new
flashlight we’re gonna show you from Odepro zoomable hunting flashlight it’s got red light a red light a green
light a white light and I are 850 infrared light we’re gonna open up and
show you all the inside contents when we open up the case following contest
you got your battery charger your flashlight got your clip court for years
about the flashlight to your rifle or mount it to the scope
you have your infrared module the change of light your white light module your
green light module the kit comes with two batteries start rechargeable it
comes with the finger a finger activator for your guns you just screw it on the
back of the battery it comes with a red module which is comes in the Box in the
flashlight fully adjustable very rugged military grade aluminum that’s where I
like I purchased some of these have not yet found what I liked comes with new
o-rings for the waterproofing it is a waterproof flashlight will give you
someone to spec’s with the flashlight once I get some of
this stuff out of the way comes with a nice rugged heavy heavy duty case for
carrying fire on the back seat of your truck camper four-wheeler some of the
specs with these flashlights they’re fully focusable adjustable different
beams well you got a wide beam you got a you know real bright beam I’ll show you
at night different beam patterns the white light
that comes in the kit would be this module here runtime is one point six
hours beam distance is about 400 yards that’s four football fields
that’s pretty bright the red light is which is in the flashlight runtime is
three point three hours at 375 yards for your coyote hunters varmint hunters hog
hunters the bloom distances out there to look basically in the dark
the green light is four point one hours runtime it’s four hundred fifty two
yards which is a long way then we have the infrared light we can’t see the
infrared light with our human eyes you actually have to have an infrared device
to see this light it will run two hours distance really they say depends on
you’re in for a device that you’re wearing military-grade I’m sure you can
see a good distance with it some of the other features with this flashlight it’s
got real high intensity LEDs with they say over 50,000 hour life span very
quick change modules with these flashlights no tools are needed we’ve
got two tube design recovery threads to avoid the dirt and debris x’ to get into
the flashlight I know a lot of people when they’re out hunting you get dirt
leaves all over the place it is a weatherproof design you can use it
during heavy rain the flashlight could be use handheld scope mounted or
tail-mounted you know a lot of people use these lights on their rifles their
shotguns home defense guns there’s a matte black finish a non-reflective
military-grade type three hard anodized aluminum very rugged so far I like it
we’re gonna wait till later on tonight I’m gonna do some night videos of the
different lenses let’s show you some stuff that you know how to take it apart
real quick so when you go to change the modules you focus a flashlight all the
way in unscrew the top and this is your module here you unscrew your module set
it here grab your green module take it out of case screw it back in put your
cap back on you got the green light change the battery just unscrew the back
of it pull the battery up put your finger release on it for your rifles put
your battery back in screw your case on then you got your palm or your finger
reader makes no noise the other one I have on my guns noise you can hear it
click well guys and girls I figured I’d talk
about a little bit about the charger the battery is a cub with the flashlight
when you purchase it it comes with two 18 650 batteries rechargeable they come
pre charged in the pack you get to a same batteries you can buy at your local
vape stores Walmart comes with a quick charger it does have a red LED and a
green LED one tells you when it’s fully charged 110 outlet long cord we’re gonna
show you some of the other features where we have it oh it’s got a scope
mount you come out to talk to the flashlight to the top of your scope fits
multiple size scopes I’ll show you here shortly I got a little Mossberg 500
we’re gonna put it off show you comes with another scope mount for your rifles
and get it out of the bag comes with the adapter you come out to your barrel
comes with the allen allen wrench to tighten it up to adjust it get the scope
mount guides it also comes with the ring – about the flashlight they give you a
lot of features with this flashlight is why I personally like it home mounted to
a gun will show you it looks like on the gun so far it’s a really nice flashlight
I’m really impressed with it we just come out to cheap Mossberg 500
we’ll put a battery in the flashlight we’re gonna use the finger mouth it does
come with 3m velcro tape you know stick it to your gun I don’t have no scope
mounts on this gun so we’re gonna use the scope mount where’s well mount it to
the slide of the shotgun you just mount it right here we’ll put it we’ll put it
here tighten it up it’s real nice and tight to the gun no
vibration you can mount your light switch wherever you would like it’s got
a no expandable cord and it looks pretty good let’s mount it to the gun no I got
taping who knows what I’m gonna put this on yet you know you can mount it
wherever you want to mount it handguard you know put it on your finger
it’s got multi functions so you know we’ll figure it out we’re gonna do some
video of it tonight in the dark we’ll see you guys later off thank you well
boys or girls night time has come we’re gonna try the
flashlight out we’ll do some review you’re gonna do a review on it right now
I have the clear bulb fully charged battery that’s your wide pattern gives
off a lot of light go out to the Narrows for distance for your hunters it goes
way out there we’re on five acres and I can see most most of my property you own
the trees really nice crisp clear light I like it we’re gonna switch the ball
back we’re gonna try the red ball I changed out the light module to the
red light for you you know your hunters a lot of a lot of life that’s the wide
pattern without the narrow pattern nice long clear distance probably see 350
yards easy nice square pattern for you you know barmen hunters hog hunters
coyote hunters really nice clear crisp polite another nice feature with these
flashlights is they’re easy to change the models modules these just adjust
them all the way in unscrew the glass cap and the module just screws right out it is 100% waterproof we’re actually out
we’ve had a snowstorm here today in Virginia just take your new module screw
it in make sure it’s snug does have a little rubber o-ring on it
screw your cap back on this is a green light nice crisp you
know really good visibility with it nice wide pattern adjusts it out got
nice you know crisp fruits beam of light I mean you can see way off of a distance
I mean it likes vice area why focus you very very bright I’ve been really
pleased with this flashlight so far I haven’t had to take it out you know
hunting yet my next light is one I was talking about earlier in the video our
module excuse me is infrared Joule you can’t see what your human eye I don’t
have an infrared glasses or we’ll show you I’ll put it in what I liked about these flashlights
they are rechargeable batteries they give you two of them included with the
kit runtimes like three and half hours honest you know a single charged battery
I bought some other lights you know hour and a half you’re in the woods you get
scared because your flashlight does that’s the infrared light you know you
cannot see it with you you know with the human eye I mean you can see the red in
the flashlight but you cannot see it you know there’s big-time you know hunters
out there they have infrared glasses especially their nighttime hunt well
well boys and girls we walk back to the field give you a little better
perspective of the blight pattern I mean you can just sit down you know quite
smaller where if you you know you need more light and as you can tell it throws
a nice square correct crisp lighting if you’re out coyote hunting there hog
hunting you know you get it right on your target I can’t wait to try the
light I got our horse and scopes here well friends I got the green light
module in the flashlight very crisp long distance I have it on probably one and a
half turns from wide you can see a good distance with this
flashlight and it’s little it’s not a big heavy flashlight that’s still you
know narrow is narrow narrow I mean goes way out there
nice wide pattern it lights up quite hit into the property I hope you liked our
review please comment in the description below Mike and Sarah thank you have a
great day


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